tagInterracial LoveP.I. 69 Viking Lads Saga Ch. 02

P.I. 69 Viking Lads Saga Ch. 02


I walked past the Barbershop in a straight line to the next bar on the Clark AFB side gate strip. The two Paso's were still in my pocket that my bride had given me to get a haircut. My appearance had changed a little, I was a marked man. Both my elbows and knees were featuring dried blood from my concrete encounter. It felt warm and good. I needed to cool myself off with an icy San Miguel beer.

The girls from the bar were on an intercept course with me. Business must be slow. I vowed to do everything I could to inject a money boost into their bar kitty.

Several girls were singing songs in praise of my sexual prowess. "He number one in the PI."

I was now promoted back to number one fuck in the PI. "Oh Yeah."

"I'm as broke as a broke dick benjo dog." I said.

"Why you bullshit me, you no broke GI, you number one civilian, with to much money, honey." "Mamma san say, get you number one bar tab, right now."

"Ok" "I'll take a cold beer and a hot girl."

Mamma-san says, " Why you number one in the PI with no money."

"I'm number one hundred and fifty at giving my money to benefit the future of young females in the PI."

Mamma-san says, "I send for Anne. She says you do her number one in the PI."

I don't remember Anne. I go back to drinking.

"Anne comes." Is announced.

Anne steps through the beaded thread back door into the bar.

She is beautiful. A step above the small side strip girls. I'm feeling proud of myself for doing her number one. I would feel even better if I could remember what I did.

Anne walks the walk, she stops next to me and says. "Why you no come back to the Bugs Bunny."

"Take a look, I need some healing time. I can barely talk. What did you do to me, what happened. I don't remember leaving the Bug's Bunny."

The cool beer had almost healed my fractured tongue root system.

"You number one drunk, number ten dancer with my friend. We go to hotel and get room."

The image of the room started to spin into my brain. I locked it in place. I remembered almost everything.

When we got to the room she took over. "You do everything I say and you will have a number one time."

I said. "How about a shower?"

"You shut up. Get your clothes off and take shower."

I had never had a bar girl talk to me like this before. She seemed to know what she was doing. I got my clothes off, kicked them into the corner and stepped into the shower. She had the shower ready for me.

"Dry off and get on the bed." She said as she started removing her clothes.

I said, "Are you going to take a shower?"

'No, turn the other way, you number dumb or something."

I couldn't get turned fast enough. I was shifting around. When I was 90 degrees from the full rest position she said, "Stop, put your head over by the bed."

She was now nude.

"Why did I need to take a shower if you aren't taking one?" The booze kicked me in my prone position. The room started a slow spin. I felt a percolation in my stomach. I wondered how the room could spin while I was still. A bile taste moved up my throat. I turn over and focused on the floor. I felt the vertigo, but the spinning stopped.

"What you do, turn your head over, turn your head." Without waiting she grabbed my head and used it to rotate me into the position she wanted.

The spinning returned, she stopped the spinning by turning and backing up and slamming her unshowered snapper into my upside down face.

"One good thing about eating pussy in the PI is you do not need to worry about picking curly hairs out of your teeth later. They don't have any."

She was working my face vigorously. I still had a bad case of spiral de-orientation. I wasn't sure what direction I was in or facing. I got my tongue into the battle for air that I was losing. I think her snapper got a tongue grip hold of it in her forward and aft pelvic thrusts.

I'm a Viking lad, born and raised on a river. I can swim two lengths of an Olympic pool under water. This saved my life. She started a screaming Tagalog chant. I was sucking and tongueing something hanging out next to her snapper. She had a large and protruding clit, I was working it. We were both gasping when it ended.

She then said the most beautiful words a hooker can say.

"I love you too much, you number one me. I give you free pussy, you no pay for pussy."

I had a bad taste in my mouth; she helped me to the shower. I let a stream of water clean out the bile that had tried to escape as my face was getting pounded. She gave me a shower with her soft hands. She was short so she concentrated on the areas she could reach.

We returned to the bed for an extended session in an attempt to screw her brains out of her head. When my mighty oak became an acorn incapable of spitting anymore sex-sap, we quit.

I smiled at Anne. I started smiling thinking about getting free sex. I love the PI. Also I felt good about my total recall event.

"How about some of that free pussy."

"No way, you number one me then don't remember."

Okay Anne, I give up what did I do that you think was number one in the PI.

"I got bad case of hemorrhoids after having my last baby. You sucked them nice and clean and pushed them back in. They are all better now."

"Damn, Doctor Dumby, slips on a clit and does the first PI hemorrhoid tuck." Give me another San Mugooo.

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