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"Can you work late Friday night, Lucy?" I jumped in surprise; I hadn't heard Erin come up behind me as I'd been concentrating on updating a list of new PCs that the IT department had just rolled out. As the most junior person in desktop support I got all the fun jobs!

I turned to Erin, "Yeah, I guess so. What for?" Erin was one of the systems admins responsible for maintaining the servers and company website - a real guru, the guys in the department would grudgingly admit. Why did she need a 19 year old IT newbie to help her?

"I have to upgrade two of the servers out of hours and company policy is no lone working, so I need a buddy," Erin replied. "You'll get to work on the servers a bit, so you'll learn something; I know it's not always easy for us girls to get ahead in this business, so I figure I ought to help you if I can. I wish someone had helped me when I first started."

I was touched. "Thanks," I said, "That's, er, that's very kind of you." I blushed slightly and looked down - why do I have such little confidence?

Erin slipped her hand under my chin and lifted it gently. Her hand was cool and soft against my skin. "Don't be so timid Lucy. I've noticed you: you're a good worker and seem keen to learn. You deserve a chance. Plus you'll be better company than most of the geeks here!" She smiled and her smile transformed her face from pretty but ordinary into something stunning. "We can't start the work until 7:00pm, but come and see me at 5:30 and I go through what we'll be doing and maybe take a break before we begin, okay?" I nodded and she walked off. She paused and looked back. "Oh, by the way: nice outfit. You look good in it."

Her smile was something else I should envy her for, along with her small, slim frame, lovely figure, auburn hair cut in a short bob, startling green eyes and her intelligence. She was in her mid-thirties but she looked younger. By contrast, I was big - above average height without actually being tall, big framed and, let's be honest here, overweight. My hair was a boring pale brown, rather than blonde like my sister had, and while my eyes were an attractive blue, the glasses I wore meant they weren't often noticed. Friends said I was "cuddly" or "cute" or, worst of all, "had a lovely personality"; I learned to decode that one early on: I was plain if not actually ugly. All this gave me the self-esteem of a donut and the confidence of a mouse when dealing with people!

Despite all she had going for her, I couldn't ever envy Erin: she was just too kind to me. She would say hello and ask how I was. I could go to her with questions and where the other senior techies would tell me to piss off or to find out for myself or give me the bare minimum answer, she always seemed to find time to answer and explain so I could learn. I hadn't done brilliantly at school so I needed all the learning I could get now. Seeing Erin's success, and with her interest in helping me and little pep talks, I had started trying to make some changes. I had been sticking to a diet (apart from the occasional fail with a pizza or Big Mac!) and swimming regularly. As a result, I had lost 25lbs and had made it into size 14 clothes. Okay, I was still on the large side but I felt much better about my body than I ever had before, and I was never going to be a size 8! The weekend before I had treated myself to some new clothes: a smart, short sleeved blouse and knee length skirt rather than the Goth-style long skirt and baggy sweatshirt that had been my standard dress before. That Erin had noticed and even liked the new clothes gave me a little warm, tingly feeling inside.

I watched her as she walked away and wanted to hug her for her kindness. I also wanted to make a good impression on Friday and if we were alone, perhaps I could tell her how much I liked her and all she'd done for me. A disturbing image of kissing her lips crossed my mind, but I pushed it away, shocked at the idea. However, something had subtly shifted in me and I wanted Erin not just to be pleased with my work on Friday - I wanted her to notice me, not just as a newbie girl techie to help but, well, as me, as Lucy; someone to spend time with, a friend even. So on Thursday I worked through lunch to leave early to have my hair cut and dyed followed by a bout of late night shopping that left my bank account quite battered!

Friday arrived and I rolled into work. With my new hair and new outfit (a short, leather jacket worn over a sleeveless v-neck cream top that showed my cleavage, with a blue mid-thigh skirt over dark blue leggings and short boots) did make an impact and I'm sure that it was the first time some of the IT guys bothered to noticed me! It was hard not to duck and hide but I actually felt, well if not attractive then definitely not UN-attractive.

Erin didn't seem to be in yet so I couldn't find out what she thought. When I checked, our boss said she was working from home and would be in later so I settled down to work. I continued to get looks and glances through the day and was feeling quite pleased with myself until I happened to overhear two of the guys talking. They were discussing the attractiveness of some of the women on the first floor when one of them said "...and what do we have down here? Erin the Geek Ice Queen and Lumpy Lucy! God, have you seen what she's wearing today? Talk about a walrus in a short skirt!"

I bit my lip so as to stay silent, blinking back tears as I moved away before they noticed me, and went to hide in the ladies toilet to cry. After ten minutes I'd calmed down and pulled myself together. Fuck them, I thought. They and all men could go to hell; they weren't going to beat me down. So what if I'm overweight? I'm working on it. Anyway, I'd never found any man particularly attractive, so who were they to criticise me? And as for what they'd said about Erin - well, I think I was angrier about that than what they'd said about me because it was so bloody unfair!

By the time 5:30 arrived Erin was in the office and everyone else had either gone or was packing up. I walked over to her desk and she looked up and smiled at me. "Wow, Lucy, you look great!" I was thrilled at this, but there seemed to be something wrong - a tightness in her smile and a slight catch in her voice.

"Oh, thank you Erin, that means a lot coming from you. But - are you all right?" I asked in a concerned voice.

"Ah, it's... oh, it's just circumstances at home; not a good evening yesterday." She sighed. "But let's get through this, shall we?"

"Okay, but if you want to talk about it..." I tentatively put my hand on her arm.

She placed her hand over mine and squeezed it gently. "Thank you, I'll remember that." She paused before plunging on, "But now: this evening's work..." and she went through the upgrade work we had to complete, explaining not only how but why and what issues we might encounter.

After an hour she was happy that I'd understood everything and I thanked her for her time. "You'd have made a great teacher," I told her.

"Thanks, but I haven't the patience to deal with those who don't want to learn. That why some of the men here think I'm stuck up."

"No! I'm sure they..." I began but then remembered the comment I'd overheard and hesitated.

Erin looked at me and smiled wryly, "Exactly. Oh, let's go and get a coffee: Starbucks? My treat?" "Yes please," I replied. "Don't worry about what some of the guys say, they're just intimidated by how clever you are. They say stuff about me too; about my size."

She took my arm and hugged it. "But you've lost a great deal of weight since you started here haven't you? I think you look great - you're a cute girl!"

I laughed mirthlessly. "Yeah, cute. Not 'pretty' or 'attractive' but just 'cute and cuddly'."

Erin looked awkward. "I didn't mean anything derogatory - anything bad - by calling you cute: you really are. And I think you are also attractive and pretty. I can't comment on how cuddly you are, though!" She gave a small smile and I smiled back, thrilled by her reply.

Starbucks was surprisingly quiet as we ordered our drinks and found a table in a quiet corner. As we sat facing each other Lucy looked serious. "Do you think all men are misogynistic, lying, cheating bastards, Lucy?"

She had to explain 'misogynistic' before I replied, "I... I think a lot of them are not very nice," I admitted, "though, well, I've never had a boy cheat on me."

"You've been lucky then!"

"Not really," I hesitated and then went on, "I've actually never had a boyfriend." I could feel my face flush in embarrassment.

"Really? What about a girlfriend?"

Her tone suggested nothing but genuine interest, but after some of the thoughts I'd been having towards her the question flustered me. "No! Well, I have friends who are girls but not a, a, a GIRL-friend!"

"Oh, well," she said. Was she disappointed by my answer or was it sympathy for me being alone? I couldn't tell. "Anyway," she continued, her voice thickening with emotion, "perhaps a girl wouldn't simply leave a note on the kitchen table telling you that your five-year relationship is over and, oh, P.S. I've been screwing one of your friends for the last six weeks!"

"Oh, Erin! Is that was happened to you last night?" She nodded and I took her hand as she sobbed quietly, her head forward and her tears falling onto the table. Instinctively I reached out and put my hand on her cheek, brushing tears away with my thumb. "I'm so sorry for you. But, well, he may be a lying, cheating bastard but he must also be a complete idiot to finish with someone as beautiful and..." I hesitated. I was going to say 'sexy' but settled for "...and lovely as you." I felt her press her cheek into my hand as she took a deep, shuddering breath.

"I'm sorry," she sniffed, "I've been doing this all day - bursting into tears. That's why I worked from home. But you're right: why am I so upset by such a complete, stupid, fucking WANKER!" The last word came out loudly and several heads turned to look at us. The affronted look of one woman set us both giggling, despite Erin's tears. "Time to go, you think?" she whispered.

"Definitely!" I replied, standing up. I pulled Erin up by her hand and we headed off. It was only as we got to the door open that I realized we were still holding hands. I was slightly embarrassed - two women walking hand-in-hand like little school girls - but Erin didn't seem bothered by it so, a little reluctantly, I simply let go and pushed the door open. We headed back towards the office and as we walked I felt her slip her arm into mine and nestle against me.

"Thank you, Lucy. You make me feel all... safe and protected and cared for." She sounded surprised, as if this was something she'd never considered possible.

"Aw. I'm glad you think so. You've been so kind and good to me, if there's ever anything I can do for you, anything at all, just ask." I looked at her, noticing again how petite and lovely she was.

"Hmmm, I might hold you to that!" she said, a mischievous glint in her eye. She let go of my arm and sighed. "But now, back to work."

We went back into the office: it was now just past 7:30 and we were the only ones there. We collected the things we needed and headed into the data centre where the servers lived. We worked steadily, first Erin taking the lead and my just holding things but after the first two were done she said it was my turn. I was nervous and hesitated. "Come on, minion!" she said, "Or we'll never get done."

"I'm your minion now, am I? I thought I was your buddy!"

"Minion now; buddy later - now do as you're told and back to work!" She tried to be all stern and commanding but her grin let her down.

"Yes, ma'am!" I replied in mock humility and set to work. A few minutes later I was struggling to undo a clip and couldn't remember how Erin had undone it. I felt Erin behind me, her body pressing gently against me, close and warm in the chill of the server room. It gave me an unexpected thrill and there was a still moment of silent intimacy before her hand reached round over mine, her fingers moving to guide mine to release the clip. I tried to focus on the technique but hopelessly failed; I was too distracted by her nearness and the pressure, just below my arm, of what I was certain was her right breast hard against me. The clip popped off and I thanked her. She didn't move away immediately but stayed touching me before suddenly stepping back. I looked over my shoulder. Erin looked a little flustered and, as she turned slightly, I could distinctly see the nipple of her right boob was erect - and surprisingly large. I hastily looked away before she saw me staring but my mind had captured the image and my imagination went into overdrive, presenting me with an instant mental Photoshop of what I'd seen: an image of Erin's breast naked! What was my mind playing at?

I managed to complete the upgrade of that server: three done, two to go. We moved on to the next one and, though I started confidently, I got stuck again undoing the clip. "Come on, Lucy, I showed you how to do that."

"I, er, I got a bit distracted and missed it, I'm afraid." I confessed, as I felt my face flush. Lucy looked at me, her expression unreadable.

"Okay," she said, after a pause, "I'll show you again but concentrate this time!" Once again she pressed up close behind me, her hand coming round to guide mine. Again I could feel her breasts pressed into me and I tried to just let myself enjoy the sensation but not become too distracted by it. It wasn't easy but I thought I was coping until I felt Erin's left hand slip around my waist. I could feel my heart beating hard and I realised that I was getting turned on! "Now, Lucy," Erin's voice was soft and husky, close to my ear, "are to paying attention to me?"

"Uh, huh," I replied, my throat tight. This should NOT be happening, I thought, whilst my body seemed to be entirely happy with the situation and enjoying every moment.

"And to the clip as well?" she asked gently.

"Uh, sort of," I muttered and Erin chuckled. Her left hand slid up till it was just below my breasts. "Mmmm," I sighed, "You give nice hugs."

"And you're very nice to hug. Have you any plans this evening?" she asked, "After we finish here, I mean."

"No, nothing," I admitted. I placed my left hand over hers and pulled it tight against me, pressing it into the underside of my breasts.

"Good. Okay, well, let's get on." She said, but I could tell she was getting as aroused as I was. "Here we go: this finger here... and your thumb here, Got that? Right, now squeeze and pull up, a bit harder but don't force it... There! Got it?"

I was desperate for this to go further. "Yes, I have," I replied, and drew her left hand over my nipple that was tingling and hardening. "Thumb there and finger there..." my nipple was between her thumb and forefinger.

Erin gasped softly, "Lucy, are you sure?"

"... and squeeze and pull and rub! Oh please Erin!" I begged. She began squeezing and rubbing and her other hand joined in, slipping up under my top, caressing my stomach and then onto my bra where her fingers discovered the front opening and deftly twisted it open. Moments later both her hands were roaming over the skin, aureoles and nipples. Desire surged through me and a wanton abandonment swept through me. Without thinking I reached down and in a single, instinctive movement, took my top off and dropped it aside.

At that, Erin pulled me round to face her and I let my bra fall to the ground. She seems to drink in the sight of me topless for a moment, my nipples rock hard in the cold air of the server room, before we drew together and started to kiss. I was unsure what to do but Erin took the lead and I copied her, my mouth opening as hers did, letting her tongue explore before doing the same to her. I felt my boobs being caressed, my hard nipples rubbed and tweaked. The kissing and touching was wonderful but I was on fire and wanted more. With one hand I unbuttoned my skirt and let it fall.

Erin broke off the kiss and looked down and then stepped back. I was now wearing just my leggings and these hid very little. I reached down to my crotch: the leggings were very damp. I pressed my finger into my pussy cleft and rubbed while Erin watched. I raised my hands to my hips and hooked my thumbs into the waistband my leggings. What I was about to do was hugely risky: even though access into this room was highly restricted and it was late, someone could walk in. I didn't care! In fact, the risk was turning me on even more as I pushed my leggings down. I never bothered with panties under leggings so Erin was immediately treated to the sight of my hairless pussy.

My 'cuddly' size meant that my pubis was rounded and soft; as a result, my pussy slit was a deep cleft in my flesh. Without a word Erin reached forward and gently ran her finger along my cleft. I was very wet down there and Erin's finger traced the line again and again, slipping a little deeper each time. She raised her finger, wet and glistening, and placed it into her mouth.

"Mmmm, you taste good," she cooed. She knelt before me and began fingering me again, this time her finger gently sliding in all the way. One finger quickly became two; slipping in and out with soft, wet sounds. Next, Erin brought her face close to my sopping pussy, so close I could feel her breath on it. Her fingers withdrew and I was about to beg her to replace them when her mouth clamped over it. Her tongue lapped at my outer labia before moving to focus on the top of the cleft. Her tongue caressed the soft, rounded flesh, seeming to savour its feel, shape and taste. Her tongue worked deeper and I couldn't help squealing when it found my clit.

Her tongue continued thrilling my clit and now her fingers returned, plunging deeply and rubbing hard against my vaginal walls. I was in ecstasy and wanted this to go on forever but all too soon I felt my climax building. I moaned loudly and thrust my hips forward. Erin gave several quick licks of my clit when I felt a hot gush erupt from my pussy as my orgasm hit. I cried out in pleasure as Erin lapped and swallowed my love fluid. As my orgasm passed my legs gave out and I slid to the floor. Erin came over to me: her blouse was covered in wet patches but she seemed not even to notice. We began kissing. I could taste my sex on her lips and tongue and I felt wonderfully pervy as I thought it delicious.

I reached down and slipped my hand to her panties and could feel how damp they were. Just then we heard the beep that someone was entering the data centre. We looked at each other in terror for a moment before Erin hissed, "Go!" I scrambled to my feet and turned to go when Erin whispered "Clothes!" I reached down and grabbed skirt and top then hurried along the aisle, leggings half pulled up, and round the corner at the end.

I heard the data centre door close and a couple of steps before a voice called "Hello? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine!" replied Erin brightly. I risked a peep round the corner and, to my horror, saw my bra lying openly on the floor between Erin and the security guard who had just arrived at the far end of the aisle. Fortunately, Erin had seen it too and, looking the guard in the eye to hold his attention, stepped over it. My bra was now hidden from his view as she stopped and explained that we would be finished in another half hour or 45 minutes. This seemed to satisfy the guard and he turned and left. We both stayed frozen for several seconds after we heard the door close once more before relaxing. "That was fucking close!" she exclaimed.

I hastily kicked off my boots and stripped off my leggings so, when I stepped out from my hiding place, I was stark naked. Erin's face broke into a huge smile at the sight of me. "Oh God! You are so sexy and my cunny is so hot for you!" I walked over to her. The air was cold on my skin but I didn't care. "Undress me, Lucy. Please, make me naked," she pleaded.

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