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Overside Virgins


=====Overside Virgins - Nicki's story=====

We went to this club in Paris. Sasha took us.

It wasn't a regular club but a swinger's club - 'club libertine' they call it here. It was my first time and I was nervous, a situation which wasn't helped by the fact that, not thinking, I'd worn trousers. When it was explained that the dress code for ladies was "skirts only" I watched in admiration as Sasha took control of the situation - two minutes later I found myself in the ladies toilets having my trousers exchanged for a rather revealing skirt by one of the hostesses. All this would have been okay if I hadn't been wearing short boots - much to my embarrassment I had to hoist the socks I was wearing (David's) as high as I could so that it might appear as if I was wearing over the knee tights - mind you, at forty four years old, even that's pretty dodgy.

After going through the usual (although I didn't know it then) routine of handing in absolutely everything to the staff behind the desk on the door, we went downstairs and made our way past the bar to the short flight of steps leading to the buffet area. As we were quite late, there wasn't much left, but we helped ourselves and sat down to eat. It seemed very quiet in the buffet area, but then a couple came in and sat down with their drinks, I noticed her most - oriental, long glossy hair, sophisticated - giggling quietly with her companion - probably at my stupid boots I thought. I was soon to forget about my boots or anything else I was wearing, as I began my journey into the 'overside'.

After we'd eaten, David took my hand and led me back down the steps, past the bar, taking my drink from my hand as we went and placing it on the counter. Before I could object, we'd passed from the bar area into a dimly lit passageway which seemed to have a series of rooms leading off. We stopped at the first one on our left, which had soft seating down either side and a large circular platform in the centre. On one side, a man was standing with his back to the room, legs apart, trousers round his ankles, hands moving up and down in rhythm as he caressed the head of a woman sitting on the couch in front of him whose full concentration had been given over to the blow job she was expertly administering. Around them stood what I estimated to be at least five guys, all with their cocks out, masturbating, waiting for their turn. David, who could see that I was clearly fascinated by the scene before me, took hold of my hand and led me closer, so I could see her, eyes closed, glossy lips sliding up and down his hard, glistening cock. We watched for a while before David whispered quietly in my ear "come with me".

I took hold of his hand and followed him along the passageway, feeling like a sightseer as my guide pointed out the places of particular interest on our tour.

There was a room with a door and a window. The door could be locked from the inside, whilst the window only offered a view to those standing outside. I imagined myself in there with David making love to me - people watching us, maybe getting turned on.

I felt a shiver of excitement as he led me further down the passageway, stopping at the entrance to a room housing a soft couch with a cubicle type contraption at one end of it and a set of handcuffs on chains attached to the far wall. I made a mental note of these, wondering whether I would be adventurous enough to try them later.

We continued down the passageway, past a reclining area set into the wall, fronted by bars, until we found ouselves in a room which was darker than the passageway and considerably more crowded than the other areas we'd been in. The concentration of the crowd drew my attention to a line of bars against which people were pressing. as we got closer, I could see that the men around the bars were wanking their exposed cocks, whilst several were putting their free hand through the gaps to caress what I could now make out as a pair of writhing bodies, limbs entwined, exploring pleasure zones.

I felt incredibly turned on and, as David pulled me close and ran his tongue over my lips before thrusting it into my mouth, I was thrilled to realise that he felt the same. As we kissed passionately I felt a hand push my skirt up and run along the back of my right leg. Both David's arms were holding me tightly, so the hands had to belong to someone else. Instead of pulling away, I moved my bum slightly to let him know that I was enjoying what he was doing whilst leaning more heavily into David. I pulled my mouth gently away from his so I could whisper "someone's stroking my bum" in his ear. I felt him look over my shoulder and wondered what he could see. Half of me wanted to turn round, but I knew it would be a mistake to give up the thrill of the stanger's feathery touch against my skin. David found my mouth with his again and we kissed and caressed each other whilst one, them two hands softly stroked my thighs and bum.

I could feel myself getting wet - maybe he could sense it too, because all of a sudden his hand stiffened and he started thrusting his fingers against my moist crotch. Not yet, I thought, and gently moved his hand away. David felt the change in my movement and held me close, just to let me know I was safe.

David gently steered me away from the crowd of onlookers and into another room even darker than the one before.

It was easy to see why all the single men were heading towards this, the final room off the passageway. At the far side of the room a long low lounging area was flanked by groups of men in tell tale pose - backs to the room, legs apart, trousers round their ankles. Just inside the door was another low lounging area straddled by a woman on all fours who was sucking hard on the cock of a guy in front of her whilst another entered her from behind. All around guys stood masturbating, waiting for their turn, should she grant them the favour.

David led me over to the far side of the room and I watched, completely fascinated, as women sucked and caressed the cocks pointing at their faces from all directions. Behind each group of men lurked several more, waiting for one of the group to leave so that they could move in closer for a piece of the action.

By now I was so turned on I was keen to explore further. I whispered into David's ear "let's go into the little room". He kissed me passionately, flicking his tongue over mine. I knew he wanted to. Without hesitation he led me to the room with the one way window in. As we entered, I locked the door behind us and turned towards David, looking into his eyes and leaning into him, every muscle in my body straining to be taken.

I undressed him slowly, pausing over the silky soft feeling of his satin boxer shorts. As he took me in his arms and gently kissed my neck, I shuddered as a tingling sensation ran from the tip of my tongue right through my body to my clit.

David slowly removed my clothes, kissing every inch as it became exposed. By the time he laid me down on the couch, I was shivering with anticipation. He lowered himself onto his knees so that his head was inline with my hips, then, holding me by the ankles, he pulled me towards his face. When his mouth first made contact with my clit, I thought I was going to come there and then. Sensing this, he used his tongue to tease me, flicking it over and around my clit to keep me on the edge. In desperation I ground my hips so that I could thrust my clit up towards his mouth. He pulled away slightly, making me arch my back to maintain contact as he gently inserted his fingers into my moist pussy. Moaning, I lowered myself onto his tongue and moved against him gently as he brought me to a shuddering climax. As I subsided he stroked and kissed the inside of my thighs and then, standing up, gently pushed inside me until I could feel his balls against my bum. He started thrusting, slowly at first, getting faster and deeper until I could feel he was about to come. Once again I arched my back as I felt him shoot up inside me and the frantic thrusting give way to the warm afterglow. He leaned against me for a few moments as we kissed and stroked each other before getting dressed.

As we dressed I couldn't help feeling more turned on than I ever had in my life. All of a sudden I wanted more, and I could tell, by the way David was stroking me as we walked around the club, that he felt the same. "Come on" he whispered, "let's look round some more". By now I was feeling much more relaxed and ready for further experimentation. We made our way into the room with the handcuffs. The thought of David securing me against the wall and then coming at me from behind really turned me on. I faced the wall and let him fasten the handcuffs around my wrists. All the time I could feel the hands of onlookers snaking their way up my legs and bum, making me shiver with excitement.

Slowly, never taking his eyes off me for a second, David unbuttoned his shirt, undid his belt and fly and lowered his trousers. Moving towards me he carefully peeled the hands away from my skin and moved up against me, letting his hot breath glide across my neck and his erect penis slip into the crack of my bum. "What do you want?" he whispered in my ear. "I want you to fuck me" I whispered back, without turning my head. I stuck my bum out so that he could thrust inside me. I shuddered with excitement as I waited to feel him plunge, but instead, I felt a tongue slowly licking my bum, then gently flicking around the rim of my anus. I could tell it was David without looking and I strained against the handcuffs, desperately wanting to turn around so he could apply his tongue to my clit. Suddenly he was inside me, leaning into me. his hands covering mine as I braced against the wall. As we eased into a slow, sensational rhythm, his left hand came down and fingered my clit. As he moved inside me and against me, he whispered in my ear, telling me what the guys around us were doing. By now I was so lost in what was happening my eyes were closed and I let the images flood my head, not really aware of who else was in the room. Suddenly, I felt David's right hand let go of mine.

A moment later I felt the soft touch of fingers stroking my right thigh. I turned my head and opened my eyes. As I had guessed, the fingers stroking my thigh, guided by david's hand, belonged to a woman. She was gorgeous, petite, red hair, small breasts with hard brown nipples protruding above her quarter cup bra. What I noticed most though, were her eyes, almond shaped and green, flecked with golden brown the colour of amber. I moved into her touch, keeping my eyes on hers all the time. She continued stroking me, moving up my side and round, cupping my right breast gently whilst allowing her thumb to play against my nipple. By this time I was sure David would undo the handcuffs to let me touch her, as he surely knew I wanted to. I was still aware of him behind me, but I couldn't feel him. I guessed he must be watching. She then allowed her fingers to brush against my shoulder before flickering up my neck and tracing the contours of my face. As her fingers ran lightly over my lips, I gently kissed and licked them, hoping that this would send tingling sensations through her body, as it did for me.


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