tagInterracial LoveOwning Beth

Owning Beth


I work as a secretary for a large investment firm in New York. My name is Beth and I'm thirty four. Been married to a wonderful guy for six years.

One of the girls, at work, wanted to celebrate her birthday. . She invited me and some of the other girls, for a drink at the little bar not far from our office after work. I'd intended to have one drink then make my excuse and leave but, for the first time in a long time, I felt relaxed. I was having a good time.

I excused myself and walked outside to make a call on my cell phone. I wanted to let my husband know that I would be late. He wasn't too pleased and became unreasonable. Irritated by his vile mood I cursed him and slammed the phone down.

"That's not the way to treat an innocent piece of equipment, Beth!"

A deep voice, I would have recognized anywhere, whispered from behind me. "You!" I exclaimed, my voice sounding strange, as if I was hearing some other woman talking.

My stomach lurched followed by a sinking feeling. My heart seemed to stop beating. I felt my toes curl. I started to perspire. I was having trouble breathing. Through my mind an image flashed of the way his thick penis had twitched, as he'd held it while urinating.

A week earlier the plumbing in the men's room had flooded and the men had to use our toilet. They were supposed to pin a sign on the door, if they were using it, but my boss must have forgotten because he was standing urinating, with the cubicle door open, when I'd walked in.

I could not help but look as the biggest cock I'd ever seen blasted its content into the bowl. He'd turned his head and looked at me and had made no effort to hide what he was doing. When he finished he gave his cock a couple of shakes then used a sheet of toilet paper to dry it.

He stroked it a couple of time and it grew and grew till it stuck out like a flagpole pointing at me. He was grinning evilly as he slowly put it away and calmly washed his hand before leaving the room.

On the way out he casually pressed his hand against my sex and I collapsed against the wall as an orgasm swept through me. I'd had no idea that I'd been so turned-on by the sight of his man's penis.. From that day I was a wreck and kept blushing fiercely every time I saw my boss and he knew it and would smile knowingly.

So there I was in the Bar with only my boss in the passage. Before I could turn around he pressed his body against my back and pinned me against the wall. I could clearly feel his erection pressing against my buttocks. His hands held my hips so that I couldn't pull away. My breath caught in my throat. The head of his hard penis wedged itself between my buttocks. It pressed hard against my anus.

Because it was so hot, at work due to faulty air-conditioning system, I was wearing only a dress and a tiny g-string. I'd taken my jacket off, after entering the pub. It felt as if there was nothing between us as the bulbous crown slowly moved up and down the cleavage, between my bum cheeks. I nearly passed out when I realized that the only way it could do this was if it was sticking out of his trousers.

His hands gripped my breasts. His fingers closed around my nipples, fingernails digging into the puckered flesh. The resulting pain was sharp and searing but strangely welcome; I gasped as it thundered through my body and came to rest between my legs. My pussy began to throb and I felt moisture begin to ooze out of my pussy.

My worst fears had come true I was alone with him and completely helpless. I was shocked rigid, that the man could be so brazen in a public place. I froze unable to move.

I should explain. My boss, who is black I might add and old enough to be my father, is very handsome and sexy. He's divorced and a letch and had been after me for ages but I'd always managed to keep him at arms' length.

However the sight of his huge black cock had haunted my dreams ever since I'd seen it and now I was trapped alone with my nemesis. We were in a short passage, leading to the lavatories. I knew that at any moment someone could make their way to the toilets and see us. I silently prayed that no one would come while, at the same time, hoping that one of the girls would need to go pee. I figured that I could escape the man's clutches without too much fuss.

Sensing that I was helpless he became bolder. He kissed the nape of my neck. The touch of his lips caused the short hairs to stand up. A shiver sped down my spine. One of his hands lifted up the back of my short skirt. The only garment protecting my pussy was my tiny g-string. The thong had been swallowed in the cleavage of my bottom, leaving my buttocks naked as I wasn't wearing anything on my legs.

I might have been in shock but my pussy was already reacting to his presence. I felt a bit of moisture between my legs. One of his hands slipped inside the front triangle, of my g-string. I felt the tips of his fingers slide easily along the slit of my pussy, making me realize just how wet I already was. His naked erection never stopped pressing between my ass cheeks almost as if he was trying to penetrate my smaller orifice, through my garment.

Despite my efforts to stifle it a deep-throated moan of pure pleasure came from my open lips as delicious tremors of exquisite ecstasy swept through my body. A finger located my clitoris and started to strum it into a vibrating hardness, adding another dimension to my arousal.

His tongue licked my ear lobe, one of my most sensitive erogenous zones. I felt my stomach knotting and my very wet pussy tingling wildly as overwhelming arousal flooded through my lower body.

Though my mind was scrambled, by conflicting emotions, I realized that he must have followed us and been waiting for this opportunity. I shivered with fear. I wondered how I could get out of the situation. I didn't know it for certain then but it was already too late!

He easily steered me into the men's room. The door, of the cubicle, had hardly closed behind us before he pushed me against the toilet. His eyes were hard, bright and cruel and completely mesmerizing. I started to protest but his mouth covered mine, smothering the words.

His tongue dug deeply inside my mouth. I soon discovered how powerless I was against his strength, boldness and my own swift arousal. The hot burning in my pussy was so intense that it was almost painful.

He pulled my short skirt up to my waist. His mouth was still covering mine allowing no sound to escape. His hands slipped up my naked thighs leaving a trail of goose bumps on the skin. His upper body pinned me as he held his hips away from mine so that his hand could more easily slip under the flimsy triangle of material.

His fingers combed through the curly tangle of my pubic hair. The other hand cupped one of my bare buttocks. His strong fingers kneaded the flesh, as if it was dough. Fingertips parted my pussy lips.

His middle finger slipped all the way into my wetness, adding even more heat to my arousal. I felt my treacherous vaginal muscles swiftly clamping around his finger, as if to make sure it stayed wedged inside my wetness.

In a last ditch effort I tried to wriggle away. I tried to protest, once again, but his tongue was deep inside my mouth stifling any sounds. My strength vanished when his thumb found the tip of my clitoris and teased it expertly.

I gasped into his mouth. I felt my taut body responding wildly to his expert touch. My love button was fully engorged and vibrating as he strummed it. My hands, of their own accord, gripped his shoulders. I felt an orgasm begin to swiftly rumble to life, somewhere in the depth of my womb.

I couldn't remember ever having been so quickly aroused. He slipped another thick finger inside my quivering pussy, while his thumb continued playing with my clitoris. I was shocked, to the core, when I realized that the loud squelching sounds were coming from my pussy. It was incredibly wet from being fingered by a man who was not my husband and who I had no respect for.

Suddenly I began to cum and couldn't control my body and had to clutch him for support. My orgasm lasted for a long time as my vagina gripped his fingers like a fist. My clitoris was vibrating and the squelching sounds were even louder. Love juices were sluicing out of my vagina as if I was peeing and coating his fingers and palm.

The man had managed to make me climax, with his fingers, with consumed ease something no other man ever had before.

My orgasm began to fade and my body limply sagged. He removed his finger, from my dripping vagina. My legs were so shaky that, when I tried to stand unaided, I slid down and ended up sitting on the toilet.

"You've been thinking about me since last week, haven't you, Beth?"

My boss said as he knelt, next to me. "You've been thinking about my cock and how wonderful it would feel wedged inside that white married pussy of yours! I bet you could think of nothing else over the weekend, Mrs. Warner."

How did it know?

He slipped the top of my dress, down baring my breasts. I wasn't wearing a bra and his mouth clamped around one of my nipples and started sucking. His hands pulled my g-string all the way off. With the last obstruction out of the way his fingers were free to slip in and out of my wetness freely while his mouth never stopped sucking on my throbbing nipples, keeping my arousal at a high pitch.

Because some of the arousal had been a little doused, by the orgasm, I was able to think a little more clearly. I felt madly guilty that I'd allowed him to control me so easily. His use of my married name made me think of my husband and how beastly I'd been to him on the phone.

Shamed by guilt I made another effort to extricate myself, from the dangerous situation. I managed to dredge up enough strength to get on all fours, intending to crawl away. It proved to be a mistake!

My short skirt was still bunched up around my waist and, without my g-string, my most intimate parts were completely exposed. His fingers gripped my hips and pulled them backward. My heavy breasts dangled so that the swollen nipples brushed against the floor. Reaching under me his hands cupped my orbs and kneaded them hard.

He toyed with the hard nipples, rolling them between his thumbs and forefingers, until they felt as if they would explode. There was pain and there was pleasure and the two sensations blended into one. My nipples were very hard and throbbing wildly. The tips of his fingers dug into the elastic flesh as he pulled my breasts downwards.

My husband is a gentle lover and I'd always responded to his tenderness. Suddenly I realized that the forceful way this man was handling my body had awakened a dormant desire to be conquered by a virile man. I wanted him to dominate me and treat me like a slut.

I groaned with ecstasy as waves of exquisite pleasure raced through my body. My head sank down on my arms and my bottom rose in the air and I could feel the head of his black cock lodging between the damp lips of my labia being coated with my sex juices.

Suddenly he thrust forward and lodged his rod deep into the heated moistness of my sex. I'd never been penetrated by such a huge cock before and I shrieked from the incredible pain of the initial brutal penetration.

Fortunately it was swiftly replaced by incredible pleasure. Responding lewdly I rolled my bottom around massaging the pulsing flesh of his penile crown with my vaginal flesh, as it sank a little deeper inside me.

I'd never experienced anything like it. It felt as if a thick branch was invading my pussy, stretching it further than anything I'd ever envisaged. There was pain but there was also incredible pleasure. I also realized, to my dismay, that I was committing adultery!

I'd promised my husband, as a bride, that I would be faithful to him forever yet there I was, with another man's massive cock wedged deep inside my sex and loving the sensation. Guilt swept through me but strangely it added to my arousal, instead of dampening it.

Unaware of the emotional turmoil I was being subjected to my boss's hands freed my breasts and slid between my thighs. He stroked the lips of my wet labia and thumbed the hard and slippery button of my clitoris as he continued to press his cock deeper and deeper inside my pussy.

He grunted with pleasure as I spread my thighs wide apart to make it easier for him to defile me. He pulled his cock back so that only the tip was still lodged between my sex lips. He gripped the base of his hard rod and rubbed it savagely up and down my pussy slit, lubricating the domed head with my copious sex juices.

Without warning he slammed the head back between my sex lips, with a powerful thrust of his hips, driving the full length of his penis deep into my receptive vagina. I received his hard, throbbing black cock inside me with a howl of pain and ecstasy. My legs were jerking spasmodically as I felt the huge thickness of the shaft surge all the way up inside me, opening me up as I'd never been before.

I never wanted it to stop. He skillfully used his considerable strength to pump his hard rod deep into me, again and again. He seemed to be striving to bury every inch of the hard cylinder of flesh deep into my receptive wetness.

Reaching beneath my clenched bottom he dug his fingernails into my flesh, causing me to heave my bottom up with convulsive jerks, as he continued to spear his hard black cock into my pussy with short but very fierce strokes. The pain emanating from my lacerated buttocks blended with the ecstasy from my vagina.

I contracted the muscles of my vagina, squeezing his rod, as I felt the onset of another orgasm. All my senses and emotions were cantered on the thrusting rod inside my vagina. I felt shivers rippling up and down my spine.

A sensation of hot, liquid heat bubbled deep inside my lower body. With an increased burst of energy my boss banged his pelvis against my bottom like a pile-driver. He was pumping his hard rod between the slippery walls of my vagina with shuddering thrusts causing my breasts to wobble all over the place.

I was fully complicit in my defilement as I heaved my ass up and down, grinding my pulsing pussy against him, squeezing his huge black shaft with my vaginal muscles. The pleasure was almost unbearable and, when it exploded, my huge orgasm was overwhelming.

It flowed around the tumescent cock wedged so deep inside my vagina like a maelstrom. I was only vaguely aware that he was filling my pussy with his semen, at the same time. He kept his cock wedged all the way inside me and my pussy sucked up every drop of seed. Weak and dizzy, from the fierce climax, I collapsed on the floor and felt his cock slipping out of the sheath of my sex.

He knelt up as I struggled to sit up. My emotions were in turmoil but I knew one thing for certain. Something had happened to me and I knew that I'd given myself completely to him and now, in a way, belonged to him and would do whatever he wanted.

"Beth that was fantastic!" he said.

"I knew from the moment I clapped eyes on you that you would turn out to be the most exciting woman I'd ever been with. From now on you're my property. I'm going to train you to become the best lover any man could hope for."

"Please don't! Please remember that I have a husband. I already feel so guilty that I've been so wicked."

"You are a married slut who's cuckolded her husband, Beth." He replied.

"You've tasted pleasure and you will crave for more. My seed is filling your dirty married pussy, at this moment, my dear so you see you're mine and I intend to have you as often as I want!"

I started to stand up but he forced me to my knees as he ordered me to clean his cock with my tongue. I did as ordered. I took the semi-hard organ into my mouth and, using my tongue, cleaned it.

Proudly I swallowed the combination of his sperm and my love juices. Strangely I felt privileged to be allowed to perform such an intimate act. I felt his sperm dribbling out of my vagina and trickling down the inside of my thighs. I think it was then that I realized that what he'd said was true. I was his to do whatever he wanted with.

Shakily I stood up. I started to wipe my pussy but he ordered me to stop and keep his sperm inside me so that I'd be reminded that I'd been conquered. Silently I got dressed. My emotions were in turmoil. I left first.

Thankfully there wasn't anybody around to see me sneaking out of the men's room. On shaky legs I went back into the bar. I was intensely aware of the sticky sperm drying on my skin causing it to pucker.

Fortunately the girls were too busy larking about to notice my flushed state. I sat there trying to sort out my emotions as I kept an eye out for my ravisher. Tremors continued pulsing inside my sex. I could feel that my clitoris was still swollen and ultra sensitive.

My boss must have gone out the back way because I didn't see him again, that evening. I felt as if I'd been abandoned. I prayed that he'd be waiting for me outside even if it meant having to debase myself again. He wasn't waiting. It's hard to describe my emotions as I made my way home.

My husband was angry, when I got home. How dared he when he'd neglected me for so long?

I told him to get lost and locked myself in the bedroom. I couldn't bear having him next to me. I'm sure that if he'd touched me I would have screamed. I took all my clothes off. I looked at myself in the mirror. My boobs were sore and I could see bruises on the inside of my thighs. My pussy was swollen and red-looking. I touched it and the lips flowered open.

I could see sperm shining inside the open passage. I slipped my middle finger inside my vagina. When I brought it out it was gleaming with sperm. I lifted it to my mouth and used my tongue to lick it clean.

As I swallowed another man's sperm I suddenly climaxed. It was so strong and so sudden that my legs gave way and I collapsed on the carpet. I squirmed and arched my back. My head was tossing from side to side.

One hand was squeezing a breast as spasm after spasm welled up in my sex before flowing through the rest of my body finally fading and leaving me so exhausted that I fell asleep on the carpet. Throughout my orgasm my mind had been filled with images of my boss.

His words were not idle ones and my boss has indeed trained me to be his obedient slave. He decided that he was going to breed me and now I am about three months pregnant and starting to show.

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