Oyster Creek Ch. 06


Slowly, he dropped his hand from her breast, instead tracing it down over her stomach, then lower to her waiting snatch. Her breath caught in her throat as his fingers traced the outline of her pussy, and she broke the kiss to stare at him.

"I want your cock," she moaned, her warm breath washing over him. Her blue eyes pierced him, radiating with animalistic desire. "I've wanted a cock for so long, Daniel. Don't make me wait now."

"And I want your pussy," Daniel murmured with a smile, grasping his cock and lining it up with her waiting entrance. She still sat with her arms around him, staring into his eyes, and Daniel worked on touch. Not that he needed any guidance, and soon the tip of his member was resting against her folds, her warm, wet snatch just caressing his head.

"Oh fuck..." Rebecca moaned as he gently pushed inwards, her face screwing up with pleasure. Her pussy welcomed him inside, her soft walls hugging his length tightly, and Daniel rested there a moment, his cock completely enveloped by her amazing snatch. She sobbed out her pleasure yet again. "My God, Daniel. My God... fuck."

He began to ease his hips, his cock slowly moving in and out of the stunning blonde, each gentle movement met with a loud moan from the gorgeous archivist, her face a picture of pleasure.

"I'd forgotten how good a cock could feel, Daniel..."

"Mmm... let me remind you..." Daniel returned, immediately speeding up with his thrusts. He still was thrusting far from wildly, his pace rhythmic and precise, but Rebecca nevertheless cried out at the sudden sensation, tightening her arms around his neck. She hurriedly thrust her tongue into his mouth, moaning into their ravenous kiss, and she wrapped her legs around Daniel's waist.

They stayed that way a moment, Rebecca's limbs wrapped around his body, their mouths mashing together as his cock thrust into her eager snatch. Her long blonde hair fell down over the backs of his hands, his palms tightly pressed to her shoulder-blades to steady her. Her glasses proved no obstacle to their kiss, and he could see her startlingly blue eyes sparkling with lust no less easily for them.

She felt hot against him, her naked flesh pressed to his own. Her large breasts tickled his chest, and had he not been already holding her he would have found it hard to resist grasping one of the wonderful mounds. Her moans grew more insistent, and Daniel joined them with loud grunts of his own, her pussy magnificent around his probing member.

At last Rebecca unwrapped her arms, instead leaning out behind her to place them straight on the desk. She propped herself up that way, her legs remaining around his hips, and her whole body seemed to bounce with the force of Daniel's thrusts. The way she now lay pushed her chest outwards, too, and as he was no longer helping to hold her up Daniel instead grasped her breasts, feeling the soft flesh supple beneath his fingertips. He kneaded them gently, running one finger of each hand delicately across each nipple, and Rebecca rolled her eyes back in appreciation of the feeling.

She slumped down onto the desk then, her back flat against the cool wood, her arms straight to either side. She had grown louder still, and her hands reached to grasp the edge of the desk, holding it so tightly that her knuckles grew white.

He took that as a sign, driving his member harder into the blonde, his cock now starting to hammer against her hips. Her moans grew louder and louder, her blue eyes staring insistently into his, and he could tell from the way her body tensed that she was not far from orgasm. Her pussy narrowed on his invasive cock, and her jaw hung open, pleasurable yelps ripped from her lungs.

Daniel groaned too as he felt a euphoric twitch in the base of his shaft, a sure-fire sign that he was close to coming. He could feel his cream bubbling in his balls, the pressure in his groin building rapidly.

"I'm going to come, Rebecca..." he groaned, hunching forwards over her.

"Me too, Dan... me too..."

She moaned, reaching up to grab his face, her breathing quick and loud. Her back arched and Daniel could see spasms sweeping out from her core. "Yes... make me come... yes... yes... YEEEESSS!"

Her eyes rolled back as the moment arrived, her pussy clamping down on Daniel's cock. Her arms swept out, uselessly flailing at the desk as she writhed and twitched in ecstasy. Her muscles were so taut Daniel thought they would tear her body apart, but instead they forced from her a rapturous shriek that he was sure must have been audible from the street outside.

He was seconds behind. His cum had been at the tip of his cock, and the glorious sight of his climaxing lover was all he needed to be pushed over the edge. He cried out as his jizz spurted forth, coating the archivist's depths, which still twitched and pulsed with the force of her titanic orgasm. His own body rippled in waves of blissful release, each contraction shooting more cum into his lover and battering his mind with another throb of sheer ecstasy.

The moment seemed to stretch out endlessly, but eventually it faded, Daniel slumping forwards with heavy breaths on top of Rebecca's still-quivering body. She had regained the focus in her blue eyes, and slowly a broad grin spread across her face.

"That was just what I needed," she sighed, before breaking out into giggles. She ran a hand down Daniel's chest, through the thicket of hair that he had been told was just right. "Exactly what I needed."

Daniel leaned forwards, planting another kiss on the blonde archivist's lips, this one more languid and gentle than their previous. She responded in the same way, wrapping her arms around his neck and moaning softly into his mouth.

He pulled away at last, standing upright with a long, contented breath, and Rebecca pushed herself into a sitting position on the desk. She watched him with a playful smile as he pulled on his clothes, and Daniel's eyes never much left his lover's naked body, drinking in its splendour even as he dressed. After a moment, she climbed from the desk and reached for her own garments.

At last, he was fully-clothed, and he turned to the archivist with a smile. She, too, had redressed, and with a broad smile of her own wrapped her arms around him, placing her head on his chest for a tight hug.

After a moment, she looked up at him. "Thank you," she whispered.

Daniel grinned in response, and placed his palm on Rebecca's cheek.

"You'll find someone, Rebecca," he said gently. "You're too wonderful not to."

The breadth of her smile caused her glasses to shift. "I know. I just needed that to... tide me over."

"Well, I'll be back in a year to see if you want to take me up on my earlier offer. There's a wealth of attractive British guys I can introduce you to."

"If I'm still single in a year it'll be your visit I'm looking forward to, not meeting your friends." She winked at him as she unbolted the door, before pulling it open. Daniel grabbed his bag.

"And if you ever need to do research here again, Dan, then make sure you do it on a Sunday."

"Why?" he asked, though he was fairly sure he knew the answer judging by Rebecca's broad smile.

"Because I work alone here on Sundays."

He laughed as he left. He had arranged a date for a year's time. That has to be a record!

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