Oyster Creek Ch. 08


She grinned. "I was hoping you'd say that. I didn't fancy sitting in the lobby or catching a cab. Perhaps we should take a nap on that lovely, comfortable bed?"

"I can think of something more fun to do on that bed," he whispered as he leaned in close.

Then they were kissing, Jenny's hands seizing his shoulders as sudden passion seemed to course through her. Wrapping his other arm around her hips, Daniel pulled her close to him, and their tongues duelled as they moaned into each other's mouths.

Jenny's hands were not still, immediately grasping his shirt and tugging it upwards. He broke the kiss to let her do so and then returned the motion, guiding his lover's t-shirt over her head. Her bra was revealed but he had no intention of leaving it there, instead reaching around to unhook its clasp and allowing the garment to fall to the floor.

Instantly his hands were on her large breasts, kneading the soft mounds, and as he leant forwards to tease her nipples with his tongue he felt her hands on his belt. He let her open his pants and pulled himself away from her chest to tug the trousers down.

At the same time, she reached for the button to her own jeans and soon she was wriggling free from the tight denim, revealing her slender legs and pretty knickers she wore. Daniel pulled her close to him again, groaning as her hand slipped between them to massage his hard cock through his boxers, and then turned her towards the bed.

She broke the kiss with a wicked smile as she climbed backwards onto the mattress, hooking her fingers beneath the waistband of her underwear and sliding the knickers from her body. Her pussy looked amazing as she did so, and Daniel hurriedly removed his own boxers to join her in nakedness.

That done, he swiftly clambered on after her, realising with amusement that they had gone from dressed to nude in less than two minutes. As he moved next to Jenny to reinitiate their kiss, she rolled on top of him, leaving his back pressed against the cool bedsheets beneath them.

She kissed him deeply yet hungrily, closing her eyes and forcing her tongue into his mouth. Daniel responded in kind, wrapping his arms around the brunette and hugging her to him, delighting in the feeling of her naked form against his own. Both writhed faintly with the anticipation of what was to come.

Eventually Jenny broke the kiss, staring down at him with animal lust and pushing herself free from his grip. She slid her legs upwards until she straddled his chest, her knees by his head. Her wonderful breasts hung down, and Daniel could not help but reach up to grab them, kneading the soft mounds with his fingers. His lover moaned, a small smile on her face, before she grasped his wrists and pulled them away.

With that, Jenny lifted her hips, crawling forwards above him until her pussy was inches from his face, and Daniel did not need her to ask for what she wanted. He placed his now-free hands on her ass and yanked her down onto his mouth, immediately pressing his tongue against her folds and enjoying the euphoric moan that the movement drew from Jenny's lips.

The brunette above him, Daniel set to work on her snatch, carefully running the flat of his tongue across her lips, making sure to cover every inch of her delicate pussy with his saliva. She clearly appreciated his efforts as long groans issued forth every time his tongue renewed contact, and Daniel licked languorously at her snatch.

He threw his head from side to side, eating her messily, closing his eyes to bury his face between her legs and feel her lips pressed against his. His tongue made great arcs over her folds, her pleasure clearly growing, and Daniel could feel her thighs tense against his cheeks.

His hands slid over her her ass and lower back as he devoured her snatch, caressing her silky skin. Jenny's weight was on his chest, but it was insignificant compared to his desire to pleasure her.

She moaned as she arched her back, although Daniel noticed that she made sure to keep her pussy pressed against his face. His lover reached behind her, placing her palms flat on his thighs for support and looking down at him with half-glazed hazel eyes.

He stared back at the brunette, not wanting to break the eye contact, and delighted in the faint shivers that ran through her body. She was doing her best not to break their shared gaze either, and his lust raged as her pleasure clearly grew too great. Her eyes rolled back, and she pressed her hips even more firmly against his mouth.

His tongue smeared over her pussy now, her juices coating his jaw, but he did not care. She was clearly not far off an orgasm, and he was not going to disappoint his lover. Reaching up with his right hand, he found one of her large breasts, moaning into her pussy as he grasped the soft mound. She voiced her own pleasure at the feeling as he rolled her nipple gently between his forefinger and thumb, matching the pace of his tongue, which had begun to circle her clit.

She rubbed her folds back against him in time, and the shivers that had grown so slowly now seemed to wrack her lower body. Her thighs twitched and her breathing quickened, her eyes seeming to unfocus as her release started to crest.

"Oh fuck, Dan... yes... yes..."

He let go of her nipple, instead grasping her entire breast, his fingertips sinking into it as his tongue engulfed her clit. Jenny's own fingers dug into his thighs almost painfully, but Daniel was not about to stop his efforts just to move them.

Instead, he stared into her hazel eyes as the moment arrived, his cock twitching as the first sob of pure rapture burst from Jenny's lungs.

"Fuck... yes!" she cried, her body seeming to dissolve into a fit of spasms, her pussy twitching noticeably against his tongue. Each slow contraction of her depths was met with a blissful exhalation in his gorgeous lover, and Daniel held her hips pinned against his mouth. He slowed the sweeps of his tongues as she climaxed, of course, but he did not stop them, and he delighted in the way her eyes rolled back as the euphoria battered her mind.

Jenny came for a good while, and Daniel slowly ceased stimulating her as she sank down onto his chest, breathless. He planted a few last kisses on her still-shivering pussy, each drawing a whimper of satisfaction from his lover, before slumping back onto the pillow and gazing up at the stunning brunette.

She sat there a moment, breathing deeply, before she lifted her head and gazed back at him. The spark of her lust still raged there, and the corners of her mouth quickly twisted into a wicked smile as she reached behind her.

It was Daniel's turn to gasp as she wrapped her hand around his cock, slowly running it along his length, pumping his shaft. Her breasts called out to his hands, and he answered that call with his palms.

"Mmm... I think there's more to come, don't you?" she said low, her hazel eyes glinting mischievously.

"I do," he growled, hunching forwards to grasp Jenny's waist and rolling over. Her arms were immediately around his neck and she was kissing him, her tongue pushing into his mouth. He groaned as he felt her breasts pressing against his chest, and returned her kiss with fervour.

Jenny's hands slid to his waist, then upwards to his chest, and she slowly pushed him away. He broke the kiss, allowing himself to be guided as she sat upright, until he was resting on his knees.

"I want you to fuck me from behind, Dan," she whispered as she extricated her legs, and Daniel could only watch on in awe as the brunette beauty smoothly twisted around. Soon she was on her hands and knees, regarding him with a hungry spark in glowing hazel eyes. "Well?"

He was immediately in motion, clambering forwards until he was behind Jenny, running his hands down her smooth back. She looked so wonderful on all-fours in front of him, and he couldn't resist a quick squeeze of her lovely ass before grasping his cock.

Jenny moaned as he shifted forwards and rubbed his head against her folds, then moaned even louder as it found her entrance and slipped inwards. He moved in an inch, then another, slowly but inexorably sliding further inside his gorgeous lover.

She breathed out a moan as his hips touched her ass, his cock nestled completely inside her, and Daniel joined her vocalised pleasure as he began to move. His member passed easily into her welcoming snatch, caressed by her tight and silky walls.

He took the time to really drink in the sight before him. Jenny was on her palms, her arms straight, her back slightly curled as he held her ass. He could see the sides of her breasts hanging beneath her chest, and resisted the urge to reach forward and grasp them. Not yet.

Instead, he squeezed her ass once more, and slowly started to pick up his pace. Thrills ran through him at the sight of his cock sliding in and out of his lover's hot pussy, and he groaned at the pleasurable sensations her walls sent sparking through him.

Daniel lifted his left leg, placing it sole-down on the bedsheets, slightly altering his position for better leverage with which to fuck the brunette who moaned so sweetly in ecstasy before him. A few seconds later that was exactly what he was doing, and his hips slammed more forcefully against Jenny's ass.

"That's so... good... Dan... fuck me..." she panted, her fingers digging into the sheets.

He could keep his hands from her breasts no longer. One of his favourite things about this position was the ease with which he could grasp a lover's chest, and he intended this time to be no different. Leaning forwards - though careful not to slow the obviously effective movements of his hips - Daniel took hold of Jenny's swinging breasts, groaning as he felt the soft flesh of the large mounds in his hands.

"My God... Dan... I'm going to... to..."

Her words failed her as she slumped forwards, burying her face in the mattress, her moans growing louder and louder. He let go of her breasts and moved his hands back to her ass, once more grasping the supple flesh as he let his pace explode.

Loud slapping filled Jenny's bedroom as his pelvis crashed against her ass, and he could feel the tightening of his balls. He knew he was close, and so was his lover, given the way she seemed intent on ripping the bedsheets with primal lust, and the faint constriction of her depths.

A jolt of pleasure ran through him, and Daniel knew the moment had arrived. With a loud cry he came, his hips slamming against Jenny as his cream spurted forth. Ecstasy battered his mind, and he felt his muscles twitching at the strength of his orgasm.

As if the thought of his cum as it spattered against her walls was enough, Jenny joined him. Her pussy spasmed against his member, tightening against his probing length and rippling along its surface. She raised her head, her hazel eyes glazed and rolled back, and screamed out her euphoria.

"YEEESSSS!" Her body quivered, her arms grasping uselessly at the bed beneath her for support. Rapture seared through her, and for a long moment their pleasure fused them, both lost to the utter bliss of their release, connected in more ways than one.

Eventually, Daniel's climax passed, and he slumped down on top of his lover, gulping in air. The faint shivering of her depths told him that she, too, was coming round, and with a faint groan he pulled his cock free, slowly lowering himself down next to Jenny and beginning to nuzzle her neck.

She moaned into the mattress, before pushing her torso upright and meeting Daniel's lips with her own. Their tongues duelled for a moment, before she rolled onto her side and grinned at him.

"I'm glad the news about the store pleases you so much," Daniel laughed as he eyed her wonderful body with satisfaction.

She giggled.

"Not as much as you do."

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