tagGroup SexP!nK Ch. 04: Intern Snack Pt. 02

P!nK Ch. 04: Intern Snack Pt. 02


Elliot and I finished our meeting. "Kelly, would you meet us in the lobby in five minutes, we're ready for lunch." We walked into the lobby to find Kimberly and Kelly talking. I know Elliot was checking out Kelly's teal skirt, black blouse, black nylons and her black heels. She looked amazing with her dark hair down cascading over her shoulders. As we walked out to the limo I realized I'd forgotten the proposal. I took Kelly's hand and helped her get into the limo and shut the door. I went back in the building and headed for my office.

Alexis rounded the corner and handed me some more information for Elliot to take with him back and the proposal the proposal. I had a few questions which Alexis was able to answer for me with her typical efficiency. After about 10 minutes of discussion with Alexis, Kimberly made a squeaking sound and we heard a thump from her desk. Alexis and I both turned and looked at her Kimberly was bright red and said something about her funny bone. I headed back outside and opened the door to the limo.

I slid into the backseat of the limo and I froze. Elliot was sitting across from me with his back to the driver and Kelly was on her knees facing him, her head slowly bobbing up and down. Kelly lifted her head off Elliot's lap and his 9" hard dick was sticking straight to the ceiling. She just gave me a half smile and lowered her lips back to his cock. She immediately started bobbing her head up and down. I just closed the door and sat back to watch. Just a few days ago she'd done the same thing to me so I knew what he was feeling and how good at it she was. Elliot just closed his eyes and leaned his head back as the limo pulled out.

The restaurant we were heading to was about 20 minutes from the office and watching Kelly's head bob up and down on Elliot's dick was making mine throb.

We weren't half way there when Elliot gasped out loud and moaned he was cumming. Seconds later he started unloading in Kelly's mouth. I could hear her gulping as quickly as possible. She looked incredibly sexy when she sat up and looked at us. She then scooted across the floor and went for my zipper. She pulled mine out as Elliot put his back into his pants. It was like a race. I had no doubt this hot little intern could finish before we arrived at the restaurant.

She started right in, just using her mouth. Her hands were on my hips and I just sat there and watched her mouth bob up and down. I could feel her tongue flicking all over the underside of my dick. After a few minutes she moved her head down to lick and suck on my balls. She kept moving back and forth all over them. Finally I told her I was getting close and she wrapped her soft lips back around the tip of my dick and just worked the head up and down.

I couldn't take it anymore. I told her I was going to cum and just as it started rushing up my cock she slammed her head all the way down and buried my hard exploding cock into her throat. Oh it was a sweet release.

As Kelly sat back in the seat behind her and began fixing her makeup, Elliot turned to me, "Dalton, that girl gives the BEST head I've ever had." I looked across at Kelly and watched her face light up. "What I wouldn't give to have her lips on my unit again before I head home."

I turned to look at Elliot, "well that's up to her."

With that she put the makeup items back in her purse as we pulled into the restaurant.

We had a very glorious meal and time seemed to drag on. At this point Elliot and I were talking about some of the people that he had working for him at this point. Our waitress only stopped by once in a great while to refill drinks. Kelly seemed to be getting a bit restless. I realized that Elliot was massaging her inner thigh through most of lunch. He then leaned over and whispered in her ear. She blushed to a deep crimson...

"Here? Now?" she quietly asked, "...uh...well ok I guess." With that Kelly looked around and then ducked under the table. I was shocked, here was this sweet young intern, or so I thought, now blowing one of our clients for the second time today. Elliot pulled his phone out and typed on it and then set it down on the table. *BUMP* Kelly's head hit the table.

*Buzzzzz* my phone went off. I pulled it out and read the text message I'd just received. "If she's willing do you mind if I keep her for the afternoon? I'll pay you for her time if she's salary." I texted back "She's hourly, if she's willing I will tell her boss she went home sick. And you should pay her WELL." *THUMP* We heard Kelly's head hit the bottom of the table. After reading it, Elliot just smiled and mouthed a thank you to me, he then reached for his water glass and gulped some down. His forehead was starting to perspire.

After a few more minutes he opened his eyes and looked at me. "Dalton my friend, I'm about to blow my load into your hot little intern's mouth."

Just then the waitress walked up and asked, "can I get you more water sir?"

Elliot's fists clinched, "Yes please my deeaaarrrrr." I could totally see him tense up. The waitress turned and gave him a strange look as she started to walk away. I think she realized where our female guest had run off to. I could see him twitch a few times and he kinda thrust forward and I heard a light thump when Kelly's head hit the bottom of the table again. Then he slumped down in his seat a little.

It was almost a full minute before Kelly appeared from under the table cloth and returned to her spot in the booth between Elliot and I. Before she even had a chance to get comfortable the waitress appeared with two glasses of water. I looked over at Kelly and about died, her chin was covered with saliva, spit and cum.

The waitress set down one glass in front of Elliot, "there you go sir."

He grunted a thanks and tried to pull himself back up into his seat.

She then sat the second glass down in front of Kelly, "I figured you might need this sweetie, oh and you missed some." She said with a wink as she leaned across the table and picked up a napkin, with which she wiped the cum off Kelly's chin.

I then noticed that some cum had dripped, she had it on both her shirt and her chest. The waitress just stared for a second then looked up into Kelly's eyes.

Kelly said with a smile, "Yeah I couldn't swallow fast enough."

The waitress smiled back and replied, "Yeah hun, I hate it when that happens."

Kelly looked over at me and made an obvious look at my crotch. "I'll take care of you in the car boss." I just throbbed harder. With that the waitress turned and left.

We sat and talked for a few more minutes and then Kelly asked if she could order desert. We continued to talk while Elliot and I watched her eat a piece of cheesecake. After paying the bill we went back out to the limo. We watched as Kelly slipped into the backseat and then Elliot and I climbed in after her. As soon as the door was closed her hands were going to my belt.

She moved around in front of me kneeling on the floor. She popped the head of my cock in her mouth and started flicking it with her tongue. It felt fantastic. I looked across to Elliot who got behind her and pulled her skirt up over her hips so it was bunched around her waist. Then he started running his fingers up and down her nylon covered legs and across her tight little ass. I could hear and feel her moan. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Her head would bob up and down a bit and then falter and she'd moan a bit, never taking my cock out of her mouth. I was gently running my fingers through her hair.

*SMACK* I opened my eyes and watched Elliot smack her ass. First one side and then the other. He wasn't hitting her hard but she seemed to be really enjoying it. Every time he did it she'd moan loudly. I closed my eyes and listened to her moan more as he touched her and then I'd hear from time to time a smack to her ass. Kelly was doing a great job teasing me. She kept me at a high state of arousal without taking me over the edge. I felt some shuffling and could hear them moving a bit. I opened my eyes when they shuffled around more and at this point I realized her shirt was completely untucked and unbuttoned.

"Dalton, you would never believe how fucking wet your slut intern is right now." I again felt her moan as he said this, "her panties are totally soaking wet. And she's soaked through the crotch of her panty hose also." He kept rubbing the crotch of her clothing against her pussy. And the more he did this the more she was not sucking but just moaning and panting.

Then he slapped her ass and said "keep sucking slut or I'll stop touching you." Without hesitation she went back to blowing me. This time she was a little more focused. I felt him moving and looked down to see him pulling her pantyhose down. He stopped mid thigh. He then grabbed her underwear in the back and ripped them right off her.

I could feel myself throbbing harder in her mouth. In all my years I'd never had a threesome but I realized as Elliot unzipped his pants, that we were about to spit roast poor little Kelly. He moved up closer behind her. "My god Dalton, she's literally dripping wet. She's actually DRIPPING!" Elliot then lined up his cock and slowly started to insert it. I looked right into her face as he did it and watched her eyes get bigger. "OH man, that's only half of it!" Elliot started slowly working just the first inch or two into her. Then she gasped as he rammed the last half of his dick into her.

"OH FUCK!" she cried out as my cock popped out of her mouth. Her head dropped back down and she really started sucking on me.

Elliot was behind her slamming into her deeper and deeper. He then handed me her torn panties. He was right, they were totally soaked. All I could hear was his hips slamming into hers, the wet slurping sound of her soaked pussy taking his dick and her moans and grunts as she was blowing me.

After a few minutes Kelly started using her hand on me also as her mouth moved up and down my cock. Elliot was making more noise, he kept telling her how hot she was, how wet she was and how tight she was. Her mouth came off my dick but her hand kept going. Now the car was filled with cries of passion and her low level screams. I wasn't going to last long. Then Elliot announced he was about to cum.

"NO! Not yet," Kelly cried out, "I'm almost there! I'm about to cum." I looked down at sweet Kelly's face and could see how close she was. Right at the threshold of total ecstasy. Elliot expressed the fact he was going to blow.


I couldn't hold it anymore. I let go.

She cried out, "KNOCK ME UPPPPPPP!"

My cum splattered her face and went into her hair. She stopped making sense and just started screaming at the top of her lungs. Elliot thrust one more time and started grunting, he was filling her. She dropped her head back down and took my cock back into her mouth just as I finished letting go, that just set me off again and I fired more into her mouth.

Elliot pulled out of her and she stayed on her hands and knees gasping for breath.

"Holy shit! ... Holy fucking shit!" was all she said.

She lifted her head a little and I looked down and could see Elliot's sperm running down the inside of her thigh. Still on her knees she straightened up and then pulled her pantyhose up. She collapsed back on the seat across from me. Her skirt was still around her waist and she kept her legs spread about shoulder width apart. She just sat there inhaling air with her eyes closed. Looking between her legs I could see the white cum soaking into the crotch of her pantyhose.

Elliot leaned over and was whispering in her ear. Without changing her blissful expression she just nodded her head and said yes. A few minutes later we pulled up in front of the office. Kelly had buttoned up her shirt but hadn't bothered fixing her skirt. I could plainly see 2 large spots where the cum had soaked through. One was her crotch the other on her inner thigh.

Kelly looked up at me slowly, "is it ok if I stay with Mr. Reed?"

"That's fine Kelly, I will tell Alexis that you didn't feel well. I'll see you tomorrow, but I ask that you two do not leave here together. Maybe you could wait a few minutes down the road a bit Elliot." Kelly and I stepped out of the limo and closed the door.

I waved as it pulled out and turned to watch Kelly throw her purse in the car. "Kelly I have to ask, are you ok with this, you don't have to go."

She smiled up at me, "No, it's fine. I actually really want to go, I'm not sure why but I really really do." She got into her car and as I was about the close the door she put her foot against it and got serious, "Wait, Mr. West. Be honest with me. Does this bother you? If it does I won't go."

"Oh no Kelly, I just don't want you getting hurt or anything... I just worry." I smiled again at her as I checked out her legs. And jokingly I threw in "and if you're worried about me being jealous...I'm...well maybe a little."

Kelly softly laughed at that and winked at me. "Well if you want to hear them I'll tell you all the juicy details tomorrow, but for now I'm going to go get my brains fucked out."

I took one last look at her before she closed the door. Cum still in her hair, I realized when I came in the car a lot of it had gotten on her clothes and face. She'd made no effort to clean up and I think it just made her all that more hot.

She shut the car door and backed up. I heard her slowly drive away as I walked to the building...

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