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I had just turned 18 a few weeks ago, and was enjoying some newly found freedom. I was a virgin and wasn't looking for any kind of homo action, but I was a little bi-curious. I was by no means camp and have never had my sexuality questioned by anyone, but when it came to the idea of sex with another guy I liked the idea of being the feminine partner to a muscular, dominant and slightly older guy; it was just a fantasy though, and I never expected it to come true.

I turned up to my friend Kyle's 20th birthday party at his flat not expecting much - a few drinks, a few joints, and some good trance music. As far as I knew, most of my friends were fairly tame sexually; I didn't expect to lose my virginity. At most I thought I might "get lucky" and score a makeout and feel-up with some girl.

The night went on pretty much as I had expected. A crowd of about 30 people were dancing, drinking and chatting away on the makeshift dancefloor which had been made of the emptied-out living room. Smoke from cigarettes and joints filled the room and made for a cool atmosphere with the lasers shooting around the room from a small laser box in the corner.

There were a few people making out - all straight couples, with the exception of Grace and Ava who were getting it on on the couch.

Towards the end of the night the music was turned down and the laserbox turned off to give some peace to the tired-out crowd who were trying to quietly pass out around the living room floor. Everyone had brought at least a pillow or something to rest their heads on, and it was kind of cute how everyone just slept wherever they could on the carpet. I never really liked going to sleep much, I tended to stay up until the sun rose but the only other person awake was Lee's 25-year old flatmate Brandon.

I hadn't really spoken to Brandon much; he seemed brooding, the type of guy who probably thought he was "too cool" to chat to anyone more than a year younger than him. He was about 5'11 and was very built - an English football jersey clung tightly to his broad shoulders, and his hair was short but fashionably spiked with hair gel. He was ruggedly good looking, and by no means camp.

I usually wouldn't have the guts to talk to someone so much older than me, but I had half my bag left and had no intentions of going to sleep, so I asked him if he wanted to smoke a few joints.

He raised his eyebrows and shrugged. "Sure, why not" he answered, and so I sat down on the ground next to his armchair and started to roll up.

We got to talking and had little but enough in common; we managed to keep conversation going long enough to smoke the rest of my weed.

We were both pretty drunk - I'd had more to drink than usual and I wasn't completely in my wits.

I got up from sitting on the carpet to go and use the bathroom, and clumsily fell back down on my ass before I'd even managed to stand up.

Brandon laughed, and suddenly he leaned forward and picked me up off the carpet; I was a featherweight but the ease he lifted me off the ground and onto his lap was surprising.

"Wait, what are you doing..?" I asked him, pretty confused. We hadn't been flirting or anything up to this point, and I didn't know why I was now sitting on his lap. He put his arms around my waist and rested his strong hands on my tummy - his arms were very muscular and looked tensed.

"Haha, I don't get what you're doing..?" I told him nervously. He just laughed in response.

"I'm bored, I've decided I'm going to have a bit of fun with you. You're cute and you're going to keep me company tonight." he said, in an almost joking tone.

"What..? No, aha, I'm sorry. I'm not gay." I replied, my voice shaking - I could feel his dick harden against my ass. I was wearing a pair of tight skinny jeans and he was grinding up against my bum.

"It's alright, I'll teach you." He said, again as if it was a joke. He stood up suddenly, lifting me with him, and before I knew it he was holding me over his shoulder - as if I was a sack of potatoes, or something!

"Hey, what are you doing!? I told you, I don't want to do anything with you, I'm not into that." I protested, and tried to struggle; his arm held me tightly, and he carried me out of the room and up the stairs in the hallway.

My heart started to beat rapidly - I didn't know what was going on and couldn't exactly fight back; he'd already proved he was able to overpower me.

He took me into his room and immediately threw me on his bed - his strength was starting to turn me on, and so when he began making out with me I didn't try to stop him.

He slid my pants and tshirt off me easily, all while pinning me down, making sure his physical dominance was asserted over my body. He wanted me to know that I couldn't stop him from what he was doing, even if I wanted to.

He pulled down my boxers and began to squeeze my ass cheeks with his large hands. He slid down his jeans and sat upright in the bed, and sat me down on his lap, all the while making out with me and touching my ass cheeks.

He stroked my dick - which was rock hard - and laughed at the fact that it'd been completely shaved. I tried to wriggle from his grasp as he poked a finger between my ass cheeks - that was going too far! He was massaging my clean-shaven asshole with his finger, gently probing it with his finger while he made out with me and held me down on his lap.

He told me to go down on him; I didn't even want to be here and he expected me to give him head!?

"Uh.. aren't you.. supposed to put on a condom?" I said, trying to buy my time.

He leaned over to the bedside locker and took one out, unwrapped it and stretched it over his thick 9" dick.

"There we go." He said with a smile, before he turned me around and dunked my head between his legs.

I'd never given head before but I did my best - it was too big to take it all in so I sucked on the top of it, his hands pushing my head down and making sure I didn't go anywhere.

Now that he had a condom on, he wasn't going to stop. He picked me up and flipped me onto my stomach, and began stroking his dick up and down between my bum cheeks. There was nothing I could do to stop him, he was pinning my hands down.

He told me to kneel down on my hands and knees.

I knew what was coming and I was nervous.

"What..!? You can't be serious.."

He silenced me with a hard spank to the ass, and I knew he was in charge.. I was in no position to give orders, that was for sure.

Reluctantly I got on all fours for him. He was just so much stronger than me, I had no choice but to submit to his strength.

He began to rub my bumhole again, but this time he was lubing me up, preparing me for his invasion. I was powerless to struggle against him, but I was still so nervous and didn't want my first time to be with a guy.

"I've never done this before.. please.." I pleaded with him, but this only re-affirmed his power over me and he laughed.

I felt the head of his penis against my bum, and bowed my head in shame as I felt him push hard but slowly, savoring my penetration.

His cock slided into me painfully and I let out a moan of pain. He laughed at that, and began to fuck my bum slowly.

I felt completely degraded and powerless; I was being pinned down and bummed by a guy I barely knew, let alone wanted to have sex with!

He had taken my virginity now though, and there was no more I could do. He owned me for the rest of the night.

He shoved his dick all the way into me, and I moaned in pain. He pushed it all into me, invading my bum, degrading me and showing his total dominance over me.

Sometimes he would stop moving as soon as it was all inside me, staying still for a couple of moments when he was as deep as he could go, savoring his dominance. He owned me that night, and we both knew it.

At last he began to painfully pump in and out of my bum very quickly and I knew he was about to cum - he was wearing a condom but I still did not want him to cum inside me.. it was extremely humiliating as he grunted and I felt a warmth inside my ass. He pulled out of me, which was very painful. He got up, and left to go to the en-suite bathroom next to his room.

I laid there, humiliated.

When he came back he locked the bedroom door, and shackled my hands and feet together. I struggled all I could, but once again he overpowered me.

"Please.. no! You've already .. you've done everything you wanted, please let me go!" I begged him, squirming in my restraints.

He laughed, popped a gag in my mouth and tightened it around my head. He then tied a collar around my neck and leashed it to his bedpost.

"I'm going to have some more fun with you in the morning; before you leave here, you're going to have no doubt in your mind that your little ass belongs to me completely." He said, in that same joking tone. I whimpered and squirmed, but to no avail.

He turned round in the bed and passed out, leaving me there naked and bound; even more powerless than ever before.

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