Packed Train


My name is Carol. I'm a 23 year old woman with knack for showing off in public and being taken advantage of. I am 5'4 and have brown hair that stops at my shoulders. My breasts are 32b although I never wear bras, or panties for that matter. I find it easier to be taken advantage of and show off with out them.

It was summer time in New York. I was wearing a really light and somewhat transparent yellow sun dress that showed the outline of my nipples and went to mid thigh. I was riding the subway home at pretty much rush hour.

I read in a story about a couple who rode a train and the guy pushed the girl up against the pole where people put there hands to hold on and she got a few gropes and stuff so I figured I would try it since I was feeling pretty horny. I was by myself so I had to get next to the pole and wait for people to push their way in and force me against it. I got lucky and a pretty good looking guy must have seen me as a good opportunity and put his crotch to my ass and pushed me against the pole as he was being pushed from behind also. I had my purse in one hand at my waist and my other holding onto the pole above my head. He wrapped his arm around me and held onto the pole right next to my chest. A few other hands held on by my chest also and by my waist and stomach.

As we started moving I could feel hands brush against my breasts and stomach but what was more noticeable was the guy behind me getting hard. It almost felt like he was humping my ass a little but I couldn't be sure. It could have just been the motion from the train rubbing us against one another. Then his hand that was holding on to the pole by my chest turned around and perfectly cupped my right b cup breast. That made me wet instantly and I was curious what else would happen. I pushed my but back against his still hardening dick letting him know I approved.

Someone else holding on must have been able to see because I felt a hand move from the pole to my stomach just under my boob. This was amazing. The guy holding my breast decided to keep going I guess, since I approved, and slid his hand to the side of my dress and slid under my dress grabbing my bare breast. I thought I was going to cum right there until the hand on my stomach started sliding down. It slid to my thigh and under my dress then back up. I was pretty much humping the pole while the guy behind me dug into my ass with his cock and as soon as the hand touched my pussy I came right then.

I'm not sure if the hand knew or just thought I was really wet but it didn't stop. It started rubbing up and down my soaking wet pussy lips and clit making me breathe pretty hard. Then I felt them slide inside of me and knew that it had to be a woman. The fingers were quite thin but also had longer nails. I looked around and saw a very pretty brunette to my left and a little behind me. Her left breast was against my left shoulder. I never thought a woman would have the courage to do that but I sure was glad she did. She hit all the right spots making me cum one more time before the first stop came.

She and the guy behind me stayed right where they were but they removed their hands so it wasn't obvious. As people let go of the pole, they brushed their hands against my body. Some on accident but some I could tell were deliberate. One actually took a fool grab of my breast and trailed his hand off as he got off the train. This was the best idea in the world. More hands slid between me and the pole and we were off again.

As soon as we started moving, the guys hand went strait back to what it was doing but the woman's didn't. I jumped a little when I looked down and saw a woman's hand against my breast pulling at my dress slightly. It looked like she was trying to slide my left breast out. I could now see my nipple coming into view. I looked away so it wouldn't be obvious.

I love showing off in public but I love it more when someone takes the initiative to show me off more. It's almost as if they don't care since it's not them being embarrasses. I glimpsed down quickly and saw my bare breast rubbing against the hands holding on to the pole. I could feel the cold bar now and then as we were all jerked around on the tracks. I felt a pressure on my nipple and saw that my nipple had made its way between two fingers that were still holding the bar and they had clamped down on my pointing nipple between knuckles. The trained screeched into the next stop and the hands were removed again but my breast was still hanging out.

The man and woman both stayed again. This time while it was somewhat quiet the man put his mouth to my ear and asked if I was enjoying him and his girlfriend. I couldn't really speak from being out of breath but stifled a moan while nodding my head. He said the next stop is theirs and that they have plans but would love to get in touch with me again. I caught my breath and said I'll get off with them and we can exchange numbers and that I could grab the next train. Then I surprised myself when I told him to tell his girlfriend to go all out this time. I wasn't sure what to expect from her but I knew I wanted to cum again.

This time as people reached for the pole they made it noticeable that my boob was hanging out as I felt at least five hands cop a feel before finding the pole. The train jerked again and I felt an arm wrap between me and the guy behind me and grab my other breast. I felt nails dig into my breast as they slid my other breast out into the air. Then the hand went out from around and between the guy and me and I felt a hand slid up my thigh again. The girlfriend must have pulled my other breast out. He fingers dug straight into my pussy and pounded in and out mercilessly. I thought I was going to scream but I bit my lip and held it in. she never let up until my knees buckled and she felt me probably squirt into her hand.

I've only squirted several times. It takes a lot to make me squirt but I'm pretty sure that I did this time. The man behind me forcing me against the pole was the only reason I wasn't collapsed on the floor. I stayed like that until the train stopped again. Everyone got their gropes in before we departed ourselves. I slid my boobs back in my dress as I was walking out.

We exchanged numbers so I had both of theirs and they both had mine plus we exchanged emails just to be sure because we knew we had a good thing to expand on. I got on the next train and did the same thing but it wasn't as packed. The rest of the way home, I had a few people grab my ass but that was pretty much it. One guy, as he passed by, did put his hand on my shoulder to push by and slid the strap off my shoulder. I left it like that until I got off but nothing else exciting. I definitely got my fun for the day though.

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