tagBDSMPaddle Punishment!

Paddle Punishment!


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I am new at this, and constructive criticism is more than welcome! I hope you enjoy!

I try to be a good slave. My Master takes care of me and treats me well, using cruelty only as a means of getting off. When we go out together he has only one rule: do NOT flirt with other men. Master believes that as his slave, I am meant for him alone, and will not flirt or fuck anyone else unless he directly orders me too.

Last night, we were at the bar with some friends and there was a very handsome stranger sitting by himself. He was so classically handsome, with his short, styled blond hair and designer suit. He had this charisma about him. I knew if he came over I would have to reject him, but I couldn't help but briefly return the smile. Unfortunately my Master saw this.

On the way home, Master did not say anything, but his strong jaw was tensed more than I had ever seen it, and that meant one thing: he was pissed and I was in for it.

"Office," was all he said when we walked in the door.

I followed him down the hall to his office. The room looked like an ordinary office – a computer, pens, filing cabinets – but in each filing cabinet was a collection of his toys and gadgets he used to dominate me.


"Yes, Master," I replied, trying to show him my eagerness to submit.

"Strip and hand me each piece of clothing one at a time. You'll earn your privilege to clothes once I am satisfied you have learned your lesson."

I pulled off my flashy tank top first and handed it to him. He reached into a drawer in his desk and pulled out a handful of large Ziploc bags. He put the top inside one of them and shut it, impatiently gesturing for me to keep going. I shimmied out of my short skirt, and my silk bra and panties, all of which he put into separate bags. When I was finished, standing naked before him, he picked up all the bags containing my clothes and put them into a cabinet, locking the door with a key he had in his pocket. He reached into another desk drawer and produced a black, silk blindfold.

I turned around and he put the blindfold over my eyes. "Go up to the bedroom," he ordered.

I walked forward tentatively, trying not to trip or crash into anything. Master gave me a big shove, and I slammed into the wall.

"I don't have all fucking night," he whispered into my air.

"I'm sorry, Master," I told him and continued to walk forward, this time quicker so as not to anger him anymore. My ankle caught onto the leg of a table, and I crashed to the ground. I positioned myself on my hands and knees to get back up, but I felt my Master's foot on my back, pushing me down to the floor. "I want you to crawl upstairs, you clumsy whore."

"Yes, Master."

Eventually I made it to the bedroom, Master following me all the way there. He ordered me to lie on the bed, with my legs spread like the slut I am. I obeyed. I heard him rifling around in his night table drawers until I heard the clanking sounds of what had to be handcuffs. Indeed, he grabbed my wrist and clamped a cold, metal handcuff around it, as tight as it would go around my tiny wrists. He attached the other part of the cuff to the bedpost, and then did the same for my other wrist. Then I felt the rubbery taste of a ball gag in my mouth. Master fastened it around me head so tight that I was almost choking. I heard his footsteps leave the room and I was left to lie there in fear and anticipation at what he was planning.

It seemed like he was gone for hours. My scared feelings gave way to tired ones. I tried and tried to stay awake, but I kept zoning in and out. A loud, sharp SMACK jolted me awake.

Again I heard another SMACK. I recognized the sound of Master's favourite paddle against the door frame. I heard him walk over to me. I felt the cool leather of the paddle tickle against my pussy and I immediately began to feel horny, and my fear about my punishment turned to desire. Before I could think anymore, I heard a loud SWISH in the air, and the paddle came down hard and fast on my pussy. I tried to cry out, but the ball gag muffled me.

A violent hand snatched the blindfold away, and I could now see Master hovering over me, a wild, violent look in his eye.

"So, my slave, have I not told you time and time again that you are my slave? You are to show your affections to me and only to me. Did I not tell you this?"

"Yes, Master, you have," I tried to say, trickles of saliva escaping my lips, and dribbling down my chin.

"But you continue to disobey me, like the slut you are. That is unacceptable. You will have to be punished." He held up his paddle, big and leathery, with holes in it to make it less wind-resistant, so he could cause me more pain. The holes were arranged in such a way to spell "SUB", so whenever he paddled me, "SUB" was spelled out across my body. With his hardest paddlings, the letters didn't go away for days.

A devilish smile crept across Master's face as he crawled on top of me and straddled me. I could feel him growing hard through his pants. For once I was glad the gag was in place because it covered my ravenous moans. I could feel myself start to get wet. Master raised the paddle above his head and brought it down swift and fast over my left tit. SMACK! A stifled scream escaped me. SMACK! SMACK SMACK! He paddled my tits over and over. Tears of pain came to face, my screams kept trying to break free from the gag. With a strong grip, Master grabbed the ball gag and yanked it out of my mouth, the leather snapping. Instantly my screams sounded throughout the room.

"Oh my slave, the sounds of your screams makes me so hard," he told me, rubbing his groin up and down my body, so I could feel his ever-hardening cock. He raised the paddle again and continued to go to town on my chest. I looked down and could see "SUB" written every which way across my tits. Small bruises were also starting to form. I was getting numb from the pain. After what seemed like an eternity, Master finally relented.

My rapid breathing finally slowed a bit. The punishment was over. As customary after punishments, I was to thank Master for setting me straight. "Thank you, Master - ."

He shook his head and stroked my hair. "I think it is so sweet that you think that was your punishment. My slave, it is far from over." He hopped off me and grabbed me, flipping me onto my side.

"Now slave, how many months have I owned you?" he asked, running the freshly-warm paddle over my ass.

"Fourteen, Master."

"Correct. I have been telling you for fourteen months what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour for you as a slave. Your whorish actions tonight were beyond unacceptable, so I think it be appropriate that I give you fourteen paddlings, one for each month I have been telling you your place."

"Yes, Master."

I closed my eyes and braced myself. I heard the paddle go into the air and anticipated the beating. It didn't come. I waited and waited. Finally, SMACK! The echo reverberated throughout the room, as did my cry.

"One," I whispered, knowing that I was to count every paddling or else he would start again.

Over and over. Three, four, five. I was in agony, but this is also when I got the most horny, when Master asserted his dominance over me, punishing me mercilessly for my slutty infraction of his rules. My upper thighs were now completely soaked in pleasure. Seven, eight. I wanted him, needed him to take me...

"My slave, you missed number nine," I heard Master say.

"Yes, Master."

He began again, this time harder, which I didn't think was even possible. He changed paces, sometimes going so slowly that it felt torturous, I just wanted him to finish. Sometimes he went so fast, trying to mess me up, so he'd have to start over. My ass burned, and I'm sure it was as red as a tomato. My thighs were quivering with pleasure. Finally, "Fourteen."

Master dropped the paddle on the floor and looked at me expectantly.

"Thank you for my punishment, Master."

He sat down on the bed beside me, and put his hand between my legs. "Slave, you are soaked. Now what kind of a girl gets this turned on by a paddling like that, huh?"

"A slut like me." I knew the answer he was looking for.

"That's right. A slut like you." He began stroking my moist pussy, his fingers softly caressing my clit, making me moan with desire. He sped up and I could feel an orgasm building and building. Then he stopped.

He stood up, rubbing my sore tits and ass, and began to strip. When he was naked, he rolled me onto my back again and climbed on top of me. He rammed his big wide cock inside me; it went in in an instant, I was so wet for him. As he thrusted, he began to stroke my tits, feeling all the "SUB"s displayed across them. Then his stroking became rougher and rougher, until he started smacking my tits, the sensations of pain coming back.

"You know you love it my little slave."

I did love it, and I felt like I was a sea of pleasure down there. I thrusted upward towards him, and he did it harder and harder. Our bodies made the sexiest smacking noise as we collided with each other. I was going to come any second.

"Please may I come, Master?"

"Slave, you know I need to hear you beg." He sped up his pace, going deeper and deeper.

"Please Master, will you please please let me cum? I am nothing but your slave and I live to make you happy. The only pleasure I have is when you fuck me like the horny slave animal I am. Please Master!"

"Yes, my slave, you may come."

I let out shriek after shriek of pleasure. My entire body was shaking and teeming with exquisite ecstasy. I almost passed out from the orgasmic sensations. I could feel him start to come too. He pulled out and rammed his cock into my mouth. I swallowed up his cum greedily. When he finished and I cleaned him off with my tongue, he batted his semi-hard dick against my face lightly, which I now know as his sign of extreme satisfaction. With one final grab of my ass, he got up and began to clothe again.

"Good night, my slave," he said as he turned out the lights, leaving me still tied to the bed, tired and spent from pleasure.

My body was in agony for days, maybe weeks afterward, but it was one of the most intense, orgasmic experiences I have ever had. I wonder what my next punishment will be...

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Not really my thing...

You are an amazing writer but it personally wasn't something that I would enjoy. But continue writing and keep up the good work!

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