tagGroup SexOvertime Ch. 02

Overtime Ch. 02


**This is the second story I wrote. It is a continuation of Overtime – Chapter 1. Thank you to my friends from the Lit board who helped me with the editing. All the characters and situations are of course fictional.**


Jody sighed contentedly, nuzzling her head against Marcus's chest as she lay on top of him. He stroked her hair gently with his right hand, while tracing along her neck and shoulders with the other. Neither one of them had spoken since Marcus had finished fucking Jody against the desk in their shared office.

Marcus allowed his thoughts to play back the last half hour. He had come into the office on a Saturday afternoon to work on some software upgrades. Running into his office mate Jody surprised him; apparently, she came in to catch up on some work on the weekend as well. The pair had never really been alone together; having long fantasized about Jody, Marcus took the opportunity to make his move. Jody had been reluctant at first, but after Marcus skillfully teased her with his hands and cock, she had begged him to fuck her.

Jody was afraid to speak at this point. Her mind posed too many new thoughts and questions all at once.

"I can't believe I just had sex at the office!"

"I wonder how this will affect my relationship with Marcus."

"Will he want to start seeing me now, or did he simply look to get off?"

"Do I have to worry about him bragging to people in the office?"

"Are co-workers at the company allowed to date?"

"Could I lose my job because of this?"

"That was incredible; I really needed to get off!"

"I wonder if it'll happen again."

Seemingly reading her thoughts, Marcus brought Jody's lips up to meet his again. She sighed into his mouth as his tongue searched for hers. Marcus's tool hardened again and Jody felt its warmth pressing against her stomach.

Jody still wore her skirt, although Marcus had completely ripped off her panties earlier. Her shirt and bra lay on top of the desk still. Marcus placed his hands around her waist and pulled her up further along his body, so her hips were more level with his.

Jody straddled him and inched her skirt up, exposing her pussy. Marc's hand pulled at the back of Jody's head as his kisses became hungrier. She shifted her weight so that the head of his engorged cock was against her entrance. Jody knew she was wet just thinking about having Marcus inside her again.

Jody recalled how Marcus teased her mercilessly until she was almost in tears, and she decided it was time for a little payback. Lifting her hips up, Jody allowed the tip to press into her lips and she began to slowly rock back and forth, careful not to push it inside her. She traced the length of her opening, using Marcus's cock, spreading her freely flowing juices over the head as she went. Her puffy labia opened themselves freely, daring him to enter.

Aware of what she tried to do, Marcus laughed inwardly.

"So, she thinks she's going to be a little cock tease now? Well, this little girl needs to learn who the boss around here is."

Marcus allowed Jody's teasing to continue and he used the opportunity to massage her breasts and toy with her nipples. He tugged them lightly, rolling them between his fingers until her large areolas hardened. Jody's large and pink nipples perfectly complemented her ample bosom.

Pulling away from his mouth, Jody sat more upright to grind on the prick against her wet hole. Marcus pinched her nipples harder now and watched carefully Jody's response to the new pain. Jody began to lose control of herself for a moment and lowered herself slightly, pushing the head past her lips and into her slightly. She moaned loudly, wishing the whole thing were already inside her. She tried to remain still, but her hips seemed to move on their own accord, rocking rhythmically.

Jody wondered, "Who am I teasing more, Marcus or myself?"

Controlling herself again, Jody backed off and tried to stay focus on making Marcus squirm. She swayed her hips a bit faster now, riding the tip of Marcus's penis.

"I think it's time for me to show her I'm the one in charge," Marcus grinned.

He pinched her nipples hard, twisting them a little, making Jody yelp. Before Jody had time to react, Marcus took hold of both of her hips and pulled Jody all the way down to the base of his shaft.

"Oh, God!" Jody moaned.

Marcus used his arms to lift her up and down his pole in long, deep strokes. Jody attempted to match his pace and her cunt began to contract around him. Their positioning allowed for Jody to grind her mons and clit against Marcus with each thrust, and she found herself approaching orgasm very quickly. She began bucking harder and she braced herself against his chest, riding him fast in desperation to get off again. Jody couldn't believe how turned-on she was now.

Marcus debated whether to let her cum so quickly. He had plenty left in him and was afraid she might tire out too quickly. He also had some interesting games he wanted to play. Realizing he did not have much time to decide, Marcus lifted his hips up and rolled Jody over on her back, never pulling out. He switched to thrusting his hips in short, quick strokes a few times before he withdrew completely. Jody whined and her eyes pleaded at him. She had been so close to cumming and Marcus had simply stopped.

"Do you want me to continue?"

"Yes! Please, don't stop!" Jody begged.

"If you want to get off again, you need to learn to do exactly as I say, when I say it. Do you understand?"

Jody looked at him for a moment, trying to figure out where this was headed. She bit her lower lip.

"Do you understand?" Marcus said a lot louder this time.

Jody nodded slowly. She let out a whimper and bucked her hips under him.

"Good girl. I want you to get on your hands and knees, and take off your skirt."

Jody complied. She had never tried doggy style before, but her best friend Lizzy said it was her favorite. Marcus rubbed down Jody's back, along her spine, toward her ass. His palm cupped her ass cheek and rubbed it. Jody gasped slightly, as she felt a warm breeze against her exposed cunt.

Marcus noticed the sweater Jody kept in the office, draped over the back of her chair. It was one of those long, stylish things women wore with a belt. He took the thing off the chair and removed the knitted belt from its loops. He positioned Jody facing the door, so he would have lots of free space around her, and then tied the belt around her head as a blindfold.

"Can you see through this?"


"Good. Jody, I want you to focus on my touch. Being unable to see me will make the anticipation greater for both of us, because you'll never be sure what I'll do next or when. Just focus on how things feel."

Marcus positioned himself outside her hole again, taunting her a little with his prick before moving back around to her sides to fondle her breasts. Using a slow, but firm grasp, Marcus massaged them while tracing circles over her nipples. He leaned in under her, took one in his mouth, and began to suck on it.

Jody moaned as Marcus's tongue twirled around her areola. His hand ran between her breasts to her stomach and past her navel. Taking the nipple between his teeth, Marcus pulled it slightly and felt Jody's stomach tense up. He sucked her nipple again and soothed it with his tongue. Jody had never found her nipples to be terribly sensitive, but the pain was new to her.

Reaching between Jody's legs, he moved over the soft hair on her nether regions to her slit. Marcus pushed his index finger to where he instinctively knew her clit was hiding. Jody's breathing deepened as he made small circles on the protruding nub. He again bit Jody's nipple, much harder this time, and Jody responded by grinding into his hand.

Marcus wanted so badly to fuck Jody again, but he knew it would only be better the longer he dragged this teasing out. Straightening up, March moved around Jody to reach her vulva more easily. He savored the way her tits looked hanging down under her and again he ran a hand down her spine back to her ass.

Unbeknownst to either Jody or Marcus, they were watched through the half-open door by an astonished Robert Allen, Jody's boss. He frequently would spend an hour or two at the office on the weekends. In the last 4 years of working at the company, he had never encountered anything like this before.

"Could that really be Jody?" Robert wondered.

He never once thought that she, of all people, would be caught having sex in the office. Robert felt torn between his position as an authority figure and his desire to protect Jody. He really enjoyed working with her, but certainly, this was not appropriate workplace behavior, weekend or not. On the other hand, they were not hurting anyone and Robert had always hating letting go of employees for mistakes not having to do with their job performance.

Suddenly, Robert realized he was actually aroused by the sight of the two of them. Without thinking, he had instinctively taken out his own semi-hard cock and stroked it slowly. His recent divorce was partially due to a complete lack of marital relationship, so it had been a long time since Robert had any sort of gratification. Apparently, Robert's now ex-wife had been getting her needs satisfied elsewhere, but he had always remained faithful.

Marcus began kissing down Jody's back and his hand continued to massage her between her legs. Robert noticed Jody had on some sort of blindfold, which must have kept Jody from seeing him standing outside the doorway. For a moment, Robert mused that maybe she could actually see him, but only pretended not to, because she enjoyed being watched.

Kissing lower, Marcus brushed his tongue over Jody's rosebud lightly before dropping it to her pussy. He considered for a moment what her reaction would be to his presence at her backdoor, but he decided it would probably be best to save that for another time when he could plan better. Just as Marcus began to lap at Jody's dripping cunt, he sensed that they were no longer alone. He looked up to see someone watching them through the door, and from the way his hand was moving, that person was masturbating at the sight of them.

Allowing his eyes to focus more on the person's face, Marcus was astounded to see it was none other than Jody's boss, Robert. For a moment, he feared the trouble they would now be in, but as he watched Robert stroking himself, he realized this was an even better scenario than anything he could have imagined. He dove his tongue into Jody, lapping at her insides briefly before stopping again.

Robert tugged his dick with his thumb and forefinger in easy strokes. He stared at the expression on Jody's face intently, until he realized Marcus had spotted him watching them. Before he could react or try to shove his cock back into his trousers, Marcus silently motioned with his hand for Robert to enter the room. He did not think or consider the situation; Robert simply opened the door and stepped inside silently.

"Get up on your knees, Jody," Marcus commanded her.

Marcus rubbed her pussy for a few moments longer, dipping two of his fingers in a little, before he stopped complete and stepped back.

"Open your mouth."

Jody did so, realizing Marcus would probably make her suck his cock. She had given a few blowjobs in college and one to her thesis advisor during graduate school. Marcus motioned at him and Robert understood that Marcus meant for him to step in. Jody's open mouth looked so inviting, that he only hesitated for a moment, before lowering his pants and sticking his thick cock towards her waiting mouth.

When the cock touched her lips, Jody began to lick it eagerly. She really wanted to do a good job. She felt strong hands stroke her hair and guiding her forward to take more of the head into her mouth. Lizzy had told her once that the most important thing to any blowjob was to massage the sensitive spot on the underside at the base of the head. Jody found the spot with her tongue and pressed against it. She was a bit surprised how the cock in her mouth felt thicker now then when it had been in her pussy.

"That's a good girl, Jody. Now take it deeper in your mouth."

Marcus stood, just to the side of Robert, watching Jody's enthusiastic effort, while completely unaware she was blowing her boss. He stroked his own cock, imagining what her warm mouth felt like. Robert certainly seemed to enjoy himself. Marcus wondered how Jody would react, when she found out Robert was the one actually receiving her oral attention.

Jody had taken Robert's prick in her mouth about a quarter of the way down his shaft. He pushed behind her head, urging her to take more. Having never been fond of giving head, Robert's ex-wife had ceased doing it shortly after they were married. The fact that his 26-year-old employee now serviced Robert made the whole thing more exciting.

"Alright, Jody, I want you to get back down on your hands and knees again," Marcus's voice sounded strangely more on her right than directly in front of her. The cock disappeared from her mouth and she did as she was told. She hoped Marcus planned to fuck her again soon; her pussy was in desperate need of attention.

Once Jody was in proper position, Marcus gestured to Robert that he, too, should get down on his knees so Jody could continue sucking him off. Robert realized what Marcus probably planned and he wasted no time shoving Jody's head back down on his rod. She went back to slurping away, while Marcus moved back around and kneeled behind Jody. He admired her supple ass and togged on his cock in preparation to shove it back inside her.

"I want you to spread your knees wide apart for me."

This time, Jody was sure Marcus spoke from behind her, but she opened her legs anyway, desperate for attention at her sopping pussy.

Marcus winked at Robert and said aloud, "Make her suck it deeper," before plunging his poised cock into Jody's well-lubricated hole all the way to the hilt.

Jody gasped in surprise, which Robert took as his opportunity to shove his dick down Jody's throat.

Grabbing onto Jody's hips, Marcus pounded her cunt furiously, making slapping noises each time he bottomed out. Jody struggled to hold herself up on one hand, as she reached up toward her blindfold with the other. She was too tightly sandwiched between the two and the person in her throat was so thick, that it caused her to gag a little. Drool trickled down her chin and it took a few minutes for the two men to find a rhythm.

Jody tried to relax her muscles and adjust to the person's girth. She inhaled deeper through her nostrils. The amount of saliva she produced allowed the person fucking her face more ease. Robert's hand at the back of her head forced her down again and again on his meat. Jody tried again to reach up for her blindfold. Marcus reached forward, grabbing the back of Jody's hair and wound it around his hand. He shoved her head down further, forcing Robert's cock deep in her throat. Jody was so tightly sandwiched between the two men that she couldn't move.

"Leave it!" he growled.

Jody dropped her palm back on the floor.

"So, do you want to know whose cock it is that you've been sucking, Jody?"

Jody nodded slightly, but she started sucking Robert's cock harder. He moaned audibly for the first time and stroked the side of her face. Robert knew he did not have much stamina left and would soon dump his load down Jody's throat.

Moving slower now, Marcus took long, controlled strokes in and out of Jody's twat, grinding on her pubic bone every time he hit home. He ran his hand across her ass and scooped up some of her juices with his thumb. Making small circles against Jody's asshole, Marcus pushed his thumb into her slightly.

The sensation at each of her holes was too much for Jody and she began to shake as the first, tiny wave of orgasm hit her. Marcus's balls tightened, as her inner muscles began to clench around him. He looked at Robert's face and knew from experience that he, too, was ready to cum soon.

Marcus drove his cock all the way into Jody's tight hole again, and then held it in place, grinding against her.

"That's your boss Robert's cock in your mouth, Jody. If I'm not mistaken, he's about to cum, so you'd better swallow the load he has for you."

Hearing that, Jody completely lost it. She bucked hard on Marcus's steel rod and sucked Robert's cock into her throat, as deeply as she could go. Her body shook as her orgasm crashed over her. Jody's entire body felt like it was on fire, as her senses were completely overloaded.

She moaned on Robert's cock, sending him over the edge. He pulled forward and he emptied stream after stream down into her warm, wet mouth. Jody gagged at first, then allowed the warm fluid to run down her throat, and she gulped it down.

Marcus's own orgasm followed then, as Jody reached her peak and her inner muscles tightened around him, beginning to milk his cock. It felt like, every half-second, her cunt contracted around him, trying to pull him even further inside her. As he climaxed, he pushed his thumb further into her back hole to the first knuckle. Jody pushed back against his hand and cock harder now, cumming a second time.

Dropping Robert's empty dick from her mouth, Jody cried out, "Oh fuck! Oooooooooh God!"

Her hips writhed and her muscles contracted completely around Marcus's tool, locking him in a vice grip. His own orgasm came on intensely, almost to the point of pain, as Jody's cunt squeezed him. He held her tightly at the hips as her orgasm subsided and rubbed her lower back.

Moving closer, Robert lifted Jody to her knees and supported her against his chest. He crushed his lips to hers. Marcus's cock withered and he withdrew it from Jody's pussy, now dripping with a mixture of both their fluids, while Jody slumped against Robert..

The first one to speak was Robert, who had not uttered a word the whole time.

"Now, that's what I call a productive day at the office."

Marcus and Jody both laughed and Jody's already flushed face turned a deeper crimson.

Stroking Jody's hair, Marcus said, "I think our workdays are going to get far less tedious. With some proper training, I think our little Jody here will show us just how much potential she has now."

Robert nodded eagerly and pawed at Jody's tits, while Marcus stroked her sides and sucked on her neck. Jody was not quite sure what the two of them had in mind, but she had the feeling more encounters like that one were a definitely possibility for the future.

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