tagBDSMOwning Bella Ch. 01

Owning Bella Ch. 01


Authors note: I have used this first chapter as an introduction of sorts to the characters from my original series, "Mastering Bella". For those of you who read that series please bear with me as I begin to take Mel and Bella on this new journey.

Prologue: from the series Mastering Bella.

She watched him then and knew she trusted him. She was not scared of any of this. On the contrary, she was excited by it and she wanted to learn more, to know her limits and his. The idea of going back to the normal world of half hearted oral sex and a quick fuck where she didn't get the chance to get off did not appeal at all.

Could she sign over her life to him, give him the total control he craved beyond the exciting albeit harsh sex? She continued to watch him chewing her lip. This weekend had erased almost all her fears from the week she had spent as his submissive and. if she was honest with herself, she knew this morning when he had not been there that she needed him to be. Talking with Dianne and then him in the car she seemed to find boundaries she could live within or at least try to. She wouldn't be trapped like a prisoner, and she could say no if anything was too much. He wasn't married anymore, so it could work in both worlds eventually, she hoped.

Taking a breath, she knew the choice had been made. Bella crawled from the basket towards the man who knew her so well and knelt before him as he stopped to look down on her. She trembled a little and took a deep breath, knowing she was not saying everything she had been told, but remembering enough to hopefully make it sound sincere.

"Sometimes," she began quietly, "what seems like surrender isn't surrender at all. It's about what's going on in our hearts as well as our minds. About seeing clearly the way life is and accepting it and being true to it, whatever the pain, because the pain of not being true to who you are is far greater," she look up at him, his face was unreadable and she trembled more as she continued with the quote Dianne had given her.

"I choose a man who compels my strength. Who makes enormous demands on me. Who does not doubt my courage or my toughness. Who does not believe me naive or innocent. Who has the courage to treat me like a woman." His eyes bored into her as she spoke and her voice started to break in her anxiousness. "I accept and understand who you are and what you ask of me and I offer the gift of my submission and trust you to cherish it and hold it close to your heart. May I please wear your collar Master to show all others who I belong to."

There was a long silence and she finally lowered her eyes. 'Had she done it wrong?' she worried over her words then. She had knelt on display open and available, she had tried to remember everything she needed to say, why did he just stare at her not saying anything? She chewed at her lip trying to hold back tears she felt welling in her eyes. 'He had changed his mind. He didn't want her after all,' the thought wounded her deeply.

He reached down and fisting her hair pulled her to her feet then her toes as she whimpered softly. "Look at me," he said his voice thick with emotion. She tilted her eyes up to his. "I have never wanted anything more than I wanted to hear those words from you, my Ellie. You will wear my collar," he encircled her throat with his hand, "around your pretty neck but first," he growled, "I will take what is mine to take so you understand that every inch of you belongs to me now."

She quivered in fear and anticipation. Turning, he strode toward a padded bar dragging her by her hair behind him.

"Stay," he said as he bent her over the bar, he threw open a chest and snatched at something within returning to her he unbuckled the belt almost ripping it from her body. The vibrator fell to the floor shining with wetness.

Smacking her ass he growled, "Open."

Balancing precariously on her toes, Bella reached back and pulled her cheeks apart listening to his clothes fall to the floor. She twisted her head wanting to see him but almost lost her balance. She whimpered softly as he pulled her thighs wide. Placing his hands in the small of her back he slammed his cock into her tight wet hole, revelling in her cry of surprise and pain. He pumped into her several times with force until she took all of him and he growled in pleasure.

Holding deep within her, his fingers sought out the plug. She felt the drip of oil coat her cheeks and the cleft between them as he pushed and pulled on the plug within her making her whimpers and panting louder. He pulled the plug from her inserting his fingers into the gaping hole pulling it wider and dripping the cool oil into her. She could feel his cock twitch within her as he pumped his fingers into her tightest little hole.

He was so aroused by this girl who was finally truly his, her acceptance of him and her place in his life had fuelled his desire to dominate her totally. He watched mesmerised, as her ass, became open and accessible. He worked her further opening the tight muscles with his fingers, coating her in oil until he could hold back no longer. Pulling from her cunt he lifted his cock to ass. He felt her stiffen as she realised his intent and he slapped her cheek growling, "Relax."

Bella took a deep shuddering breath and tried to relax but her mind was screaming at her, 'His cock is too big! He will rip you in half!' She bit down hard on her lip and closed her eyes, fear and adrenaline feeding her arousal. She had given him this power and it overwhelmed her senses as she felt him push into her slowly. Bella squealed as the head popped past her tight anal ring, her muscles instinctively pushing at his cock. She relaxed the push feeling him move further into her making her push against him again, her own muscles aiding the cock in sinking into her deeper each time they strained against the intruder.

"Fuck..." Mel groaned she was so tight it was almost painful but he revelled in her howling gasps as he worked his way into her deeply. "Yes, slut, use those muscles." he slapped her ass again and ploughed into her deeply as her scream sang out into the room. Holding still, he growled deeply as her pushing and clenching muscles milked at his cock. He reached out pulling her up by her hair bowing her back.

"Say it again," he roared, "Beg to be my slave. Beg to wear my collar."

Her words came out in stilted sobbing mewls as he stayed locked within her not moving. "I offer... you... my submission... please... may I... wear... your collar... Master."

Mel reached under her and rolled her clit between his fingers roughly, "Cum, MY slave. Cum now." He felt her tense and cum causing her muscles to spasm around his cock and he let go off his own need flooding her bowels. Mel let go of her hair and let her collapse over the beam and he slowly withdrew from her. The sight of her gaping hole slowly closing as it leaked with his cum igniting his need for her all over again, but he had other plans for tonight. "You are such a hot little slut." He picked her up and carried her still trembling body from the room.

He carried back to her apartment, placing her gently in the bath and turning on the water in a warm flood. Placing a towel on the edge of the tub to cushion her head, he smiled at her. "Relax Ellie," he poured some sweet smelling salts into the bath water, "rest here for a little while it will hurt less."

Her whole body ached and the discomfort she felt in her ass was slowly soothed by the warm water. She closed her eyes, gone were the nagging doubts and self analysis of the last week. She had accepted she wanted this, or at least wanted to explore more of it with this man who adored her, her Master. She felt a freedom she hadn't expected in becoming his slave. She had lived and learned so much in the last week, and the truth was it excited her, all of it. She turned to smile at him as he returned, "I forgot to say thank you, Master."

He grinned at her, "You know, I did not even notice. You have made me a very happy man tonight. Thank you my Ellie."

"It did not please me, however," he held up a chain for her to see, "to find you had removed this today."

Her eyes widened as the Tinkerbell pendant hung from the chain in his hand. She opened her mouth to apologise but he held up his hand stilling her. "I was not clear enough in my instructions and you could not have known its significance." She tilted her head watching him curiously as he slid the fairy pendant off the chain handing it to her. "A friend of mine made this when I told him I was going to claim a slave girl for my own," he picked up a finely crafted filigree padlock in the shape of a heart, "With this the chain becomes an everyday collar." Mel pulled the rope like chain around her neck and threading the lock arm of the heart through the loops at the ends of the chain locked it in place around her neck.

Bella breathed deeply as she heard it click into place. Sitting back he smiled at her, "People who do not live our lifestyle will see it only as a pretty necklace. You will not remove it without permission and then only to replace it with either a training collar or my formal collar. You will always wear one of my collars to show who you belong to and how proud I am that you are mine." He smiled and stroked her cheek leaning in to kiss her deeply.


Owning Bella Ch 1.

He handed her a basket containing all her soaps and cleansers from her apartment, "Most of these will need replacing but they will do for tonight. Clean up, we are going out. You have fifteen minutes to be out of this bath."

She squeaked and losing her balance slipped under the water, coming back up she spluttered, "Yes, Master."

He chuckled and stroked her wet hair from her face, "Without drowning please, little one."

She grimaced and nodded, "Yes, Master." He got up to leave and turned to smile at her again but she had turned from him rifling through the basket and pouring shampoo into her hand.

She stepped from the bath after hurriedly scrubbing every inch of her body and shaving the already smooth areas. She wrapped her well used body in a large fluffy pink towel and searched the cupboards for a hairdryer. She semi dried her hair before running an anti frizz gel through her unruly waves, confident it would dry sufficiently on its own she started on her make up having found it in one of the drawers.

She had seen him pace outside the door as he spoke on his phone watching her constantly like she might disappear before his eyes. She stepped out of the bathroom, "Right. I will see you there, Rob," he said and hung up. Reaching out he pulled the towel from her and threw it back into the bathroom. "Come, my little princess." He led her over to kneel beside the one single seat couch in the room, a smile touching his lips seeing her wince as she gracefully sat back on her heels.

He stroked her cheek lightly as he raised his phone to his ear again, "Hi Joe, she's all moved in and settled... No not a sign of him... yeah better safe than sorry... I am just going to take her out for a bite to eat then put her to bed. I don't think she got much sleep last night... Sure, here she is."

Mel passed her the phone and Bella smiled, "Hi Daddy... Oh yes the apartment is amazing... Yes of course I thanked him properly... No I am not using my phone. Mel rang you remember... Okay.... Hi Mummy ...."

Mel smirked as she answered the same questions over again and promised to call the following day with a new phone number. She gave excuses to cut the call short and looked up at him. "Thank you she said quietly, "...they were worried about me."

"Ellie, you are my responsibility now, that includes all that comes with you, family, friends, even ex-boyfriends," he said the last with an edge to his voice, "I would never give them any doubt about your safety and happiness." He reached out to stroke her face again and smiled softly, "Being mine is not all about pain and pleasure and sex. It is about pleasing me in everything you do. In turn, it is my responsibility to ensure your well-being in all facets of your life."

Her parents would never know of their true relationship, but she was grateful he understood her need to still be their sweet daughter. She looked up her fingers going to the everyday collar about her neck, "Yes, Master. I didn't realise..."

"You know now," he cut her off. Pulling her up to his lap he wrapped his arms around her. "You are irresistible, my little Ellie," his hands stroked over her ass and thighs, "and if I don't get you ready soon we will never make our dinner date." Bella smiled up at him and leaned into his chest revelling in this softer side of her Master that she had so rarely seen in the last week.

He picked her up with him as he stood and walked with her to her bedroom. Putting her down on her feet her tilted her chin to him and kissed her lightly, "Your wardrobe is sadly lacking, my pet. We will go shopping this week for clothes appropriate to being my slave." Picking up a white satin slip dress he pulled it over her head and stepped back to inspect the length, "Those stockings and shoes," he murmured pointing at the bed and left her there for several long minutes to pull a lace topped stocking onto each leg to nestle around her thigh.

He returned with a white leather waist cincher and adjusting the slip to pull tightly over her breasts and ride up over her hips to form a gathered skirt. He tightened the leather in place making her concentrate on breathing shallowly. As she looked into the mirror, she was stunned at the curves it gave her girlish figure. "It will do for tonight," he smirked and smacked her ass lightly to hear her whimper, "Mm, such a tight little ass. You may wear these tonight as I am feeling benevolent," he twirled a white G string on his finger, his smirk lingering. "You look lovely, my little pet. Now put your hair up off your neck. Use a white ribbon." He passed her the G string.

She watched him walk from her room; he was handsome in dark pants and a white cotton shirt, open casually at the collar. She quickly put on the G string and pulled her hair up not spending time trying to tame the wayward strands that curled around her face. Reapplying a small amount of neutral lip gloss, she followed him out to where he waited by the door. She basked in the pleasure of his smile as he reached out and stroked her cheek.

"Good girl," he spoke softly curling his hand around the nape of her neck and propelling her out the door toward the lift. She tried not to fidget and pulled her hands behind her back, his hand feeling heavy on her neck. As the lift arrived and his club card slipped into the slot she found her panic at disappointing him returning. Her mind kept rolling the words 'I want him and he wants me. No one else matters,' like a mantra through her mind.

Bella looked up, she was about to speak but the lift doors opened and he propelled her before him into the club. Not stopping as they wore no coats he walked her through the reception toward the salon. A goliath of a man approached them. Mel smiled, shaking his hand in greeting, "Thanks for your help this afternoon moving my girl's apartment. This," he smiled down at her, "is my Ellie. Ellie this is Sir Stephen."

"The rumours were true for once," Stephen smirked, "Hello, Ellie. I didn't believe any girl would meet Mel's high expectations, yet here you are. Congratulations."

She spoke quietly, "Thankyou, Sir Stephen. It's very nice to meet you."

Turning back to Mel he clapped him on the shoulder, "Many slave hearts will break tonight. Word travels fast. Several friends have been wondering when you would arrive."

Mel chuckled, "They can wait. We are starving. Can you find us a nice out of the way booth?"

The goliath let out a loud laugh, "What and ruin all their fun? Not me, Mel." Still laughing he chuckled, "Follow me."

Her Master's hand tightened on her neck and Bella looked up at him nervously as they began to follow Sir Stephen into the club. She looked around once again remembering the rich dark décor that had so overwhelmed her two days earlier. 'Had it only been two days?' she wondered as they walked through the salon bar to the restaurant. Bella's eyes widened as they approached a large round table full of people, some of who she recognised, most of whom she didn't and she felt herself quiver in anxiety that she still didn't really belong here.

Mel groaned and turned to Stephen as they approached the table, "Take Bella to the den and get her something decent to eat. I don't want her fainting from starvation while I talk to all these friends." His smile told her he was pleased his friends were here as he leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Go with Sir Stephen. You will be safe with him, my precious pet." He stroked her cheek, and turned back to Stephen, "I think this will be a late night. I will send one of the girls in to keep her company. Make sure she eats."

"Sure thing," Stephen bent low and took Bella around the waist hoisting her up and over his shoulder in a fireman's hold and strode off quickly toward a side door. Lifting her head she watched her Master approach the table and laugh happily as men got up to shake his hand or clap him on the shoulder before the door closed on her view.

Bella was put down unceremoniously on a comfortable seat at a small table. "You will be fine here." Stephen's voice rumbled and he smiled. "Now what would you like to eat?"

"I don't know," she whispered, "I am not a fussy girl. It's just I do not know your menu. I am sorry. Could you ask my Master or decide for me, please, Sir Stephen?"

Sitting on the other side of the table Stephen looked at her. "If I let you out of my sight, Mel would probably have me fired, so let's talk about the menu." He had just convinced her to try a combination platter as she would have company no doubt to help her eat it and was calling the kitchen when Dusty came in quietly and leaned over to rub her cheek against Bella's.

Bella was surprised, "Hello, Dusty."

Dusty's voice was deep and soft, "Congratulations Bella. I don't think Mel has stopped smiling but he won't give much information away."

Bella blinked, "Information?"

"About you of course, only a few of us met you the other day and there is quite a crowd out there," Dusty saw the look of panic enter Bella's face and tried to reassure her, "They're all friends. The curiosity will wear off quickly, don't worry."

Changing the subject, Dusty told Bella about her weekend and why they were still in the city as the food arrived and they ate. Seeing Bella relax, Dusty continued on about the farm she lived on with her Master.

Sir Stephen smiled as a man in full bikers leather waltzed into the room peeling off his jacket. Clasping each others forearms they gave each other a macho hug, bumping chests and clapping each other on the back. "Where is this delectable little morsel I had to rush up here for?" He ran his fingers through his long hair and looked around.

Stephen tilted his head in Bella's direction and she froze as the heavy boots clomped across the floor toward her. Dusty snorted and the man chuckled, "As talkative as ever I see, Dusty," his hand stroked her ponytail as he spoke, "And you little doll must be Ellie."

She lifted her head to look at him and gulped. Standing in front of her was the embodiment of many heated late night fantasies. She whispered, "Yes Sir."

"Master Rob," he corrected, "You can go now Dusty."

Dusty nodded and leaned over to rub her cheek on Bella's again before leaving.

"Stand up little doll let me look at you." Rob threw his jacket on a chair and put a leather box on the table watching Bella as she walked around the table to him. "Cute as a button, is that collar comfortable?" He reached out repositioning it and running his fingers over her neckline.

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