tagBDSMOwner's Manual Ch. 02

Owner's Manual Ch. 02


My body ached from its use yesterday. I moved to Master and knelt by his bed. He was beginning to wake and reached over and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head to his cock. It was semi-erect. My lips immediately sucked him in. I swirled my tongue around the head and licked feeling it grow inside my mouth.

It quickly began to become too much for my mouth but Master kept my nose to his pubic hair until I began to gag. He released my hair and allowed me to work his cock with my hands and mouth. I tried to take more of him down my throat but gagged each time.

Master pressed a button above his bed and the girl from yesterday entered the room. She moved beside me and rooted me out of the way and immediately buried Master's cock down her throat. She bobbed her head slightly, keeping the enormous cock all the way down her throat.

Master's hips were bucking and he began to grunt as his orgasm came and his cum pumped into the girl. I was ashamed and could not look as she had pleasured Master, where I could not.

Master gave some instructions to the girl and she led me to the far wall of Master's suite. She clipped the cuffs on my wrists to a hook on the wall. She placed a gag in the shape of a small penis to my mouth. It pressed into the back of my throat and gagged me. She cupped my breast and whispered into my ear to "relax and slow your breathing". I did as she instructed and my anxiety subsided. The girl then attached a very large spreader bar to my ankles and went back to Master.

Master told me that my inability to take his cock into my throat had displeased him. He instructed me that I would be wearing this penis gag so that my throat would become accustomed to having a cock in my throat. Now I was strapped to his wall in order to watch my slave sister Jennie be rewarded for her skills.

Master arose and moved toward me. Jennie followed and lay across a leather pad. Master came behind her and nudged her pussy with his still erect cock. Master's thick cock sliced the wet folds of Jennie's cunt. His movements were slow and steady, each gyration made her shudder. Her more than ample breasts swayed as she was fucked by our Master.

She whimpered with each stroke but met each one with equal force back into him. Master leaned forward and cupped her dangling breasts and pulled her back into him. She instantly became more vocal and threw her head from side to side. Master quickened his pace as Jennie became more out of control.

My slave sister asked for permission to cum several times but each time she was denied as Master's eyes never left mine. Jennie was obviously struggling with this but appeared to holding back. Her whimpers became more of a guttural moan from deep inside her body. She asked again for permission to come. Master hesitated, but gave her permission.

She screamed and bucked, totally lost in the ravages of her orgasm, an orgasm that she was permitted to have by her owner. Master drove his cock deep inside her as his cum filled her slut hole. Jennie quickly spun and knelt at Master's feet. His cock was glistening from their combined cum. Jennie leaned in and began cleaning the sticky cum from his cock. She licked his enormous balls and then took the entire length of the still semi-erect cock into her throat. She was humming as she completed her task. I envied her talents and what reward she had received this morning.

I watched every movement between Jennie and Master. My cunt was on fire and my nipples showed my obvious desire. I had forgotten about the gag in my mouth and found that I was sucking on the phallus like it like it was providing me nourishment. Master came and removed my gag and released me from my restraint. He grabbed my hair and pushed me down and led me by my hair to Jennie.

She had moved to his bed and was splayed out on her back with her legs up and spread wide. Master took my hair and began wiping Jennie's sticky, cum covered pussy with my hair. He pushed some of my hair into her cunt and cleaned her out. He pushed me back and quickly knelt in the display position on my knees with my arms locked behind my back and my knees spread wide.

Master gave Jennie instructions and left to shower off and prepare for the day. Jennie led me to Master's closet and began attaching clamps to my nipples, labia and my aching clitoris. Each leather strand again was attached to a weight.

Next, I was bent forward and a smallish plug was inserted into my virgin ass. She was kind and had applied lube. The plug had several long hairs like a horses tail coming out the end.

My slave sister called for me to follow her, with that I led out onto the deck of the yacht and given a bucket of water and a brush and instructed to clean the entire deck before lunch. Jennie said that Master was expecting guest tonight and wanted the boat to be presentable.

I worked all morning scrubbing the deck. As before, each movement I made emphasized the pulling of the weights on my sex. My nipples were being pulled while my clit was so engorged I was afraid I would orgasm. When I finished, Jennie instructed me to go below, remove my clamps, shower and prepare for our guest this evening. I was not to cum, but clean myself thoroughly and get some rest. She giggled as she added that I "would need it".

To be continued.......Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions.

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