Oyster Creek Ch. 09


Her head cocked sideways. "You didn't seem to mind how I looked in the dress at the time."

"I suppose I did not," Daniel said back, lowering his head between her legs before she could respond.

Any attempt that she had been about to make at answering him was soon defeated as his lips touched the ones between her thighs, and she moaned loudly at the sensation. He flattened his tongue, pressing it against her folds, and slowly ran it the length of her snatch.

She tasted wonderful, Daniel thought. Just as a woman should. He loved the taste of pussy; if he could taste it then it meant he was doing something right, after all. He always loved the way his lover would be totally under his spell as he devoured their snatch, and Lucy was no different.

The beautiful blonde reached out and grasped a handful of his hair, moaning loudly as he ran the pointed tip of his tongue over her sensitive lips. He was careful not to go for her clit too soon, and instead thoroughly explored the rest of her pussy. She moved her hips faintly, rubbing her snatch against his face, and Daniel enjoyed the eagerness with which she let him eat her.

"Oh fuck, Dan," she moaned, her huge breasts shaking on her chest as she sucked down air. "Oh fuck... oh fuck..."

Her pleasure drove him on, and he buried his face in her snatch, eating messily. His lips grazed hers, and now his tongue did find her clit, running in tight circles around the euphoric bud. She arched her back, pushing herself upright, at the same moment throwing her head back to cry out in joy. Her wavy blonde hair fell messily over the bed covers, and Daniel delighted in the sight of his lover so dishevelled by her ecstasy.

"Oh my God... don't stop..."

Daniel wouldn't have dreamed of stopping, so close was the stunning woman. She stared down at him needfully, her brown eyes resonating with the carnal hunger, the craving for the orgasm he was constructing inside her. She moved her hips more rapidly now, smearing her pussy across his face, and loud sobs of pleasure burst from her lungs.

"My God... I'm coming... I'm coming..."

He felt her pussy twitch slightly against his tongue, the intense contractions that suddenly wracked her depths causing her to quiver on the outside. She slumped back down onto the bed, the arms that were extended behind her now uselessly pawing at the sheets, her back arching. Her gorgeous face contorted in sheer rapture, and her eyes rolled back into her head as the shivering climax pulsated through her core.

At last it faded, and she lay there gulping down air, her eyes glazed as she stared upwards at the ceiling. Daniel, however, did not waste any time, and even as Lucy slowly recovered from her climax he had climbed her body, kissing the huge breasts that adorned her chest.

With his left hand he grasped his cock, moving it to her entrance, and he stared into Lucy's eyes as he rubbed it against her folds. She moaned, staring back, her mind clearly focused once again and her body craving more.

"Push inside..." she moaned. "I want to feel you inside me."

Daniel groaned as he obeyed her, the magnificent feeling of her hot walls as they swallowed up his cock sending thrills of ecstasy through him. Lucy, too, seemed to appreciate the sensation, and she wrapped her arms around his neck with a long moan of her own, before pulling him down into a kiss.

He started to thrust his hips as their tongues duelled, and they moaned into each other's mouths. Her body felt fantastic pressed against his own, her huge breasts crushed against his firm chest. She clearly felt the same way as her hands dropped lower, instead wrapping around his back and trying to squash him as tight to her as he could go.

Somewhere in the back of his mind Daniel found the situation rather amusing. Here he was entwined nakedly with the beautiful Lucy, his cock deep inside her pussy, and he'd only come to drop off a driving licence - and he only had that because he'd spent the previous evening riding her equally beautiful sister.

That thought did not manage to take root, though, overwhelmed with lust as he was. He broke the kiss, staring down hungrily at his lover, his eyes not breaking contact with the deep brown pools of her own. Her mouth remained open from their kiss, and she sucked in lungfuls of air, each exhalation bringing forth a loud moan.

He pushed his arms straight, holding them either side of Lucy, his torso above her. Her own hands moved to his firm chest, and she dug her fingers in as if she appreciated the muscle tone. Her eyes burned with lust, and Daniel delighted in the way her huge breasts shook at each powerful collision of their hips.

The bed squeaked against the wall as he started to thrust harder, his pelvis crashing against the blonde beauty's own, his cock welcomed in eagerly by Lucy's hot snatch. She obviously approved of the increase in speed, and her groans of pleasure had become almost wordless.

"Ooooh... oooohh... God..... oooh..." she cried, her eyes fluttering shut. Her fingertips slid round to dig into his sides, and he could feel her pussy tightening around his cock. He grasped the duvet beneath her back, his own muscles tensing as his moment of release drew near.

"I'm going to come..." he grunted, his member hammering into her receptive snatch.

"Me too... me too..."

The slapping of their hips was loud, vying to be heard over their euphoric moans in the otherwise quiet room. The headboard slammed against the wall, but Daniel did not care - it was a detached house, after all. If anything their cries of passion sounded even louder, but Daniel was far too concerned with the cum bubbling in his balls to worry about who might hear them.

Lucy was staring at him with something approaching frenzy in her eyes. Her pussy had started to pulse around his snatch, and her eyes rolled back as the orgasm began to overtake her. Her messy blonde hair was pinned beneath her head, and with a sudden jerk she arched her back, her snatch clamping down on his cock.

"Aaaahhh... aaaahhh... AAAAAAHHHH!" she howled wordlessly, her body going into spasms in his grasp. Her head writhed, her brown eyes almost totally glazed, and her hands fell to his ass and pulled, as if she were trying to take him in yet further. Rapture seared through her veins, and Daniel could see that her mind was temporarily lost to the pleasure that assaulted it.

The sight of the beautiful blonde in the throes of ecstasy was all he needed. His muscles clenched, and with one final thrust he came.

"Fuck... Lucy. Fuck!"

He squeezed his eyes shut as his cock exploded into his lover, his hips crashing against hers. His thrusts became jerky, and his mind clouded with intense bursts of ecstasy that mirrored the spurts of cum that spattered against Lucy's walls.

They both lay there a moment, utterly lost to the bliss that battered their minds, before at last Daniel's climax faded. He slumped down on top of the blonde, her huge breasts pressed against his chest, and she sucked in a lungful of air as she became aware of herself once more. Faint shivers of pleasure still ran through them both.

It was a while before either spoke, but eventually Lucy smiled.

"Perhaps I should model all my underwear for you."

Daniel groaned in response as he pulled his sensitive member from her snatch, still appreciating the sight of her beautiful body even whilst revelling in his post-sex satisfaction.

"I think I'd like that."

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