She sat on her stool in the window looking out at the wet street. She knew that he was somewhere making his way back to her but it was late and she needed him. The week had done its best to them both and all she wanted was his control now, to make her free once more.

It was still light when she sat down to look for him, so she didn't realize the lights were off. It was late, she wanted to take her shower and wash the day away but she knew how he enjoyed it so, and would not be pleased if she bathed without him. So she waited, dressed only in her long heavy winter robe; holding it close about her as she thought of how he might play with her this night.

She told herself that she must be patient, he had worked long and hard to help her achieve it. She shifted on the wood stool and thought of her Master and how he had helped her, guided her. It looked like any wooden classroom stool but the seat was larger, so that she would find it more comfortable when they used it. He had searched for it a very long time. It had to be just right for her large round rump. It was her punishment stool. Sometimes he would sit on it when he took her over his knee to dispense her lessons. But often it was where she sat when sentenced to the corner. It pleased him that she had grown attached to it and the need of it in their lives together.

It was a thoughtless gesture; an idle motion. But she felt her breath catch in her lungs as she realized she had caressed her nipples until they stood. She told herself it was natural, they had not seen each other for eleven days. Yes he called her each morning and she in turn called each night, but it wasn't the same as having him with her. She had been thinking of the weekend that would surround them, and how he always placed the rings back through her nipples when he arrived. The sensation returned and she touched herself. And a soft wave of guilt washed over her as she could almost hear his voice once again.

"Slower my sweet, stroke slower. You mustn't rush my pleasure."

Her master was not an unreasonable man. They spent much time away from each other, she needed to be able to enjoy the gift that was her sexuality when he could not be with her. But when she knew he would be with her again, from the moment she was told, her sexuality became his to control until he left her.

She realized what she had done, but stuck her fingers in her mouth and sucked them until they dripped, all the same. Over and over she wet her fingers in her mouth and rubbed the nipples until they were tender and glistened dark and hard. Finally she felt what she longed for as her cunt lips began to swell.

She closed her eyes and let the darkness have her as she parted her thick thighs. Where was he and why must she suffer so? The more she played with her aching nipples the more she moaned for him. She wanted, needed to touch herself down deep in the wetness, but knew her master would not be pleased - not without permission.

She franticly searched the street as she began to shake for him...

" Oooooh my lord...Where are you?"

" Where I've been standing for some time Don't move."

She felt her desire turn a little chill, as she realized what her master had seen. She wanted, needed to explain.

" No. Don't turn around don't move. You mustn't look at me now, not at all."

She heard him put down his things and then move across the room slowly, deliberately as he climbed into her head.

" You were going to come, weren't you my lushes?"

" Oh no my lord."

" Then how many times have you come already?"

" Not once my lord!"

She tried to control the trembling in her voice but he enjoyed the sound of need mixed with a touch of fear.

" You know you must always tell me the truth. Do you think I did not see what you were doing my lovely slave?"

He stood only an inch away from her now and enjoyed how she shook all the more.

" You know you must not have pleasure unless I grant it, now don't you?"

His hand touched her neck and pushed the robe down off her lovely rounded shoulder.

" Oh I did nothing my lord, truly!"

" Nothing...truly?"

He coiled her braids through his fingers and pulled her firmly against his belly.

" Your eyes dance frantically; close them. Now - Tell me the truth."

" I have done nothing my lord. It was late and I waited for you."

" And your nipples - your fingers?"

She could feel his eyes examining her. She could almost see how he looked down at her full round body in the darkness of her eye lids. As his fist continued to hold her close, his other hand travelled from her throat, down over the hard nipples and finally to her wet fingers.

" It's only my saliva my lord, nothing more."

" Spread your thighs wider my precious."

The controlled cadence of his voice filled her. She knew and followed his rules but her body had failed her now, as her wetness increased and her heart beat faster.

" I see the lust dripping out of you in the street light slave, you made yourself come!"

" Oh please my lord, no. I never touched myself down there, not once!"

" But you wanted to, didn't you? And you want to now don't you?"

She fought to find the words as she felt his cock rising and growing hard against her back.

" Oh please my lord, I can't help wanting you."

" Yes my lovely, but you must be punished for letting it take control of you."

" Oh please?"

" Not right away, you must please me first. I've brought you a present, though I can think of no reason why you should have it. Open your eyes."

She opened her eyes and whimpered. Hanging in the air before her was a blue velvet blind fold, dangling inches from her face.

" Put it on my lovely."

He released her braids and she did as he commanded.

" Now turn around to face me."

She spun on the stool and he took in the sight of her swollen nipples and coffee and cream skin against the rich blue velvet. All the images of her through the day, were destroyed by one complete gaze.

" I am near my slave, very near. Do you feel me?"

" Yes my lord."

" Reach out for me."

Her hands came to rest on his chest.

" Now open your thighs wide and draw me near."

Again she did as he bid and trembled in the doing.

" Your public display has aroused me..."

" But it wasn't public my lord!"

" And now you question my observations! You sat before the window touching yourself...do you deny it?"

" No my lord...but I waited for you!"

He listened and could hear the tears in her voice. Taking the hoops from his pocket, one by one, he sucked on the cold metal for a moment before he placed them back through her nipples as she whimpered.

" And I know how helpless the thought of me makes you, but you must learn control."

" Yes my lord."

" Now find my belt buckle and open my trousers, I want to feel your breath on my cock...do it now!"

Her trembling fingers pleased him.

" Yes, yes. I want to feel the same wetness that coated your fingers, all over my cock. I want to feel it until I grow hard and come. And after I come you will suck my cock until it grows soft in your mouth...do you understand me my slave?"

" Yes my lord."

He slid his fingers through her braids once more and held her close.

" Then do it now - yes like that - yes, more. Don't fail to please me. Oooh do it."

Written by P.E.M.Davis Copyright © December 1999, March 2000, April 2003 P.E.M.Davis and "Mazora's World". All rights reserved. Not to be distributed reproduced, transmitted or posted in any manner or portion without the express written permission, from the author.

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