tagGroup SexP.O.B. (Patent Orgasmic Babysitter) Ch. 03

P.O.B. (Patent Orgasmic Babysitter) Ch. 03

byL.Fortune West©

I’m trying to fit as much of Katie-Anne’s nipple in my mouth as is humanly possible. My husband never paid this much attention to mine. We’re going for a world record here. Katie-Anne can’t stop laughing because I’m getting slobber all over her titties. Those nipples are like lovely big pieces of candy that I just crave for….

I just can’t keep my hands off her. We got out of bed an hour ago. Katie-Anne has to go back over the street for dinner with her parents real soon. I couldn’t have her going back over there smelling of me, so we went in the shower…. we get down here all clean and dressed. We’re having a little kiss, then, before I know it she’s topless on my lap and its chow time….

Those nipples taste wonderful. I’m sliding my mouth over them. Now I’m putting my face between her titties, squeezing them against my face as I kiss over her heart. I have both hands on her tiny butt cheeks. I give them a squeeze and she yelps playfully. I’m crazy about Katie-Anne. I’m not totally sure if I want her to know that just yet. God, she feels light as a feather on my lap. If I get any wetter than this it’ll go through my jeans and I’ll leave a stain on my favourite chair. I forgot how to have this much fun a long time ago….

“I gotta go,” Katie-Anne is covering herself up.

“Hurry back little one.”

You know it… Hey... I’d like to try…. something kinda different later on,”

“What do you want to try baby?” She looks coyly up at me. Her face can take my breath away.

“You have to wait. I’ll tell you later” She blows me a kiss as she makes for the door. I am crazy for this little girl. Wonder what she’s got in mind. I was actually kinda planning something myself….

I first got my hands on Katie-Anne Sunday night. My husband and I coaxed her into a little threesome. I got my first taste of her pussy. I liked it. Then I decided that my shit-for-brains-overgrown-quarterback-jock-husband, Dave doesn’t deserve Katie-Anne. Now we’re carrying on without him. Just the two of us….

Katie-Anne has been round every day this week, after she’s gotten out of school. Then she goes home before Dave and Andy come in. Today is Saturday. Andy is up fishing on the lake with my Mom and Dad. Dave is hunting. He’s not really hunting. He’s actually fucking his secretary, badly, if I know Dave as well as I think I do. I think Dave’s secretary is a disgusting whale. A disgusting, cheap, trashy, overweight, whale. I’d rather fuck sand. Dave thinks that I think that he is actually hunting with his overgrown jock friends. Dave is wrong.

Katie-Anne was here last night. She came over this morning. We’ve been fucking like a couple of rabbits. This week I have had twenty-six orgasms, all of them from Katie-Anne, the first of which was so powerful that I thought I was going to die. The sun is shining through the window. There isn’t a cloud in the sky. The trees are lush and green. June in suburbia. Life is good. I’m thirty-three years old; I’m fucking a hot eighteen-year-old girl that I would die for. Yup, life is good. She’s probably the hottest little thing in her school. It’s me she wants. ME. Boys from her school follow her around like lapdogs, but the only sexual experience with a man that Katie-Anne’s ever had was last week with Dave and I.

I work from home on web design. Katie-Anne’s parents think I’m helping her with IT class, which she’s been struggling with. I said it before and I’ll say it again, life is GOOD. Right now I have to visit the most disreputable shop in the whole city. I’m getting a little present for my little girlfriend….


“Hey yourself, Katie-Anne! Was dinner good.”

“Yes thank you. I’m glad I’m back though.”

“I decided, new rule. From now on you have to take off all your clothes as soon as you come in.” She leers at me, and then kicks her shoes off. Now she’s unbuttoning her pants.

“Could you maybe use some help there Katie-Anne?”

“Why thank you Janey”….

She’s on top of me. We’re on mine and Dave’s bed. Katie-Anne is sucking on my titties again. It feels real good having her munch on me like this. Her red hair is fallen onto my face. I’m chewing on it. She has a hand between my legs now. Her fingers are probing for my opening. I wrap my legs tight around her waist as she starts to fuck her fingers into me. I taught Katie-Anne all she knows, and if I do say so myself, I must have done a damned good job. She puts another finger in. It feels wonderful. She’s doing it aggressively. I’m bucking my hips against her hand. It’s fast, energetic sex and I love it. She’s doing that twisting motion with her fingers that seems to get right in the right place every time.

“Ohhhhh yeah. That’s it right there baby. Ohhhhh. Momma’s gonna come again baby” Katie-Anne looks up into my eyes. She’s still kissing my nipple. She’s smiling like teacher’s star pupil. I’m coming.

Ooooooooh…. yes. YES! …. YES! …ohhhhh! …”

We’re having a little post sex smooching session. God, I want all of her. Every little bit of her.

“So what’s this new thing you want to try out?” Katie-Anne blushes. She’s gone redder than Andy’s Bulls jersey.


“Well what Katie-Anne? It’s a little late in the day to be getting shy on me!” She’s laughing. I like when she laughs. She’s a beautiful girl. A real heartbreaker. My little Katie-Anne.

“You remember when you had me put my fingers in your ass?”

“How could I possibly forget?”

“And you came so hard you fainted.”

“Yeah. I remember.”

“I was thinking…. I was wondering if maybe you might do the same thing for me.”

“Oh you were?”


“I had a strong feeling you might ask me about that Katie-Anne. I actually went out while you were home and got you a little present, and it will help us give you some anal attention…. You want to see it?”

“Oh my God! Yes. I want to see it. Katie-Anne’s birth certificate may say that she is eighteen, but her face says she’s a tiny little girl on Christmas morning….

Guess what. I’m putting on my new cock. Yeah. I have a big cock. I’m wanking my big cock. I guess this is what guys feel like. Well, maybe some black guys. It is kinda big…. I went out and bought a strap-on dildo. It’s called “Big Nasty” Now I’m going to put it in Katie-Anne’s cute little ass….

“Baby, put your butt right up in the air for momma.”


“What’s up honey?”

“You’re going to be gentle right?”

“I will be Katie-Anne. I promise. Remember, if at any point you aren’t happy, just tell me and we’ll stop right away”

What a view. Her ass is so tiny its hardly even there at all. I’m rubbing the tip of the dildo from Katie-Anne’s clitoris right up to her lubed up asshole. That red pubic hair is absolutely beautiful.

“Just relax now honey. Play with your pussy for me baby. Remember, the climax has to come from your vagina” Her fingers are going to work down there. I’ve been licking her good. Hopefully she’s pretty aroused already.

“Katie-Anne, I want you to relax every bone in your little body for momma. I’m about to put it in. Can you feel it?”


“Are you nice and relaxed?”

“Yeah.” She sounds drowsy and dreamy.

“Now breathe out sharp for me honey, like you’re going to cough, but don’t actually cough. I’m going to put it in” I hear Katie-Anne exhale. I push the head of the dildo against, then through, her sphincter. I push it in as far as I can, as fast as I can. Katie-Anne lets out a tiny little yelp, now she’s gasping like she’s short of air. Her whole body is shuddering and heaving with this thing inside her ass.

“How ya doing Katie-Anne?

“Good…. It feels real good. Can you put it in just a little more?”

“I will Katie-Anne. If you feel all right with it I’m going to start fucking you now. You ready?”

“Oooooh yeah. Fuck me Janey. Please fuck me Janey,” She’s begging me through her clenched teeth. The root of the dildo is right up against my clitoris. As I go into her a little more it grinds against me. FUCK! That feels kinda good! I can feel my clit swelling up. OH MY GOD!…

It takes a few strokes for us to get into the rhythm. Katie-Anne is moaning now, and whispering slowly and softly. For some reason I can tell her eyes are closed, even though I can’t see them.

“Ooooooh yeah.”

“Oooooooooooh that’s real good.”

”That’s it, that feels real nice….”

I’m going to come soon. I can’t help it. This thing is grinding up against my clitoris. God, this feels good. Really fucking GOOD. I’m going to come. I know it….

Katie-Anne’s back is arched. Her head is up like she’s getting ready to howl at the moon or something. We’re speeding up. She is really getting into this. It’s not just me fucking her, she’s bucking her little hips against the dildo, and she’s closing her sphincter off when it gets deep inside, which really makes the base of good old “Big Nasty” grind right into my clitoris. This is fucking excellent. I had no idea it would be this good….


“I’m going to come too baby. Momma’s gonna come hard baby….”

“OHHHHHHH!” That came from somewhere deep down inside her. I can’t hold it now. I’m coming. I can feel my juices going all over the dildo. Katie-Anne is screaming at the top of her lungs. I’m coming… Goddamn it I’m coming. I’m fucking my little princess deep up her sweet ass and I’m coming….sweet God…. I’m banging her ass hard. Real hard. She’s still coming…


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