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Oxytocin is a Dangerous Drug


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My loving wife recently convinced me to try a prescription drug, oxytocin, which she described as a "love hormone." Apparently, it has been proven in a German study to cause spontaneous erections, promote heightened orgasmic pleasure and generally improve sexual intimacy. An aphrodisiac for men. Just the kind of recreational drug I like -- give me a double dose! The drug is best taken by intramuscular injection. I hate needles, but, since the wife was already sticking me once a week with 150mg of testosterone, I was overcoming my fear. Besides, who knows what might happen with two "love hormones" working their way from my butt muscle into my bloodstream?

The effects of the drug were soon apparent, but also very subtle. Sexual pleasure definitely improved -- the build-up to orgasm intensified, almost to the point of being painful, which led to a more powerful, pulsing, longer climax. For some reason, my wife seemed more attractive to me, and I couldn't keep my hands off her. Once, as I was leaving for work, we kissed goodbye passionately, tongues flashing in and out, and, soon, our hands were all over each other, pulling our clothes off and reaching for the good parts. We did it right there on the kitchen floor. I called in sick, and we didn't leave the bedroom for most of the day. This quickly became the norm, with any hug, kiss or crotch grab spiraling into rocking sex. In the middle of the night, I was compelled to share some oxytocin-induced spontaneous erections with my wife, who was happy to oblige. And the sex was better and more frequent than at any time in our marriage, even our honeymoon. No hole was denied me, and we pleasured each other in every way possible.

Sounds great? Well, let me tell you about the side effects. First, I need to mention that I have been working for several months to achieve my ultimate fantasy of having a slut wife. I read hundreds of Literotica stories to learn just how this was done, and I was making good progress. She dressed more sexily, never wore panties anymore and, with my encouragement, flirted with other men. I got her to flash some truckers, and we had sex in the back of a limo while the driver watched in the rear view mirror. At home, she dressed up as a sexy maid, slutty nurse, sexy secretary or street whore (I suspect I have a fishnet stocking and high heels fetish) and we role played through nights of lovemaking. Twice, we went to a bar separately, and I observed as my wife teased guys who bought her drinks. Afterwards, in our bed, thoughts of her actually fucking one of these guys while I watched drove me crazy. I vocalized my fantasies to her, saying things like "you would have liked to fuck that tall guy in the suit, wouldn't you? I bet he had a huge cock. You'd like to have a huge cock inside, wouldn't you? That would be so sexy -- I want you to blow me while you're fucking a big cock." At other times, I would tease her during sex that I was just warming her up for the three hot guys in the hallway ready to finish her off, and then told her all the things she should do to those guys with her hands, mouth and pussy while they made her come repeatedly. I made up all kinds of scenarios to talk about in our sessions: making her strip for a bachelor party and do the groom (or the whole group), performing at amateur night at a strip club, becoming a prostitute for a day, fucking her pussy filled with other men's cum, swinging, black cock, tying her up and blindfolding her while she is used by multiple men, and many others. Of course, in each of these fantasies, she would climax dozens of times.

I was making good progress on the slut wife objective. We had even gone to a swingers club where we agreed to "soft swing" -- no penetration with others, and, also, in our case, no oral sex. We met several interesting couples and even "played" a little - some dancing, kissing and fondling -- and two women propositioned me. I had been hoping that the next time we went I could accept those offers and see my fantasy come true -- a stranger screwing my hot wife. After that trip, we made arrangements to return to the club in six months and see what we were willing to do.

Six weeks after starting on oxytocin, we made our second visit to the swingers club. My hot wife was dressed very sexily for the occasion, and I was excited being with her. We walked into the club, greeted the hostess, headed for the bar, grabbed a couple drinks and checked out our fellow swingers. Right away it felt totally different from the first time we'd come. People who had looked hip, sexy and exciting to me on our first visit now seemed a somewhat seedy and perverse. In fact, the only person in the whole place who looked sexy to me was my wife! I put my arm around her and clung to her. She suggested that we mingle, so we left the bar and headed for the dance floor. Couples were groping and fondling each other during a slow dance, but I only had eyes for my wife, so I held her close and enjoyed her body against mine as we swayed to the music.

When the song was over, another couple asked us to switch partners, and I couldn't even answer! What the hell! My wife saved me by politely saying no thanks since she had to use the restroom, and them asked me to freshen our drinks. At the bar, a good looking black man asked me if he could "play" with my wife. I gulped, and said no, that we had other plans for the moment. What the fuck! My fantasy could be coming true and I said no. I caught up with my wife outside the bar and hustled her out to the patio. She asked me what was wrong and I couldn't explain. How could I tell her that I was suddenly protective of her and horrified by what was going on at the club? What was happening to me? We stayed out on the patio for another half hour chatting before the hostess came over and asked to speak to us. Apparently, some of the guests had complained that we were not receptive to the "sharing spirit" of the party. She explained that such behavior is tolerated from first time visitors, but, as this was our second time, she asked us to leave! Strangely, I was not as mortified as I should have been, and we had a great time laughing about it on the way home.

It was now clear that something had changed with me, and I started really analyzing the events of the past weeks for further evidence of my changed attitude. I thought back to the monthly poker game at my house three weeks ago. Usually, I think about ways that I can get my wife to wear see-through clothing or give everyone a good shot at her boobs when she serves drinks, or, better yet, serve them all topless. And I didn't have any fantasies about betting my wife on a hand when I ran out of money or getting her to do sexual favors to pay off my gambling debts.

I then remembered what didn't happen at the party we had a week after that with three other couples. First, I don't remember flirting at all. Second, I didn't try to come up with any of those exciting games that Slickman writes about where everyone does increasingly risque dares until an orgy breaks out -- something that I've dreamed about. Christ, I pulled out the Trivial Pursuit game.

Even the recent dinner that my wife and I attended with my boss and a few good customers and their wives wasn't right. I like for my wife to discreetly flirt with my boss while I secretly hope that she'll sleep with him so that I can get a big raise and promotion. While she's at it, how about fucking a couple customers to increase my commissions. A true slut wife would do all that and more. Nope, no thoughts like that at dinner -- just what everyone called a "lovely time."

Worst of all, I appear to have lost all my abilities to talk dirty in the bedroom. Now, when we make love (every day, and often two or three times a day), I find myself saying stupid stuff like: "you're more beautiful today then the day we married," "love of my life," "let's get away this weekend and make love all day and night," "kissing you is so erotic," "I can't get enough of touching you," "your body is so beautiful," blah, blah, blah. "Cunt" and "Cock" have left my vocabulary. My wife says similar endearing things back to me. Apparently, she thinks I'm very hot and that I can have her any time I want, any way I want. We regularly climax together, often after she has had a couple by herself. We go out for romantic, candlelit dinners where we can't take our eyes off each other. Can you believe I bring home flowers at least once a week? I came home from work the other day and she met me at the door wearing only a garter belt, thigh highs and ridiculously high heels (somehow, I have kept that fetish) and juices obviously flowing between her legs. She then handed me a drink and pulled me by my tie to the bedroom and fucked my brains out, all the while telling me what a great lover I am and how she is the luckiest woman on the planet.

I'm sure you figured it out -- the culprit is the oxytocin. I finally Googled it and found out things that my wife didn't tell me about. This stuff is also called the "trust hormone" - it prevents committed men from getting too close to other women they find attractive. It promotes a much higher sense of intimacy and romantic attachment. Cuddling, kissing, orgasm produce additional oxytocin in the body. Sometimes even the mere touch or close physical presence of a significant other is enough to set off the hormone. Check it out for yourself. It's also addictive (at least in the doses I've been shooting up), so I'm stuck with it.

Watch out for this dangerous drug. It is sold under the brand names Pitocin and Syntocinon, and generically as oxytocin. IF YOU AREN'T CAREFUL, YOU COULD END UP JUST LIKE ME.

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