tagErotic CouplingsOverseer of the Harem Ch. 07

Overseer of the Harem Ch. 07



Bagoas the eunuch strolled across the courtyard of the Taourirt Kasbah. He was a person of power in this place, being Overseer of the Governor's Harem. With him was his body servant and chosen protege, Hamid, an eighteen year old eunuch. Governor Glaoui had called Bagoas to his office this afternoon. They entered and the elderly servant nodded them to a seat. He slipped into the office, and soon returned to say, "The Governor will see you, Bagoas."

Bagoas entered the office, and bowed respectfully to his master sitting behind the desk. "May Allah, the Watchful, the Guardian, keep my lord in his hands," he said.

The Governor looked up and without preliminaries said, "Bagoas, I have worked long today and seen many people with grievances to be judged or requests to be considered. Tonight I will dine alone, and after dinner shall have one of the harem girls to my bedchamber to relax my mind."

"It is well, master," replied the Overseer. "Know now that the exotic slavegirl you purchased in Casablanca recently has been training very well. Perhaps you would enjoy her favors this night?"

"Indeed, my harem master," the Governor assented. "This strange girl, of white skin and hair like flame, is very different from any harem slave I have ever known. I will take pleasure in her company in my bed tonight. Bring her to me after dinner."

"As you order, it shall be done, master, Allah willing." said Bagoas. With another deep obeisance he left the chamber. Outside he motioned to Hamid. They crossed the courtyard and climbed the stairs, passed the two armed eunuchs on guard, and entered the main chamber of the harem. As they went, Bagoas told Hamid, "The Governor will enjoy his new slave, Brigette, tonight. I know she has been well trained, and you had a large part in her training. If she does well tonight I shall mention your name to the Governor."

As told in Chapters 5 and 6 of this story, Governor Glaoui had visited the city of Casablanca and purchased a very exotic slave girl for his harem. Bagoas, with the assistance of Hamid, had been training her for the role she was to now play.

In the harem chamber, Bagoas clapped his hands twice. From three curtained alcoves around the common room, the three slave girls emerged. The fourth door, in the East and thus closest to Mecca, was closed off with a lattice work. This was the chamber of Durrah, the Pearl, wife of the Governor. She was, of course, treated very differently than the slave girls. She did not respond when they were summoned. The lattice remained closed.

Bagoas surveyed the three girls who presented themselves. The first was Saiesha, an Abyssinian girl of great beauty. She had been the first slave purchased by the Governor as he began his rise to power. Black slavegirls were very popular among the Moors, and Saiesha was a fine example. She had closely braided black hair above a comely face with large dark lips. Her graceful shoulders topped fine round boobs which swelled the top of her white gown, their black nipples showing dark behind the thin fabric. Her belly was rounded in the style preferred by the Moors in dancing girls, and the slit in the side of her skirt revealed a comely well shaped leg rising up to a rounded hip.

The second slave was Maria, a fiery Spanish girl who was a prize of war. She had long luxurious black hair, long black lashes and flashing black eyes. Her red gown fell low in front to show a deep cleavage between tantalizing brown breasts whose pointed nipples strained against the fabric. Her stomach was flat and her legs long and lissome.

However, the girl Bagoas was studying tonight was Brigette, the newest slave. He motioned to her, and she dropped her green gown to her feet and stood nude for his inspection. She had been purchased from the Barbary pirates in Casablanca, who roved and pillaged over far off seas. She said she was from a distant land named Ire-land, and was unlike any other slave anywhere in the desert. She was short and slim, and her skin was a white never seen by the Moors in this area. Her short-cropped hair was of a blazing red color, natural and not the orange created by henna. Her fine shoulders were like polished alabaster, and she had small but perfect rounded tits of the purest white. Each of them was tipped with a rosy confection which seemed to invite a man's lips.

Her small waist and flat stomach were different from the rounded shape usually preferred by the Moors, but by that very difference had a special attraction. Below her small perfect navel swelled the pubic mound. Unlike the other slaves, she was not clean-shaven in this area, but her natural fine covering of red hair curled gently above the pink lips of her pussy, framed by the whiteness of her thighs. Her exotic appearance had excited the master greatly when he saw her in Casablanca, and after trying her charms he had purchased her on the spot.

Since that night she had not again seen the Governor. Under Bagoas' watchful eye, Hamid had showed his knowledge by teaching her the duties and techniques of a harem slave. Using a carved camel bone replica of an erect cock she had learned how to take its length in her lips, her pussy and her nether hole without problems. Then with the slavegirl Maria equipped with a strap on cock of ebony, Brigette had been taught many of the positions of the Perfumed Garden, from El Asmeud, the stopper, to El Kebachi, the ram. She was adept at them all on Maria's artificial dick. Tonight she would show how she could take the Governor's strong erect member and pleasure him with what she had learned.

Bagoas informed her, "Brigette, by the grace of Allah, the shaper of beauty, tonight you shall go to the master's bedchamber for the first time. It is up to you to please him greatly."

Brigette was becoming more fluent in Arabic and understood Bagoas' meaning. A frightened look passed over her face, but then she controlled herself and with a slight smile bowed to the harem overseer and said, "My lord, I am ready. You have taught me well." Behind Bagoas' back, Hamid flashed her a grin, because they both knew that Hamid had done most of the hard work in her training.

"Hamid," said Bagoas, "Saiesha and Maria will now prepare Brigette to serve the Governor. Supervise them and be sure it is well done." Hamid bowed to Bagoas, and imperiously waved the three girls to the center of the room. Brigette, beautiful in her nakedness, stood in the center and the other two slaves got their equipment from the chests around the room. As they bent over the chests, the tops of their dresses fell forward to reveal their breasts, and the thin cloth was pulled tight over their butts to show their roundness. Neither Bagoas nor Hamid took the least notice of the show.

The routine of preparation was now well known to all of them, although this was the first time Brigette had received it in preparation for actually serving her master's bed. First Saiesha and Maria rubbed Brigette's body with the precious unguents of fine scents. Saiesha began at her neck and shoulders, and Maria began at her feet and worked up her legs. Just as Saiesha reached Brigette's small tits, Maria reached the top of her thighs. Each pulled their hands away, and began to anoint her ribs and stomach with the fine oil. Then they worked around to her back. Saiesha slowly moved her hands down, and Maria on the legs moved her hands up, until each of them reached Brigette's pretty white ass. Now they rubbed the ointment over the moons on each side, and then their hands caressed the tops of her thighs and lightly rubbed over her pussy which showed between her legs.

Brigette wiggled her hips ever so slightly as they did so. She glanced at Hamid's impassive face. She knew that Bagoas tolerated what many harem masters would not, and let the slave girls go further in their preparation. Bagoas believed, and practice proved him right, that putting a slave in a fine state of sexual tension before she entered the master's bed enabled her to serve his pleasure with more readiness.

The slavegirls then returned to finish smoothing the oils over her front. Saiesha carefully rubbed it into the small round mounds of her tits while Maria brought her hands up the thighs and over the fine red hair of the pubic mound. Timing themselves together, Maria rubbed the lips of the pussy just as Saiesha began to massage the cream into the nipples. Brigette shuddered lightly as they did, and her eyes closed and her head rolled back. Hamid looked over to Bagoas, and the overseer nodded ever so slightly in approval.

Then Hamid clapped his hands. The girls removed their hands from the white skinned slave, and picked up the cosmetics to adorn her. First her blue eyes were outlined with a green liner, not the black kohl commonly used on dark slaves. Then the carmine paste was brought out. Bagoas directed camel fat to be stirred into the paste until it was several shades lighter than commonly used. This pink color served to heighten Brigette's lips beautifully, so Bagoas waved his hand lower. The slaves then proceed to gently wipe the pink salve onto her little nipples, and then drew the chamois cloth carefully between her legs, enhancing her pink pussy lips without overwhelming them or the red hair above them.

Hamid approached her and regarded her with a critical eye. He put his hands under the white mounds of her boobs and squeezed them together to be sure that each nipple was equal in color. He rubbed her stomach and poked a finger into her navel to feel the smoothness there. He ran a hand over her pubic hair then carefully lifted his hand to his nose to be sure that the scent of the perfumed unguent lingered in it. Then he drew his fingers over the lips of her pussy, and examined the tip of his finger to be sure that it was slightly damp from her state of sexual readiness.

He stepped back, and nodded with assurance at his teacher. Bagoas returned the nod and Hamid glowed with pride at his handling of this demanding assignment. He waved to the other two slavegirls and they retired to their alcoves. Hamid knew, and he knew that Bagoas knew, that the two girls would soon be pleasuring each other. Although in other harems this would have taken them to the whipping post, Bagoas was indulgent and believed that it helped keep peace in the harem.

Then they dressed Brigette in her light green gown. Following this they swathed her in a black cloak, and dropped a veil over her head, to lead her across the courtyard. Outside the master's bedroom, they removed the coverings so she stood only in the filmy gown, which clung to her body outlining her round tits and emphasizing her small ass. Bagoas tapped on the beautifully carved and ornamented door, and "Enter," called the Governor from the other side.

Bagoas opened the door. Seeing him, the Governor simply said, "I am ready, Bagoas. Bring her to me." Bowing low, Bagoas said, "My lord, I beg to ask a favor from your munificence and mercy. This girl has been well trained, but I would ask that my servant Hamid be permitted to bring her to you and keep watch over her performance." Governor Glaoui said, "Your protege is shaping well, Bagoas. Let him perform a harem eunuch's duty this night." Gratified that the Governor had a good opinion of Hamid, Bagoas bowed and motioned to Hamid to lead Brigette into the Governor's bedchamber.

Hamid placed Brigette in front of the Governor, watching her carefully and pleased as she assumed the seductive pose she had been taught, slightly turned so her breasts showed to advantage, weight on one leg and the other extending through the slit in the skirt provocatively. Then bowing low he moved backwards to where a low stool stood in the corner, partly hidden by a tapestry. This seat was provided for a harem eunuch when needed, and tonight for the first time it was Hamid's.

The master reclined on his pillows looking at the slave girl. He made a motion with his hand, and as she had been trained Brigette dropped her gown to the floor. Standing naked before him, she raised her hands over her head, bringing her tits forward. The then turned slowly so he could appreciate her full beauty. As her ass was toward him she slowly rolled it from side to side, and then spreading her legs bent slightly forward so her pussy lips projected between the full moons. Rising up she continued to turn, slowly bringing her boobs back into view. Still with her hands in the air, she posed with her legs separated so that the thin red hairs over her white pubic mound pointed down to the pink lips of her pussy. Hamid knew from his training, thought not from experience, that this display was well calculated to excite the man watching.

Governor Glaoui rose from the pillows, and dropped his robe. Hamid could see that he was indeed excited as his strong cock stood up from its nest of black hair. Seizing Brigette by the shoulders he pulled her to him, pressing her tits into his chest. One hand sought her ass and pushed it forward so she rubbed against his cock. She was so small that he could easily push her back and forth to get his pleasure. His other hand sought one small round boob and began caressing it, rolling the petite nipple around with his thumb.

It was clear that the exotic beauty of this girl was exciting him. Now he pushed her away from him, and down onto the pillows. Seizing her ankles in his hands, he spread her legs so that her pink pussy, dripping now, was displayed with its crown of red hair. He dropped to his knees and began to rub the red hair of her mound and then to push the fingers of his other hand into her pussy. This was like no other female organ he had ever seen in coloration, and he reveled in its beauty. As she had been taught Brigette drew her knees up to her chest in the position called el asmeud, the stopper. This showed her pussy to greatest advantage and allowed her partner to easily insert his hardened stopper into the opening.

Hamid saw that he approached between her legs slowly, the head of his dark cock just brushing her pink pussy lips. Slowly he rubbed it back and forth, then inserting it just to the ridge of his circumcision, and going lightly in and out. The darkness of his rod contrasted strongly with her white thighs and pink lips. He went bit deeper, then a bit deeper again, each time pulling it out entirely. Reflecting her careful training Brigette was accepting it easily, just moving her hips gently as it was inside her, then clenching her ass muscles to make her pussy twitch when he was looking at it.

He was becoming inflamed now. He slid his knees under her legs, driving his cock further into her pussy. She ground her hips now, and his passion increased as she did. He put his hands behind her back, pulling her up on his cock. Remembering her training she locked her legs behind his back in the position of El Mokefa, crossed toes. This enabled him to lift her small body up and down against his rod, driving deep into her each time. He grabbed her ass with both hands, pumping hard. Suddenly he jerked his hips up and pulled her down against his cock, as he came hard inside her. Brigette clenched her love muscles around his cock as she had learned to do with the carved ebony dick. The master took his full pleasure, then lay back on the pillows with his cock softening inside her pussy. She lay against his chest, letting her tits rub it gently and rocking her hips lightly.

After a few minutes, he pushed her up off of him. She rolled over and lay naked on the bed beside him. The master let his gaze rest upon her, appreciating again her small white tits with their rosy tips, and the soft red hair adorning the mound above her pink pussy, now swollen and dripping. Soon, he waved a hand in the direction of Hamid's seat in the corner. Very quietly Hamid came forward, took Brigette's hand, and picking up her gown draped it around her and led her out of the bedchamber. As they left, the Governor murmured, "I am well pleased."

Outside the chamber, Bagoas was pacing back and forth. Despite his faith in the training of both Hamid and Brigette, he wondered if he had been wise to leave the two novices alone with the master. When he saw them emerge he rushed over with a worried expression. Hamid, however, reassured him with a confident look. "The master said that he was well pleased, Bagoas." Bagoas was relieved to hear this report, but it did not escape his notice that this was the first time his junior had dared to address him by name instead of saying, "My lord."

Brigette was swathed in the black cloak and veil and returned to the harem. Hamid grinned as he noticed the glow the other two slavegirls reflected, and knew they had used the time well in pleasure. Bagoas was curt and said, "Bathe her. She has pleased the master well." Leaving the girls to discuss among themselves the evening's work, the eunuchs retired to their own quarters.

The next day, Bagoas was again summoned to the Governor's office. As he entered, before he could even bow or call on the name of Allah, the Governor said, "Bagoas, this white slave of mine is a possession of exceptional beauty. Like the wonderful carvings, the colorful calligraphy, the carefully arranged flowers of my palace, she must be appreciated by others. I have sent messages to the Governors of the two nearby oases, inviting them all to dine three days hence. Make sure that this little beauty is prepared to decorate my chamber." He then explained carefully to his harem master what he wanted.

On the third night, as ordered, Bagoas and Hamid went to the harem and began the ritual of preparation for all three slave girls. As they were rubbed with the scented unguents and bedecked with the cosmetics, he carefully described their duties for the evening to them all. When they were prepared, each brought to a state of light sexual tension by the gentle rubbing of the creams, they put on their thin dresses and then the dark veils in which they appeared in public. They were hustled across the courtyard and into the small antechamber adjoining the Governor's reception room.

Here Bagoas seated himself in a chair, Hamid on the low stool, and the three girls on the pillows on the floor. Bagoas put his eyes to the strip of gauze mounted in the door. He knew that on the other side it was hidden among the ornate carvings of the door and painted so that it was invisible, but from this side he could see clearly into the room. He saw the servants removing the remains of the common dish into which the three Governors had dipped their right hands to eat.

Then Governor Glaoui began a discussion with his guests. "Governors," he said, "Allah the ever-living, the self-existing, has placed each of us in positions of power and wealth. It is only right that we celebrate his beneficence by surrounding ourselves with things of beauty." His fellows nodded in agreement. "Each of us delights in the ornate carvings of our palaces, in the beautiful calligraphy in which the ninety-nine names of Allah are written on our walls, in the flowers which decorate our chambers and the gold and jewels which decorate our wives. It is only right that our harems contain possessions of great beauty also. I have visited each of you and been entertained by your slavegirls and know that they are flowers of the finest. But tonight I want to present you with a beauty you may not have seen before."

His guests murmured their interest. Governor Glaoui made a small gesture of the hand, which Bagoas observed through his peephole. Taking Brigette, in her clinging green gown, by the hand, he opened the door and led her through it into the audience chamber. In complete silence he brought her to the middle of the floor, and then retired discreetly to a stool in the corner.

To the Governor's delight, both of his guests gasped at the sight of this exotic white-skinned girl with the hair like flames. She took the graceful pose she had been taught, raising her hands so that her gown pulled tight across her small round boobs, making their nipples poke through the thin fabric. She shifted her weight to one hip, letting leg slide through the slit in her skirt, revealing its paleness all the way up to her hip. Her red hair flashed as she shook her head and her blue eyes gleamed. The men's eyes were riveted to her body in amazement. Then very slowly, she lowered her hands to the shoulders of her gown, and pulled down so that inch by inch her pale chest and the round mounds of her white tits became visible. As the thin fabric slipped gently over her small erect nipples, rosy in their pinkness, she was gratified by the rapt attention on the men's faces.

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