tagMind ControlPacifying the Shrew

Pacifying the Shrew


"You mean she let you out to hang with the guys?" he asked sarcastically. The others laughed as I nodded and tried to let the jab not reflect the sharpness that had stabbed at me.

Married three years and my lovely girlfriend had turned into a shrew. Something about a wedding ring transformed her from Jekyll, to the monstrous Hyde overnight. Gone were the late nights out with the guys, all my single friends had been replaced by "couple" friends, where I smiled and sat neutered on one side of the table watching my wife Esther gab away with her girlfriend, while I tried to make small talk with the other husband. We would always have absolutely nothing in common, and I supposed his interesting rough edges had been worn down throughout the years of marriage until he was a happy male drone, there to drive his wife around and carry her purse and tell her that "no, those jeans did not, in fact, make her butt look big".

The evening went well, and I was savoring every moment of it until it was just Jack and me, having a final drink, before the cab came to bring me home. I glanced at my watch; a half-hour past the time I said I would be home. Esther would be pissed and I was a little distracted with thoughts of reasonable excuses that would satisfy her enough to not drag a long argument out when I returned home. I noticed a silence and glanced over towards Jack.

"You in the doghouse?" he asked.

"Nah, I'm good." I pretended.

He shrugged, and we both knew that I was full of shit.

"You know, it's been really nice hanging with all the guys..." I said wistfully.

"We've missed you, man. It's just a shame..." he stopped and we both understand what didn't need to be vocalized.

"You know," he said. "I could probably help you out a little with that."

I laughed, "Yeah, right."

He took another swig of his beer. "Suit yourself." This got me curious, and after a few minutes I leaned forward.

"Okay, supposing for arguments sake, I'm interested, I mean, how can you help me?" Jack smiled and his face lit up like I had asked the right question that he was just waiting for someone to ask all night long.

"I've got some new skills! Well not new, but over the last two years I've been studying without telling any of you guys, because, well, you know..." I nodded and prompted him to go on.

"Well, you're looking at a fully trained hypnotist!"

I laughed. "You're right Jack, if we had known you were studying that shit we would have given you hell! That hypno crap ain't real."

Jack looked a little hurt by my remarks but pushed forward.

"Look, I've worked with a number of subjects, but one of the hardest parts for me is to find new subjects. We would be killing two birds with one stone. I could have a new subject, and in the same respect we can make a few changes in Esther that would help her, and by extension help you."

"Yeah right! You just want another subject. This shit ain't gonna help me!"

He shook his head. "Look, we both know Esther can't kick her smoking habit..."

That was true. A more disgusting habit I cannot find, yet I love that woman, and if I had to kiss an ashtray every once in a while when she had a weakness for her habit...shit, it would be great to get rid of that!

"Yeah, I can see that. She always wants to kick it but says it's too hard to do it."

"See what I mean? She knows me, hell man I've known her even longer than you. I think if you bring it up properly, she might be intrigued enough to seek me out on her own. Then I can help you both with her habit and maybe ease her up a little on your hanging with the guys a little more often!"

It all sounded perfect, and who was I to poke holes in his little plan?

Esther did give me hell that night. The beer on my breath didn't make things easier; however it was the next week when I casually mentioned after a disgusting kiss from her that pointed out her smoking, that Jack had become a trained hypnotist specializing in all sorts of bad habit breaking. Esther was quiet as she tried to ascertain if I had tasted the smoky tobacco on her breath.

A call four days later from Jack had confirmed that Esther had indeed contacted him to see if he was indeed doing what I had said. An appointment was made for later that week. Esther herself that evening mentioned that she had taken a step in the right direction by trying to get help for her smoking habit and was taking Jack up on the offer of helping her to reduce smoking.

The first session seemed innocent enough. Nothing really happened. Esther seemed okay, and I never did taste the stench of cigarettes on her breath, but when I mentioned plans to go out with the guys again the shrew reappeared.

"Dude, she's still the same!" I told Jack over the phone.

"Well yes," he said dumbly. "But now you don't taste her cigs!"

"Man I thought you were gonna make her like a robot or something..."

He laughed. "It doesn't work like that! Look I implanted a suggestion that if this first session worked that she might find other things to work on and come back to me. Let it run its course. If it doesn't work, then I gave it a try."

A few weeks later I got a text from Jack saying that Esther booked another appointment. Esther told me nothing.

I knew things were happening, but Esther never even let on that she was having more sessions with Jack, and Jack refused to tell me what they were doing. Some patient-client confidentiality crap. He was a bit cryptic in saying that all would be revealed soon. If it wasn't the fact that I trusted Jack with my life, I would have pushed for more info.

It was a month later, a month where Esther continued to be her bitchy self, when Jack called me one evening while Esther was out and told me to come over.

When I got there, I saw Esther was waiting. Well it looked like Esther but she had no emotion on her face.

"Jack, what's going on?"

Jack motioned to me to sit down and watch. Once settled he snapped his finger and the glaze over Esther's stare softened and she focused on the room and everyone in its contents. She saw me and turned to Jack with a scowl on her face.

"Jack! What is the meaning of this? I thought I told you that I didn't want my husband knowing about these sessions?" She started to pick up a head of steam, a sight I had witnessed before often enough.

Jack smiled and let Esther get wound up and she was on the point of screaming at him and threatening to sue him when he reached out and popped his finger into her open mouth.


As soon as his finger reached her lips, her voice stopped and her lips closed around his finger and started sucking the finger like it was going to produce some sort of ambrosia. Her whole body shifted as we both enjoyed the silence except for the occasional slurp from Esther.

My mouth was suitably hanging open in shock. "What...The...Fuck?"

Jack smiled as he kept his finger placed deeply in Esther's mouth. You could hear her softly mewling and moaning like a little horny lamb while Jack continued.

"I've conditioned her to trigger when I place an object into her mouth. Right now it's a finger. While she sucks, all the anxiety and anger is released away from her and replaced with giddiness, and good feelings; really, really good feelings!"

"Jeez, Jack," I said. "This is...wait you said an object, so what the fuck else have you placed in her mouth? Jack you better not have been doing something inappropriate!"

Jack shook his head. "No, no, no! I didn't do that."

Meanwhile Esther sucked away.

"A finger, a thumb, hell even a pacifier placed in there would elicit the same effect."

I stood there watching the spectacle before me. I was unsure what I was feeling. Jacks face grew a devilish smile.

"Here's what happens next," he warned me. He turned to Esther and said, "Cum now."

Esther mewled, and her body shook as an orgasm wracked her body, yet she still sucked his finger. He turned to me, "Now, after you command her to orgasm, she is susceptible to short term commands."

He spoke to Esther now: "Esther, you feel relieved that your little secret has been discovered by your husband. You are not upset that he found out; in fact you are happy that he can now carry on your therapy towards making you a better and happier person."

Jack pulled his wet finger out of Esther's mouth and her face was blank. After a moment, she refocused and looked upon me and all was well. A smile formed on her face and as if nothing had happened Esther was calm and relaxed and even seemed a little cuddly.

Just before the two of us left, arm in arm, Jack took me aside.

"She's all yours now. I've transferred the ability to you."

Quickly I raised my thumb to her lips and told her to suck. Esther's lips wrapped around my thumb and I could feel her lips, her tongue and a little of her teeth sucking in my thumb for all it's worth. Her eyes glazed over and I could sense the rapture she was in. Pulling out, she leaned forward to try to recapture the thumb before I admonished her.

"Nah, ah, ah! If you're good there'll be more of this when we get home." Chastised, Esther blushed but remained silent and latched onto my arm. My pants seemed extraordinarily tight as my cock was straining to be let loose. We scurried out of there as quickly as possible and when we returned home, my former shrew of a wife had been replaced with an insatiable wanton slut!

I cannot begin to describe the joy it is to have a woman like Esther, especially after the years of bitter resentment and frustration that had built up within me. I now am able to go out with the guys on a regular basis, and maybe a small part of me felt guilty for exploiting her like this, but the rewards far outweighed the returns.

Esther still can be a shrew, but the events between each outbreak have lengthened. I did make it a point to purchase one item: a baby pacifier which I take delight in placing into her mouth for extended periods of time. There is just something so sexy about seeing my wife running around the house doing housework, completely naked save for the pacifier that she sucks valiantly in her mouth while I enjoy watching the game in peace. Every twenty minutes I call to her and instruct her to orgasm. By the end of her "pacifier time", the shrew has completely disappeared, her thighs are slick with her passion, the house is clean, and I know I'm in for a wild ride!

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