tagInterracial LoveOwned by a Black Midget Pt. 03

Owned by a Black Midget Pt. 03


The next morning Xenia woke up with the usual itch inside her pussy. This time she knew how to cure her itch. She chose a black lacy bra, black garter belt, and a lacy panties. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiles. Damn, she looked hot she thought.

After finishing her breakfast and her coffee, she said goodbye to Gab and left to work. Well that's what Gab thought anyway. She has rung earlier to office that she was not feeling well today and will need today off.

Once she got to his place, Shorty opened the door for her and was passionately kissed by her. Shorty was only in his underwear.

"I have a surprise for you babe" Xenia said smiling cheekily and gave Shorty a cheeky naughty smile.

She pulled her dress down on the floor and showed Shorty her black lacy lingerie with the black garter belt.

"You like it honey?" Xenia asked.

"Uuuhhhh...babbyyy...you are prepping me up aren't you?" He chuckles.

"Yup...gotta make sure my man is well serviced...well it goes both ways...I also need to cure my itch hahahaha" she laughed.

"Get over here you dirty slut" Shorty ordered.

Xenia climbed up the bed and Shorty started to pull her bra off to suck her hardened nipples.

"Ooohhh...oohhhh...uuuhhhh...that's it baby...take your time...it's yours...all yours babyyy..."Xenia now letting her breasts being mauled, sucked and eaten by this ghastly creature. She was caressing his hair as well as if like a mother caring for her hungry baby whilst feeding time. The sight in the mirror hang the black midget biting and chewing her nipples made her feel so excited. She can't help herself and reached out inside her wet panties to play with herself.

Shorty pushed her down and she knew what it was time for. It was time for hardcore intense dirty fucking. She spreads her legs in the air whilst still looking at Shorty's eyes. Her eyes says it all. They were saying please, please, please put that bad boy in.

He yanked her panties off and placed his 13" fuck staff on her pussy. He smacked her pussy and clit several times.

"Ooohhhh...put it in already darling...my pussy is screaminnngggg for you" Xenia begged.

"FUCKKKKKK...YESSSSS...YESSSSS...YESSSSS...OHH...YESSS...OHHH...YESSSSS...OHHH..YESSSS...FUCK ME HARDDD...HARDERRRR...HARDERRRRR!!" She screamed when Shorty slammed his black cock in her.

"if your hubby is here, what will you tell him slut?" He challenged her.


"And what else?" He asks again. He was fucking her with such force her tits swayed up and down.


Shorty changed his position by fucking her from the top. He folded her legs backward so he got a full maximum force inside her pussy. Apparently this drove her mad.

"OHHHHH...OHHHHHHHH...FUCKKKKK MMEEEE...YESSSS...FUCKKK MEEE...IM CUMMINNGGGGG...IM CUMMINNNGGGGG...YESSSS...POUND THAT PUSSSYYY!" Xenia screamed and came, squirt after squirt, she sprayed his bed with her love juice, her legs are trembling and so weak.

He turned her around, pulled her closer to her so she was now all fours. He fucked her with such force, the bed squealed and creaked making a loud racketing noise.



Her pussy was now swollen being attacked by a one eyed snake. It looked so beat up. But that's the way she likes it. She wouldn't have it any other way.

This continued for another 30 minutes. Shorty pulled her hair roughly, increased his power and picked up his pace. Xenia knew he was close to coming.



He then pulled his cock out and started to get dressed. Xenia still positioned herself with ass up and face down the bed.

"Where you going hon? Xenia asked.

"I'm starving, get dress and get something to eat" he instructed. He slipped into his tight white t-shirt, ripped jeans and his timberland boots.

"Ok hon" she replies.

Xenia got off the bed trying to get dress and notice his cum still dribbling down from her pussy.

"Don't clean yourself up, I like my woman keep her pussy sloppy from my cum" He commanded.

"Ok hon, whatever you want" Xenia smiled at him obeying.

Once they got dressed, they walked downstairs holding hands. All eyes were on her, a lot of black men and women nodding and smiling, agreeing her status of a married woman being owned by one of them. She just smiled back. She helped Shorty get into her BMW.

Shorty told her he wanted to try and eat in a nicer part of town. She picked Julio's, a very posh Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills. Once she arrived, both doorman opened the door for Xenia and Shorty.

"Good day ma'am" greeted the first doorman that opened the door for Xenia.

"Good day...s..ss...sir" The other door man stuttered when he sees Shorty.

"Well fuckkk, boy, what's the matter, never see a short man before?" Shorty retorted.

"Come here hon" Xenia said extending her hand trying to wait for Shorty to come around the car to hold her hand walking into an expensive restaurant.

Once she entered the restaurant, everyone in that restaurant, customers and staff literally froze as if she has power over time and with a snap of a finger make everyone stood still. All judging eyes were on her and her man. She could see some people starts to whisper and looked at her with disgust. Everyone think how such a beautiful, well dressed, smart, married, attractive looking woman end up with someone like Shorty. Xenia wore a white power suit, tight white skirt, low cut black tank top, $1000 black designer high heels, $4000 designer bag and a $12,000 wedding ring.

Xenia did not mind at all the attention. In fact, she found it arousing that this ugly beast has conquered her heart, well her body to be precise. Her pussy turned moist showing off Shorty to the rich snobs at the restaurant. She then proceeded ordering food for Shorty and herself. They made casual jokes and have giggles talking about those around them that look at them with a sick feeling. She purposely even swap[ed tongue with Shorty to add to their disgust.

Her wedding ring was a big rock, it was hard to miss the fact that she is married to someone else. How? Well by Shorty's appearance and the size of her ring. There is no way someone like him could afford a ring that big. The way Xenia was dressed, was also well dressed. Whilst Shorty looked just like a thug.

After a nice meal, they decided to hit the mall. Xenia spent most the time in the lingerie store. She wouldn't buy anything that Shorty disapprove. The store manager and the staff tried to avoid them as it gets very awkward seeing the two together. Shorty likes her when she dress up elegant on the outside but slutty whorish in the inside. The lingerie she buys is the slutty type.

On the way back to the car, Xenia said "Babe, all that stare and judging is funnily making me really horny again, can you fuck me one more time before we head home?"

"Hahahah...the curse of the black itch" He laughed.

"Well tell me about it right?!" She giggles.

"There...there is public toilet here." He pointed out at a vandalised public toilet near the car park.

As they entered, she can smell strong urines odour and shit smells mixed together. She went into one of the cubicle. It looked pretty feral but she couldn't careless. In fact, the feeling of about to be fucked by this midget in a place like that turns her on even more.

"Take me baby...take me here right now" she begged.

Shorty sits on the toilet bowl and Xenia helps her unzip and pull his pants down.

She took out her jacket and hung it over the cubicle door. She then lifted her skirt up, pulled her panties down and jumped onto his cock.


Xenia slammed her pussy down to the base of his cock as hard as she could. Only by this way that her itch sensation disappears. She could not control herself. She attacked that cock like her life depends on it.


She moved her hips back and forth to grind her itch. After settling from her first orgasm, she stood up and pulled her skirt completely down. She left her black tank top on, turned around and sat on his cock again. She guided his wet cock into her beat up pussy again.

"FUCKKKKKK...I NEED MOREEEE...CANT HAVE ENOUGHHH OF THISS...OOH...COCKKK...SOO GOOODDD...MY GODDD...FUCK ME...FUCK THIS PUSSYYYY!!" Xenia screamed whilst rubbing her clit violently and bouncing up and down his cock.

Her tits bounced like a basketball. Xenia was acting all whorish in a public toilet. A loving mom, a loyal wife, a devout christian goer is now nothing but a cheap black cock addict whore. This continues for half an hour. She would rub his balls between few thrusts and then back to agitating her clit.

Shorty knew Xenia was in such itch, he added the momentum by slamming his cock up when Xenia slams her pussy down with the force from her body weight. This apparently create such intense pleasure for Xenia.



"Ohhh...baby...that was intensee.. thank you darling" Xenia said.

"No problem slut" Shorty replied.

After getting dressed, Xenia dropped Shorty home and she came home with her pussy filled with cum and her panties soaked with cum. As always, she headed straight to shower and clean up. At dinner, Gab asks Xenia if she has been okay. She assured him that everything is ok and that she was just tired from work. They decided to watch tv together to spend some time together. If Gab is sleepy after watching, less likely he will want sex, she thought.

The next morning, Xenia got up with the usual itch. She checked her phone and she could not see any message from Shorty. Being a woman, she immediately worried that Shorty has become tired and bored with her. She texted Shorty if he wants her to come over. He didn't reply even after Xenia dress up for work. When she gets to her office, she cannot stop thinking about Shorty. She has a mix feeling of anger but also missing him so bad. She tries to concentrate and distract herself with work. It only lasts for a couple of hours and she started to fantasise about his black cock again fucking her pussy with no mercy. By now, Gab starts to feel suspicious of his wife. He felt her mind is somewhere else when she's at home. She also has refused sex for the past few days. His gut felt something is wrong. He started to wonder if his wife was seeing someone. But he just kept it to himself and went to work like usual.

After Gab left to work, she decided to swing by his place in the afternoon before making her way home. She knocked on his door several time but he didn't answer. This time she brings the spare key with her. She unlocked the door and walked in. She walked to the bedroom and she found Shorty pass out cold with a naked prostitute next to her. She has a fake blond hair, mermaid tattoo on her back. She was pretty hot, she gotta admit. Her jealousy took over her and she walked up to this girl and starts to pull her hair to get her out of the bed.

"Awwwwwwww...fuckkkkkkkk!...what the fuckkk!?!" She yelled.

"You get the fuck out of this apartment right now or I'll call the police bitch!" Xenia warned her

"Who the fuck are you?!" She asked.

"Im his woman!" Xenia answered without thinking it, saying that taboo declaration, make her pussy gushing and horny.

Shorty woke up because of the ruckus.

"What the fuck is going on here?" He got up from his bed standing up.

"I want this slut out of your apartment! pack you shit and get out or I call the police!" Xenia gives her second and final warning

"Fuck bitch, you one crazy bitch!" She retaliated but started to dress up and walk out.

"I thought what we have was special babe, how could you do this to me?" Xenia cried.

"What the fuck slut? I can fuck anyone I want! I own you, you dont own me!" Shorty looked confused.

"But this is my cock, this cock is only for me" Xenia said sheepishly tried to sway Shorty's heart.

"Fuck girl...if my cock means so much to you...ok...I fucking give this cock only to you but you fucking stop taking those pills and start to breed black midget babies for me" He challenged Xenia.

Xenia paused and think for a while. What kind of spell does he have on her. Her jealousy when she saw him with another woman is beyond this world. She is actually begging this ugly black midget to not fuck anyone else but her. She is now about to make a decision of her life to fully submit and declare to the world that she is his and not only that but she will have to give birth and raise his midget degenerate black babies. Somehow, the image of her with full grown swollen belly of black baby midget excites her. The image of her swollen breasts feeding hungry little Shorty makes her so horny.

"O-o-o...okay...okayyy... I will stop taking birth control pills from now on. You are free to impregnate me anytime you wish." She responded, admitting her defeat.

"I will give you as many black babies as you want, my womb is also yours from now on but I don't want you to fuck other girls...please?" She answered confirming the rightful owner of her womb and seeking affirmation that she is his.

"What about your husband?" He asked.

"Well, that depends, are we...are we gonna get married? or...what do you have in mind?" She asked. Xenia was unsure but her tone was also scared how Shorty was gonna react to her question.

"Married? No fucking way ho! I'm not gonna marry you! I want you to carry my babies in your womb and give birth to my children. I want to see you feed them with your breasts. And I want your hubby to raise them as his own, put them in good school, good clothes and good house" He told her.

"Ummm...ummmm...oh...oo..okay...I see...well...okay...leave it with me...I'll speak to my husband if this is what you really want" She nervously answers.

Her mind is going a million miles an hour, how would Gab reacts, what would her parent in law say, what would her pastor say, what would her church friends think of her. But her fear of being rejected by Shorty is far greater than her worries.

"Leave it with me, I still don't know how to break it to him or to my daughter but I'll find a way" she replied, determine that one way or another, she needed to come up with an arrangement quick before she lose Shorty.

"Now get undressed, I need to fuck that married pussy" He commanded.

"Oohh baby...I thought you weren't going to ask" she replied happy.

Xenia got undressed and let Shorty fucked her for the rest of the day. She knew that this will be the last time she will ever going to have sex with Shorty with birth control. What happens moving forward, she knew it will be a matter of weeks until he impregnated her with his feral midget babies. Her heart raced every time she thinks about her belly swollen with his child.

Once she hot home, as usual, covered with Shorty's dry frosted cum in her pussy, on her face, her hair, she heads to the bathroom right away. She opens her drawer and grabs her birth control pills, there is only 2 left. It was almost full before she started fucking Shorty. With the amount of cum her pussy receives from Shorty, she has been taking it religiously every day. She stares at it for a while thinking to herself that there is absolutely no turning back. This is it, she says to her self. She opened the packaging and poured all the remaining pills down the toilet until nothing is left. She then pushed the flush button and dispose the empty packaging in the bin.

To be continued

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