tagGroup SexP.O.B. (Patent Orgasmic Babysitter)

P.O.B. (Patent Orgasmic Babysitter)

byL.Fortune West©

This is what its come to. Goddamned marriage-counsellor. Katie-Anne does look good though. Real Good. Her breasts are delicious. When we see her normally she's wearing her baggy down time clothes, not trying to look sexy, but underneath she's got a hot little figure. Those nipples are just peachy. She's smiling, embarrassed but not enough to back out on the whole thing. That long, red hair is beautiful falling over her chest and I'm frankly jealous as hell. Katie-Anne is pretty enough to eat. Dave is rubbing up behind her and he's cupping her breasts, the perverted old fart.

"Janey, you want to get involved here?"

We make eye contact. I did promise. I'm on my knees on the bed and up against her. I'm topless and I press myself up against her and our nipples brush together. I put my hands round on her ass cheeks and squeeze. She giggles. She's really nervous, but she's beautiful, a lovely little kitten that we're corrupting.

I put my face up to hers and I'm a little nervous too and I kiss her lips. She keeps her mouth closed. She gasps as Dave digs his fingertips into those chunky, pert young breasts. I look at her imploringly and I kiss her again. Her eyes are maybe a little frightened, but she gives in and opens her mouth. Katie is literally about two days over eighteen years old but you wouldn't believe it. She looks even younger. She kisses real well. Better in fact than my thirty – six year old husband, who has just relieved our young babysitter of her pants...

We kiss for a long time, and its good. Katie-Anne looks relieved. She was real nervous about kissing a woman and now that thresholds been crossed. She's lying on her back on the bed and Dave's pulling off her panties. I've got one of her nipples in my mouth. I'm getting way, way more aroused than I thought I would be...

Katie-Anne has a great body. When she fills out a little more she might become an Amazon, but right now she's a waif with exceptionally large breasts, which suits me just fine. Now I'm naked too. I'm on my side and we're kissing tenderly and I like this intimacy with a girl. She's a real young eighteen, if you know what I mean. Kids with trust funds don't grow up all that fast. She likes the kissing too; she's smiling real wide. I'm not used to the TLC with Dave and you can see why. He's got his face buried in Katie-Anne's little pussy...

I want Katie-Anne to suck on my titties so I let my nipple hang over her lips. She takes it into her mouth and she's a little cutie pie. I tell her so and she giggles. Dave is giggling too. He is such a fake son of a bitch I feel like divorcing him, but never mind. He shows her his middle finger with a smile. Then he pokes it into her. Katie-Anne is embarrassed, but she's having fun, which is the main thing...

I could just kiss and smooch with this little girl all night. I squeeze her titties in my hands. She's getting more relaxed and responsive now. Dave's actually is looking motivated for a change, as he pumps his finger in and out of Katie-Anne's pussy.

"Janey dearest," I have to stop smooching with Katie-Anne to answer him.

"What's up honey?" We make eye contact, and this ridiculous charade of conjugal affection almost cracks us both up. Somehow we keep it together.

"I want to watch you eat out our little babysitter's pussy"

I look at Katie-Anne with a shocked 'aren't we outrageous?' expression. She blushes but looks a little expectant. I change places with my dear husband...

I've got Katie-Anne's legs spread wide open, and what a view. That red pubic hair is real cute. Her legs are shapely. You just want to eat the damn things. I'm gently stroking her inner thighs. We make eye contact. She's still blushing, but she's excited
through the nerves. Good old sensitive Dave is eating her titties like a starving guy. I plant a cute little feather light kiss on Katie-Anne's belly button. I'm getting just a tiny little bit excited now. I wanna taste this little girl's pussy...

I'm slurping at Katie-Anne's cunt. My eyes are closed and she tastes good. I haven't done this since college; I might be a bit rusty. I'm trying to give her the blowjob I always wanted but never got. Her cunt's smooth and soft and young and fresh. I'm stroking her thigh as I lap away at this beautiful little pussy. I'm trying to use the widest part of my tongue on her clitoris. Its like a compass, I'm going north-northwest, now due east. Katie-Anne's pussy tastes delicious. I'm using the rhythm from one of the songs on Dave's Michael Bolton cd. Could I be any gentler than this? I try to imagine I'm kissing a butterfly's wings...

I open my eyes to have a look up and see if Katie-Anne likes having her pussy licked by a woman. My husband has his cock in her mouth so it's a little hard to tell, which sucks because I feel the need for some appreciation.

"That's right honey, get as much in as you can. You're doing great baby, remember, imagine its ice cream. Imagine it's your favourite food in the whole world. The secret of giving great head baby is to enjoy it. At-a-girl. You're doing great" That slimy son of a bitch has never given me a descent blowjob in all the years I've known him. Katie-Anne's face is as red as a beetroot. She's self – conscious as hell but she's doing what she's told. My dear husband is having a lot of fun. I'm still licking Katie-Anne's little pussy, which is lovely and warm and getting juicier all the time. I put my tongue in her opening and she's so fresh I have trouble making any headway. I put my tongue back on her clit.

That's right baby, at-a-girl. One, two, three, four, that's real good baby" Dave's starting to breathe heavy and that means he's going to come

"Ooooh yeah honey, daddy's gonna come, oh yes, oh that's right girl, ooooh yeah..." He grunts as he climaxes. He's ejaculating into Katie-Anne's sweet little mouth and he's real pleased about it too. I gotta admit, it is kinda good to watch...

"It tastes funny"

"Just swallow it honey. At-a-girl. That's right, that's beautiful baby" I would castrate him, watch him bleed to death, then piss on his still twitching corpse before I swallowed his come. He knows this. We make eye contact. He's a son of a bitch but at least he's aware of the fact. They're kissing and Katie-Anne is all embarrassed again but she's also obviously proud of getting my other half off in her mouth. If she'd seen that fucker jacking off watching American Gladiators she'd be less proud of herself...

"Do you like me licking your pussy Katie-Anne?"

"Yes Mrs. Morrison, it feels really..." We're cracking up with laughter and she's really embarrassed and a bit paranoid now. I almost forgot how young she was.

"Call me Janey, please Katie-Anne!" I'm licking your pussy, so we're pretty intimate now don't you think?

"I'm sorry Janey. This is all kinda huge for me!"

"You have nothing to apologise for baby. You're a beautiful, sexy little girl; and you give amazing head. You just relax now and enjoy yourself. You having fun with us tonight?

"Yeah, I'm having a lot of fun, thank you" Katie-Anne looks guilty, but she ain't lying, she is enjoying herself. A big grin spreads out across her pretty little face.

"What would you like me to do to you honey?"

Could you please lick my pussy again? It felt real good before." We're laughing again. Katie-Anne is getting into the swing of things now, sure enough. Dave has his tongue down her throat. She is a sexy little girl and I want to swallow her whole. I've got my face buried between her gorgeous legs, licking her sweet young cunt. I could stay here all night. My tongue is back on her clitoris. It's swollen up some and I can hear her showing approval of my efforts.

"Hmmmmm. That feels real nice right there." Her cunt is all wet and juicy. I know I'm getting to her. Dave's sucking on her big titties again. He's got his eyes closed. Katie-Anne's eyes are closed up too. You ready to scream for me Katie-Anne?...

I put my finger into her wet cunt.

"Oooooh yeah" That's right Katie-Anne. Mommy's gonna make you feel real nice baby. I got my finger against her clit from the inside, and my tongue against it from the outside, real gentle. I want our sexy little babysitter to come right on my mouth.

"Ooooooooh God yeah" Katie-Anne's moving her hips against my mouth. She's getting right into it now. Dave's kneading her titties; those big, ripe, pink nipples look beautiful. She's gonna come soon. I've got a hunch it might be her very first orgasm. Her eyes are a little scared of the pleasure she's feeling.

"Oh my God that's beautiful!" The dam is about to burst in Katie-Anne's sweet young body. I'm fingering her hard now. She is sopping wet and her come tastes wonderful. I'm working my fingertips in the folds in her sweet cunt and she loves it...

Oh, oooooh, oh my God! Oh Mrs. Morrison yes, YES!... YES!... YES!... YES!... OH GOOOOOD YESSSSSSSSS! Katie-Anne is screaming her pretty little head off and bucking her hips as her climax kicks her brain into another galaxy...

I've come up for air and I want to give our little baby girl a long sweet kiss. She throws her arms round my neck. Her tongue is so far down my throat she's licking my toes from the inside. We kiss for a good long time. Katie-Anne is spaced out, on another planet. Her eyes are as big as saucers as she looks at me. She's beautiful, and she's a sexy, naughty little girl and I could fall in love with her. Before I do though, the alarm on Dave's watch goes off...

I walk Katie-Anne over the street to her house. As we get in her porch I put my hand on her ass. She turns round. We have another lovely, long kiss, I could get used to this girls tongue being in my mouth. I resist the temptation to fuck her again right here, just in case her parents are still up and waiting. We kiss again and I squeeze those big, firm, young titties.

"Katie-Anne baby. Anytime you feel like another orgasm you come right on over and I'll lick your cunt. Anytime, I promise. You're goddamned beautiful and sexy and I want to see a lot more of you, I mean it. Anytime." Katie-Anne giggles. She's suddenly nervous again.

"Sure Mrs Morrison. Thanks a lot for tonight. It was wonderful...will...will you be home when I get in from school tomorrow?" I can feel the smile spread right across my face.

"Sure honey. You come right over. Dave won't be there though. Just you and me."

"Oh that will be great." She looks shy!

"I'll see you tomorrow." We have a quick kiss and Katie-Anne goes in. She's coming over to see me tomorrow. To see ME. Not that slimy fucking husband of mine. He didn't even get to fuck her because of her curfew! He can have his fat pig of a secretary at work that I'm not supposed to know about. I'll have Katie-Anne. I think I got the best part of the deal...

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