tagGroup SexP.A.G.E.



It all happened because of Lenny. We were at a party in Westwood, in the late '70s, at a house right next to UCLA that was rented by six coeds, which meant at any given time there were at least fifteen or twenty people there. We partied hard, drinking beer and smoking pot. The sexual revolution was in full gear, and free love was just the way it was. "Nobody owns anybody, Man." Lenny said to me as he gulped down his beer. Raised in the hills of L.A., I had lived that life. My folks had an open marriage for at least twenty years that I knew of, maybe longer. I had spiraled through girlfriends friends just like a scythe through wheat fields of flaxen hair. Lenny was about to change all that forever for me.

"Dude, you've GOT to meet Liz. She's over here, man. C'mon." Following one of the most successful skirt chasers for being as ugly as he was, he pulled me aside in the hall and said "Liz is a great girl, man. She will fuck you at the drop of a hat. She's no super freak, just a girl starved for love, I did her last week man. She looks plain, but she's hot."

We found Liz, in one of those tent like cotton dresses, her bra less breasts looking like two softballs in socks while her nipples pointed towards the floor. Her wide hips and lusty curves, plain but gentle face, and dark stringy hair made you think that she was someone's mother. She was laughing with two of the coeds, Barb and Debbie, whose blond good looks and fashionable clothes just showed how different Liz really was from almost everyone there. Both of those blonds had been my girlfriend at one time or another, and were the style that I had preferred, slim, trim, outdoors and sports oriented. They were passing a joint between them, and Liz was looking around nervously.

"Barb, Deb, you know Greg. Liz, I'd like you to meet Greg."

"Hi, Greg, delighted to meet you. I'm Liz, I'm the P.A.G.E. "

"You mean like a servant, you work for a senator or something?"

"No, I'm the P.A.G.E., the Pass Around Girl Extraordinaire. I take it Lenny is passing me off to you."

Before Lenny spoke, Barb and Deb had a case of the giggles, and went laughing into the other room. "You take good care of him, darlin. He's a good man, he'll treat you right, all night."

As I was thinking of a retort, she put the joint in my mouth and hugged me, saying "That's good, because I've been smoking all night, and you know how horny I get when I've been smoking good grass. Is there someplace we can go?"

"We could go smoke a bong out in the van. "

"Oh, you have a van! Does it have a water bed?"

"No, it doesn't, and it isn't mine. It's Dennis's. I just borrowed it for the weekend. "

"You ever made love it in before?"

"Not yet. "

"Well then, no time to start like the present."

As we walked to the van, I asked Liz "Are you really as much of a free love advocate as you said, or was that just a show to impress Barb and Deb with how 'out there' you are?"

"Lenny must have told you about me. I can list five or six other guys, just the past month. Does that turn you off or turn you on?"

We climbed into Dennis's white Ford Econoline van as I answered Liz's question. "It's not really a tum-on or a turn-off for me. I wasn't there, didn't get to join in, and pretty much feel that what you do with your own body is your own business."

"I don't think I've ever met a man quite like you. You mean to say you don't get jealous?"

"What I get jealous of is the attention, the affection. If sleeping around makes you cold to me, then you are history. If it just makes you want me more, I can't see where I'd really mind."

"Wow! You are different! I think I'd like to get to know you a lot better." I silenced her with a bong, filled with my best Thai stick, the one with the little red and gold flecks that I'd been saving for a special celebration. Liz sucked on the bong as she lit it, and a smile of deep pleasure filled her face.

"Wow! You sure know how to show a girl a good time!" She wrapped her arms around me, letting the music from the 8 track fill her ears, as I refilled the bong. Before the song had ended, we were kissing. Liz kissed like a woman who knew what she wanted, didn't play games. Her mouth was on me like a hungry animal feasting on my flesh. She pulled my hands to her large globes, which were firmer than they looked. She immediately responded, and her nipples stiffened.

"Oh, Greg, that feels so good. I want you_ to touch me all over. I'm going to be yours tonight. Make me your woman." Plunging her hands into my crotch, she started rubbing me, then unzipped my jeans and undid my leather belt. She didn't stop there, yanking down my briefs and pulling her sweet lips away from our kiss to start sucking on my dick. Her white panties were showing as her dress rode up her ass to the small of her back as she knelt there on the bed, blowing me. I pulled on her dress, yanking it down to her armpits, as I stroked her breasts in time to her hot lips sucking me. I had to see her creamy white ass, pulling her panties down to her knees. I slid one of my hands between her legs, and found her other hand was already there, Clearly she had been with men who weren't as thoughtful as I was, so I pulled her on top of me, and began eating her out. Her massive hair pie was soaked from playing with herself, and the tangy taste of her excitement was wildly exciting to me, just like her obvious experience and pleasure in oral sex was driving me wild. I licked into her, trying to give back some small measure of the way she was making me feel.

I'd been with many women who sucked cock, and some who claimed they'd rather drink your cum than fuck you, but none of them were close to Liz. She would twist her hand down my dick, following it with her mouth, until her hands were petting my balls and her lips were pressed against my public hair. She would cup my balls as she sucked back up the length of my shaft, then she gave me several quick strokes of her hand as it wrapped around the base of my dick. Her mouth and tongue went wild on the tip of my dick, bobbing back and forth, then stroking all the way down me as she deep throated me. I was licking her the same way, long strokes through her full slit, then spinning my tongue around the tip of her clit as my fingers stroked in and out of her. I couldn't put many fingers into her, giving lie to the old saw about loose women. I was hoping to find out, but I came in her mouth, and we stopped.

Liz and I each smoked another bong, and she blew me again, while I finally made her cum with my tongue. It was like a dam had broken after that, and she was very liberal with her climaxes. Even when we shifted into fucking, she would play with herself while we screwed, until she came, squeezing down around me while her hips thrust wildly. Liz was a fun girl to fuck. Her soft body never dug into me like some of the bony bitches I had been dating. She was a great lover, sure of herself, comfortable with her sexuality. We really wrecked the sheets in the van, and the whole thing reeked of sex when we were done. We fell asleep right there.

In the morning, I dropped Liz off at a girlfriends, but that didn't last too long, because Gina was the jealous type, and her boyfriend Tommy had eyes for Liz. So Liz moved into my one bedroom apartment in Santa Monica. I went to school, she took care of the place and volunteered her time at one of the Animal Shelters. One day my classes were canceled, _so I went home. When I opened up the door, I heard moaning from the bedroom. I went in to find Liz, doggy style, being filled in by some prick, some big dicked stud. Most guys would have gone ballistic. I simply took off my clothes and climbed _onto the head of the bed. His blond eyelashes whipped his eyelids as they snapped open, then he relaxed saying "Cool."

Liz wrapped her lips around me with a hunger, giving me one of her best blow jobs, and she was really inspired. I blew off my afternoon classes as Liz took turns blowing Dave & I, and as we drove ourselves quite mad fucking her tight twat. We barely stopped to eat and smoke a bowl, then we went right back to bed. Liz was so grateful she brought home flowers for me, helped me with my schoolwork, and tried to screw me to death every night and suck me dry every morning.

Somehow I survived being fucked to death, and Dennis told me he was heading back to Miami. He was looking for another driver so that he could get to New Orleans in three or four days, instead of a week. I told him I would go before I even thought about Liz. Dennis didn't seem to mind her coming along, and she was really beginning to blossom. I had been buying clothes for her, what I could afford, and she was no longer a tent in motion, but a very attractive woman. Dennis felt the heat right away, and asked me how I felt about her.

"I love her, Dennis."

I'd never admitted it before that moment. We left early in the morning, driving all day to end up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We stayed at some friends of Dennis's who lived in a commune a half hour north of the city, around the tip of a huge mountain. Dennis was well known and loved here, and so was his wife, Michelle, who was waiting down in Miami. Liz and I crashed in the van, and she drank the last of my energy down her throat. Luckily, Dennis was a morning person, and I didn't have to drive until later in the day. Liz and I just stayed in bed, until Dennis brought us some coffee and rolls. Liz was sleepy, and didn't cover up, so as she poured the coffee from the thermos, Dennis was admiring her bare tits with obvious pleasure. I pulled the covers off of her, giving him a real eyeful, and since she wasn't cold, she just left it right that way. A flash of energy passed between the three of us.

Liz slipped on a white cotton shirt and a beige pleated minidress and crawled up front. We spent many hours talking together, and Liz was fascinated with Dennis's description of his marriage with Michelle. He told us that they had an open marriage, but beyond that, they were swingers, not in the sense that single people were, instead it was more like double dating with wild or even group sex at the end of the night. Dennis _started telling Liz about some of their hottest experiences. Her feet were propped up on the dashboard, and as she passed the joint around, she just moved her feet apart. I saw the desolate Texas landscape between her heels, and the heat was rising off the land in waves. There was no air conditioner the car, so the sweat made her shirt cling to her body. Her hands started moving between her legs as Dennis told her about hot threesomes with Michelle and another man, a very hot foursome with another couple, and a very special woman who lived with them for a while who introduced Michelle into wild lesbian threesomes and sixty nines. Liz was gurgling, her head thrown back, skirt flipped back onto her belly so her big wet bush was fully exposed, as her hands propelled her body into orgasm after orgasm.

Luckily, we had to stop in Amarillo for lunch, and the stares from the locals were hot with lust for Liz, hot with hate for Dennis and I. He told me he was wiped out from the heat, so I drove while he crashed in the back. I never got up the courage to ask him if he dreamed about Liz or Michelle.

Late that night, Dennis drove us up to a farmhouse near St.Josephs,

and said he'd see us in the morning. Liz and I burned up the sheets again, her passion on overdrive. She even woke me three times during the night just for encore performances. I didn't connect the morning's talks with it, or I might have understood better. I just thought she loved me.

The next morning, Dennis looked like a horse that had been ridden hard and put down wet, as he offered fresh hot coffee in the thermos and some cinnamon rolls. Liz just got up naked, and poured his cup. When she handed it to him, he turned his head, almost being whacked in the face by her left breast. For an instant, his mouth opened, and I knew he was going to suck on it, then he just smiled at me, kissed Liz gently, and whispered something in her ear. She put her cotton shirt and soft beige skirt back on, and climbed back up front as we hit the open road. This morning, Liz was doing all the talking, telling Dennis all of her horniest secrets, including the threesome with myself and Dave, which she claimed was one of the most loving experiences of her entire life, as she fingered herself into another come. Dennis reached over to flick her nipple just as she started into the next cum, and she shouted as her body bucked violently. Thinking it was me, since I was right behind her, she came back to the bed, hot and hungry. I was her meal.

After lunch, Dennis took another nap, and Liz spread herself on the dash, then fingered herself all the way until dinner time, as she told me about her fantasies. She wanted to make love to Dennis. She wanted Dennis and I to have a threesome with her. She wanted to be seduced by Michelle, taught the mysteries of woman to woman love. She wanted her and I to have a threesome with Michelle, then a foursome with both of them. She came as she told me the details of each stories hot action. Then she started telling me how women during the civil war would go out and seduce an entire patrol, so that their husbands and brothers could sneak by them and ambush them from behind. She had brought some romance novels, and some erotic classics, and it was clear that she was pushing herself deeper and deeper into fantasy, just to climax. We stopped for dinner, and she started talking to Dennis, but he quickly switched the discussion on to other matters. As they talked, I nodded off.

Liz shook me awake in New Orleans, but the town never sleeps, and we were in the French Quarter. We started off together, but got separated in a smoky jazz club. I had a great time anyway. I came back to the van real early in the morning, unsteady and unsure of myself. When I stepped into the van, I stood still, but the world didn't stop moving. I turned to look, and Dennis was feeding his big, at least 8", and thick, at least the size of a flashlight, cock into the love of my life. Her full breasts hung beneath her as she took him doggy style, and they wobbled with each thrust into her. Her mouth was open, not in shock at seeing me, but to breathe and to moan. I slumped against the dash as I said "Liz!" more out of surprise than anything.

"Greg!" she said, then closed her eyes as a climax took her. I wobbled to my feet, and she said "Don't go. Come."

In my intoxicated state, it slowly dawned on me that she was making her hot fantasies of earlier come true. Several of those fantasies

were very compelling to me, so I decided to give it a try. I pulled down my pants, and presented my limp dick to her and Liz greeted it warmly with her mouth, not in a great hurry, but lustfully and insistent. Slowly the fog began to clear, and Dennis came in Liz. We traded places. The combination of his cum and her tight twat was so hot, as I drilled into her, I remember thinking "I'm going to treasure these moments my whole life." We didn't last long, maybe two more cums, then we all fell asleep in a pile.

Dennis had to wait to do the business he came to New Orleans for, so we explored the city, walking through the Garden district, enjoying the street musicians. Dennis and I worked at odd jobs, to get money for food. That whole first week we didn't have a single night where Liz didn't have sex with both of us. We worked, we got high, we got sucked off by Liz, we screwed Liz as many times as we were able. The end of the first week, Liz went to a strip club just down the street from where the girl flys out the window on her trapeze, and worked for a couple nights as a stripper. She told us she had to blow the manager to get the job, but it was worth it. She pulled down $500 per night, and all of a sudden we didn't have to work anymore. Those two nights were tough, though. Dennis went off to amuse himself, and I began reading the erotic books that Liz had brought, "Southern Conflict", "Tropic of Cancer", "Tropic of Capricorn", "Story of O".

The next week one of us stayed with Liz, making love, while the other one ran errands or explored the city. It was during one of those long, tender sessions of making love to Liz that she told me "Greg, I'm in love with you."

"You don't love Dennis?"

"Dennis is already married. Yes, I love him, but it's different with him. He's a hot lover, but there is little depth. It's almost a purely sexual relationship, except that we talk about other things."

"So it's different with me?"

"When you touch me, I feel the heat, but I also feel your love. You know me, you explore me and my interests. I know you've read every single one of my most treasured books. I hope that things with Michelle are just as hot as with Dennis. I'm sure if she's anything like what he has said, they will be. But what is really, important to me is that you and I stay together. I love you, and I need you in my life."

"I feel the exact same way." We returned to the sex, my rigid prick smoothly gliding in Liz's slippery snatch, my hips thrusting insistently against her rear, our tongues twisting and writhing over each other like snakes. Her soft lips were glued to mine as the sweat poured off our bodies. My hands rubbed the sweat from her breasts, rolling her rubbery nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Her hand vibrated between her legs, and our whole beings joined. I whispered into her ear "I love you Liz, now and always" then rejoined our mouths as the passion "of our climaxes struck. Our bodies exploded in flames, as if struck by lightning, and we burned with every place we connected to each other's flesh. In that instant, we welded together, became one being.

That evening, Dennis told us his business here was done, and that tomorrow we would drive down to Miami. Our threesome was intense. Liz had learned just how to use her body against us for maximum effect. She sucked us, not with the hunger she often had, but with an insistent vacuum pressure, licking us into hardness, and then making us lightheaded, like balloons _on a string, pulled wherever she chose to take us. When I was inside her, it was just as if our lovemaking session of the afternoon had never stopped. I stroked into her, part of her and not yet a part of her, my cock insistently boring into her twat, tight and hot, my balls begging for release as they pounded into her full, wide ass. For the very first time, in two weeks of threesomes, we all came at the same time. I was unloading my heavy balls into her quivering quim, as Dennis was grunting, filling her sweet hot mouth with his spunk. We all shook, trembling for several minutes afterwards.

The next morning, Dennis brought coffee and donuts, Liz greeting him with a wet kiss, pressing his hands into her bare nipples. After several moments, she poured the coffee, and came back to snuggle with me. We talked for hours, until it was time for lunch. We ate, and I drove. Liz and Dennis sixty-nined noisily for a long time, then he screwed her so hotly she screamed with passion. After dinner, Dennis drove, and Liz cuddled again. She was losing Dennis, he was going back to his wife tonight, and she just was not willing to give him up as a lover, without taking her best shot.

It was so late when we pulled into Miami I thought no one would be awake, but Michelle was expecting us. Dennis had called her every day, and from some of the conversations that I had overheard, had told her everything. They were obviously in love, and Dennis had tears in his eyes as he opened the door to their one bedroom apartment on the seventh_floor. Michelle looked fabulous, in a long black dress, slit up to her waist, with the front so low cut it only stopped at the top of her pubic hair. She didn't have Liz's big tit's, but what she had was pushed up by her bra, only a half cup, and you could make out the nipples through the lace. They cried out for each other, running to glue themselves together, and I tried to imagine what it was like to be separated for four months as they had been. They were welded together like Liz and I were welded together, and the temperature in their air conditioned apartment zoomed up. Liz felt it too, pressing herself back into me as I wrapped my arms around her.

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