tagGroup SexOverseer of the Harem Ch. 08

Overseer of the Harem Ch. 08


Chapter 08

Rewarding the Raiders

The Taourirt Kasbah in the desert oasis of Ouarzazate was abuzz with rumors. All in the fortress knew that the nomadic Berber tribes around the oasis had refused the authority of Governor Glaoui. In the morning the garrison's eight soldiers had loaded their ancient muskets and ridden off. The palace servants and junior officials all surmised they had been sent to teach the Berber rebels a lesson.

Bagoas sat under a tree in the courtyard, and listened to every word that was said. Beside him his body servant and protege Hamid was full of excitement. As always, however, Bagoas was dispassionate and his face and manner revealed nothing. Bagoas was a powerful person in this Kasbah. Physically powerful, because unlike many of his peers he exercised daily; financially powerful, since he had many gold pieces dangling from his belt in a place where even one was riches; mentally powerful because from a very young age he had trained his mind to focus on his goals and shut out distractions; and powerful in this palace because of his position under the Governor.

Bagoas held the power of Overseer of the Governor's harem. His duties brought him into frequent contact with the master, and he was high in the Governor's esteem. Overseeing the harem meant, of course, that he was a eunuch. Foundation of his mental power was that he now framed his mind to consider the loss of his balls many years ago to be the price he paid for the power he now enjoyed. Never did he allow himself to think of what he did not have, because he was intent on preserving and increasing the power he did have.

Suddenly there were wild yells from atop the walls, and the courtyard was filled with people scurrying up to see what was happening. Bagoas arose and motioned to Hamid to follow, and made his way up the stairs to the top of the wall. Lesser servants and petty officials made way for him in his dignity, and he took a prominent position where he could see well. In the distance a great cloud of dust was rising from the desert. Soon it could be seen that a large herd of camels was being driven toward the Kasbah. Behind it appeared the Governor's soldiery, mounted on their fine Arabian steeds and waving their ancient muskets.

Hamid was watching open mouthed as the camels and those driving them forward approached. He saw the soldiers drive the camel herd into the corral and turn them over to the Governor's herdsmen. Then, whooping and shouting and waving their muskets in the air, they spurred their horses toward the gate of the Kasbah. Suddenly Hamid felt a tug on his shoulder.

"Don't stand there gaping, boy! Hurry! We will have much work to do!" said Bagoas.

Hamid did not understand what work his master needed to do, but Bagoas moved rapidly down the stairs and Hamid followed. Quickly they crossed the courtyard and entered an ornately carved door. Climbing a flight of stairs hung with fine tapestries, they reached another door before which two armed eunuchs stood guard. Bagoas hardly nodded at them as he burst through the door with Hamid panting behind.

They entered the common room of the harem. It was hung with brilliant tapestries and the floor was strewn with silken pillows. Four archways opened off of it, the one in the East hung with a fine curtain and closed by a wooden lattice. This chamber, being closest to Mecca, was the one reserved for the Governor's wife Durrah, the Pearl of Great Price. But today, the mistress stood in the middle of the common room with the three slavegirls who occupied the other lesser chambers.

"What is it, Bagoas? What does all the noise in the Kasbah mean?" Durrah asked quickly. The slavegirls gathered around her to hear the answer.

Bagoas bowed deeply to the lady, and replied, "Allah, the Victorious, the Compeller, has given the Berber rebels into the Governor's hand, mistress. The soldiers have returned from chastising the nomads and brought with them a great herd of camels to add to the master's wealth."

"Allah be praised!" exclaimed Durrah. Then she nodded wisely. "Then I suppose the slave girls will be needed quickly. Later the Governor will send for me, Bagoas. I shall await in my chamber."

Hamid heard her remarks with confusion. He did not understand what the camels and the soldiers had to do with the harem girls. Bagoas looked at his bewildered protege and said, "Ah, Hamid, now comes a part of the harem duties you have not yet observed. The soldiers have well earned a reward. The risks of battle always raise the men's juices, and now the slavegirls will release their energies." He turned to the slaves and said, "Prepare quickly. The soldiers are entering the courtyard even now."

Saiesha, the senior slave, rushed to the chest by the wall. She was a black Abyssinian beauty such as many Moorish harems included. Her hair was braided, her lips were full, and her large boobs strained at the top of her dress. As she bent over the chest, her plump ass was displayed behind the tight fabric. It would surely excite the imagination of any man, if a man had ever penetrated into the harem, which would have cost him his life. Bagoas and Hamid took no notice and felt no interest except a professional one.

Saiesha seized a pot of sweet smelling unguent from the chest. Meanwhile the second slavegirl, Maria, a fiery Spanish girl captured in the wars, dropped her red gown to the floor and stood naked in the middle of the room, her pointed nipples and shaved pussy waiting the attention of Saiesha. The Abyssinian hurried to her, and dropped her white gown to the floor also. With practiced fingers they began to anoint each other, rubbing the precious unguent over each others naked bodies. Over the tits, down the stomach and into the navel, around the cheeks of the ass and down into its crack, and carefully rubbing the shaven mound and the lips of the pussy. So quickly did they work that they had little time to savor the caresses as they did at other times. Knowing there was no time for their natural juices to flow they were careful to apply plenty of the ointment to their pussy lips.

Hamid was staring at this in amazement, and he saw that so too was Brigette, the newest slavegirl in the harem. "Brigette must come too," announced Bagoas. "See to her, boy, and quickly."

Hamid was well trained in preparing a girl to serve the master's bed, but he had never seen it done with such urgency. He stepped toward Brigette, and she dropped her light green gown to the floor and stood naked for his attentions. Only recently had she been purchased in Casablanca, from the notorious Barbary pirate's slave market. In her halting Arabic she said she was from a far land named Ire-land. Girls of her sort were very rare, and there were none like her anyplace on this side of the Atlas Mountains. As the two dark skinned slaves prepared each other, Hamid took the pot of ointment and began to smooth it into Brigette's pale white skin. He rubbed it into the white mounds of her small tits, and circled her pink nipples carefully. Then down over her white stomach he went, and lightly rubbed her pubic mound which was not shaven, but still kept its exotic covering of fine red hair. Hamid knew that this pubic hair would keep the scent of the ointments and mix it with her pussy juices. Right now he had time only to rub it gently into her lower lips and insert his lubricated finger softly into her cunt, hoping that there was enough lubrication from that to make her duties easy.

The other two slaves took up pots of black kohl and lined their eyes with it. Then a cosmetic of carmine was applied to their lips, nipples, and pussies. It left Maria decorated with bright red, but on Saiesha's blackness turned a deep maroon. Hamid knew that Brigette received different cosmetics. A green eye liner was applied, and a pot of the carmine mixed with camel's fat to lighten it gave pink highlights to her lips and nipples which did not overwhelm her whiteness. Finally he dipped into the pot one more time and lightly touched her pussy lips to enhance their pinkness against her white thighs.

"It is enough," Bagoas cried. "Quickly, to the audience hall!" He grabbed heavy dark cloaks and wrapped each naked girl, and then threw heavy veils over their heads. He took the hands of the first two, and Hamid grabbed Brigette's. Down the stairs they went, and across the courtyard at a fast pace. There were no eyes to observe, since the Governor was greeting his soldiers at the gate and everyone was watching. Hamid heard the Governor say, "My brave soldiers have done their duty with great honor. They shall be rewarded as they deserve." The rest of the speech was lost as they hurried on. At the great carved and painted doors of the audience hall Bagoas turned aside to a smaller side door, still ornately carved. He and Hamid led their charges into a small antechamber.

Bagoas quickly removed the veils and cloaks, leaving the slavegirls completely naked. He opened the door to the great hall and swiftly led the girls to a pile of pillows at one end. Here he and Hamid arranged the three nude girls in an artful display. Quickly then they left the room and retired to the antechamber.

The door of the small room had a gauzy insert in it. Painted on the audience chamber side, this portal was practically invisible. But from this side the eunuchs were enabled to observe all that went on in the hall. Bagoas permitted Hamid to peer in. Saiesha and Maria were apparently talking to Brigette, trying to explain to her what was happening. The girl's grasp of Arabic was week, but Hamid could see her eyes widening as the other slaves talked and illustrated what they were saying with gestures. Nodding at Maria, Brigette settled back on the pillows and arranged herself so that her small tits and red haired pussy were easy to see. She appeared to understand what was required of her.

The door to the audience hall burst open. The Governor stood there and behind him were the eight soldiers, dirty, sweaty, and some stained with blood. The Governor stepped aside and the eight soldiers immediately rushed for the girls. Behind them the master stepped back and closed the door.

The heat of battle had indeed generated another sort of heat in these men. The scent of their lust rose from them like a cloud. Three of them ran toward Saiesha and threw themselves upon her. One grabbed her big tits, one thrust his hand up into her pussy, and the third seized the cheeks of her ass and spread them roughly. He pulled up his robe and thrust his dick between her cheeks. The one at her tits followed suit and his naked cock rubbed up and down between her boobs. The third lay down on the bed and pulled her hips toward him so that her pussy took his stiff rod. All three of them jerked their cocks hard in their haste to come.

Three others grabbed Maria. They threw her to the pillows face down. One pulled her hips up toward him and roughly thrust his cock into her pussy. The second took her by the hair,pulled her head back and thrust into her mouth. She reached out a hand to grab the third's hard shaft and began to pump up and down as he roughly fondled her tits.

This left two, who headed for Brigette. They stopped momentarily in their rush, confused by the soft white skin and red hair of this little girl. But then they grabbed her too. One took her by the waist, and taking one of her little pink nipples in his mouth sucked hungrily. Seeing what the other girls were doing, Brigette grabbed his cock and began to stroke it. The other grabbed her pussy with one hand and her ass with the other and fondled both at once.

Hamid watched in amazement through the gauzy panel. This was something he had never seen. Only twice before in his eight years at the Kasbah had the soldiers been called into action. He had seen them return, and be greeted by the Governor, and told they should now have their reward. The full form of that reward was now enacted before his eyes.

Saiesha was now prone on her back. One of the soldiers drove his cock hard into her pussy, his bare butt twitching between her legs. The second was lying across her boobs, pressing them flat as he worked his cock back and forth while Saiesha fingered his anus. The third straddled her shoulders and thrust his cock into her mouth. The soldier behind Maria was lifting her entirely off the ground and penetrating deep into her pussy. The one at her head was on his knees and her mouth worked busily on his hard shaft. The third was fondling her boobs roughly as she jerked him off with one hand.

A soldier was sitting down on the pillows with Brigette in his lap, thrusting up hard into her pink pussy. Meanwhile she cradled the other ones balls in her hand and sucked his dick deep into her mouth. All of the men were now groaning with excitement. She reached out to the one that Maria was jerking and stuck a finger into his anus. This attracted his attention so he backed toward her slightly, shoving his butt toward her so she could reach between his legs to pull his cock, and bending down to grab Maria's nipple in his lips and shake his head hard as Maria gasped.

The soldier straddling Saiesha's shoulders reached over to grab Maria's other tit and squeeze it. The one who had been rubbing his dick on Saiesha's boobs became dissatisfied with that and pushed his mate out of her pussy so he could hungrily stick his tongue into it. The man pushed away reached over to Brigette and started to suck her little pink nipple. Feeling that she reached out her other hand to stroke his cock.

Hamid was still at the peephole, his head spinning as the men moved from pussy to ass, from tit to mouth, from girl to girl. The gentle sensuous sex that Bagoas had taught him about was very different from this wild orgy. He could see that Saiesha and Maria were well used to it, and Brigette was learning from their example.

Now the men were changing places. The one who had Maria's ass backed out of it, and Saiesha pulled herself away from the one deep in her pussy. She and Maria rose to their knees without letting go of the dicks they held in their hands. They faced each other so their boobs pressed together. Each stuck her ass out and a soldier began to rub his cock in the crack of each one. A man stood on each side of them and two different hands grabbed his cock and worked up and down around it. Then each bent her head to seize a dick in her mouth and sucked hard. The two of them were still keeping six men busy.

Seeing this Brigette came over to join the party. She grabbed one of the men by a cheek of his ass and forced her way in beside him. His hand went down to her pussy and started to rub. One of the men who had been with her came up behind and thrust his cock into the crack of her small pink ass and began to rub. The other, feeling a bit left out, forced his way into the mass and grabbed one tit each of Maria and Saiesha.

All Hamid could see now was the dark asses of the men, thrusting themselves in every way against the girls. The air was full of their grunts as they rushed toward climax.

Now the three girls turned around, and each selected a man and pushed him down on the pillows on his back. They climbed aboard his cock and began to thrust up and down. Maria and Brigette faced their men, and Saiesha presented her dark butt to hers. They stuck out their hands and each grabbed whatever cock they could find and each took another hard rod in her mouth. Using the sex muscle control they had learned from Bagoas, they squeezed hard as they moved their hips, and very soon all three of the men they straddled yelled and jerked into their pussies as they shot their wads.

Now the girls rolled off the three spent men. Each lay on her back and drew another man between her legs. As those thrust their hard rods deep into the pink wetness, the two remaining men worked on the girls' tits with their hands and mouths. Maria and Brigette grabbed the cock of one of them, working together to establish a rhythm. The third thrust his rod into Saiesha's mouth and as one cock drove into her cunt she sucked the other in with the same timing.

Soon the man driving hard into Brigette's pussy under its mound of red hair grabbed her hips and pushed deep as he came. He rolled away, and the one that she was jerking along with Maria dropped his head between her legs and sucked hungrily on her pussy. Next the one between Maria's legs also reached his climax, pulling her hips close to him as she rocked them back and forth. He too rolled off on the pillows. Saiesha removed her mouth from the soldier before her and he moved to lie on top of Maria, rubbing his chest against her tits as he thrust his large dick deep into her dripping pussy.

The man sucking Brigette's pussy turned so he could shove his cock into it. Saiesha's penetrator now grabbed the dark moons of her ass and forced them down onto his dick as he too had a crashing climax. As he lay back on the pillows exhausted, Maria and Brigette used all the tricks they had learned under Bagoas' teaching to rush the final soldiers to come. Both men did so at the same time, Brigette's man raising her small ass well off the floor with his final deep thrust.

Eight men now lay sprawled on the pillows, gasping. Bagoas entered the room and dropped towels on the floor. "You have been well rewarded for serving the Governor," he said. "Now clean yourselves off and go to your barracks." He extended his hands to the girls and they followed him to the small anteroom door, the men's eyes watching their twitching butts all the way.

Bagoas returned to the audience chamber and made sure the men had cleaned themselves to some extent, and donned their dirty, sweaty and blood stained robes. Then he went to the large doors and knocked lightly. A servant opened the door, and at Bagoas' nod ran to fetch the Governor.

In a few moments Governor Glaoui entered the room. He looked at his soldiers and said, "You have done your duty well, and by Allah's will have brought wealth and prestige to this fortress. After battle, you received your just reward. Go now." Bowing to the Governor, the eight men left the room.

"Bagoas," the master said, "I would see the slavegirls." Bagoas bowed and went to the small door. Opening it he waved the slaves into the room. They entered, naked as they were, with dripping pussies. In a line they bowed to their master. He looked at them and said, "You have served these rutting fools well. Only by great service to the Kasbah have they deserved your favors. They will come to you again only in their dreams. I am pleased with you." Opening his pouch, he tossed each girl a piece of silver. He waved his hand and Bagoas led them to the anteroom, but the Governor called to him, "Bagoas, stay."

Governor Glaoui continued, "Bagoas, the dirt and blood of battle raise some men to heights of lust and they rut like goats. But for me, it is the knowledge that my wealth as well as my power have been increased this day. To know that I rule this valley and that all in it tremble to obey my word is what excites me. Bring my lady Durrah, my Pearl of Great Price, to me in an hour. We shall take our pleasure in a way these lustful fools do not know."

"Allah, The All-Powerful and the Creator of All Power, be praised, my lord. It shall be done as you say." Bagoas backed away from his master bowing, and entered the anteroom.

Here the girls were giggling among themselves and displaying their pieces of silver, which would purchase for them many small treats and luxuries. Saiesha said, "One of those men was hung like a bull! I thought he would split me in two!"

Maria laughed and said, "It was the one who thrust so far down my throat! It is good that Bagoas had us swallow that carved camel bone so many times or I would never have been able to take it."

Saiesha returned, "And the smell of them! Even with all the perfume Hamid slathered on Brigette they still stunk!"

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