tagLesbian SexOwned by Love

Owned by Love

byNatalie Nessus©

She finally came out of the bedroom with her head down and the faint tinge of embarrassment on her cheeks. The thin white dress I had purchased fitted her perfectly, the hem a few inches below her crotch, much shorter than a tennis skirt and so soft and light. Her nipples were clearly prominent, as I had not allowed a bra, just the high waisted white panties that were almost transparent and would frame her bottom beautifully. On her feet, flat white slippers and a polished metal collar locked around her throat, the attached medallion tapping gently against the metal as she reluctantly walked into the room.

Her blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail, held by a thin pink ribbon and on her face, just eyeliner and a pale pink lip glaze. She was beautiful and, although my heart soared at the sight of her, I remained expressionless. "Is this what you required, Madame?" she asked softly, a little hurt caused by my demands showed in those beautiful eyes.

"Yes, Janine," I smiled and her head jerked up at the sound of her name, a name she had never heard from me. "Yes, no Muffy tonight, tonight you are my Janine." Her eyes sparkled and I laughed at her joy, kissed her gently on the forehead and gestured at the table. "Arrange the dinner setting, our guests will be here soon."

Her face fell at the mentioned of the guests. "Yes Madame," she said and started placing the plates on the table. As she bent over the table, her dress rose slightly and to show her plump bottom, cupped in the white gauze of her panties. Automatically, her hand stole down to adjust her hem, to pull it over her bottom but that would have spoiled the pleasing little effect I had created.

"Don't!" I said sharply and her hand froze. "Do not touch your dress unless I tell you, cherie." She shivered at the implications but went back to placing the plates on the table while I checked my hair in the mirror over the fireplace.

I was dressed in a simple black dress, elegant, sophisticated and expensive, perfect to intimidate the guests just a little. Of course, they would not know I was naked under it. I smiled mischievously at my reflection as the telephone buzzed and Janine froze, a small, frightened look appeared fleetingly on her face. "Well, answer it, pet," I said as I applied a little more lipstick.

She spoke into the phone and turned to me. "Madame, Roger says the guests have arrived," her face was pale and her lip trembled. "Will I tell him to send them up?"

"But of course," I said gaily. "How can we have a dinner party with out the guests?"

"She says to send them up," her voice was low as she spoke and she pleaded with her eyes as she replaced the telephone in its cradle. "Now, Janine let me remember the names, Linda, Barbara, Alan and Cindy. Is that correct?" She nodded and her face grew even whiter. "You are beautiful, they will be stunned. Come here and look at yourself in the mirror." Sullenly, she did and was, of course, instantly dismayed at how revealing her dress was and her face flamed brightly.

Like a startled rabbit she jumped when the doorbell rang and I patted her gently on her wonderful bottom. This, after several month of training, was the moment; this was the evening where I will test her commitment and her determination to be mine.

I swung the door opened and they smiled at me as I swept them in, introducing myself as I did. The three women gasped when they saw her and Alan's eyes bulged.

"My God, Janine!" Barbara said in horror, "what are you wearing?"

"Is she not beautiful?" I said proudly. "Come, Janine, greet your friends." Face glowing, she pecked them on the cheeks, Barbara's face frozen in disbelief.

"Must be cold in here," Linda said slyly, looking down at Janine's nipples poking through the thin white material.

"Now, some wine for all, I think, Janine." She turned to walk to the kitchen and the guests stood watching her, Alan in particular had his eyes fixed on her bottom as it shifted under the dress.

"I'll help," Barbara said, desperate I knew to get Janine alone.

"No, that won't be necessary," I said firmly. "Please sit down. Now, you all work at the same office with Janine?"

"Yes," Cindy said something at last, her voice thin and almost shrill. "We've worked together for about three years?" She looked at the others for confirmation and they nodded.

"It was a surprise," Barbara said, looking directly at me, "when Janine announced out of the blue that she was leaving."

"Has she got another job?" Linda asked, watching the kitchen doorway. This one was quite relaxed and there was slyness about her I did not quite like. "She wouldn't say."

"No, she has not," I replied as Janine came back with a tray of glasses of red wine and offered the tray to our guests. Alan was constantly looking at her nipples and her bottom and his eyes widened when he glimpsed the white of her panties peeking from under the short dress when she bent to offer the tray to me.

"This is lovely wine," Linda said, eyes on Janine, as she stood next to my chair, eyes downcast.

"You're not having any?" Cindy asked Janine.

"No, no wine for her tonight."

"Why are you treating her like a servant?" Barbara said hotly.

"Is it not clear?" I said calmly. "She wants me to."

"What?" Barbara and Cindy exclaimed in unison, Alan's jaw dropped while Linda smiled and sipped her wine again.

"She enjoys being treated this way," I explained, glancing up at Janine to see her face was bright red and I smiled softly.

"I don't believe it! Are you threatening her? We could call the police!"

"Tell them Janine," I said serenely and sipped my own wine.

"I like Madame to tell me what to do," her voice was low and her eyes were fastened on the floor. "I want to be with her."

"Show them your medallion." Janine blushing still, leaned forward and Linda held the medallion to examine it, doing it slowly I realised so Janine's bottom in the transparent panties was exposed.

"If found, please call," Linda read slowly and looked at me, that sly smile playing on her lips. "I assume this is your telephone number?" I nodded and she released the medallion. Janine moved along to show Barbara and Cindy.

"I don't want to see it!" Barbara snapped and Cindy shook her head.

"I do," said Alan and his eyes ran over Janine as she showed him the medallion.

"What does this mean?" Cindy asked. "I don't get it."

"Janine is submissive, Madame here is a Domme and both of them are lesbians. Wish I had known," Linda muttered, draining her glass and I signalled to Janine to fill it.

"What did you say?" Cindy asked her.

"Doesn't matter," Linda said, winking at me.

"I think we are ready to eat. Janine, get the entree, please."

"Yes Madame," she said and slipped into the kitchen, grateful to escape the humiliation of being presented to her old friends in this way. I wondered if she would break, disobey me and leave with them, the temptation to great for her? Just imagining that moment brought a deep pang of regret, a sense of loss and a loss I knew I would take some time to recover from.

"There's no seat for Janine," Barbara snapped as we sat at the table.

"She won't be eating with us," I smiled and Cindy gasped.

"I thought this was supposed to be her farewell dinner?" Barbara said icily.

"It is and she's saying farewell to her old life and revealing herself to you."

"In more ways than one," Alan said draining his glass.

"You must respect her submissiveness," I said firmly.

"Oh I do," Linda smiled. "That is a lovely dress, Madame. I suspect it cost more than I earn in a month."

"No, it would be two or three months, I think. More wine?" I smiled as she flushed.

We ate in silence for a moment while Janine stood silently next to me; eyes downcast and I imagined everyone's mind was spinning with the events. "Come here," Linda said to Janine and my pet glanced at me for permission. I nodded and watched Linda examine the collar. "It's locked on, I imagine you have the key?" she asked and the others stopped eating, listening for my answer, Janine returning to my side.

"Perhaps," I shrugged.

"What if you lose it?" Cindy asked in that annoying voice.

"Perhaps it is lost now?"

"You treat her like, oh I don't know but you treat her badly!" Barbara said waving her fork at me, anger in her eyes.

"A slave, I treat her like a slave. Is that the word you are searching for? I think we're finished Janine, you may clear the plates. It was lovely, by the way."

"Thank you Madame," she said and briskly removed the entrée plates, her dress riding up a little and Alan, a little flushed from the wine he was consuming, leered openly at her panties.

"Open some more wine, Janine" I said. "We seem to be drinking quickly."

"So, she's a slave?" Linda slurred a little. "Interesting times for you, I bet?" she leered.

"And for her but of course. Now, tell me about this little office you all work together in?"

Cindy opened her mouth but Linda cut in roughly. "Fuck work! That's the last thing I want to talk about, especially since you've got your little slave running around here showing us her bottom. Have you had enough looks yet, Alan?" she demanded.

"No," Alan said but his face went a little redder. "I'm going to look every chance I get."

"Make your little dick hard, does it?" Linda snapped. I was going to interrupt, to calm them down when they fell silent, watching Janine as she returned with the main course.

"Thank you Janine."

We ate in silence again, Janine by my side and I was beginning to hope she would last the evening, survive this shame and be mine. "Is she your slave?" Cindy asked suddenly and I felt all their eyes on me.

"Yes, tell them, Janine."

"I am her slave," Janine murmured, cheeks read and her nipples twin peaks through the white dress.

"Is she blackmailing you?" Barbara asked plaintively. "Can we help you get out of here?"

A nod from me and she answered. "I want to be her slave. It is my choice completely."

"So," leered Linda, "she'll do anything you say without hesitation?"

"But of course."

"Prove it!"

I had expected this, as some people are so predictable. "Janine," I said calmly, "turn around and lift your dress." The only sound in the room was the ticking of the clock as she slowly turned and flipped the back of her dress up to reveal her succulent bottom framed in the transparent high waisted pants. Her face was bright red and I saw she was careful to keep the front of the dress down, probably hoping I wouldn't notice. That brought a slight smile to my face, as I knew the front of her panties would be displaying a large wet spot.

"My God," breathed Alan.

"Take the panties off, Janine," I said and I saw her shiver slightly but her thumbs hooked in the waistband and I knew she was going to do it; my heart soared at her commitment to me. "No, I said softly, "I've changed my mind. You may drop your dress." A slight sigh of relief escaped her and she looked at me gratefully.

Barbara threw her napkin onto the table. "I think I've had enough to eat! Let's go everyone," she ordered pushing her chair back with an angry scrape, Cindy immediately standing.

"So soon?" I smiled. "What a shame."

Barbara glared at me but ignored my comment. "Come on you two," she said to Linda and Alan.

"I might stay here," Linda said, raising an eyebrow at me. "This looks far more interesting."

"I think not," I said flatly, holding her gaze until she broke contact and slowly stood.

"We'll show you out," I said graciously and we escorted them to the door.

Barbara suddenly turned and grasped Janine's elbows. "Come with us, Janine. We'll go to the police."

Janine peeled Barbara's fingers from her arm. "You don't understand, I want to be here, I want to be her slave and I love her. Thank you for coming."

When we closed the door on them, Janine stood withy her eyes down. "I'm sorry, Madame I spoke with out your permission just then."

"Not at all, little one, I was so proud of you but of course a little spanking later?" I slipped my hand under her dress to feel her shaven pussy through the panties. "Just as I thought, you are soaking wet. You are such a little slut, yes?"

"Yes Madame," she said happily.

"Clean up and wait for me in the bedroom. I have something for you."

She was waiting for me naked and kneeling by the bed, the light glinting softly on her collar and her arousal lightly scenting the room. "Stand for me, beautiful one," I said softly and she scrambled to her feet, arms folded behind her as she had been taught so her breasts jutted forward.

I stood behind her and softly kissed the back of her neck just above her collar and she trembled. "Do you remember when I took your jewellery in the restaurant, pet?" Janine nodded, watching me as I walked in front of her, my hand behind my back. "Give me your left hand." Without hesitation she held her hand out and I took it gently, slipping the ring onto her finger.

There was wonder in her face as she studied the flat steel ring and examined the engraved words on the surface of it, a question rose to her lips but she held it, waiting for permission and I nodded. "Madame, please tell me what this means."

"It is French, translated it is 'Owned by Love'. That is all." The realisation swum over her and her eyes glistened with tears and I couldn't resist her devotion or her beauty any longer. Our lips merged and I hungrily sucked her in as the palm of my hand gently cupped her wet mound. "Now, let us love" I whispered and she murmured, "Of course Madame," as she slowly sunk to her knees.

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