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I've been working at a dentist's office since I was 17, progressing from a position of an assistant to now office manager. It's a small office, just 4 employees, including the doctor, an assistant, receptionist and myself. Over the years, I've seen lot of receptionists come and go, but the rest of the staff has been just that. A bit more about myself, I'm now 25, which puts me 8 years at this job and I enjoy it. I'm 6'2" about 180lbs, good build (not "lean", nor "Fat"), although I could lose a few pounds and get in better shape. I believe I'm a hard worker, and usually put in lot of extra time to get work done.

This story takes place about a year and half ago. We had a young receptionist who had graduated high school and was saving some money for college. She was small, about 5'4" or so, in slim perfect shape, and still striving to be in better shape. She had a warm face with hazel eyes and golden brown hair. Her lips were just perfect, not too big, nor too small. She always wore yoga pants, and they shaped to her perfect ass, thighs and legs. She didn't have much in upper area, with 32Bs, but for her shape, they were proportional. The moment I saw her when she came in for interview, I wanted her. The look in her eyes was a mixture of innocence, mysteriousness and a dash of naughtiness. The innocent look in her eyes was what made my heart race. She was the ideal girl. The girl who I had dreamt of, the girl who measured so close to my description of a "Perfect" girl. I wanted her on the patient bed, on my desk, on my boss's desk. I wanted to bend her over and go to town, licking her, biting her, sucking her nipples. I wanted her in every position, and wanted to do so many things to her.

Fast forward few months, and we get along fine. We started talking about our personal lives, relationships, and at times hints of sex life. Listening to her stories about her guy friends hitting on her and wanting her made me jealous. She was persistent that she didn't want to give up her virginity just yet. I don't know if I believed her, especially her being such a hottie, I was certain someone would have taken her "v-card" already. She insisted she was still a virgin. I looked up her file and realized she was turning 19 in few weeks. Now thinking she was 18, virgin and so hot, I wanted her even more than ever.

One night before closing the office, she asked if her ass looked weird in these new yoga pants. She literally lifted up her shirt, exposing her flat stomach and her ass covered with stretchy fabric. This showed off the perfect shape of her ass and thighs even though they were covered by the thin fabric. I instantly got a boner, and scooted under my desk so she wouldn't notice. I complimented on her fit body, nice ass and the new yoga pants.

"Thanks!" she said, dropping her shirt and walking away.

"You are such a tease, you know that!" I replied as she walks away.

"I know, and all my guy friends hate me for that." She responded.

"Slut!" I said immediately.

"What was that for? I haven't done anything"

"You tease guys, give them boners, and are saying you haven't done anything?"

"Haha, sorry" She left the office.

"Hold up, I'm done too" I yelled, and she waited by the door.

We both left together. I walked her to the car and playfully slapped her ass as she opened the door.

"That's what you get for being such a tease" I said walking away and getting in my car.

We both parted our ways.

A few days went by, and once again we were closing. I was finishing up last minute things as she's putting stuff away.

"Didn't buy anything new?" I said, hoping for another hot tease/show.

"I did, but can't show you" Was her response as she closed the cabinet.

"Oh come on, you showed me your ass cupped in yoga pants with me sitting two feet away, with full frontal view as well"

"Ha, that was the outer clothing; "something new" is below that"

"Damn, I should get a closer look then" I got up and came around my table to the front. Leaning on the table, I snapped my fingers as I laughed.

"You are soo stubborn, I hate you" She responded as she walked towards me.

She moved closer and moved her shirt over a bit revealing a hot pink bra.

"Nice color choice...ooh...it's lacy too" I responded.

"So is the matching thong!" She replied quickly.

"Let's see then" I'm excited for the next hot view.

She pulled down her yoga pants partially revealing hot pink laced thong. As she pulled up her yoga pants, I stopped her.

"Let me get a good look at least" I moved her to the desk, lifting her up and sitting her on my desk.

She obliged, and pulled them back down giving me a good view. I saw the thong was a bit wet and move in between her legs. I put my hands on her thighs and whispered in her ear "am I making you hot?"

"mmhmm" she responded without opening her mouth.

I started rubbing her thighs, up and down and whispered once again "do you want more?"

"mmhmm" she responded just as before.

I moved my hands under her thighs and lifted her up. She straddled me at the hip, and our lips met for the first time. And immediately the fire of passion started burning. Her legs wrapped around me, my hands were now on her ass, squeezing it. Our lips locked, tongues licking and our eyes closed, lost in the moment.

She opened her eyes, broke the kiss and stood still in front of me. I moved closer, and she moved a step back.

"Are you ok babe?" I asked.

She moved in closer, looks up at me and whispered, "I want to lose it. I want to lose my virginity. To you. I want to lose it right now."

Hearing this brought a smile to my lips. My heart was pounding, my mind racing, thinking of things I wanted to do to her. I moved the papers off from my desk to the side. She got on the desk, facing me and opened her legs and arms, welcoming me. Once again, the lips met, the tongues tasted each other, the hands frisked each other's bodies with our hearts pounding.

I moveed my hands down to her shirt, lifting it up and removing it. Seeing her soft skin, a pair of soft tits held in a bright pink bra. The lace made the bra somewhat see-thru, exposed her hard nipples. I moved my hands up her back, to her neck as I kiss her. Breaking the kiss, I moved my hand down to her shoulders and removed the straps holding the bra in place. Moving my hands further down, I pushed the bra down and expose her puffy tits with hardened nipples.

She moved her head to kiss me, and as our lips met, she could see my hunger for her in my eyes. Recognizing someone wanting her so damn much, she started kissing furiously. Moaning in my mouth, I squeezed her perfectly shaped tits, pinching the nipples.

I broke the kiss, and moved down to kiss her neck. Kissing all over her neck, some soft and light kisses, while others hard and violent, left marks as I went. Marking my territory, telling her she belongs to me as I went down further. Kissing her down her neck to her welcoming tits. Sucking on her nipples, kissing her boobs, leaving marks, biting her nipples, I left my marks on her body.

She moaned as I kissed her, bit her and licked her. Every moan louder than last, until my tongue started circling her nipples. She moaned loud enough to wake the dead. Knowing her weakness, I continued circling her nipples, switching between left and right, sucking her nipples in between as my hands rubbed her back.

I lied her back on the desk as I kissed down to her belly button, and down further until I reached the bright pink laced thong. I continued kissing her around the thong as I removed her yoga pants, down to her ankles and then off along with her shoes. Looking at the yoga pants, thinking, possibly a size too small for her, but it stretches so good that it's perfect on her.

There she is! The girl who I've been longing for. Laying back on my desk in my office. Completely naked, with the exception of the bright pink thong.

I moved back into position kissing her right where her body meets the waistline of the thong. Kissing her, moving down as I kissed her on the thong, moving further down to the wet spot on her thong. Pushing my lips on it, I pushed harder. She knew what's next and motioned to remove her thong. I ignored her motion to remove the thong and slid it to the side, revealing a perfectly shaved pussy. Not a single hair on it, and the lips swollen, wet and juicy.

Moving my lips down, I kissed her swollen pussy lips. Her legs tensed, her back arched, her hands stiffened holding the table, her feet curled, all at the sensation of a kiss. Slowly, circling her dripping wet virgin pussy with my tongue, I moved my hands up her body to her tits, squeezing them hard. She moaned loudly, and just as she moaned, I moved my tongue between her hot, juicy, wet pussy lips. Pushing it a bit inside and she moaned yet again. Louder than before, her neck stiffened, her head lifted and her eyes piercing at me. "She's had enough teasing for now," I thought as I winked at her looking up.

I moved my head in closer, tongue ready to assault her virgin pussy, ready to lick her wet juices flowing out; I pushed my lips on hers and moved my tongue inside her. Slowly licking and going deeper. Lost in my own world, I heard her screaming and moaning in pleasure. Her legs squeezed my head in, wanting more and more, I fucked her with my tongue. Pushing in and out, licking up and down every chance I got. Lips pushed on her lips and she screams, tightening her grip on my head. A few more screams and a flow of sweet hot juices flowed out of her, and into my mouth. Her deliciousness in my mouth. All I could think of is how lucky I am right now.

I left her wet pussy and stood up between her legs. Leaning over her, I kissed her lips, sharing her juices with her. She grabbed my head and pulled into her. Her tongue going wild, licking everywhere, taking her juices back from me. Driving me wild as the thought of her licking out her pussy juices from mouth ran through my head. My cock stiffened even more in my pants, a huge bulge formed, rubbing against her inner thighs and her pussy. She slowly broke the kiss, and licked my lips and my chin.

And whispered "Please fuck me. Make me yours. Take my virginity. Please."

She leans forward, on her elbows and unbuttoned my pants, unzips them and pushed them down, or at least attempted. My raging boner was stiff and was holding my boxers up with quite a bit of force. I pushed my boxers down, and my cock sprung out. Looking straight at her, it's ready to penetrate her virgin pussy. She looked directly at it, wanting it more than ever. She moved her hand and held it softly. Closing her eyes, I could see she's thinking how it would feel insider her. Her pussy was still oozing juices from previous orgasm.

She grabbed my hard stiff cock, and pulled me in closer. I moved my hand to her face, ran my fingers thru her hair and leaned forward for a kiss. My cock, now freed from the fabric which held it under covers, touched her pussy lightly. Her body jerked, and goose bumps rose all over her body.

"It will hurt a bit. I know you can take some pain, but if it is too much, just say so. Ok?"

She didn't say anything, but nodded.

I stood back up, between her legs, ready to enter heaven. A virgin 18yr old pussy available for me to pleasure myself, a hot young fit girl wanting me to take her virginity, and I could hold no longer.

I moved in, and positioned my cock on her pussy lips. She jerked again. I whispered, "are you ready baby?"

"mmhmm" is all I got back.

Grabbing my cock, I positioned it between her lips. Rubbing her pussy up and down between her juicy lips. I saw her stiffen up, and moved my hands on her body. Rubbing her tits, and then her neck and face, I whispered "relax baby. loosen up your body."

She obeyed and loosens up, but not fully. I slowly pushed my cock in her wet pussy. Thanks to her still oozing pussy, I could slide in easier. Slowly, but surely I entered her pussy. Just the cockhead, and saw her stiffen up a bit more. "Relax babe", I rubbed her face lightly, and moved her hair back. She smiled and loosened up. I leaned over and kissed her. "That's my baby girl"

Slowly, I inserted more and more of my cock inside. Feeling her pussy so tight, wrapped around my cock, I pushed in more. I'm was halfway there, and could see she's in a bit of pain. I slowly backed out, just leaving my cockhead inside her, and pushed back in again. Not pushing any further than last time, I started going in and out of her. I could feel temperature rising within her. Her eyes closed, bottom lip between her teeth, and moans escaped her mouth with each trust. Slowly building rhythm, going faster and deeper than last thrust.

Her body stiffened up and she moaned loudly. I could feel her juices escaping with each thrust. I continued fucking her as she cums. Her hand positioned at my chest, asked me to stop or slow down and I followed her request to stop. My cock was half way buried in her pussy, I leaned over and kissed her. Leaned over, I pushed more and more of my cock inside her. She gasped within the kiss and moaned in my mouth. I moved my hands under her back and grabbed her shoulders from behind.

Kissing her neck, I started fucking her not so virgin pussy again. Going deeper every thrust and almost all the way inside her. My balls slapped her wet ass with juices flowing from her pussy. I quickened my pace, and start drilling her pussy faster. She moaned louder with every thrust. She moved her hand down to my cock and felt it as it slid in and out of her pussy. Cupping it underneath, trapping the juices flowing out of her pussy, she took the juices to her mouth. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard, leaning lower, licked her nipples. I could feel her stiffening again. I went faster and harder. Going deeper inside her. She cums, and cums hard. Her body shaking violently. I could feel her juices flowing as I continued fucking her pussy. Her juices escaping her pussy with every thrust. She continued cumming.

Remembering the sight of seeing her lick her juices from her fingers, and now her cumming so hard, I was on the edge. I was ready to explode inside her. I leaned down and kissed her. "I'm ready to cum baby, I'm ready to cum for you!" Hearing this she went wild. Kissing me, and she whispered "I want to taste you, but I want to feel your cum inside me more. Please baby, would you cum inside me?"

She didn't have to say another word. My cock stiffened, and shot ribbons of cum inside her pussy. Stream of cum flowed out of my cock inside her recently virgin pussy, filling her up with my seed.

I leaned down on her, kissed her. Staying there, for what felt like eternity. I move back up and just as I'm about to pull out, she gasped, "Please, stay here for a bit." I obliged.

Leaning over again, kissing her. I whispered "Are you happy?"

She smiled, and whispered "More than ever. I've waited for this day for a long time."

We got up, helped clean each other up. Dressed and the phone rang. She answered, it was her mom "Hey mom, I'll be home soon, I had something important CUM up at work." winking at me. I could hear her mom concerned as she was supposed to be at home an hour ago. "Bye mom!" and she hung up, explained how she lives alone with her mom and they ALWAYS have dinner together.

We both stood there, in each other's arms. Kissing and caressing. Don't think either one of us wanted to leave.

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