tagInterracial LoveOwned by a Black Midget Pt. 01

Owned by a Black Midget Pt. 01


Xenia is 36 years old, married to her high school sweetheart, Gab. Gab is 5 years older than her. He is not the fittest guy for his age even. He has gained a few pounds over the years. Xenia however, still looks after her appearance. She has maroon red dyed curly hair at shoulder length, 5"4", 32C cup, a size 8 and very attractive. Some people make jokes about beauty and the beast but there is always a degree of truth about it. She also has a seductive look that comes naturally and she knew men at church secretly attracted to her. She is what you call a hotwife.

Both Xenia and her husband are Asian ethnicity and a devout Christian. Kelly, their daughter attends Sunday School and both Xenia and Gab is quite active with church activities. Everyone in church knew Xenia wears the pants in the relationship. She is not ashamed to show that around their friends at church. She is demanding and never afraid to express what she thinks.

Since young age, Xenia has always have a higher sex drive than your average women. She think about sex quite frequent and she is never afraid to make sex crude jokes even with male friends at church or at work. Her marriage with Gab started with a decent sex life but deteriorates over the years. The problem is Gab's size. Gab's is your average Asian penis size, 4" on its best day and it last for ten to twelve minutes max before it spurted two droplets of runny cum. What Gab doesn't know is she masturbates on daily basis to keep her needs fulfilled.

Gab is an owner of logistic company that transport heavy machineries and equipment. He is a decent breadwinner to his defence. What he cannot provide much in bed, he compensates in other areas of Xenia's life. He gave her a nice house with a nice pool, he takes Xenia holiday twice a year, he sent Kelly, to a nice private school. Xenia is a real estate agent dealing with rental properties mainly. She liaise between landlords and tenant if there are any issues with the house. She does quite well at her job. Most of the time, it is her look and her firm way when speaking to tenants especially male tenants, that gives her advantage over other agents in the company. The male tenants never create any issues she cannot manage to rectify.

Her routine after coming home from work is a standard wife duties like cooking, feeding Kelly, laundry, ironing, taking Kelly to bath and putting her to bed. At night, when Gab is fully asleep after his intense 10minutes worth of sex, she would finger herself until she came. Weekend is pretty much family time and church time.

One Monday morning, Xenia got called in by her boss into his office. Xenia is given a property case in East Harlem. It is an apartment owned by a middle aged Chinese couple but rented out to a man named Tyrone DeShawn. How on earth, these Chinese couple ended up investing in this side of town is beyond everyone. But the safe assumption was they got worked up by the agent or the seller. Xenia read the file and it says that the tenant is found to be damaging the property. The previous agent found multiple burnt holes in the carpet from cigarette butts, stains on the carpet, mouldy food in the fridge, dirty toilet, rats found crossing the living room collecting food crumbs, bathroom door fell off, and the list continues. Apparently, not only that, the report says the tenant is very aggressive and has made threats against owner and previous agent. It is what you can categorise as nightmare tenant. Xenia's boss gave this case to her because he knew Xenia can put her foot down especially with male tenants if she has to. And her looks usually do most of the job. The boss basically said to her to just sort the shit out.

She takes the file to her desk and started reading. She plans to do a surprise check up right that very day. After lunch time, she grabbed her car keys and drove to the address. She drive pass a lot of run down apartments and government housings. Homeless and thugs walking up and down the street. She feels a bit worried but determined to put this tenant on his knees. She finally got to the apartment. She parked her BMW SUV outside the apartment. Today she is wearing a tight dark navy blue office-dress down to just above her knee.

She got out of her car and buzz the bell at 46. No one answered. She tried buzzing a couple of times and she thought, that's it. She's gonna use her spare key from the office and walk upstairs. The apartment is filled with blacks, well it is technically a black neighbourhood. She went into the lift and finally got the the 4th floor. Once she is in front of 46, she knocked on the door.

"Hi Mr. DeShawn, this is Xenia from Ace Realtor, the rental agent of your landlord. Please open the door, I would like to do a site check up." she said.

Still no answer, he must be out she thought to herself. So she used her spare key and enter the apartment. When she walked into the apartment, the smell of cigarette butts, alcohol and smell of sex hit her nose. She became quite dizzy. The place looked like it had just been ransacked. Pizza that looked few days old are on the tv table, empty can of beers all over the sofa and floor. She saw several panties on top of the tv, on the sofa, on the floor, most probably from prostitutes she thought. Nude magazines stacks and porn dvd on the coffee table, How can someone live in a slump like this she wonders. As she was taking pictures of the place for evidence, making her way from the living room to the bedroom, she was startled by what she saw. She saw a black midget lying in bed snoring away. She didn't expect the aggressive Tyrone DeShawn is in fact a black midget. Being the confronter that she is, Xenia went up to next to the bed and started rocking his body trying to wake him up.

"Mr. DeShawn, wake up! I am Xenia your property agent. Your place is a filth!" Xenia started raising her voice.

Finally Tyrone opened his eyes and looked straight to Xenia in the face.

"Who the fuck are you bitch? What the fuck are you doing in my apartment!?" He shouted.

"I told you I am Xenia, your landlord's agent and I am here to inspect the property, and it clearly disgusting! You are legally breaching the tenant landlord agreement! You are up against big fines punk! And wait I'm not done, I'll report you to the police" She said.

To her surprise, Tyrone did not look scared at all, in fact he got up and on his bed, now he is as tall as Xenia, he did what no men ever did to her. He slapped her before she could finish her sentence. Not her husband nor her ex boy friends nor her parent ever slap her on the face. Now she has a man half of her size slapped her on the face for something he did wrong. She was dumbstruck and did not know how to react.

"Shut the fuck up or I fucking give you another one!" Tyrone said.

Still with an angry look, he turned around and tried to look for something under his pillow. Apparently he was searching for his handgun under his pillow. He pull the handgun and pointed it at my head.

"You speak to me like that again bitch, I will put not one, not two, but I will empty the whole goddamn clip in you! you get that ho?" He asked.

Xenia started crying and shaking, nodding to calm him down.

Tyrone suddenly just realised how good looking and hot Xenia is until he calmed down. He suddenly had an idea. He could use this situation to his advantage.

"Do you want to live today bitch?" He asked.

"Y...y...yes...yes I do" Xenia replied softly.

"L...L...Look... I am sorry for before, I shouldn't have come in unannounced, I...I am really sorry, lets start fresh... please?" Xenia pleaded, still scared.

"Fuck bitch, you came in here thinking you some kind of superhero gung-ho shit acting tough and now you're nothing but a scared little girl!" He replied.

"Now lets make a deal, I will not put one in your head although I swear to God I would love to, and I see what I can do to make this place somewhat...improve...but I'm gonna need something in return." He smirked.

"Oo...ook...ok... what do you have in mind?" She asked.

"You let me fuck you" He said confidently. Xenia's eyes bulged, shocked how everything escalated so quickly.

"Ww...wh...whatt...what are you saying, n...no...noo... that's impossible, I am married, I have daughter, a family, I cant do that..., please anything else and there is no way that thing will fit inside of me" Xenia replied.

"Tell you what, I wont fuck you unless you ask but you have to give me a blow job and you do what I say" Tyrone negotiated.

Xenia thought herself, well ok, blow job may not be the end of the world, considering this is her life at stake and quite possibly when she gets back to her office she will ask her boss to assign this case to someone else, a male agent perhaps. She nodded agreeing with a heavy heart. Tyrone smiled feeling his victory is around the corner. No, getting a blow job from Xenia wasn't her victory he had in mind, he knew once Xenia started sucking his black cock, he can convince her to let him fuck her. and it is only a matter of time until Xenia is hooked to his cock. Just like the other prostitutes, some gave themselves away to Tyrone for free just because they loved his cock.

Tyrone told Xenia to undress leaving her bra and panties on. Her dress is now around her ankle. Tyrone asked her to kick it away. She did. Now between her skin and this midget is only her silk expensive bra and panties. Because of the height difference, Tyrone sat on the edge of the bed to make it the perfect height for Xenia to kneel down and suck his cock.

Tyrone DeShawn is only 4'.1", in mid twenties, muscular and fit, short cornrows braided hair. He has a very ugly look about him but still scary. He has two gold teeth in the centre, gold necklace wrapped around his neck that says "East Side", gangster tattoos all over his body and arms, gold rings around his fingers. He is one ugly creature to anyone with a decent eyesight.

Xenia prayed that this will be over quick. As she kneeled down, she saw Tyrone started to unzip his pants and when his pants are down, she gasped in shocked. She saw the biggest, thickest, blackest, meanest looking cock she has ever seen. Tyron is packing 10" when dormant and 13" when fully erect. It has a diameter of a coke can with thick veins running all over it. Tyrone is semi hard by now thinking how this married woman is going to suck his cock.

"Go on, suck my cock" He demanded.

"What's wrong bitch? never seen anything this big before?" He grinned.

"No...nothing like this... is this... natural?" Xenia asked.

"Fuck yes, what God didn't give me in height, He blessed me with that thing between my legs, oh...and I cum a lot too!" He laughed.

Xenia slowly grabbed his cock and only to be stopped quickly by Tyrone.

"Use your left hand always when handling my cock" There is arrogance in that statement that made Xenia's pussy gushed. Always he said? Is he implying that this won't be the last time? She thought tot herself.

"I would love to see you wrap that expensive wedding ring around my black cock. You're hubby must be rich ain't he bitch?" He asked.

Xenia ignored him and she placed and wrapped her left hand around his cock for the first time. It felt burning hot and steel hard. She was amazed how thick it is that she could not wrap her hand around it. Her wedding ring sits proudly on top of the black shaft. She slowly made her way towards his black cock. And finally opened her mouth and put his black cock into her mouth.

Xenia worked her head down but she could only managed to get to half of it. She then felt Tyrone's hand grabbed her hair and he started to not only let her give him a blow job but instead to fuck her face. She used her left hand to help stroke his cock. She thought the faster he came the faster this whole ordeal will end.

After a while being stuffed with his black cock, Xenia could not control her drools. Tyrone is fucking her face roughly by now and she has such a crazy amount of drools swinging wildly under her chin and her tits were collecting the drips. Her diamond cross pendant that she wears as a gift from Gab for her baptism is covered with her saliva. Xenia's pussy is now sexually reacting to this rough treatment. It started to leak and you can see the wet spot on her panties. Her mascara has started to smudged from the tears being throat fucked. She has never experienced this kind of oral sex before. Her nipples hardening. What is happening to me? she thought to herself. She could not believe why her body is reacting and sexually responding to this ugly man.

"Akkkh...akkkh...akkhh...oeekkkhhh...prrrrfhhhh...prrfhhh...sslllrrpppp...ssllurrppp...akkkhh...akkkhh...akkkhhh..." Xenia sounded whilst being throat fucked by Tyrone.

"That's it slut... suck that black cock! Now lick and clean my balls, I hadn't showered for days, save the water!" He chuckled.

"Naaaaahhh...nnaaahhhhh...nnaaaahhhhh" the sound Xenia was making licking both of Tyrone's balls. His balls taste salty and musky but no unbearable.

Xenia went back to sucking his cock again. This continues for another twenty minutes and suddenly Tyrone started to feel bigger in her mouth. Tyrone started to grunt.

"Now do as I say, take your right hand and start rubbing that pussy hard!" He commanded. Xenia obeyed him and insert one of her hand inside her wet panties and started rubbing her pussy vigorously.

"Ohhh...fuckkk... you married whore...sucking my big black cock inside that married mouth... now open your mouth wide whore!" He yelled and pulled his cock out.

Xenia obeyed and opened her mouth, she knew what was coming. This is something she would never allow her husband to do onto her. Tyrone let a big grunt out.

"Fuuuckkk... take this slut... .take my cum...spplrrttt...sppppllrrrttt...sspppllllrrtt...spppllrrttt...spplrrttt...sppplrrt...spplllrrttt...sspllrrttt" Tyrone finally came.

Xenia has never seen so much cum coming out of a man's penis in her entire life. Gab's lifetime cum put together, still a third of that at best. Tyrone's cum was solid white and so thick.

Some of his cum went into her hair, her face was half covered, some went into her mouth and the excess started dripping on her tits. And her diamond cross pendant is now covered in his thick semen. There are more cum slowly dribbling from her chin and cheek down to her thighs and carpet.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh...ahhhhh..."Xenia also came from her pussy rubbing.

She felt ashamed that she came after being cum showered by this degenerate black midget.

"Keep rubbing that pussy woman, who told you to stop?" He commanded again.

Xenia continued to rub her pussy and closed her eyes. Somehow she imagined that Tyrone's black cock was back inside her married mouth again, making her drooled and gagged. Her nipples were getting even harder than before.

"Now squeeze your tits with one hand!" He told Xenia.

Xenia is now imagining his big black cock inside of her, pumping her aching burning pussy in and out like her husband could never do.

"Ooohhh...uuuhhh...mmppphh... ooohh..."Xenia moan lightly, she pulled down one side of her bra that she is playing with and started to squeeze and pinch the hardened nipples.

Tyrone smiled, knowingly that she is now belong to him. He has been with many prostitutes and street girls. But he found Xenia to be the ultimate trophy, a married housewife with a happy family, stable secured life, a milf, to be found on his apartment floor playing with herself in front of him.

He then came down from bed and stand next to Xenia. Xenia still closed her eyes while rubbing her pussy and squeezing her tits. Tyrone when standing, is just as tall as Xenia when she kneels down. So he lower himself down and slowly takes Xenia's hand away from her pussy. Instead, he replaced her hand with his. He worked his way down into her soaked panties and started fingering Xenia.

Xenia released a loud moan. She didn't say yes that she liked it or that she wanted more or that she wants to do this again next time, but her pussy and her body says it all. She didn't make any attempt removing his fingers out of her pussy. Tyrone knew exactly how to finger a woman's pussy, especially those in heat like Xenia. He inserted two of his fingers in and out so violently it made Xenia came. Her pussy is making a loud noise like water in a half full bottle being stirred.

"Ohhh...ohhhhhh...cummingg..." she let an orgasm out.

Xenia opened her eyes and looked at Tyrone feeling defeated. How can this ugly looking creature made her cum by treating her like a whore. This is impossible. She is a Christian church goer, a mum, a wife. She came twice so far and he hasn't even fucked her yet. She knew this is her only time to start leaving, but her body has a mind of their own. Her body wanted to stay.

"Pull your panties down, take your bra off and get in bed, whore" He instructed.

Xenia obediently stood up, get naked and crawled into his bed. He saw Xenia's pussy with housewife pubic hair, short but natural. He never liked those porn star fully trimmed pussies anyway. This is it, she thought, there is no turning back.

"Please don't do it Tyrone, I'm a married woman, I have a family... you promised it was just a blow job. I can't do this." Xenia tried to plea.

She knew deep down inside she was already his. But her faith and loyalty to her husband tried to crawl into the surface. Her conscience tried very hard to take over her body. Her mind wants to go home, take a shower, pray and ask forgiveness to God and to her husband.

"Well I lied... I don't have to keep my words to you slut! you're a nobody to me! you speak like you're the one who wears the pants in your marriage. I bet you your husband don't speak to you like I do!" He asked.

"No...no... he is gentle" Xenia replied.

"Well shit girl... if you ask me, you kinda enjoyed being treated like a whore...your pussy and body begged to be roughed up by a real man! now spread your legs!" said Tyrone.

"Please no...let me go home...this is wrong...please... I will not report you to police, I promise" Xenia tried to convinced him to let her go.

He walked on his bed and came next to her. He lowered his body and slapped Xenia again with his backhand this time.

"Whack... don't ever disobey me! that's what you get if you disobey me!" said Tyrone.

He walked back and positioned himself in front of Xenia again, back to where he was before. Xenia opened her legs this time around. She lifted her legs up in the air exposing her wet burning pussy to him. Her pussy and her clit is swollen from the rubbing and fingering previously.

At this stage, Tyrone is full on hard again. He held his 13" black cock towards Xenia's pussy and started slapping her pussy and clit with his black cock. He slid his cock back and forth outside her pussy to tease her. He saw her legs slowly opening up further wider as if inviting him to commence the raw sexual intercourse between an grotesque creature and a beautiful woman. If this this was a porn fantasy movie, it will be like a beautiful queen willingly fucks an ugly ogre dwarf fucking knowing she comes from a peaceful kingdom with a loving and kind king and beautiful children. Suddenly, without warning, Tyrone shoved his black cock inside her pussy.


Tears running down her cheeks. The pain is so unbearable for Xenia. She almost pass out from the agony. How can anyone enjoy sex with a penis this size she thought.Tyrone didn't care and kept pounding. He knew that women's pussy needs working until his cock is the only thing their pussies want to wrap on and no one else's. So he knew to always ignore the no's and the please's and the stop's. Not that he is the sensitive type that give a shit anyway. It took Tyrone several thrusts to fully cracked open Xenia's pussy to his girth and his length.

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