tagBDSMOwned Ch. 01

Owned Ch. 01


I am owned.

It seems a strange thing to say, but there it is. I am owned by my housemates. There are three of them -- Simon, Justin and Karen -- and they own me.

Well, perhaps it might more accurately be described used rather than owned, but as I lie here in my bed with a bruised and battered pussy and with Simon's cum leaking out into my knickers, I feel pretty owned.

Battered and bruised because we all had a pretty great time last night and all of them had sex with me at least once. And Simon's cum is leaking out into my soaking wet knickers because this morning, just before he had to leave to go to hockey practice, he came into my room. He greeted me, kissed me gently on the forehead and told me to take off my knickers. Of course I did at once. Then he got into bed with me and put his beautiful darling rock hard penis into me and fucked me gently for about 15 minutes. I must have cum at least half a dozen times even though my pussy was still so sore from all of last night's activities. And then he ejaculated in me. Simon always produces loads of cum -- more than any other boy I've ever known -- and so it was leaking out of me immediately and even as he lay on top of me feeling post orgasmic, I could feel his cum running down between my buttocks and the wet patch growing on the sheet. After a few minutes he pulled his cock out of me, kissed me again and watched as I put my knickers back on. Then he left. I don't do what some girls do and go to the loo to clean up or wipe myself with a tissue. I'm not allowed to, at least not at once. So having cum flowing into my knickers is something that happens to me all the time. They are never happier than when I'm full of their cum and my knickers are soaked, and I'm never happier than when they are happy.

If I'm lucky, Justin will come and see me when he wakes up and have sex with me. He doesn't mind having me when Simon's cum is still there and I love it. Or maybe he will have sex with Karen this morning. Oh yes, we all do it to each other. We were 'friends with benefits' from a couple of weeks after we met in the first days of university. I had sex with Justin first, but within two weeks I had slept with all three of them, but that was a long time before I came to belong to them. We each do all of the others. I really mean it. The boys do each other too, and I that's unfashionable and will turn some people off, but there's nothing wrong with being bisexual. Watching the two of them together is beautiful. Besides, all men think that girls should be bisexual, so what's with all the hypocrisy? Sex is beautiful. Sex is exciting. Sex is sex. So we all do each other. But I'm the only one who is owned.

If Justin does go to see Karen then she will probably called me through to her room afterwards to clean her up. She loves oral sex, particularly when she had just been fucked but still wants a couple more orgasms, and I always get the job. It's quite strange licking a boy's semen from another girl's vagina, especially when the guy who put it there is watching you do it, which they often do. Stranger still if at the same time another boy has his penis inside you and is sliding it in an out to the rhythm of your licking. Strange and mind blowing. The first time it happened to me I came so hard that I passed out for a moment, my face still glued to Karen's pussy and now smeared with her juices and Justin's semen while Simon's cock was buried deep inside me.

After I've cleaned Karen up she will probably take me into the shower and wash me. It's really just an excuse to make me orgasm again -- she loves to play with my clitoris and make me cum, and she seems particularly keen on making me cum standing up. After that, who knows? It's Sunday, so we might go out and see friends or maybe go to the pub. It's winter, so I might be allowed to wear trousers instead of a skirt, but probably not. They prefer it when I wear skirts as it makes me more accessible. More biddable. It wouldn't be the first time that I had been made to masturbate in public or been fucked in some alley behind a pub or on the bus on the way there or back. Or both. I'll be allowed to wear thick stockings, so I won't get too cold, and maybe I'll be allowed knickers.

Or perhaps we'll go to the supermarket. We do need to stock up on a few things as the cupboards are looking a bit bare. If we do then they might make me wear the remote controlled egg that they got for me. It vibrates when they flip a switch on a key fob thing. Works up to 50 meters. We know because we tested it for range in the local supermarket when it arrived. I orgasmed 3 times. It's really difficult to orgasm in such a way that no-one notices. The last one I nearly lost control and only holding onto a shelf stopped me from collapsing. Karen thought it was beautiful.

So how did we get to this? I guess I asked them to. It started the day after we moved into the house at the end of first year. By then we had been sleeping together for about nine months and we were each loving the experience of having three willing sexual partners without the formality of having a partner. Or maybe it was more like having three partners. We got pretty drunk that night and I made a tearful confession that I was in love with them all and I just wanted to please them all the time. They could do what they wanted, when they wanted.

I've always been a bit like that. Even when I was a kid I was always the one who was ready to play doctor or 'you-show-me-yours!' When I was older I let boyfriends touch me when we were snogging, which nice girls didn't do, and then when I started to have sex I was, shall we say, pretty obliging. I don't know why. I love to have sex and to make people happy and I think it all stems from that. I wanted them to do what they wanted so that they would be happy, because them being happy made me happy. Anyway, because that night I was pretty drunk I got quite tearful and said that I didn't do enough to make them happy and that they should do more to get their pleasure with me. They could do what they liked because their happiness was much more important than mine and it was killing me that there might be more that I could do. I was sobbing by then.

Karen was sitting next to me on the sofa and hugged me as I cried, trying to make me feel better. But what really made me feel better was feeling Justin unzip my trousers and pull them and my knickers down. He rearranged me so that Karen was still hugging me but that my bum was pointing in his general direction, and he entered me. No foreplay, no messing around, he just pushed cock into my vagina. I wasn't exactly dry, but I wasn't my usual aroused self either but I felt my moisture descending almost immediately and Justin settled into a steady rhythm, sliding his cock in and out of me and holding onto my hips. Simon came over, unzipped his trousers and offered me his cock. I opened my mouth and took him inside, and began to suck him through the sobs and through a veil of tears.

So there we were on the couch. Karen still had her arms around me and was stroking my hair with one hand and playing with Simon's balls with the other. Simon was standing in front of me with his cock in my mouth, and Justin was between my legs gently sliding his cock in and out of my vagina. No-one said a word and the only sounds were my occasional sobs and the sound of wet flesh on wet flesh as I sucked and was fucked. After a while, I felt the boys stiffen and begin to jerk as they approached their crises. First to go was Simon, who ejaculated into my mouth. I swallowed down every drop of his semen, because that's what people like. Then, as Simon was withdrawing his now wilting cock from my mouth, I felt Justin shudder and heard him gasp and I knew that he was filling my pussy with his own cum. Karen kissed me on the forehead and, perhaps feeling a little left out, took the hand that she had been using to play with Simon's balls as I sucked him, slid it down the front of her trousers and began to masturbate. I burst into tears, but this time with tears of joy. I had never been happier.

And so it began. But why am I telling you this? I want to record it for posterity, and so I have decided to write it down, chapter by chapter, while the events are sill clear in my memory. I don't want to lose a single second of what has now been a wonderful eight months. I hope it lasts forever. And of course because you might like to hear about it, and that would make me happy too.

I am owned. And I wouldn't change it for the world.

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