tagGroup SexP.O.B. (Patent Orgasmic Babysitter) Ch. 02

P.O.B. (Patent Orgasmic Babysitter) Ch. 02

byL.Fortune West©

Katie-Anne promised to come over after school today. I hope she keeps her promise. That girl is a dream come true. Dave's acting all surprised and grateful that I got up to make him breakfast.

"Baby, you haven't fixed my breakfast for me for five years. Seems like our little ménage et trois made a difference huh?"

The slimy jackass kisses me with his eyes closed. Like it's our honeymoon or something. He should get an Oscar. Would that whale that you're banging on the side get up in the morning to fix your breakfast? He's out the door and gone. I got up an hour early to watch Katie-Anne leave for school.....

She has that lovely red hair in a cute little schoolgirl ponytail. She's eighteen going-on-twelve. She has a huge pair of baggy black pants on, like they wear in those rock videos. Her midriff is bared under a little white work shirt that is tied into a knot over her belly button. I can see the black bra underneath the shirt from here. Her sun bed tan is delicious. She looks so perfect and sexy that for a minute I think about dragging her in here now and just taking her. I can't though. I have a little something special planned for our meeting later.....

I cannot believe this. Katie-Anne is back from school. Its four o-clock. She should be over here right now pleasuring me, but no. She's out the front of her house talking to a whole bunch of boys, who are messing around on their skateboards. They must have walked home with her. They all have those huge pants. A skateboard on asphalt is the most annoying sound in the whole damned world....

Its five already. They're still prattling away out there; the boys are all competing for her attention. Dave gets home at six. I will not share Katie-Anne with that fucker again. I want her little body all to myself. I want her beautiful face between my legs right now. If Dave comes in and finds us fucking with him not invited..... It may end up on his attorney's file, just in case things end up getting screwy. It is vitally important that that son-of-a-bitch doesn't catch us. That means she has to stop talking to those boys, get over here, give me the orgasm I've been thinking about all day and all night, then get out, or at least get dressed, all by six o-clock. Or maybe she isn't coming. Maybe she didn't mean it. I really hope she does come over. Like I said, I have something special waiting in the top drawer of my bedside cabinet. I'm looking at her through the window. Really, you can see why all these boys are so wrapped with her. She looks utterly beautiful. Mesmerising. Probably the hottest girl in school, but so inexplicably sweet and innocent at the same time. I have to look away. I have stuff to do. If she doesn't come over its her loss...

The doorbell just went. It's going to be real close. Katie-Anne comes through the door. Thank God. She's looking all bashful and nervous. Is she shaking? Oh my God!

"Hello Mrs. Morri-" Ok. I now have my tongue in Katie-Anne's mouth. My left hand is squeezing her ass. Hard. My right hand is gently cupping her vagina through her pants. Katie-Anne starts off rigid and frightened, but now she's relaxed. She's kissing me back. Her arms are around my neck. Life is good....

Katie-Anne is so sweetly exquisite; I know that if I don't move things on real fast we'll still be smooching away like this in forty minutes when Dave walks through the door. That can't happen. I break away. I take her hand and I'm leading her up the stairs. Katie-Anne doesn't even bother to talk. I don't look in her eyes. Time is a factor. We're in the bedroom....

I kiss her again. Briefly. Now I'm looking straight into her eyes.

"Katie-Anne. I am so glad you came over you would not believe. Dave will be back here in forty minutes and I'm not gonna share you with that fucker. You're mine." Katie-Anne is a little shocked, maybe even a little frightened by this whole scene. She must have some faith in me though, because she's with the programme. I'm getting really excited about what's coming. I'm still looking in her eye.

"Katie-Anne, you are flawless. You're perfect. You are so incredibly sexy I have been thinking about having sex with you again ever since you shut the door last night. Now you're going to lick my pussy"

The tension and speed has gotten to her. It's not shyness like last night; she's a little scared!

"Ok Mrs Morrison, but I don't-"

I clamp my mouth over hers again. She's kissing me back, deep. We're falling onto the bed....

As I undo her little white shirt we make eye contact. I smile at her. That's turned the key. She smiles back and the fears gone from face. Now she's really excited. A tiny little hint of determination in her eyes and I'm wetting my knickers. I'm not exaggerating. They're wet through....

Kate-Anne is naked on the bed. Her lovely red hair is still in its little ponytail. If I had the time I could stand here at the foot of the bed and just stair at her for hours. Maybe even days. God knows, back in my cheerleading high school days I looked good. But not like this. Never like this. Nobody ever looked like this....

I'm on top of her. We're holding each other so tight we're gonna have some bruises later. Our tongues are sword fighting violently. I can feel those gorgeous titties squeezing against mine. Katie-Anne's huge pink nipples have gone rock hard. I can already feel the orgasm coming on. I'm not kidding. That's how hot I am for Katie-Anne's body. I have to get off her right now if the plan I made is going to come off properly. I can't let myself come yet....

Katie-Anne is lying on her stomach. She has this wild look in her eye that I'll probably remember until the day I die. I'm up by the pillows, my legs splayed wide. My wide-open vagina is about six inches from her beautiful young face. She knows what's coming and she looks hungry....

"Baby, do you masturbate?" God bless Katie-Anne. She looks so embarrassed at this question that I could almost adopt her! That would be incest though.

"Sometimes, I guess"

"Ok Katie-Anne, honey, I want you to use the tip of your tongue on my clitoris like you use the tip of your finger on yours. You understand?" The look on her face is so absolutely filthy that I nearly lose it and come right there. She's grinning as her face lowers down between my legs. There's her tongue.

"Ohhhhhhhh God" I open my eyes and she's looking up at me anxiously. I smile to reassure her that she's doing a good job. A great job in fact. She's lapping away at my clitoris. This is the most beautiful little baby girl in the whole damned world, right here. I can't take much more of this. The climax is like a far off jet plane. I know its there somewhere, on its way, but when it comes, it will come real fast, out of my control. I have to cool it down a bit. I want my special plan to come to fruition. I reach over, open the top drawer of the bedside dresser, and bring out the tub of Vaseline. Katie-Anne's eyes are closed as she works at my clitoris with her wet little tongue in rhythm...

I'm getting closer and closer to coming all over Katie-Anne's lovely little mouth. I can't seem to stop my hips bucking against her.

"Ooooooooooooh" I'm right on the very edge. It's feeling real nice. I'm teetering right on the edge. Gotta hold it off.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God" I want to come SO BAD. Not yet though. The plan. Don't come yet Janey. Remember the plan. This is dirty and delicious and depraved and perverted and I'm loving it.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Not yet. Keep it together. I have to suppress a scream. Gotta hold it off just a little longer. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

"Katie-Anne" She opens her dreamy little eyes.

"Baby, stop licking momma for just a second" I have to concentrate really hard to stop from coming. I shut my eyes tight. Got to hold it together. Not yet. Not yet.

"Katie-Anne. You see the Vaseline?"

"Yeah" I can't see her but she's laughing. I'm smiling but I keep my eyes closed. One look in those eyes and I'll climax. Gotta wait. I want to come right now. Just wait a little longer. Just a little longer.

"Quickly baby. Put some Vaseline on all the fingers of your right hand for momma. Do it quickly now baby." I can hear her get the lid off the tub. She's doing it. Like she's told. I open my eyes for just a second and her fingers are glistening with the lube. She's grinning like some sort of savage. She knows what a naughty little thing she is. GOD I WANT TO COME NOW! Just a little longer....

"Now honey, I'm going to lift up my legs for you. You're going to put your fingers in momma's ass" I can hear her gasp and start giggling.

"Oh my God, all of them?" I'm almost shaking with the effort of controlling my body. I have to wait till that girl's hand is in my ass. Just a little longer...


"Katie-Anne. Put your fingertips against my asshole. Then we're going to count three and I want you to push them in my ass, all at once, as fast as you can. Push them all the way in honey, then put your little tongue back on mommy's cunt and lick my clitoris again just like you did before, ok?"

"Ok" I'm wondering what hell will be like as her fingertips push against my asshole. I feel so lightheaded I might just faint here.

"Ooooooooooooooooh" just a little longer....


Her fist is in my ass! I hiss with the pain. It feels huge. I'm twisting and writhing against Katie-Anne's hand in my ass.

"Arghhhhhh!" God it's tight. She's licking my clit again and now I can come, now I can come, I'm coming. I'M COMING!!!!!!


I can hear someone screaming like they're about to die, then I realise its me. Katie-Anne's eyes are shut tight as she grinds her tongue against my wet cunt and I'm coming, I'm still coming and I'm gushing and no man could make me feel like this, nobody else could make me feel like this. The darkness is closing in and I know I'm going to faint. This is the climax to end all climaxes. This is the best ever. I love Katie-Anne. I love her...

Katie-Anne got through her front door, and all of ten seconds later my husband and Andy pulled up in the driveway. I just came harder than I ever have before. Maybe harder than anyone ever came before. I might have a little trouble sitting down tomorrow, but on balance, it was worth it. When she kissed me after I came around, something happened. You don't just kiss someone like that. She's coming over again tomorrow. That motherfucker can make his own dinner...

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