Paddled in the Boondocks


At that point I couldn't hear much more of their conversation. Before long the man got back on his tractor, again ignoring me as he walked by, then fired up the engine and drove back towards his house.

Judging by the conversation it seemed that the old man was not submissive to Julia, and evidently it wasn't unusual for a naked man to be washing her jeep. Although I heard the man refer to her place in town, that could have meant back in the city or any one of the small towns in the immediate area.

Giving the jeep a final and thorough rinse with the hose, I would have dried it off but there wasn't a chamois lying around or even any old towels. Julia must have seen that I was done as I heard her get up from her chair.

She came down the steps and ordered me to dump and rinse out the bucket while she inspected my job. I had paid close attention to hosing out the fender wells but the jeep's body was loaded with places that caught dirt and grime. Julia would know where to look, and would probably find a spot that I missed, resulting in more punishment.

Julia spent an agonizing amount of time looking over her jeep. When her back was to me, she bent over a few times allegedly trying to get a close look at some detail, but given the subtle tilt of hip and flourish of her inspection, I suspected that her intent was more to tease me.

Instead of ordering me to coil up the hose and put away the bucket, Julia told me to go inside. Entering the trailer directly behind me, she placed one hand on my shoulder and steering me into the kitchen ordered me to bend over the chair again.

"Miss Julia, please, no more spanking!" I pleaded. "If I missed a spot on your jeep just tell me where it is and I'll clean it."

"Silence!" she commanded. "You washed the jeep just fine. I just don't think you're familiar enough with my paddle yet." The tone of her voice was taunting, as she had to know I was all too familiar with her paddle, and learning to fear it as her previous boyfriends had.

The swats landed hard and square, but her pace was slower, though that wasn't much of a relief to my already aching buttocks. Gritting my teeth I didn't want to cry for mercy again, and I closed my eyes tightly as they began to water, trying to stifle my groans after each loud painful swat. Then she paused.

"Do you want to be spanked some more?" she asked mockingly.

"No, Miss Julia," I said, practically sobbing.

She ordered me to get down on my knees, and then she spun the chair around and sat down in front of me. Raising one boot in front of my face, the uppers lightly splattered with water and a light film of grit on the sole from having walked on the wet gravel around the freshly washed jeep.

"Lick my boot clean, or I'll have to spank you some more," she ordered.

When I had licked her boots a month ago, it was after I had meticulously rinsed all the mud and grime from them. Though not completely dirty, the thought of licking the soles of her boots now was not as appealing, however I submitted to the task rather than face another painful spanking.

The light film of mud felt gritty on my teeth and in my mouth, and it had a faint taste of soap from the wash water rinsed off of the jeep. Although I wanted to spit it out, all I could do was swallow the dirt and continue cleaning her boot with my tongue. She had me lick her entire boot, all the way to the top of the shaft even though that part was clean, the black rubber smooth on my tongue.

Though her legs were crossed, I thought that I might be able to catch a brief glimpse up under her short skirt, but then I thought it best not to risk a peek. I wondered if she was wearing any panties. If she was I assumed they'd be damp and musky by now as she clearly enjoyed being in control.

My cock started to grow and harden. That is when Julia playfully crossed her legs the opposite way, presenting me with the dirty sole of her other boot. Having already been through the distasteful routine of licking a dirty sole, I now took my time. It wasn't any more pleasant to lick off the soapy grit, but it might buy some extra time as I assumed I'd be paddled again.

"You seem to be useful for cleaning things," Julia said softly as I slowly licked my way up the side of her boot. "Dishes, jeeps, and of course my boots, but I think you're a real wuss when it comes to taking a paddling. You may not believe it but I've been pretty easy on you this morning. If I have you over again and you don't want to be spanked you'll have to be obedient and do your best to please me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Miss Julia," I answered, though in the back of my mind I thought that if she invited me out to the country again I might suddenly have other plans. While she was sexy and I enjoyed being dominated by her, I wasn't sure if I could handle another session of being paddled in the boondocks.

She stood up from her chair and reached for something in a cabinet under the kitchen counter. My clothes, packed in a neat bundle. Julia walked over to the front door and dropped them with a soft thud on the deck outside.

"It's time for you to leave," she pointed a commanding finger out the door. "Don't ever come out here unless I invite you," Julia warned. "The old man has been known to shoot first and ask questions later."

I got up from the floor, thankful that I was being released, but at the same time shocked that our time together was suddenly over. To my surprise, as I was about to step out the door Julia lightly grabbed my shoulder, turning me to face her. Embracing me with one arm she gave me a long lustful kiss, her tongue probing deep inside my mouth while her free hand slowly and lightly traced the route from the base of my balls up to the tip of my now hardening penis.

Daring to place an arm around her waist I was met with no resistance. Her body was warm and her tank top lightly damp with perspiration. Our kiss passionately continued as our tongues intertwined and her fingers lightly brushed my straining erection. Then she gently pushed me out the door and closed it. I heard a faint click inside as she locked the door.

Undoing the bundle of clothing I saw that my boxer shorts were missing, obviously taken by Julia as a souvenir. Slowly putting on my clothes, I expected her to open the trailer door and pull me inside, then lead me down the hallway to the back bedroom where I had earlier gotten the glimpse of a full sized bed. Sex would probably be on her terms, but at the moment I didn't care. Of course that didn't happen so once I was dressed I got in my car, started the engine, and drove off.

The drive home seemed to go quickly. It always does when you are familiar with landmarks and don't have to constantly refer to a map. My ass still felt warm from being paddled multiple times and I envisioned I would spend the rest of the day either standing up or laying on my side on the couch in front of the TV.

It was probably safe to assume that Julia would call me within a week or two and want to get together, but what would her intentions be? Her kiss had sent mixed signals compared to all the spankings and perhaps that was intentional. Bait, as an incentive for me to return, and she had firmly set the hook, ready to reel me in whenever she pleased. Given Julia's enthusiasm for spanking me, it was probably safe to assume that no matter what happened the next time we got together, she would find some reason to get out her paddle.

Turning into the parking lot of my apartment complex, I saw my friend Mike out by his pickup truck. The passenger side door was open and he was pulling out some bags of groceries. I parked close by.

"Looks like you've been out with Miss Julia," he said as I slowly got out of my car, my aching backside having stiffened up a bit on the ride home.

"What made you guess?" I asked, stretching before walking over to his truck. "And how do you know she likes to be called Miss Julia?"

Mike explained that she had called him earlier in the week to get my phone number. He knew she'd be calling me soon and that I'd want to get together with her.

"I know she's hot, but I can tell from the way you got out of your car that she beat your ass today, and it will only get worse if you keep seeing her," he assured me. "Don't say I didn't warn you once before." It was true that he had told me not to pursue her, about a month ago on a camping trip where Julia and I had first met.

"Sounds to me like you know from personal experience," I said, leading him to elaborate with more detail. Laden down with grocery bags, Mike pushed the door to his truck closed with his elbow.

"I went out with her a couple times, that was a few years ago," he said as if confessing to a crime. "Come over to my place later tonight and we'll have a couple beers and watch the game. I'll tell you a little bit about it my times with her, even though it probably won't scare you off." Then he walked away.

I went to my apartment where I inspected myself in a full length mirror, my buttocks still a faint red and I thought I saw a few bruises starting to form. It would be interesting to hear Mike's story later tonight.

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