tagBDSMOwner's Manual Ch. 03

Owner's Manual Ch. 03


It was late in the evening when Jenny came to wake me. I was dressed in thigh high nylons, 6 inch "fuck me" pumps and wrist cuffs and my collar. Jenny brushed my hair and placed it in a tight bun. A leash was snapped into my collar and I was led to the deck of Master Martin's yacht.

All of Master's slave/crew were lined at the dock plank of the boat. As guest arrived they were matched with a slave/crew member. Generally it was females with males and vice-versa. My leash was given to my Master. He touched my face gently and smiled. Without a word, my juices were flowing, nipples erect and aching.

With all the guests on board, Master gave the signal to embark and the yacht slowly pulled away from the dock. I was to find out that we were heading to Master's Island Estate.

Master led me to the main deck of the yacht and had me kneel beside him. I presented as I had been taught. My legs were spread, arms behind my back and interlocked, and my head down. This position demonstrated my submission and displayed my body with my dripping cunt open, the curve of my ass, my breast and erect nipples presented for all to see.

Master Martin spoke and welcomed all to his yacht. He told the guest that his slaves/crew were to be used in any way that they needed. Master explained that we had all been trained and matched with each specific guest's desires. The guest thanked Master with a hearty round of applause.

Master looked down at me, unzipped his trousers and removed his cock and offered it to me. I quickly turned and took his offering into my wet mouth. As my tongue swirled around the large head Master was greeting guests and individually talking with the guests. My head was bobbing on the length of the organ. I was earnestly trying to make him cum when he ordered me to stop and greet one of the guests. I turned and was about to offer a greeting when the guests cock was presented to me to suck. It was smaller than Master's but I took it without delay, knowing any delay would have angered Master.

My lips engulfed the organ as I buried my face into the crotch of the unknown guest. I could hear Master and the guest talking about my oral skills. I felt a hand reach for my left nipple. A finger and thumb grasp my erect bud and firmly twisted it. My groan vibrated on the now fully erect organ in my wet mouth. The guest grunted and shot his hot sperm down my throat. I took all of the seed offered and held it in my mouth as the cock was removed. I opened my mouth and displayed the offering to my Master until I was instructed to swallow my gift. Master patted my head and pulled me to his side. I returned to my display position. Master continued to greet guest and was offer to greet many of them as I had the first. Some were female but most were males.

Hours had past and my mouth and nipples were getting pretty sore as Master allowed me to look around the room. I saw many of Master's slaves in various states of sexual servitude. I saw male slaves fucking their assigned Mistresses, as well as, orally servicing them. I saw female slaves taking cocks in every one of the slave holes. Several slaves were being flogged, led around by leashes, and some discarded and covered with multiple loads of cum.

A guest came to my Master and asked where they may use the restroom. Master tugged on my collar and I thought that Master was going to have them relieve themselves on me. I was relieved when he instructed me to show them the facilities down below. My leash was handed off to the guest and I led him down to the main deck and ushered him to the guest restroom. I was amazed to find a large box in the entry of the room. A large pair of breasts was shoved through two holes in the box. They were about 38FFs and the erect nipples were pierced with gold loops dangling. The golden hoops were connected to a hand towel. When the guest had finished, he offered his cock to me. I quickly knelt and took the cock into my mouth and cleaned it. The guest washed his hands and dried them with the hanging towel. The drying caused the faceless breasts to moan from within the box. The guest instructed me to tip the towel girl. With this I noticed that there was a small slot at the waist and I pushed my small hand inside to find a very wet cunt. I inserted two fingers and worked them in and out as my thumb swept the erect clit. The towel girl moaned as I brought her to orgasm. I removed my hand and instinctively cleaned her juices with my tongue.

Master greeted us on our return. He patted my head and I returned to my display position. My cunt was clearly leaking down my legs and I was needing to cum. Master must have noticed this and moved his boot between my legs and nestled it to my cunt and allowed me to grind on the toe of his boot. My hips were moving back and forth. My clit was rubbing on the boot tip. I trust my breasts out and Master roughly grabbed them and pulled them away from my body. I bit my lip and softly asked permission to cum. Master held his command as I continued to grind. A moan escaped my lips as he grasped my nipples and violently twisted the erect buds. I asked for permission to cum again. Master asked me whose cunt I was rubbing on his boot. I screamed that I was his slave and that I was rubbing HIS cunt on his boot. Master simply said the word cum and I let go and my orgasm flushed out onto his boot. I lost my balance and fell at his feet.

Two male slaves picked me up as several female slaves knelt at Master's feet and licked cum from his boot. The females then turned their attention to cleaning my cunt "Master's cunt". The party continued for several more hours. I lost count of how many guests I serviced or how many times I was allowed to cum for my Master's enjoyment.

At the end of the night, actually early morning, Master allowed me to release the towel girl from her box. When the box was opened I found that the 38FFs with the golden piercings was my own 18yo daughter. Master had her breasts enlarged and pierced during my training days. I fell on the floor crying. Master had her brought to his bedroom tied to the bed with her legs and hands both tied to the headboard. Her legs raised above her head. Her wet and wanton cunt was displayed. Master instructed me to service his newest slave. I hesitated. Master grasped my hair and dragged me between the spread legs of my daughter. I leaned in and began to lap at her cunt. She moaned to my ministrations and started cumming with every lick of my tongue. Master pushed my face into my daughter's cunt as I lapped cum from her cunt. When she finished a leash was clamped into my collar and I was led to the main deck and lashed to the forward pole. Nipple clamps were attached with their feathers and weights. A butt plug and oversized dildo were inserted. A harness was clamped in place to keep the phalluses in place. I was left in the early morn to contemplate my misgivings. My thoughts were filled with what Master was doing to my daughter as the large boat rocked with each wave. The constant rocking kept my mind going back and forth with pain and pleasure I was getting from my tortured body and my tortured mind with the flashes of what was happening down below. As I moaned with each rocking wave, I heard my daughter's moaning below. Master's cock was training another cunt to service him. I collapsed totally spent and truly broken.

To be continued...

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