Overnight NIP


I called Ed and told him that I have something I want to try and I need his help. He of course was very willing and so we made plans for him to come by and hear my plan. Once he arrived I made drinks and began explaining what I want to do.

I told him that I get so excited when I know that I am far away from any clothes even though it scares me to death. So I told him that I want to get farther away from my clothes than I ever have before. I also said I want to be naked for a longer amount of time.

I had already made my choice as to where we should go and for how long. I told him that I had already made reservations at a motel for Saturday night and that we should leave shortly before lunch time on Saturday.

This way we could stop at the bar/restaurant that welcomes me clothed or not. I guess he assumed that we would be going a few miles from my town to stay at the motel. I told him that we were going a little farther than that.

We had two days before we left and after Ed went home I began having second thoughts but I was also getting very excited just thinking about Saturday. It was finally Saturday and I got up, took a nice long bubble bath, trimmed myself up leaving just a small strip of hair.

I couldn't decide on what jewelry to wear so I decided to not wear any at all. I looked at my collection of footwear but didn't choose any, I wanted to be as naked as possible. I was so nervous when it was almost time for Ed to arrive.

Once he arrived I summoned up all my nerve and walked out to his car totally naked. I was glad that there were no neighbors out, I wasn't ready to deal with that just yet.

It was a pretty mild day and so Ed of course put the top down for our drive to the restaurant. On the way he asked what motel we were going to and why did I pick a motel instead of a hotel. I told him that I picked a motel because he could go into the office and check us in and then we could park very close to our room.

I said that this was an experiment to see if I could actually go through with leaving home naked and remaining that way till the next day. In a hotel you usually had to go through the lobby to gain access to your room.

I hope to be able to do that someday but it is still a bit more than I am ready for at this point. I then told him the name of the motel and where it was, which is just a little over 100 miles from my house.

God just thinking about being naked with my clothes so far away gets me so hot. We got to our lunch spot and as I walked in I could see everyone looking at me. Some people had seen me there once or twice before but some seemed very shocked that I would walk in naked. We had a very uneventful lunch and then it was time to start the drive to the motel.

We had been driving for about an hour when Ed said he needed to stop for a restroom break. I immediately started getting nervous wondering where he would stop. He found a little rest area with only a few cars. I planned to wait in the car but Ed said that I had better go here because if I needed to go before we get to the motel the next place may be more populated.

I reluctantly agreed and waited for an opening in the pedestrian traffic before I made my way into the restroom. I don't think anyone saw me on my way in and once inside I did see that one stall was occupied but no one was at the sink area. I made my way to the nearest available stall without being seen.

I would imagine though that the woman in the next stall must be wondering why someone would go in there barefoot. In a short time I was out of the stall and at the sink washing my hands when I heard the other toilet flush. I tried to move quicker so I could be out of there before the woman opened the stall door.

I heard "oh my god" and knew that I wasn't fast enough. I had hoped it was someone younger who may not be so shocked at my lack of attire. No such luck, it was an older woman who looked at me with disgust as I smiled and hurriedly made my way out and back to the car.

Other than making a few truck and SUV drivers happy the rest of the trip was uneventful. We arrived at the motel, Ed parked near the office and went in to register us and get our room key. He came back and said our room was down at the end on the second floor.

The doors to the rooms were along the walkways on the bottom and second floors. Once parked Ed watched as I walked naked up the stairs and waited there for him to come up and open the door. I know he was hoping someone would come out of their room while I was standing there but we saw no one. We got settled in the room and started making plans for the rest of our trip. It seemed so strange not having anything to unpack.

I wasn't sure what else to do now that we where in the room. I didn't have anything to unpack or hang up. I had no decisions to make about what to wear, not that I really had plans to go out anywhere. The whole purpose of this trip was to see if I could really travel this far from home and stay naked for the entire time.

I would someday love to go travel even farther and leave my clothes at home. My biggest concern of course is getting arrested, although the thought of being led through a police station naked and in handcuffs is certainly exciting. But I think I will let that be one of my unfulfilled fantasies.

I took a short nap and then took a long hot shower while I thought about what to do next. I had no idea if there was anyplace we could go where I could walk in naked and not have a problem. Ed of course wanted to go out and see if he could find someplace that would welcome me inside.

After a short discussion we decided to go out in the car and drive around a little and see what we could find. Ed was willing for us to take a chance on one little place we saw but he wasn't the one that would be locked up, so I said I wasn't ready for that.

We decided to get something to eat at a fast food place. I would wait in the car while Ed went in and got our food. He however decided the drive-thru would be more fun, especially since the top was down. I know by now it is useless to argue with him so we placed our order and pulled up to the first window to pay.

There was a young girl there that looked amused at my lack of clothes. After paying we moved up to the second window to get our food. I guess the girl must have alerted someone because when we got up to the window there were about five guys all trying to get a look at me through the little window. It really was very amusing to see them all trying to get a better look.

We finally got our food after horns began honking behind us. We pulled around to the back parking lot and ate. I didn't worry about the police since I didn't think the guys inside would call them. I think they would hope that we would be back again sometime.

We finished eating and Ed told me to take the short walk to throw away our trash. There were no cars parked by us and it wasn't that far to the trashcan so I took my time there and back. I was hoping that maybe someone would pass by but we saw no one.

We finally decided we would go drive around a little more before heading back to the motel. We drove around a little checking out the area. I know that at least a few people out walking saw me at least from my chest up. I guess they thought I was riding around topless. I don't think anyone was close enough to see that I was naked.

Finally we made our way back to the motel. This time Ed didn't park as close as he had before. He wanted me to have a longer walk back to the room. We didn't see anyone around so he suggested we walk around the motel stopping before we reached the office. Since we hadn't seen anybody I was game so we made our way around to the back. It was still pretty light out but the temperature had dropped a bit.

I am not sure why but I get even more excited when I am outside naked in cooler weather. We had walked a bit more when we saw the small swimming pool. As soon as he spotted it Ed started prodding me to go in for a quick swim.

I knew that the water would surely be cold and that I would have nothing to wrap around me for the walk back to our room. I didn't give in right away even though the idea of getting all wet and then walking back to the room really had me wet already.

After a little more prodding from Ed I looked around to be sure no one was around and made my way to the edge of the pool. I would guess that the temperature was in the upper forties or low fifties. I sat at the edge of the pool and lowered one foot into the pool. It was very cold. I immediately got goose bumps all over.

I said it may be too cold but Ed wasn't about to let me go without taking a swim. He said that if I didn't take a swim he would come up with something else for me to do. Since I was so far from home with no clothing he had the upper hand. I decided that it would be best to get in quickly so I stood up and once at the deep end I jumped in and felt my breath get taken away.

I thought for sure I would drown but I managed to recover and quickly swam to the shallow end of the pool. When my body came out of the water and hit the cool air I began to shiver, but yet I was so turned on by it. We started walking back around to our room. I tried to walk faster but Ed was holding my arm and kept slowing me down.

We got back around to the side our room was on and I started to head for the stairs. Ed stopped me and said we should go to the vending area first to get something to drink. I was still shivering but it didn't matter. We walked to the vending area and got some drinks, then we went up the stairs at that end and walked back to our room.

Once inside I said I was going to take a hot shower and warm myself up. That was fine with Ed but he said he needed to use the bathroom before I got in the shower. When he came out I went in and took a nice long hot shower. Once I felt better I stepped out of the shower and saw that there were no towels. I walked out into the room and asked him where the towels were. He said he would call to have some towels brought up to the room.

Then he said we needed some ice for our drinks and told me I had to go back down to the vending area and get it. I was still wet from the shower and I knew I would be shivering again if I went outside. I really had no choice so I grabbed a room key and made my way down to get ice.

I didn't see anyone as I hurriedly walked there and back. I got back to the room and once again stepped into the shower to warm up. I came out still wet and stayed that way since the towels had never been delivered. We just watched tv and talked about the day. The next morning we got up and got ready to leave.

I was tempted to take a shower but since there were no towels I didn't. We got in the car and Ed pulled up near the office to checkout. Then he handed me the room keys and told me to take them inside. I took the keys and walked into the office. The man behind the counter looked at me in disbelief but he was sure smiling.

At first he asked me if I was ok and I told him I was. I said I was just checking out. He asked me where my clothes were and I told him I left them at home. He asked if I was a local and I said that I lived about 100 miles away. He couldn't believe that I came 100 miles and stayed overnight naked.

I told him that this is the first time I had gone this far and that I hoped to do it again. He said I was welcome to stay at his motel anytime and just shook his head as I turned and walked out to the car. He watched from the door as I walked back to the car. We drove straight back to my house and I walked up and inside naked.

This time I think I saw one of my neighbors looking out the window. We said our goodbyes and Ed went home, leaving me to think about what I had done the last two days.

I knew that I would have to call my friend jenna and tell her all about my overnight trip.

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