Simone was working late, providing the Finance Department with technical support in the roll out of their new software. Despite having put in a solid 14 hours work she still looked professional and sharp in her green knee length pleated skirt and white and green stripped top. The bell to the IT Department's office rang and looking around her cubicle, Simone saw Chris at the door. She quickly opened the door and took a calming breath. Every time she's around Chris she gets shortness of breath and cannot stop wondering how he would taste if she kissed him. Needless to say she got moist and always had to fight hard to ensure no one noticed her reaction Chris.

He came to her asking about the progress of the software roll out and mentioning the different testing he would like to see done. Suddenly he leaned down and kissed the curve between her neck and shoulder saying, "You're so sweet. I've always wondered what you taste like."

Simone jumped and her eyes bugged out unable to believe she was hearing him say what she fantasised about for so long. She started to turn her head to look at him and he stopped her. Smelling the curve of her neck and placing little kisses along the line of her shoulder. Simone sat there struggling to breathe her entire body shaking from the effect Chris was having on her. His hands moved to the front of her blouse and he slowly began unbuttoning her to expose to pert breasts to his view. His first sight of her breasts in the lace cups had him groaning. He slipped his hands inside the cups to gently touch her breasts and rub her nipples. He took one step back and told her to get up. She looked at him starting to protest, Chris held by her arms and jerked her up, "Do not ever make me ask you ANYTHING twice!"

"But everyone else is outside."

"Your overhead bin will prevent anyone from seeing don't worry."

With that, he rolled her chair away and jammed Simone against the desk. He stepped in closer and held her by her jaw and leaned close. His lips brushed against hers oh so lightly and he pulled back when she tried to deepen the kiss. Chuckling at her pout, he pushed off her shirt and unclasped her bra exposing her to his hot gaze. He leaned her backwards and holding her gaze with his bit down on her nipple which brought a sharp gasp from her, seemingly satisfied, he licked it and repeated with the other nipple. He started to kiss and suckle her breasts in earnest pulling her breasts deep into his mouth and licking the nipples. His hand resting on her thigh, started to stroke it now and he slipped his fingers into her underwear and felt her liquid heat pool over his fingers.

"Mmm very good you're going to need this when I get inside you." She started to protest and fell silent at his warning look. He stepped back from her and undid his pants. "On your knees and suck it. You better make it good too." Knowing by now it was useless to protest; she slid to her knees and took Chris' pulsing member into her mouth. Her mouth stretched wide as she tried to take him into her mouth, his thickness requiring a lot of saliva to get her into the smooth gliding movement a blowjob is supposed to have. She sucked along his length her tongue wrapping around him and then licking his balls when she had him deep in her throat. Chris groaned and wrapped his hands in her hair and slowly began to face fuck her. Breathing heavily he pulled out and helped her to her feet.

Without saying anything, he pushed back to the edge of her desk and stepped between her legs as he spread them. Reaching behind Simone, he got the scissors and pushed her skirt up and cut her underwear off. Startled, Simone looked up at him and he said "From now on, don't wear any underwear to work. I want to be able to touch you or fuck you as I please without having to encounter any underwear." Simone looked downwards and meekly nodded yes to his order. He held her by her neck and forced her to meet his gaze. "You are to answer me yes sir. Do you understand!"

With tears in her eyes, Simone responded with the required yes sir and only then did Chris release her. Stepping back from between her legs he turned her around and pushed her upper body down and roughly entered her from behind. He asked no questions and took all that he wanted from her. Thrusting into her deep and hard, Simone had to bite her lips to not attract any attention beyond the office.

Chris pulled her head back by her hair and whispered all the dark wicked things he wanted to do to her, slamming into her with short hard thrusts, his other hand alternately pulling at her nipples or playing with her clit. Simone felt the pressure increased in her from her toes to the top of her head and began to shake uncontrollably. Chris knowing what was coming released her hair and grabbed her hips with both hands and began thrusting into her even harder forcing her to ride her orgasm on the double edged sword of pleasure and pain. Chris then filled her with his semen roughly bucking into her as he did so.

He then eased himself out of Simone and turned her to him. "Remember all I said. You never know when next I'll be coming for a taste. You don't want me upset at you because you disobeyed me." He then pulled her to him and kissed her making sure that he tasted all of her and she him. He pulled back with a gentle kiss on her forehead and after tidying himself up, left the IT office with Simone at the edge of her desk unable to move because her legs were shaking too much.

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