Ozark Morning


I sold out in Phoenix and moved to the Ozarks. There I found a small farm for which I could pay cash and be away from the crowds of the world. My place is on a country road and my nearest neighbors are at least a quarter mile away. I like the isolation and maybe everyone else does too. Or maybe they are just used to it.

By May I had pretty much settled in and was enjoying the place. I found that since I wasn't really farming, but just enjoying a place, I was getting a bit stiff and a bit chubby. I decided that like it or not, I was going to have to do some exercise. Much of my land was wooded and it was warming up so I decided to do some walking in the woods.

I put on my boots, jeans and a flannel shirt. The dog went with me and we started across a field between the barn and the woods. I found that a dry stream bed went down the center of a long stretch of oak trees. Apparently wet weather caused the stream to run and a nice, easy to walk in the bed was pretty much cleared of brush. It probably grew back between rains but since the snow had melted not long before, the bed was still clear. It was still pretty cool when I started the walk but with the sunshine on my back I was soon comfortable.

As I neared the edge of the woods, which was near my property line, I could see the porch of the house of one of my neighbors. Just then a man came out on the porch, wearing a ragged pair of walking shorts and house slippers. He picked up a small log from a stack and went back into the house. I had noticed earlier he had an outside wood burner like mine. I can keep my house toasty warm at almost no cost since I cut my own wood. He could probably keep his house warm enough to wear shorts, even in cold weather and may have had an inside fireplace, requiring the wood he had on the porch. He was too far away to greet and I didn't want to stall him out in the cold dressed the way he was dressed. I could see him well enough to recognize a pot belly and gray hair. He must have been in his fifties. Later I learned my age guess was right and he had cancer. He was living on disability and money his family brought in. He had a wife and a daughter living in the house and another daughter and in-laws living in the area.

I kind of laughed to myself and thought, "If he comes outside like that in cold weather, he must be a nudist in the house."

I turned around and walked out of the woods another direction to go back to my house.

After a few days, later in the morning than my first trek, I walked down along the side of the woods, toward the same house. The car wasn't there so they probably had gone to the store or the doctor or someplace. I was in the open and was sure I could be clearly seen from the house if anybody was home. As I got close, the same door opened and out stepped a young woman. She was in her early thirties or late twenties. She was also very nicely dressed. She was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of flip-flops. That was it. She put a little pet food in a dish on the porch and turned to face me. She kind of stretched, her legs a little apart and her arms outstretched to the side and upward. That flattened her chest but there was too much there to disappear.

"Good morning," she called, lowering her arms.

"Good morning," I replied, "are you still asleep?"

She laughed. "Is that all you can say?'

"What else should I say?" I asked.

"Well, for one thing, aren't you surprised to see an almost naked woman on her porch, this time of morning?"

"Yeah," I said, "it's usually later in the morning before I expect a naked woman out on her porch."

"You are hard to impress."

"No, actually I am impressed and surprised. But I'm pleasantly surprised. You don't seem to be upset at being caught naked. Did you know I was out here?" By this time I had come to my side of the fence dividing her house from my farm.

She said, "Yes, I knew you were there. That's why I came out. I wanted to meet you. I knew you moved in and, in fact, I was looking out the window and saw you in the woods a few days ago. You were watching my dad bring in some wood."

"Are you an exhibitionist, or just hot?"

"I'm somewhat of an exhibitionist but I also hope I'm hot. Right now I'm chilly. Would you like to come in, so I can go back and get warm?"

"I'll have to go around since I'm not sure I can get through this barb wire fence. Isn't your dad home?"

"He's here but that's okay. Hold on a minute." Then she disappeared into the house.

I waited and was shivering, partly because it was chilly and I was standing in the shade. Partly, I was excited and a little bit nervous. She was naked, inviting me into her house and her daddy was at home.

She came out again, as naked as before, except she had a pair of snow boots. She smiled at me as she silently crossed their back yard to the fence.

"I think I can open the fence enough for you to come through." She put one foot on the second wire from the bottom and pushed down. I had a close up look at her body now. Her breasts were firm against the shirt and her pussy was shaved. That I liked. She wasn't model material but neither am I. I thought she could fit into a size 10, maybe.

She pulled up on the third wire, the second from the top. I was able to get down and get through, with just a slight tug on my shirt from a barb.

"Oops," she said, then, "it didn't tear. You are clear now."

I stood up and followed her to the porch. She opened the door, went in and said, "Come on in."

Her dad was sitting in a recliner, naked. He had a hard-on of sorts. He was obviously hard but it was tiny. He looked away from the television and said hello to me. The next thing he said caught me off guard and was surprisingly forward and frank.

"Before you draw any unfounded conclusions, we don't practice incest here."

I said, "I hadn't drawn that conclusion but it might have come soon. Your daughter surprised me by coming out mostly naked and I thought you probably weren't home. Then when she asked me in but told me you were here, I didn't think of sex but if you were going to harm me."

"We are nudists and I get turned on looking at my Tina naked but I control myself. I do masturbate but I do that by looking at these." He pointed to the TV and I saw he was watching a porno movie. "Tina watches and masturbates too." Then he laughed. "I'd get off just watching her but we pretend." What's your name?

"Roger," I said. "Your daughter must be Tina and you are . . .?"

"Garrison. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Pardon me for not getting up. You wouldn't want to touch this hand anyway." He laughed again and started watching his video which he had paused. He also went back to massaging his erection.

I turned back to Tina and found her sitting on a kitchen chair. She had discarded her shirt and was struggling to pull off a boot.

"Give me a hand, huh?"

She put her foot in my direction and I took hold of the boot and pulled. It came off easily. We repeated the exercise with the second boot.

"C'mon," she said, as she took my hand. "We'll go to my bedroom."

I followed her and could see that her dad was also following her, with his eyes. We went into the bedroom but she didn't close the door.

"Hope I don't scare you, being so forward. I'm stuck at home a lot and in this environment, my dad naked, masturbating, and porno movies, I get really horny. I'm not usually promiscuous but recently I've been more on a sexual edge."

"I'm not scared yet," I said.

"You look cold. I'm hot, remember. Get naked and I'll get you hot, too."

She started pulling my clothes off. I decided that instead of helping her, I would just enjoy it. She took off my shirt and the undershirt I wore. Then she unbuttoned my 501s and started pulling them down. I wear an undershirt for warmth. I don't need underwear so she found none. What she did find was a pretty firm hard-on. She put her lips around it and started to suck.

"Can I step out of my jeans before we get started?"

She mumbled, sat back and laughed. "Sorry, I got carried away. Let me get your shoes."

She pushed me back on the bed, unfastened my shoes and pulled my pants off. As she stepped forward to start to go back down on me, I found I was looking directly at her body, just about breast high. Before she could lower herself, I put a hand on each hip and pulled her to me. I kissed each breast and then returned to each nipple. I sucked and bit down gently. She sighed and relaxed. Then I let her go and she went on down on her knees and started to kiss, lick and suck my dick. As she began to really get into it, I looked though the open door and saw that Garrison was watching us instead of the television. He was seriously stroking his dick.

There was no reason for me to watch him so I laid back on the bed and enjoyed Tina starting and finishing. I raised myself to my elbows so I could look at her. She could feel me tense as I was about to cum. She removed her mouth and stroked me firmly and I shot my load up into the air and back down on my stomach. She laughed as I came. I notice that women always laugh when they make a guy cum. It must be a power thing.

When I was drained, she got a moist towellette and cleaned me. I told her it was her turn and she lay back down on the bed beside me. I slid off and got on my knees between her legs.

Slowly, I licked and kissed her pussy. I nibbled on her clit and then licked around it. While I did that I put a couple of fingers in her pussy and finger fucked her. I could feel her cum and kept it up beyond that. She came again. I asked her if she wanted to go again. She said, "As horny as I've been, I can take all you can give me." That didn't prove quite true but almost. She had four orgasms and at the last one she squeezed her legs together and said she thought that was enough.

Then she said, "I am ready for some dick."

I laughed and replied, "You have probably heard some older guy say 'I'm not as good as I once was but I'm as good once as I have ever been' and that, unfortunately, is the way I am. I'm afraid you have 'blown' your chance to get fucked today. I don't think I can do it again. I'll be glad to give you a rain check."

She looked disappointed and said, "Okay. In that case, let's get dressed and I'll walk back up to your place with you."

I agreed and we dressed. As we walked back into the living room, she held a finger to her lips to indicate quiet. She pointed to her dad. He was sound asleep in his recliner with dried cum on his naked belly. His dick was soft. I guess he had enjoyed the show Tina and I had given him.

Just as we reached to door, the phone rang. Tina answered and after a short conversation, returned to where I was waiting.

"That was work. They need me to come in. I usually work from 10:00 p.m. to six but they are short handed and need me. I work at the hospital. I was hoping you would rejuvenate and we could do more at your place. Do I still have that rain check?"

"Sure. I'm like you appear to be. I go naked around the house, and outside when I can. Just come on by anytime and we will enjoy each others company some more."

"My dad has always encouraged me to be naked but my mother didn't allow it until I was out of high school and old enough to make my own decisions. He watches porn movies. I guess he would touch me if he could but my mother always protected me. I have masturbated him a few times but don't let him do anything to me. My mother's a nudist too and somewhat of a swinger, when she can get away with it."

"I'll have to meet her sometime."

"Well," she said, "I'm going to tell everyone we have a nudist in the area. You may get a lot of company. There are a lot of horny women around here."

"Sounds reasonable. I welcome anyone, anytime. I've heard about Ozark Mountain women. Of course, I'll look forward to seeing you again and going on with our exercise. Next time just keep my limitations in mind."

We both laughed and she kissed me on the cheek before closing the door behind me.

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