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Last summer my wife Traci and I went on a package holiday to Majorca. We never tried one before but we picked this deal as it had a kids club for our 5 year old daughter Natalie. We only booked for a week self catering. We are both in our early thirties and lead busy lives. Traci always kept herself fit and slim with nice firm B cup tits.

The flight and transfer to resort was pleasantly relaxed and we were soon settled in a small studio corner apartment with not only a sea view but it was also very private balcony. Traci announced that she could get an all-over tan. We had arrived in time for Natalie to join the afternoon session of the kids club. I enrolled her and did a quick shop in the minimart for essentials.

When I got back to the apartment I found Traci true to her word and was sunbathing nude on the balcony although she was not going to get much colour on her pubes with her fingers stroking her freshly shaved pussy. I did not need any invitation and quickly stripped off my tee-shirt and trunks and joined her on the balcony. I knelt down and took over on her pussy with my tongue. She was soaking wet and needed little finesse from me before she came stronger that I ever remember her coming before. I did not stop and brought her to a second shuddering climax before coming up for air. Traci got up and had me lay down on the lounger to reverse the roles. She started to lick my balls and along my shaft before taking me in her mouth. She started slow stroking motion drawing me almost out of her mouth before descending again until she gagged. She gradually quickened the pace and I was building to a momentous blow. I warned her I was about to come as she normally didn't let me come in her mouth but to my surprise she only quickened the pace and sucking hard until I blew a massive load into her mouth with it dribbling out the side. Traci swallowed most the load and then started to lick my softening prick clean. We rested a little bit before taking a shower together. There was lots of fondling of genitalia but we did not get up to anything heavier as it was almost time to collect Natalie from the Kids club.

Traci headed off and found a sun lounger to plonk herself down on near the pool while I picked up Natalie who spent the next hour splashing about in the pool and telling me about the kids club and the new friends she met. I was supposed to be watching Natalie but I did get a chance to notice that several of the other guests were topless and that Traci had joined them. A sudden squeal from Natalie brought me back from my ogling; another girl of similar age arrived accompanied by her mother. The young girls started to play together as I watched the mother settle down across the pool. She removed her sundress to display in all their glory a pair of very natural D cup breasts which were very prominent on her slim frame. The bikini bottom was quite skimpy and defined her ass as a wonderful asset. Natalie and her new friend were between us and allowed me to ogle without being too obvious but Traci had noticed and gave me a knowing look. We took turns reapplying sun cream to Natalie and she told us her friends name was Chloe and she was also five. Her mother moved over closer to us as the sun moved around and she introduced herself as Claire. Traci and Claire chatted while I minded the girls before we returned to the apartment to get ready to go out for dinner. We bade each other good evening and the girls promised to see each other the next morning.

As it happened we bumped into the two later as Claire was checking out a menu at a restaurant door. We also looked at the menu while Natalie and Chloe decided that we were all going to have dinner together. We found us a table and settled down with the little ones chatting away in a world of their own. I had not really spoken to Claire earlier but found her good fun. She was a single mum from an unsuitable relationship and loved her Chloe but did not have any more contact with the father. Luckily she had a good job and was comfortable but only really go to spend time with Chloe at weekends and when they went on holidays but she was also very happy she had found a friend.

We returned to the complex and Traci invited them to join us for a nightcap. The young girls played with the dolls in the bedroom while we sat on the balcony sipping some nice wine. We were very relaxed but we would check on the girls regularly. Traci returned after the third check and announced that they were both asleep.

The discussion came around to sex and Traci mentioned that she went nude on the balcony earlier and it led to great oral sex. Claire said that her balcony was over looked and she would only go topless there and would not be able to use her toy to satisfy herself. Traci asked what toys she brought. She said she had a vibrating dildo which could bring her off but was not as good as a real dick. She started chiding Traci that she wasted a good fuck by only having oral sex in the afternoon. Traci responded that I would be up for fucking this evening and again in the morning so she would be well satisfied. I was getting a semi listening to Traci discussing my prowess in the sack. Traci asked me to get more wine and check on the girls. They both had a smile when they saw the bulge of my shorts.

When I returned Traci was commenting that I had spent the afternoon ogling Claire's larger tits and making me horny. Claire's was pleased that her tits made me horny but complained that she didn't get the benefit. They both started giggling. Traci told Claire to get her tits out to prove her point. To my surprise Claire stood up and started to take off her top. She did not have a bra on and as she moved in front of me she shoved her tits just in front of my face. As expected it had the desired effect and I was soon sporting a full erection. This only encouraged Claire and she moved closer until her nipples were grazing my cheeks and brushed against my lips. Traci told Claire to give me a taste and she stuck her nipples forward and lifted her breasts so I could nibble on each of them. Traci put her hand on my cock and said it was the hardest I had ever been and told Claire to check it out and guided her hand to my cock. Claire rubbed my cock through my shorts and said since she was responsible for it she announced should get to play with it. To my surprise Traci told her to go ahead. Claire removed my shorts and boxers and my rock hard cock was pointing at the sky. She bent down and wrapped her tits around my cock giving me a tit fuck. I looked over at Traci who was smiling encourage and had her hand down her shorts playing with herself. Claire didn't waste any time and stripped off her skirt and panties until she was naked. She bent over the chair and not needing any invitation I entered her warm slit from behind. I was able to put my hands around her and take each of her tits in my hands. I started pumping slowly while building up speed. Claire shuddered as her first orgasm hit her. Traci moved behind me and cupped my balls as I approached climax. I shot a massive load into Claire's pussy which was enough to bring her to a second orgasm.

I slipped my limp dick out of a satisfied Claire and collapsed on the lounger. Traci was still frigging herself and Claire moved over and started playing with her tits. Traci as far as I was aware never tried any girl on girl action but seemed to be really getting into it. Claire helped her out her shorts and panties before eating her out until she also climaxed. The three of us relaxed naked and satisfied with a final glass of wine. Traci suggested that that Claire should join us on the balcony the following day while the young ones were at the Kids club.

Claire and I got dressed and I carried the sleeping Chloe back to their apartment. Claire kissed be goodnight while rubbing my awakening dick through my shorts. I was wondering if we were going to have a second fuck but she told me to take it back to Traci. When I got back my wife had moved Natalie to the pull out sofa and was waiting naked on the bed. She noticed my semi and told me to hurry up. She took my dick in her mouth, which still had Claire's juices mixed with my load still on it. She didn't seem to mind and soon had it rock hard. I was fingering her cunt which was already sopping wet. I propped her over some pillows and took her doggy style as I took Claire earlier but this time managed to last much longer. Traci came at least twice while I squeezed her nipples, before I unloaded inside her.

The next morning Traci took Natalie to the club and arrived back with Claire. I was only wearing a pair of boxers around the apartment. Both girls stripped off and lay out naked on the balcony loungers. They called me out on the balcony and announced that I was to be their slave and could start by anointing their bodies with sun cream. I didn't object and as befitting a slave I removed my boxers. I started on Claire's back working down to pay particular attention to her ass and then her legs. Claire turned over and I started on her front. I rubbed the cream all over her generous tits and then worked down both sides to her legs before working up the inside of her legs to her pussy. Meanwhile my cock was waving about like a flagpole at half mast which both the girls thought very funny. Claire had shaved since the previous night and stopped me before I covered her bald pubes with cream. She told me to taste her first which I duly obliged. I knelt down and ran my tongue up and down her slit before forcing her lips apart with my tongue. She was already moist and started squirming with the attention I was giving her clit. I brought her to a shuddering orgasm with my talented tongue and she squashed my face into her pussy. I did eventually rub sun cream over her pubes before giving the same treatment to Traci.

Claire leaned over and started stroking my cock while I was eating out Traci. After I brought Traci to an orgasm Claire had me stand between the two sun lounges and she sat up and took me in her mouth. Both girls took turns sucking me off until the familiar tightening of my balls told me I was about to shoot. I told the girls I was about to come and they told me to cum on their tits. Traci started jacking me off while Clare moved over next to her. I dumped a massive load which spayed across both of them. Traci milked the last from my now deflated dick before giving a little suck to catch the last drop. The girls rubbed my semen over each other tits mixing it with the sun cream.

Since I was not going to be ready for action for some time I was dispatched to get some groceries for lunch and collect the children from the club. As I left Traci had her fingers in Claries pussy and was frigging her like mad. That afternoon I fucked Claire for the second time. She had her face in Traci's pussy and her ass high in the air. Traci was first to cum but both Claire and I followed shortly afterwards. Traci to my surprise licked some of my cum which was dripping out of Claire's pussy before kissing me. I was surprised but didn't mind the sticky kiss.

The rest of the week was spent with a sexual orgy most mornings while the kids were at the club and normal life the rest of the time. We did not repeat the evening sessions as we were afraid that one of the kids would wake up. I still managed to fuck Traci every night during the short holiday. Sadly the week passed too quickly and we had to go home but did exchange contact numbers. The good news is that Claire and Chloe are coming this weekend to visit us. Natalie is excited at seeing her friend but Traci is excited for a different reason. I will let you know how the weekend goes and if holiday magic is still there

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