Owning My Friend's Mom

byMr Creator©

Shaking her head and more confused than ever, she reached for her skirt and blouse and put them on, without any underwear. She felt so naughty standing there looking at herself in the mirror, knowing her pussy was bare underneath the skirt and seeing the faint outline of her semi-erect nipples poking through the blouse. 'What would Stacey think if she knew?' Mrs. Clark asked herself. Slipping on a pair of matching heels, Mrs. Clark hurried out of the bedroom, not wanting to take too long and risk upsetting Greg any more.

Once downstairs again, she peered nervously around the corner and saw that Greg and Stacey were both seated at the kitchen table, eating bowls of cereal and having an amiable conversation. Taking a deep breath, she walked into the kitchen, kissed her daughter on the head and then quickly headed to the stove; ostensibly to offer to make breakfast for anyone, should they wish it. In reality she really just wanted to hide the fact that her nipples were prominently poking through her blouse and her face was red with embarrassment. When Stacey and Greg indicated that they did not want anything made for breakfast, she busied herself making some eggs and toast for herself.

While Mrs. Clark was working at the stove, Stacey informed her, "I'm heading to the beach today with Carol and Joan. I'll probably be back around 5pm." Dropping her dirty bowl into the sink, Stacey gave her mom a kiss on the cheek, grabbed her day bag and towel, and rushed out the door.

Once Greg heard the car pull out of the driveway, he cleared his throat and then began giving Mrs. Clark directions. "All right, Anne, turn around and walk over here," pointing to the floor in the middle of the kitchen. On wobbly legs, Anne shuffled over to the spot indicated, head bent low, unable to make eye contact.

"Now remove all of your clothing, Anne," Greg ordered. Blushing furiously, Anne reached up, and, with horribly shaking hands, began to undo the buttons of her blouse. When the last one was undone, she hesitated for a moment, but with a sigh of resignation, her shoulders slumping in defeat, she shrugged the blouse off of her shoulders, and let if fall to the floor. Her naked breasts, with nipples now as hard as rocks, stood prominently on display for her tormentor to see. As humiliated as she was, the weird, twisting feeling in the pit of her stomach wouldn't go away. It just seemed to push her on, force her to comply with his demands. Reaching behind her, she unzipped her skirt, and again, with the slightest of hesitations, she began to shimmy the skirt down her hips. When the newly shaven lips of her vagina came into view, Anne blushed an even deeper color red, which spread down her neck onto the tops of her shoulders. Once the skirt was past her thighs, Anne let gravity do the rest and let it fall about her feet. Stepping to the side with one foot, she used the other to lightly kick the skirt away from her.

Here she stood, completely naked, before her 18 year old tormentor, save for a pair of fuck-me heels. With great effort, Anne fought the urge to cover her newly shaved pussy, but instead kept her hands firmly at her side. Sensing Greg's eyes upon her, she could not bear to look up and meet them. She could only bite her lip and hover in that emotional space somewhere between excitement and crying, as she nervously awaited his next move.

She heard his chair scrape across the floor, as he pushed it back and rose to his feet. The weird twisting feeling in her stomach began to increase as she waited nervously for his next move. Mrs. Clark couldn't bear to raise her head and look at Greg, so she resigned herself to looking at his feet and following their movement.

Had she taken a moment to look up, she would have seen the enormous, shit-eating grin plastered across Greg's face. He looked like a kid in a candy store who had just been told he could have anything he wanted, and as much of it as he wanted. His eyes took in every inch of her body, as he slowly circled about her, nodding his head appreciatively at what he saw. He hadn't thought it possible, but for an 'older' woman, Mrs. Clark had an amazing body. Her breasts were still firm and supple, with no evidence of sagging at all. The nipples, when erect, stood out prominently from her chest, begging for attention. Moving down, she had a nice tight stomach and petite waist which flared beautifully at the hips, accentuating her gorgeously shaped ass. Her legs were lean and slender, and were a perfect end to a perfect body. Aside from being a few inches taller than Stacey, she was a mirror image of her.

Leaving her standing there, Greg walked over to the counter and, rifling through one of the drawers, pulled out the implement he was looking for. He had seen Mrs. Clark use this wooden spoon often, as she cooked the meals, but had never thought about using it in the manner he had planned. Smacking it several times into the palm of his hand, Greg marveled at the sound it made and the stinging sensation it left behind.

With nervous anticipation, Greg stepped in front of Mrs. Clark and said, "Now, Anne, for wearing inappropriate clothing this morning, you are going to be punished."

"But I...You never..." she began to stammer.

"Enough with your blubbering!" Greg shouted, cutting Mrs. Clark off mid-sentence. "You were already told not to wear that clothing, and yet you chose to willfully disobey me. You obviously need to be taught a lesson, and I intend to teach that lesson now," he said with emphasis.

Mrs. Clark wanted to argue with him, wanted to fight what was happening to her, but that sick feeling in her stomach just kept getting stronger, and she felt her willpower quickly draining away. She could only stand there, head lowered, shaking like a leaf, waiting for his next command. As scared and nervous as she was, she also was feeling excitement building from somewhere deep within her.

"Now, Anne, your punishment is not going to be pleasant. I'm not going to lie to you; it's going to hurt like hell, but I need to make sure that you are going to understand how serious it was for you to disobey me," Greg reasoned.

"Please..." she paused as she thought about how best to address Greg. Remembering the stories, and hoping that if she was really respectful, she might be able to weasel out of whatever punishment he had planned for her, she continued, "Sir, I won't disobey you again. I promise. Pleeaaassee," she whined, sneaking a glance at his face. What she saw frightened her. Greg seemed to have grown in size, since the last time she looked, and he now seemed to tower over her, with a steely look of resolve set firmly on his face.

'I'm sorry, Anne, but it's the only way you are going to learn your lesson," Greg said softly shaking his head. He couldn't believe how easy this was going for him. He had expected more resistance, but she was like putty in his hands. "Now cup your tits for me, Anne, and offer them to me," Greg ordered.

Reddening further, Anne hesitated for only a second, before reaching up and cupping each of her breasts, lifting them slightly. Instinctively, Anne knew what was coming, but found herself powerless to resist. The feeling in her stomach was now overpowering. Closing her eyes, she waited for what she knew was surely to come.

SMACK. The first blow landed squarely upon the top of her left breast, leaving a rapidly reddening mark behind. It took a fraction of a second before the pain registered in her mind. Mrs. Clark screamed in pain, and her left breast lit up and felt like it was on fire. She fought the urge to cover her breasts and to turn away from the next blow, since she knew deep down inside what was expected of her. The punishment would only be worse if she moved.

SMACK. With barely enough time to catch her breath, Greg landed the spoon squarely upon her right breast. Another howl of pain erupted from Mrs. Clark, as she tried desperately to stand still for her attacker. Greg marveled at the sound the spoon made, as it bounced off of her breasts, and how the smooth pearly white skin marked and reddened so quickly. His already hardening cock was now rock hard in his jeans, as he enjoyed the sensations the punishment was creating for him. It caught him a bit by surprise, since he hadn't expected his body to react to the discipline in this way.

SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK. Greg quickened the pace and applied two quick swats to each breast, spreading the strikes around to areas that had yet to feel the sting of the wooden spoons. Mrs. Clark's breasts bounced and reddened under the strikes and she screeched and howled in pain.

Tears were streaming down her face, as she began to cry and sob from the pain. Mrs. Clark was feeling more and more confused as the punishment continued. Despite the intense pain radiating throughout her body, the knot in her stomach was getting stronger, and a strange tingling feeling was now coming from her pussy.

After Mrs. Clark's breasts were an even shade of red, Greg took aim and landed the final two strikes on each hardened nipple. Mrs. Clark shrieked in agony, as the pain shot through her body. It felt as if someone had applied a red hot brand to each of her nipples. The waves of pain were almost too intense for Mrs. Clark, as she felt her legs begin to buckle.

"On your knees, Anne. NOW!" Greg ordered, knowing she wouldn't be able to stay standing much longer. Like a rag doll, Anne dropped to her knees, still holding her breasts in her hands as she had been directed. "Clasp your hands behind your back. Do not, under any circumstance, move them from that position. If you do, we will simply resume the punishment where we just left off. Is that clear Anne?" Greg demanded.

Through sobs, Anne was simply able to nod her head yes as she moved her hands into position..

"Now, Anne, since I own you, I think it important that you learn how to properly suck a cock. Have you ever given a man oral sex before?" Greg asked.

Keeping her head down, Anne nodded her head again.

"How many times?"

Through her sniffles, Anne mumbled, "a couple of times."

"Who was that with?"

"An old boyfriend," she replied.

"And did you like it, Anne?"

"It was OK. I only did it because my boyfriend had asked," she replied.

"And did you swallow his cum, Anne?" Greg asked pointedly.

With a shocked look on her face, she gasped "God no! That's disgusting."

"Well, that's really too bad then, Anne, because from now on, it's going to be your number one protein snack. We'll call it the golden rule. Unless I say otherwise, you will ensure all semen ends up in your belly. Is that clear?" he asked, with a grin on his face.

With a sob, shoulders dropping even further, she nodded her head once and mumbled a yes.

"On with the lesson now. Show me how you learned to suck a cock." By this time, Greg had dropped his pants and had his raging hard-on in hand. Greg had never really considered himself overly big in that department; certainly not as big as any of those male actors in the porn movies. He had even gone so far as to measure it one time, just to see how it compared. Once hard, it measured an even 8" long and 1 ½" wide. Looking at his hard-on now, it seemed to have grown to twice its size. Greg couldn't remember ever being this turned on before.

Scooting forward on her knees, Mrs. C. raised her mouth to his cock and began to lick the head and shaft. After thoroughly licking the cock she began to suck on the head and first few inches of the shaft. Greg gave her a few minutes to 'show' him how she did it, before he stopped her.

"Fuck! That had to be the worst blow job I've ever had!" Greg exclaimed, as he grabbed a handful of her hair at the back of her head, twisting her face towards his. A sneer covered his face as he began to explain, in great detail, what would be expected of her from now on, when it came to oral sex. "You will never use your hands, but, rather, will keep them clasped behind you at all times. Your sole goal will be to see how much of the cock you can get down your throat. This shouldn't come as a surprise to you. You read how all of the women in the stories were expected to give blowjobs."

"Do you believe yourself to be better than those women in those stories?" Greg asked. Without giving her a chance to answer, he pressed on. "Well guess what? You're not better than they are. You're a dirty little whore, just like them. You can protest all you want, but guess what? All it took were a few comments from me, and you were stripping naked in front of me and letting me blow my load all over your tits."

Still holding tight to her hair and twisting her face up to his, he continued on. "You can pretend to be all prim and proper, but when push comes to shove, you like to be treated like a filthy little whore. Just like those women in the stories you were reading." Greg could see his words were really starting to have an effect on her, as tears of shame began to start falling from the corners of her eyes.

"Still don't believe me? OK, with your right hand stick two fingers in your pussy," he ordered, still not releasing his hold on her hair.

As she hesitatingly brought her right hand around the front of her body and reached for her newly shaved pussy, she knew what she was going to find before she even touched it. She could smell her sex from where she knelt, and, just as it had been when she was shaving it, her pussy was intensely aroused and was dripping juices onto the floor beneath her. She tentatively touched her pussy and instantly felt the unbelievable amount of wetness there.

"Go ahead and bury your two fingers into your pussy." After watching her push her two fingers into her cunt, until only the knuckles were visible, Greg ordered "now take them out and hold them up in front of your face."

With her face a deep crimson red, she removed her fingers and held them in front of her. It was immediately obvious that they were covered in her pussy juices. Her body was responding to the situation, no matter how hard she tried to hide it.

"Now you see? You're obviously very aroused. So, let's recap what it took to get you to that state. While your daughter was still here in this house, you willingly stripped naked for me, right here in the kitchen, knowing that she could walk in at any minute. Then, with hardly any resistance at all, you again strip naked for me here in the kitchen, after your daughter had left, but knowing that she could walk back in that door at any minute, and willingly offered me your tits, so that I could beat them with a spoon. You then let me beat them mercilessly, with no resistance what-so-ever. Then you knelt before me and began to suck on my cock."

Taking a breath, Greg continues. "Now throughout all of that, did anyone touch you in a sexual manner? Did anyone stroke your clit or fondle your tits?"

Tears streaming from her eyes now; all she could muster was a small head shake to his very pointed questions.

"And yet, you're dripping like a bitch in heat. All I've done was to humiliate you and cause you pain, and you're getting turned on by it. Face it; you're just like those dirty little whores in your stories. You get turned on by the humiliation and abuse." Greg could see the war being raged behind her eyes as her thinking brain was trying to reconcile the strange emotions coursing through her body. With a shudder, her shoulders slumped, and Greg could see the resignation there, as she quietly agreed with what he was saying.

"Now let's try that blowjob thing again, and let's see if we can get it right this time." Releasing her hair, Greg waited for her first move.

After only a slight hesitation, she placed her right hand behind her back again and clasped it with the left. Then, nudging forward, she once again took the head of his cock into her mouth and began working its length in. She was about to do something she'd never done before, and Greg could see she was both scared and turned on. With each head thrust down, she worked more and more of his cock in, until he finally felt it bump the back of her throat. She immediately began to gag from the contact and began to pull out.

Grabbing her hair again, Greg stopped her from pulling his cock completely from her mouth. "Remember, my little whore, the cock stays in your mouth. I don't give a shit whether you're starting to gag or not. I'm not here for your entertainment or amusement. As my filthy whore, you have a job to do. Now keep sucking." And with that, he pushed her head hard onto his cock, until it was once again pressing on the back of her throat. Of course, she immediately began to gag again, but with his hand holding the back of her head, she was unable to pull out. Greg held it there for a bit, letting her adjust to having a cock pressing against the back of her throat. Once the gagging subsided, Greg coaxed her again. "OK, it's now time to start working that cock down the throat. I want to see the entire length buried in your throat."

Greg could feel her starting to panic beneath me, so he gently eased off on the pressure in her throat, giving her a chance to relax a little. Then without warning, Greg thrust hard back into her mouth, this time pushing past the barrier at the back of her throat, and lodging an inch or two into her throat. She instantly began gagging around his cock, since he held her head in place for several seconds before pulling out of her throat, allowing her to breathe around his cock once more.

"That's a good little whore Mrs. C. You see, you were able to get a cock down your throat. Now, let's try that again."

Pushing on the back of her head again, more slowly this time, Greg once more forced the head of his cock past the barrier in the back of her throat, and sank several inches of it into her throat, before stopping once again. Holding her head in place with both hands, he enjoyed the sensations rippling up from his cock, while her throat alternately pulsed and gripped his cock, as she struggled with the gag reflex. Feeling her squirm beneath him, and knowing that her very breath depended on his whim was an awe-inspiring feeling of power and dominance. It was a feeling Greg knew he would come to enjoy, and, perhaps, even crave in the weeks to come.

Greg pulled out of her throat once more and allowed her a few moments to catch her breath around his cock. Despite the panic she must have been feeling, Mrs. C. maintained her position on the floor with her hands firmly clasped behind her back. Greg began to coo soft words of encouragement to her as he stroked her hair with one hand.

"That's a good whore. You're doing very well. It's feeling great. Now let's keep working more of that cock into your throat. I want to see all 8 inches of it, buried in your mouth."

With a gentle nudge on the back of her head, she began to work its length back into her mouth. This time, he let her do it herself. When it reached the back of her mouth, she paused for a second, and then began pushing hard until it, once again, slipped past and slid into her throat. This time, without any force from Greg, she allowed several more inches into her throat, and began to piston her head back and forth sliding his length in and out of throat. The gagging still occurred but she seemed more able to deal with it, and to continue to function despite being unable to breath.

She continued this for a while, stopping periodically to catch her breath around his cock, before resuming her ministrations to his cock. By the time Greg could feel his orgasm building, Mrs. C. was an awful mess. From her repeated gagging, her face, and chest were covered in her own saliva, long strands of it hanging from her chin. But despite this, she continued to throat his cock, like the whore she was becoming.

Grabbing a handful of hair at the back of her head, Greg began to piston forcefully into her throat, increasing the pace with each thrust, as the orgasm quickly built within him. Within a few seconds his cock was practically a blur, as he hammered away at her throat. With one final thrust, Greg buried the entire length of his cock into her throat and mouth, and let loose a torrent of cum straight down her throat and into her stomach. Mrs. C. Began to thrash underneath him, as she, literally, choked on his semen and cock. As Greg felt the last few spurts exit his cock, he slowly withdrew from her mouth, and allowed her to hack and cough, as she attempted to regain some of her equilibrium.

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