tagInterracial LoveOverworked and Worked Over Ch. 05

Overworked and Worked Over Ch. 05


"Family court is in session, Judge Sarah Charles presiding. First case on the docket is McGregor v. Grayson."

Lara sat in the front row of the court room with Misha and Cedric, just behind Malcolm and Mr. Singer. Samantha McGregor sat next to her attorney looking nervous. An older woman sat with Sasha behind them—luckily, the little girl was asleep in her arms.

"Ms. McGregor, Mr. Grayson, we are here today to determine the paternity of one minor child, Sasha Elaine Grayson."

"Mr. Grayson, you submitted to a paternity test on January 22 and the results have returned indicating that you are not the father of Sasha Elaine."

Samantha gasped but stayed motionless otherwise. Malcolm turned and winked at Lara. The judge continued to talk but the rest of the court appearance was a blur—Lara wondered if she'd been expecting a long and drawn out episode like something on Maury. She sighed. On their way out, when Malcolm had whispered for her to pay attention, she realized that he was about to reveal the reason for his impromptu trip to Cincinnati, Lara stopped short.

"Ms. McGregor? I'd like to have a word with you and your attorney," he said, motioning them over to the corner of the foyer.

"What is it, Malcolm?" Samantha said, looking irritated, yet hopeful, like maybe he still wanted her. He put that thought to rest.

"I just wanted to let you know that I did a little bit of work on your behalf. I know that finding your child's father is important to you, so I took a trip to Cincinnati this past weekend and found 5 men that claim they could be the father," he paused for effect and Samantha's attorney looked at her crazily, "I actually took the liberty of assisting these men with filing petitions in court to request paternity tests. They were all very agreeable to taking responsibility for the child."

"DeVonte McLaughlin was the first person I thought of. He has really grown his janitorial business. He told me about those late nights at the office. While I was there, I was able to meet his partners, Treyvian Simmons and Silas Hayes. Seems like they enjoyed those late nights at the office as well—they both freely admitted to potentially being the father. And then Trevian mentioned Rico Suarez was also a possibility—I believe he is Hispanic, but with biracial children, sometimes, you just can't tell. But the most amazing of all, even the 64 year old night watchman, Johnny Peterson, well, he told us about those nights you spent in the parking garage together. Why, even he expressed how happy he'd be to know he'd fathered another child."

He continued, "I've taken the liberty of delivering the court orders, as you were so kind to deliver mine to me." The look on Samantha's face when she was presented with the 5 paternity test court orders was priceless.

Lara hoped that for the sake of the child, one of the men would be the father and that he'd step up and take care of her. The poor little girl needed a better influence in her life than her scandalous, vindictive mother. She also hoped that she and Malcolm could put all of this behind them and continue their happy future.

The baby turned out to belong to Treyvian. He was a first time father at 25 and was actually ecstatic. Unfortunately, Samantha made it hard as hell on him but he made it work. He'd been discussing options with Malcolm for getting sole custody. He confided that Samantha never cared for the child herself, but left the elderly nanny to take care of everything. He was a wonderful father and Sasha had fallen in love with him almost immediately.

The months passed and Lara's belly grew. Malcolm finally gave up his apartment, moving into the house he felt the most at home in anyway. Lara and Malcolm fit into each other's life effortlessly.

Lara didn't realize how wretched it was going to be to be 9 months pregnant in July—her doctor told her she was due toward the end of the month, but that with a first time pregnancy, she could go early or late. The heat was miserable; she had taken to wearing as little as possible, wearing sun-dresses and sandals at work. She always had a big Styrofoam cup of ice water everywhere she went. That kept her cool, but only added to the number of times a day she had to pee. Malcolm was finishing up a huge case and had mentioned taking a vacation. Lara could care less—she was hot and moody no matter where she was—so she let him plan whatever he wanted. Her doctor had advised her she couldn't fly and should probably not be gone more than a long weekend anyway. So, when she packed her back and they left that Friday evening, she wondered where he'd be taking her. They drove for twenty minutes and he pulled into the parking garage of the nicest hotels in downtown Louisville.

"For real, Malcolm?" she said, smiling at her clever boyfriend, "And we're only 5 minutes from the hospital! You plan the best vacations!" He grinned at her, rolled his eyes, and escorted her through the ornate lobby, upstairs to a huge, lavish suite. The temperature had already been set at a cool 65 degrees and ceiling fans circled overhead. She lay back on the luxurious bed while Malcolm got them settled in, unpacking, ordering dinner, and scheduling massages for them both. He even made sure she had a big glass of ice water on the nightstand.

After a quick meal, Lara decided she had time for a quick bath in the Jacuzzi tub and begged Malcolm to help her shave her legs.

He laughed, "You're going to shave your legs for a massage therapist? You don't shave your legs for me!"

"Sorry, baby, I'll do better," she said, smiling at him as he lathered up the leg she held propped on the edge of the tub.

He teased her throughout her bath, sucking on a toe, trailing her pussy with his soapy fingers underwater. He knew that after the massage, she'd be sleepy and sated and he wanted to finish her off with a good fucking that he knew would put her all the way out. She was clean and shaven and relaxed after the warm bath. Her nipples puckered in the cool air and he leaned in to suck on one as he helped her dry off. She moaned and he checked the clock to see how much longer they had before their massages. Malcolm sighed and thought, not long enough.

A knock on the door stopped the teasing. She shrugged on her robe and ran fingers through her still-super-short cut. Malcolm directed the two massage therapists where to set up the tables, about what kind of pressure they expected, any trouble spots (Lara's lower back was especially tense), etc. The therapists left them to undress and position themselves on the tables. Malcolm carefully helped Lara adjust her burgeoning belly in the special cut-out table and positioned the pillows around to accommodate her swollen breasts. She rested her face in the hole and sighed.

"Baby, I need a bed like this," she murmured. He laughed and draped her with a sheet. He stripped down and arranged himself on the table next to hers and covered up. A few minutes later, the massage therapists came in the room.

Malcolm knew that Lara was loud in the bedroom—she moaned and babbled incoherently when he made her orgasm. He didn't realize that the pleasure and touch of the massage therapist would cause a similar reaction. He wasn't prepared for her moans and was instantly uncomfortable as his dick became rock hard against the padded table. He sighed—this was going to be a long massage.

Lara felt like her body would never fully relax. Her back and neck were so stiff, trying to balance and hold up the big belly she was now sporting. Her feet stayed sore and swollen. Her hips and thighs were adjusting and were uncomfortable. But when she positioned her belly in the table, the weight distributed differently and her back felt instantly looser. The massage therapist was gentle but firm and Lara soon forgot where she was. Her muscles felt like jell-o, her bones like butter. And when the therapist started on the pressure points in her feet, Lara thought she'd died and gone to heaven. The only thing better than this was making love with Malcolm. And she had been thinking about him the whole time...how he still made her feel beautiful and desirable, even though she was 40 lbs heavier and bitchy all the time. The way he was teasing her in the tub had made her pussy gush with anticipation—luckily she was already in the tub and was able to splash away the evidence of her desire before climbing up on the table. She was afraid she was going to leave a huge wet spot on the table regardless. Being pregnant made her horny. Malcolm could look at her sideways and she was ready to fuck. She couldn't wait until they were in bed later so she could do some things to him.

The massage therapists finished up at the same time and left the two alone to get themselves together—they'd send a bellboy up for the tables when Malcolm called.

This gave Lara an idea—she lay very still until she heard Malcolm approaching her.

"Baby, are you awake?" he asked as he stroked her back.

"Barely," she responded in a sultry voice, "But I need you to do something while I'm still positioned up on this table."

"What?" he asked, innocently.

"Fuck me. Climb up here, put your big dick in me, and fuck me."

Malcolm thought it was ridiculous at how hard his dick could get so quickly, but he was grateful for it. He uncovered her pregnant body—it was supple, smooth, and moisturized from the massage. He planned for it to be sweaty before they were done. He experimented with the sections of the massage table—one of them dropped the back portion of the table altogether. Another split the two portions in half and one more lowered it.

Lara wondered how much one of these tables cost—because they might need to get one of their own—and they might need to replace this one of they broke it. She smiled to herself as she felt Malcolm moving things around behind her. She was still comfy and cozy but could feel her pussy dripping out onto the table. Finally, finally, Malcolm adjusted everything the way he wanted and slid it in. Oh God! She hadn't been able to stay up on her knees long enough for him to hit it from the back like she wanted since her belly had gotten pretty big. It was too much strain on her back for her to stay aroused. But this was perfect. Malcolm's dick slid perfectly against her G-spot and she could feel the squirt building as he pounded. He spread her legs wider and reached a hand underneath her to stimulate her clit. He stroked her a couple of times and kept pounding and then it happened. She gushed everywhere, screeching, moaning, and then starting to cry with the enormity of her orgasm. Malcolm kept pounding and didn't miss a beat when he reached over her to grab a bottle of massage oil that the therapist had left. He drizzled it all over her big white ass and then let if pool at the top of her crack and run down. He slid a finger down and let if lightly swirl over her pink asshole. It was still contracting with the power of her orgasm so he slowed down his thrusts. He finally was able to slip a finger in, quickly slid another behind it and started moving them in and out.

"Hike it up for me, you know what I like, poke that ass up in the air," he demanded.

She obeyed, maneuvering herself more comfortably—the table took the pressure from her lower back so she was able to accommodate a more arched position. He spread his fingers apart while they were in her ass and poured some more of the oil inside.

"Now I'm gonna shove my dick in your butt," he said, seeing the skin on her back flushed. "I want you to push against it, okay?"

She nodded. He loved trying different things to make the feelings more powerful. She pushed her butthole open and she felt his thick dick pressing back. At the same time, he pushed two fingers in her pussy and worked them against her G-spot.

"Keep pushing against my fingers, Lara—don't stop!"

His dick slid all the way in and she lessened the pressure against his fingers a bit. She felt him sharply slap her ass and she moaned. The mixture of the pleasure and pain were too much.

"Don't stop pushing," he said, "Don't disobey me again."

She pushed and pushed and pushed and he slid his dick in and out. His fingertips massaged her G-spot. Finally, he couldn't stand it any longer.

"I'm sorry baby, I can't stop," he said, gripping her hips, "your ass feels so fucking good."

Lara didn't care, she was on the verge herself—she pushed against him again like he said and they both nearly came undone—she screamed as she felt her asshole fill up with his hot sperm. More of her squirt rushed out and spilled over the table. His fingers dug into her hips and ass and he growled like a lion, rutting over his lioness.

After they finally both caught their breath, Malcolm directed her to lie still while he ran her another bath. He got the tub filled and came and carried her big pregnant body into the bathroom.

"I'm glad my man is so strong," she teased him, slightly impressed that he could still lug around her extra-heavy body.

"I'm glad my woman is so worth carrying around," he said grinning at her. He took towels and cleaned up the table as best he could before calling and telling the bellboy to come for the tables. He let her wash and soak while he stepped into the shower stall next to the tub. The dried off again and then snuggled into the soft linens and fell asleep, sated and sleepy, cool and comforted.

The next day was as relaxing as the one before—they did some online shopping to finish up the nursery and then went for a walk by the Riverfront. They grabbed dinner on their way back to the hotel and rented a couple of movies. And they fucked. Malcolm fucked Lara silly. Without the use of the massage table, he usually had her lay on her side while he lifted her leg and pounded her pussy. This usually afforded him fairly deep penetration and he often worried that he'd hurt her or the baby—the doctor assured them both that as long as she wasn't in pain, sexual intercourse was fine.

He was feeling particularly excited that Sunday morning. He ordered room service and dug through his suitcase until he found what he'd hidden there before they'd come. When the room service arrived, he made her get back in the bed and he laid out the platters in front of her. He fed her chunks of peach and strawberry and bites of buttered toast with orange marmalade. He offered slices of crispy bacon and sips of sweet coffee. When they were both full, he kissed her lips and pushed her arms over her head, careful to avoid pressure on her belly.

"Are you wet?" he asked, giving her a sly grin.

"Don't I stay wet for you?" she replied.

He nodded. "Let me feel."

She spread her legs and allowed his hand to cup her mound gently.

"Mmm, gushy," he said, penetrating her slightly with his finger, "Now tell me what you want to do."

"I want to ride you."

"C'mon," he said, helping her up. She knelt beside him while he lay down.

"Now sit on this dick."

She stretched a leg out and across him and he helped her steady herself. She bent her knees to lift herself up and then slid down on his dick hard. They both groaned.

She couldn't move fast, but she was dropping her pussy down on his dick hard.

"I love you, Malcolm," she said, as he started stroking her clit. He let her grind and move around on his dick until she was screaming and panting and he was helping lift her up and down. She let out a long last wail and he felt her gush out over him. He was glad he remembered a towel each time, because she flooded the bed. When she got calmed down again, she started to lift herself up.

"Wait a minute—while you're here, and I'm as good as 'kneeling,'" he said, smiling at her, "I have a question to ask you."

"Okay," she said, unaware of his intentions as she recovered from her orgasm, "And then I have to tell you something, okay?"

He faltered for just a second, but then agreed. He pulled the blue box from under the pillow and opened it in front of her. A square diamond nestled between two smaller sapphires was mounted on a smooth white gold band. Lara gasped and both hands flew to her mouth. He looked up at her, and saw tears collecting in both of her hazel eyes.

"Lara," he said, wiping the tears from her cheeks as they spilled over, "Will you marry me?"

She nodded and felt his dick twitch inside. He pulled her down to him and kissed her lips, cheeks, forehead, eyes. She lay on her side next to him and snuggled into him.

"I love you so much," he said, stroking her side.

They lay there silently, Lara moving only to admire the ring he'd placed on her finger.

A few more minutes passed before Malcolm remembered that she had something to tell him too.

"What were you going to tell me?"

"Oh shit!" she said, sitting up, "I think my water broke—when I came, did you notice that there was more liquid than usual?"

Malcolm couldn't move—her water broke? That meant the baby was on its way.

"I'm sorry if it grossed you out, I mean, I couldn't help it..." she started wringing her hands.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, it didn't gross me out," he said, taking her hands and kissing them, "Have you had any contractions?"

"I -- I couldn't tell. I couldn't tell if it was a contraction or if it was a leftover shudder from my orgasm."

"Ha!" he said, rolling off the bed to start packing up their stuff, "You might've just discovered the secret to a pain-free labor—just keep having orgasms!"

She was glad he was teasing her—she was starting to get nervous. He didn't seem rushed or panicked, just efficiently packed everything up, pulling out a clean dress, bra, and underwear for her. She rolled out of bed and picked up her clothes.

"Do you think we have time for a quick shower?" she asked, coyly, "I'm kind of sweaty."

"Have you had another contraction?" he asked, looking at his watch.

"I don't think so."

He nodded and told her they would probably have time. They were just out of the shower and drying off when she did have a for-real contraction. She bent over, clutched her stomach with one arm and his arm with her other.

"Baby, breathe, baby," Malcolm crooned in her ear. She took a couple of deep breaths and it passed. He started timing her.

She'd just had time to put on the underwear and bra when the next one came.

"They're six minutes apart," Malcolm said, "I'm calling the doctor."

She nodded and stood to put on the dress and slid her feet in the sandals.

They made it all the way to the truck before the next one hit. She'd been prepared this time and was able to breathe her way through it. Malcolm almost didn't notice that she'd even had one.

He focused on getting them to the hospital. They got her registered and in a room and then he called Misha and his mother. They were ecstatic and said they were on the way.

An hour later, the doctor had finally examined her and advised that she was 5 centimeters—he'd be back to check again soon.

As soon as Malcolm ushered his mom and sister in the room, Misha exclaimed, "Look at that rock! Ooh, girl, let me see that!" She rushed over and lifted Lara's left hand—she grimaced, as it was the one that the IV had been put in, but Misha was gentle.

"Mama, come and look at what your son finally did, and yes, ma'am, he did it right!"

"It just happened this morning!" Lara gushed. "Just after my water broke," she added sheepishly. She glanced at Malcolm and he winked at her.

"It's gorgeous," Mrs. Grayson said, bending down to kiss Lara's cheek, "Congratulations, Lara. I'm so happy that you'll be joining our family—officially." She went over to hug Malcolm.

"My baby boy has grown up!" she said, teasing him, "I'm so proud of you. Congratulations!"

"Have you set a date?" Misha asked, hugging Lara and starting to tear up, "A baby and a wedding, Lord, I'm so excited!"

"We haven't even discussed it. Let's get this baby out of me first, huh?" Lara said, breathing her way through another contraction. Malcolm rushed to her side and grabbed her hand.

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