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Own Me, Mistress


It was easily the most bizarre night of Jennifer's life. Here she was, a success investor from a prestigious hedge fund, sitting in the library of her own home while a stranger finished setting up an electronic device.

She silently cursed herself for allowing her husband to arrange this. You see, it was all her husband's idea, allowing this stranger into their home. To be fair, Jennifer had brought this upon herself. Sort of, anyway. A week ago she had been so busy with work that she had accidentally left her diary in plain view in the bedroom, and her husband had read it. And now here they were.

Jennifer was dressed in a nice outfit. This stranger was dressed in a white evening gown, looking as elegant as can be. On the table was a recording device, along with Jennifer's own diary, which the stranger had probably read by now. It pained Jennifer to know that all of her secrets were right there on the table for this other woman to flip through.

Worse, this stranger was far younger and very pretty. Who the hell does she think she is? Jennifer and her husband were both part of the same hedge fund and were highly respected in the financial world. They'd been invited to lavish parties and high flying political fundraisers. Together, they rubbed elbows with mayors and governors; once they had even met the President.

Now here she was, sitting in the library while this youngster, barely out of college it seemed, sat down across from her. The nerve. The audacity. Who the hell does this woman think she is, strutting around in my home like this?

Even more frustrating, this was her 15 year marriage anniversary. At this hour, she should be at a fancy restaurant celebrating with a romantic dinner, instead of being stuck at home with this youngster.

"What should I call you?" Jennifer asked with a fake politeness, which wasn't fooling anyone.

The younger woman relaxed in the seat as if she owned the large estate. She crossed her legs, letting her heel and open toes show. She adjusted her evening gown so she'd look just right. The hostility didn't phase this young woman. She had seen it all.

"You can call me Mistress," the younger woman answered, pushing a button on the device. "And your husband is listening to this now."

Such a ridiculous name, Jennifer thought.

"Is my husband in the other room?"

"In the bedroom, enjoying the conversation we're about to have."

"And what then?" Jennifer asked.

"It all depends. I have an idea of where this is headed. A woman like you, with your attitude, and your fantasies; I know just what to do."

Jennifer quietly seethed. The nerve of this young woman! But of course, Jennifer had the face of a poker player. It was a necessary trait in order to thrive in a male dominated career.

"You seem very confident in yourself," Jennifer noted.

There was a slightly condescending tone in her voice, which she tried to disguise poorly.

Mistress remained stone faced. "Part of my job is confidence. Same with yours."

"With all due respect," Jennifer smiled with an insulting politeness, "You don't know anything about me."

The Mistress didn't take offense. Not with her level of experience in breaking powerful people. She had seen this all before. Instead of overreacting, the Mistress reached over to the table and rubbed Jennifer's diary, the same way an elderly woman would caress a kitten. The back of her fingers gave gentle strokes to that very intimate book.

"Actually, I know a lot about you," the Mistress smiled with an insulting politeness of her own.

Jennifer tensed. "You shouldn't be reading that."

"Because it's not polite?"


The Mistress opened the diary and flipped through it. "Well I read it anyway, per your husband's request. And I'm assuming your request too."

"Not something I'm particularly thrilled with."

"I understand your apprehension. I really do. But I want you to be completely honest with me. That's why I'm here. I'm here to help you, not humiliate you. Your secrets will remain safe with me forever."

Jennifer resisted the urge to sigh. "Look, you seem like a nice young lady. But I'm sure you're aware that today is my marriage anniversary. We have plans to celebrate."

"They've been canceled."


The Mistress remained cool. "At my advice, your husband cancelled your anniversary plans for the night. Instead, you'll be here with me. You'll be served food afterwards."

"And what gives you the right to do something like that?!"

"I'm an expert with married couples," the Mistress smiled. "In fact, married couples are my favorite thing in the world."

"At your age?"

"Maybe I'm not as young as I look, or as innocent."

"Okay," Jennifer sighed. "What do you offer, anyway?"

The Mistress's body showed visible signs of arousal; her foot moved a little and her big toe curled. She licked her lips and salivated.

"I offer sexual dominance," the Mistress proudly asserted. "Nothing overly rough. Nothing that'll ruin you. But enough to give you a lasting impression. One that you'll never forget."

Jennifer flashed an uncomfortable look. "And what makes you think I'd be interested in any of that?"

"I have your diary, remember?" the Mistress asked, stroking the personal hand written book. "I've read it too. At least all the delicious parts."

There was a subtle grin on the Mistress's face which made Jennifer feel even more uncomfortable. God, how she struggled with this feeling of being made uneasy, in her own home of all places!

"I'm sure you've made my husband aroused with that statement. Assuming he's still listening."

The Mistress smiled, "Trust me, he's definitely still listening. In fact, he doesn't really have a choice."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see," the Mistress said, licking her lips. "It's an anniversary thing. I thought I'd make it extra special for each of you, for the sake of spicing up your love life."

"Did he tell you anything about our love life?"

Jennifer asked that question out of pure curiosity. She knew that things had been getting a little stale with their love making, especially with the amount of work they'd been doing lately for the firm. A sexual slump is normal for marriages, and she was daunted by that fact.

For the past year or so, Jennifer had continuously told herself that things would go back to the 'way it used to be.' But month after month, their sexual routine had never quite returned to normal. Instead it was replaced with early bedtimes and tired nights, which resulted from their long hours of doing business.

"I know that you two don't fuck like before," the Mistress confirmed. "I also know all your sexual habits. Your pleasure spots. Your dislikes. The way you fuck. The way you suck cock. Everything."

Jennifer felt a powerful urge to slap someone hard across the face.

"I've never let anyone talk to me like this before."

The Mistress nodded. "Like I said, I'm here to help."

"Are you sleeping with him?" Jennifer asked, bracing herself to be hurt in the worst possible way.

"Believe me, if I was fucking your husband, you'd know by now. I'd simply tell you."

Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief. "Okay."

"Are you ready to begin?"

"I don't really have a choice, do I?" Jennifer said as passively as possible. "Let's get this over with. Whatever this is."

"Very well."

The Mistress stroked the pages of the diary with a faint grin on her face. She picked it up and flipped through it, looking for a particular page.

"What are you doing?" Jennifer asked.

"Playing a game. An erotic game. We're going to discuss your desires. And you're going to respond truthfully."

"Are you going to read it?"

"Of course I am."

It was a rare moment in which Jennifer was speechless. She had been seemingly denigrated in her own home by a young woman whom her husband had invited. It was like she was being systematically stripped of her rights in a subtle way. But then again, this was a 'Mistress' she was dealing with, and her husband wanted this for them.

The Mistress found the right page and began to read:

October 10, 2015. I saw the craziest thing today. Brian, an HR employee at the firm, was in Kimberly's office. This was strange because Kim is a real bitch and she'd never call an HR employee to her office. Ever. They were beneath her status, both professionally and personally.

It was late and nearly everyone had gone home. Kim's office has glass walls and I went to go see her. Only I didn't see her, not in the traditional sense at least. I only saw Brian with a smile on his face. That prick. He didn't notice me at first.

I saw him sitting in Kimberly's seat, which is something she'd never allow. EVER! The nerve of that guy. I was determined to march in that office and tell him off. But when I approached the door, our eyes locked. He smiled at me.

When I looked closer, I could see why he was smiling. Kimberly was on her knees. She was orally pleasuring him. Her head bobbed on it. What's more intriguing is that Brian was pulling at Kim's silk scarf around her neck, tightening her breath. It was almost like a leash as she sucked him.

Brian just looked at me while this was happening. I froze. I couldn't believe I froze. Why the hell didn't I do something? What's wrong with me?

I'll tell you the answer. I was aroused. I'll admit it, I did enjoy the sight of my friend, that bitch Kimberly, sucking cock in the office. The taboo of it was really hot.

But still, I couldn't believe it. It felt so right and so wrong.

After he came in her mouth, I turned around and left. I went home and had sex with my husband. It was the most passion we had shared in awhile, but I never told him what triggered it or what I saw. Maybe someday.


When the Mistress finished reading, she lowered the diary and turned her full attention to Jennifer, while also smiling at the same time. It was pure torture for Jennifer to have her diary being read aloud like this.

"Happy?" Jennifer asked with a hint of sarcasm.

"Not yet. We're getting there though."

"What's the point of reading my diary?"

"I want to know what makes you tick," the Mistress said. "Then I want you to blossom, like a flower."

"By humiliating me?"

The Mistress shook her head. "There's no shame in enjoying oral sex. Or having submissive desires."

"I don't know if I'd call my desires submissive."

"Oh really?"

That was when the Mistress flipped a few pages over.

"Wait," Jennifer conceded. "Maybe you're right. But I hate that word. It just sounds so...so weak. And I'm anything but weak."

"Is that what you think about submission? That it makes you a weak person?"

"Isn't that the proper connotation?"

Mistress shook her head. "Not exactly. There is actually a quiet strength with submission. Having the confidence to let go and trust your partner completely. But of course, a person must be smart about this. You can't simply let anyone own you."

"Exactly my point. All this talk of submission and ownership. It sounds nothing like a strong willed person."

"Unless you submitted to the right person," Mistress said with an eyebrow arched.

"Like who?"

"Your husband."

Jennifer roared with laughter. "I love Keith dearly. But he wouldn't have the slightest clue how to deal with any of this. It's simply not in his nature."

"What about me? Would you let me own you?"

Jennifer gave this young woman a long, hard stare, trying to get to the bottom of this and solve the mystery. She had an idea of what this was, but she couldn't be certain.

"What is this?"

"I'm going to read another passage from your diary," Mistress said. "Then you figure it out."

Mistress turned more pages of the book.

November 21, 2015. As expected, sex with Keith tonight had been vanilla. Has he been cheating on me? Is there someone else?

Sometimes it feels that way, and that his passion is somewhere else, and his mind is somewhere else also.

I honestly can't say I blame him. My mind and passion seems to be elsewhere too. Whenever the sex feels unfulfilling, and Keith rolls over to sleep, I touch myself thinking about what I saw in the office—when my friend was performing oral sex on a subordinate.

It's become a hot fantasy. I often wonder what it would be like if I was that woman, there on my knees, being controlled and used as a comfort object.

I wonder...

The two women looked each other in the eyes, silently for a moment.

Jennifer was inwardly humiliated, but she didn't let that show. This felt like a tipping point, and it was time to put an end to the games.

"Enough of this," Jennifer said. "Tonight is my marriage anniversary. I was supposed to celebrate with my husband. What are you doing here?"

"Isn't it obvious by now? I'm going to teach Keith how to own you sexually."

What an intriguing thought. It left Jennifer speechless for a good moment. Could it be? Could such a thing actually be taught?

Even more interesting, could she really avail herself to submissive sex? She wondered.

"Is that really your plan?" she managed to ask.

Mistress nodded. "Your anniversary gift. Something that'll change your marriage, likely for the better. It'll certainly add flavor to your sex life."

"How will it work?"

"Simple. Your relationship with Keith will be exactly the same, for the most part. But if he wants sex, he's going to fuck you like a whore. I'll teach him how. And you are going to enjoy it."


Jennifer's voice nearly trailed off as she knew this young woman was dead serious. What an offer. One she had never expected in all her years of marriage. Sex for her had always had an equal footing. Neither she nor Keith had ever really taken charge of the other. At least not the way that Mistress was suggesting.

Could she take that leap with this stranger? The stranger looked understanding of this indecision, yet grew tiresome of waiting.

"So what's it going to be?" Mistress asked with a sense of finality, like this is the last time she'd ever ask.

"Yes, I'll...I'll give it a try."

Mistress gave a firm nod. "Good. Now undress."

"Excuse me?"

"We'll begin your training now. You'll need to get naked. Your husband is waiting in the other room, so hurry up. I'm sure he's throbbing by now."

Jennifer gulped. What was supposed to be a romantic evening turned into her having to get naked in front of this young pretty stranger.

How embarrassing. How exciting.

She saw no further need to waste time, so she stood up and meticulously began to undress as she normally did; in a way that showed respect to her pricey wardrobe, by removing them carefully and folding then nearly, placing them on a nearby table.

When she finally got down to her bra and panties, that was when she really started to feel the embarrassment creeping in. This stranger was young and gorgeous. Their bodies must be worlds apart by now at Jennifer's age. She was certain that Mistress would be amused at the sight of her nudity.

Instead, when Jennifer removed her bra, and then her panties, she saw a look of subtle delight on Mistress's face. The Mistress clearly enjoyed seeing Jennifer's mature figure, with those breasts that sagged a bit and those extra curves around the midsection, butt, and thighs.

There Jennifer stood, upright and proud. Naked.

"Exquisite," Mistress said, licking her lips. "Now here is where the fun begins."

Mistress gracefully stood and reached into a pocket of her evening gown to retrieve a lavender color ribbon.

"Hold your hands out," Mistress ordered.

Jennifer complied and held her hands out so the Mistress could tie a bow, binding her wrists together, with a long extra ribbon which could be used as a leash of sorts.

"Is this the part where you take me to the other room?" Jennifer asked, almost tersely.

"Smart lady. And if you ever take that tone with me again, I'll spank your ass so hard you won't be able to sit straight for a week."

She meant business this time, which instantly silenced Jennifer and quelled her attitude. Whatever power Jennifer had in her own home was now gone. The simple fact was, she was naked and there was a lavender bow tie binding her wrists together, which put her at the mercy of this young stranger.

Mistress proudly and playfully threw the ribbon around her shoulder and walked, which in turn dragged Jennifer by the wrists. They went to the door, opened it, and went down the hallway.

It was the first time Jennifer had ever pranced around naked in her own home, and it wasn't by choice either. It almost made her feel uncomfortable. She practically headed down the hall on tiptoes, feeling like she doing something she wasn't supposed to, even though no one else was home except for her husband.

When they finally reached the bedroom, Mistress opened the door and entered.

Jennifer was stunned when she saw her husband sitting there, next to a listening device which allowed him to hear their conversation.

Even more shocking; he was totally naked and blindfolded, shackled to the seat with a chain around his ankle. There was even a small, harmless ballgag in his mouth.

Scattered around the room and bed were a variety of sex toys. Everything from strap-ons to vibrators, to oils and lubes.

"Your anniversary present," Mistress said to her. "I am going to teach Keith how to dominate you. But the main rule is, I remain in charge at all times."

Jennifer was speechless for a moment, then said, "I can't believe this is happening."

"Oh believe it. Your husband will only respond to me in this session. He will only listen with that gag in his mouth. This is Keith's training."

Jennifer gulped. "What's my training then?"

"On your knees. I'm going to teach Keith how to be aggressive with you, orally. And I'm going to teach you how to suck a cock properly and submissively."

Blood pumped hard in Jennifer's heart. She wanted this so bad, no matter how bizarre this all was.

She got on her knees and did what was assumed of her, which was to crawl to her husband the best she could, even with her wrists tied. She positioned herself in front of him. Over the years, they'd had sex countless times, but this had a totally different feel to it.

"Can you see how hard he is?" Mistress pointed out. "It's unbelievable."


It was true. Keith's cock had been raging since the moment they entered the room. Clearly this was a major fantasy for him in some way, which she'd need to inquire about later. But for now, she had more important matters on her mind, which was to provide pleasure.

"Place your forearms on his thighs," Mistress told her. "Look up at him."

Mistress came forward and pulled Keith's blindfold away, allowing him to look down at his naked wife, with that gift wrap bow tie around her wrists. He still had the gag in his mouth, so he didn't speak, plus he had been ordered not to say anything.

"This is what submission looks like," Mistress said. "When you give oral, Jennifer, you assume the lower position and look up. Now, let's see how you suck. Take that cock in your mouth and get to work."

And so she did. Jennifer bent forward, humiliated that this youngster was watching, and began to suck her husband's dick. It was the first time in her life that anyone had ever watched her in the midst a sex act. She was always carefully guarded in that regard. She had never planned for this. Now that it was happening, it was actually kind of hot in a weird way.

Jennifer sucked as she normally did. She didn't do anything different. Frankly, she wanted an honest critique of her sucking skills, because surely this Mistress knew better.

She looked up and saw the Mistress watching with an ever watchful eye, looking like a teacher carefully observing a beginner student.

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