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Paddle Party


"Wow, I can't believe it! Do you know how long it has been that I've wanted to go to a paddle party?" My wife was toweling her body dry. Her skin was bright and pink from the hot water. She had just returned from a massage session with Beth.

"I know you've wanted it a long time." I was a little disappointed that this was a "women only" party. Her massage therapist had invited her to a gathering her sister was having. It kind of turned me on to think about my wife and three or four other women -- in my mind they're all naked, of course -- taking turns bending over each other's lap for a spanking.

"Just the thought turns my knees to rubber and makes me wet! I wish you could go, too."

"Yeah, well, you're not alone there. I'd like to spread you across my lap and tan your ass in front of a bunch of people. Maybe you can ask them if they want you to bring a good paddle hand next time. I could spank everybody."

"Yeah, you'd like that! Every few swats you'd have to 'check to see if you were doing okay'." She meant the way I usually slide my fingers down along her pussy lips to see how wet the spanking was making her. She had finished drying and was passing next to the bed on her way to the closet. I grabbed her arm and pulled her onto the bed. I wrestled her to her belly and gave her hot round ass a few swats. "OUCH! Hey! I don't want to show up with a red ass!"

I released her and laughed. "Why not? It's gonna get red anyway."

"Yeah but...well, this is my first time. I don't know what the etiquette is."

"Oh, you mean there are set rules?"

"Hell, I don't know," she groaned as she stood up. Her hand was rubbing her cheek where my handprint blazed in dark pink against the white of her butt. I hoped it lasted until she bared her ass for the other women.

"Well, I guess you'll find out soon enough," I told her. I got to my feet and went to the kitchen for a beer.

A half hour later I kissed her and told her to have a good time as she left. I watched her back out of the driveway grinning. I was smiling myself, but she was really, really excited. Some men would have a problem with their wives wanting to go to a function like this. I thought it could only make our sex life better, as long as it really was just women. I wouldn't necessarily even have minded if men were there, as long as I got to be one of them.

I spent the evening watching TV and playing games online. Whatever I did, there was always the question in my mind about what Cyndi was doing. I let my imagination go and constructed some elaborate sensual and sexual fantasies about what could be happening. When I looked at the clock I was surprised to see that it was already nearly midnight. I hadn't expected the party to last this long. She'd been gone since eight.

Just then headlights washed across the front windows and I heard Cyndi's engine die in the driveway. She burst through the front door. Her face was flushed and she grabbed my hand, pulling me to my feet and down the hall behind her. In the bedroom she threw me across the bed and practically ripped her clothes getting them off. I slipped out of my sweat pants while I watched her. Once, when she turned away, I saw that her ass was pretty red, but there were no welts.

When she was naked she pounced on top of me. She kissed me hard before sliding down and engulfing most of my hard cock in her mouth. Her head bobbed a few times and then she swiveled around, straddling my face. Her scent was high and strong. I grabbed a hot pink cheek in each hand and pulled her down to my mouth. She was dripping already and I knew she'd had at least one orgasm before she got home.

She couldn't wait long though. She rolled off me and I rose up over her. I shoved her legs apart with my knees and gripped her wrists, holding them to the mattress next to her shoulders. Without using my hand I positioned the knob of my cock head at her opening and slid it up and down. She whimpered and thrust her hips at me, trying to get me inside.

I let go of her wrists and lifted her legs up over my shoulders. I aligned my cock with her slit and rubbed it up and down on her slit. She groaned and used a pair of fingers to rub at her clit, trying to get some relief from her own driving heat. I finally took pity on her (and myself!) and poked my cock into her, stopping just after the head popped inside. She writhed and again tried to get more of me into her. I was hot too, but I love it when she gets overheated. I gave her just a little bit of cock at a time.

That only lasted until I was about halfway in. I had to plunge deep and I did. Her internal muscles flexed and clamped around me as she had her first small climax. I began using full strokes, alternating with short ones every few. The uneven rhythm built her excitement. She rotated her hips as I fucked her. That was what we were doing, after all. This was not making love; it was just pure hot sex. I pumped into her and she grasped at me as she got higher and higher. Finally, just before I popped off inside her, she groaned and clamped her legs to me as she came.

I was by no means satisfied, so I kept sliding in and out as she came back to Earth. Between moans she told me a little about the party. "God, honey, I wish you could have been there! I've never thought about having sex with a woman -- and I didn't do it tonight -- but I got close." She bucked up against me and there was no more talk until we both finished a second time.

"So tell me," I said as Cyndi snuggled against my side. "Tell me all about the party. You obviously enjoyed yourself."

"Oh my God, I can't tell you how hot it made me!"

"I think I can judge that from how hard you came just now," I said, cupping my hand over her dripping and hairless pussy. That reminded me: "Were any of the other women shaved?"

"Yeah, two of them were. There were five of us altogether. When I got there everybody was still dressed. We had a few drinks and Beth put in a spanking video. We all watched for about half an hour before one woman -- Carla -- pulled her friend Vicky over her lap.

"She rubbed her ass for a minute before swatting her lightly over her pants. She gave her a few more swats while the video played. When it got over, Carla told Vicky to drop her pants." I wasn't too surprised to feel my cock reviving already.

"Vicky isn't hairless. When she pulled her pants off it was like a signal to everybody else. The video had made us all too hot to just watch any more. Beth asked me if I wanted to spank her. I agreed and she got rid of her clothes -- all of them -- fast. Seeing that the others were undressing too, I just took off my own clothes.

"Beth got on her belly over my lap and it was great! You know I'm not as good as you are at spanking -- I'd rather get one than give one. Still, I got into it and Beth had a screaming orgasm by the time I was done." She looked at my face and hesitated. "I played with her twat while I paddled her. That was what made her cum, she told me." I smiled at the color in her face when she admitted she'd actually masturbated another woman. "She kissed me when she got up. It felt really good." I kissed her hard and I rolled back on top of her. My cock slid into her gooey slit easily. I fucked her slow as she told me all about the rest of what happened.

As it turned out, Carla and her friend Vicky are lovers -- unbeknownst to either of their husbands. After they had both been spanked soundly, Cyndi said, the two of them sneaked off to a bedroom to really get into it.

"Seems kind of silly to sneak off, since it sounds like everybody was pretty juicy by then," I said. I pushed into her hard and moved my hips up and down so my cock moved all around inside of her.

"I know. But they seemed to really be a couple and I guess they wanted to be private. None of the rest of us really did anything sexual. There wasn't any licking or kissing, except when Beth kissed me, just manual stuff and lots of spanking. Beth spanked me, and then her sister did too."

Lifting Cyndi's legs up over my shoulders, I rose up and squatted sort of under her ass. I have found that it gives me more agility that way. It also really turns her on, I'm not sure why. I gripped her legs and pounded into her, her ass cheeks fitting nicely in the hollows at my groin. The slapping sounded remarkably like spanking.

Cyndi reached three successively stronger climaxes before I finally got my third of the night. Sweat was pouring off me and dripping into my eyes when I rolled off her again. I used my discarded shirt to wipe it off.

"So when's the next party?" I asked her.

"I don't know. I asked Beth if they ever had men at their parties. She said they hadn't. But when I told her how good you are at spanking she seemed like maybe she was interested." She got that sheepish look again when she added, "Maybe we can just invite her over some night and we can see what happens with just the three of us."

Maybe we can, I thought. Things are definitely taking a new direction.

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