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Paddy's Pub


The bar was beginning to get crowded. You could hear the clink of glasses and tinkle of ice cubes. Cigarette smoke swirled around in a blue haze. The smell of food cooking permeated the area. Thomas Patrick Murphy stood at the end of the bar and surveyed the scene. Paddy’s Pub had been open for a week now and all indications were it was going to be a success.

Just a month ago Tom had been working as a Massachusetts State Trooper. He had been on the force for 25 years. One night he made a routine traffic stop for a broken taillight. It was one of thousands of traffic stops he had made over the course of his career. When the driver got out to look at the back of his car, Tom momentarily turned his back on him to point out the broken light. For some unknown reason the motorist went for his service revolver.

In the ensuing struggle, Tom ended up shooting and killing the motorist. It was the first time he had ever fired his gun in the line of duty. He decided he had had enough and put in his retirement papers. His good friend Paddy Hagen, also a retired State Trooper, offered him a job managing a new Irish pub he was opening. Paddy already owned a bar called Hagen’s and needed someone he could trust to run Paddy’s Pub.

Tom was forty-five years old and in excellent physical shape. He stood six foot three and was as solid as a rock. Few people dared to challenge him and those who did soon regretted it. He was getting to like his new career. What the hell he thought. I’ve hung out in bars all my life and now I am being paid for it. He also liked the hot women who were patrons of the bar, not to mention several of the ones who worked there.

Two women in particular really gave him a hard-on. Julie the bartender was about 35 years old, short blond hair with fantastic tits and a nice ass. She was a great bartender, remembering customer’s names and what their usual drink was after one time in the bar. Tom knew her from Paddy’s other bar where she occasionally filled in. She was recently divorced and was now working here full time. She also had quite a mouth on her and Tom swore she knew more dirty jokes than most guys he knew.

The other sexy woman was Brenda. She was a waitress. Brenda was a tall, slim black woman about the same age as Julie. She had nice tits, a skinny waist, long legs, and her best feature was her perfect pair-shaped ass. Brenda was always smiling and had that gleam in her eye that made you think she was always up to something.

Thinking of fucking the two of them always gave him a boner. Julie came to the end of the bar and said “Hey Tom wake up! What are you daydreaming? Do you want another beer?”

Tom snapped out of his daze. He had three pints of Guinness already and didn’t want to get too buzzed. “No thanks cutie, I have to hit the men’s room. I’ll be right back.”

Actually there was no official men’s room. The bar was too small to have large ladies and men’s rooms. Since space was an issue, Paddy had decided to have two unisex bathrooms put in with just a toilet and sink. This way anyone could use whichever restroom was available. Tom tried the first door and it was locked. As he went for the second door someone scooted in ahead of him. He paced back and forth trying to decide whether or not he should go out in the alley. That’s how bad he had to pee.

Just then the first door opened and Brenda stepped out. She had a funny look on her face. “Uh you might want to wait a few minutes before going in there,” she said.

Tom looked at her “Either I go in there or it’s on the floor.” He entered the restroom and locked the door. And then it hit him. Damn, it smelled like a bear had taken a huge shit in there. He held his hand to his nose and tried to hold his breath while fishing his cock out with his other hand. He didn’t even bother to lift the toilet seat up and of course he ended up pissing all over the seat. He ran from the room without washing his hands.

As he exited the restroom Julie was waiting to get in. “Watch the bar for me I gotta pee.” Before he could say anything she was in the restroom and closing the door. He walked over to the bar and waited.

Julie came out after a minute or two and headed straight for him. She was furious. “What the fuck Tom, you peed all over the goddamn toilet seat. Not to mention it smells like someone fucking died in there. You need to designate one of the restrooms for ladies only. I am tired of sitting my ass down in some guys piss every time I have to take a leak.”

He wasn’t going to argue with her. After all he was guilty of peeing on the seat. He agreed he would get a new sign tomorrow and designate one restroom for ladies only. She walked away in a huff. He saw Brenda standing by the waiter’s station. She smiled and winked at him. All in a days work he thought.

The next day he changed the sign on the first restroom to read ladies only. Julie came over and thanked him and said she was sorry for getting angry with him. He ex-husband always made a mess in their bathroom at home and that’s what set her off last night. She gave him a sexy smile, patted his arm and he melted. He told her it was no problem.

A while later Brenda glided up next to him. He felt her thigh pressing up against him. “I’m sorry about last night Mr. Murphy. I don’t know what happened. I never had to do that in a public toilet before. I was so embarrassed. Thanks for not telling Julie it was me.” She flashed her million-dollar smile and he was putty in her hands. He told her not to worry about it.

That night as he was about to close up the bar, the cleaning man called to say he couldn’t make it in, as his car wouldn’t start. Shit thought Tom, now I have to clean up. He placed the bar stools on the bar and swept the floor. Then he got out the bucket and mop and headed for the restrooms. As he was cleaning the ladies only restroom, he noticed a grill on the wall directly across from the toilet. It appeared to have a panel behind it. The contractor who did the renovations must have taken a short cut and instead of removing the old vent, tried to cover it up from behind.

Tom poked his finger through the vent and the panel fell backwards. He could see a dim light. He got a flashlight and went down the basement. Unlocking the storeroom where they kept the beer and liquor, he stepped in side. It took him a while to find the vent but there it was just over the top of the stacked up beer cases. He got a stepladder and climbed up. Looking through the vent, he was eye level with the rim of the toilet. It was about three feet away. He replaced the panel and went back upstairs and closed up the bar.

That night as Tom lay in bed, he thought about Julie and Brenda. He thought about watching them through the vent he found, peeing just a few feet away from him. Watching women pee aroused him. His ex wife was not shy about going in front of him.

A few years ago he was on patrol one night when he saw a car swerve quickly to the side of the road. A woman jumped out of the car, ran around the passenger side, and disappeared. Thinking she was hurt, Tom pulled over, got out of his cruiser and shined his flashlight on the side of her car. There she was with her pants pulled down peeing a river. She must have had to go real bad because even when she saw him she was unable to stop. He waited until she finished, was going to say something to her, but then he got back in his car and left.

Arriving at work Tom decided he would do it. He waited until Julie entered the ladies room and ran downstairs to the storeroom. He already had the ladder set up. He made sure not to turn the light on so she wouldn’t see him. When he got up on the ladder she was already sitting on the toilet. He heard her pee splashing in the bowl. He couldn’t see much as Julie only pulled her panties down to her knees which blocked his view. She wiped her pussy and stood up. He caught a brief view of a small blond triangle of pubic hair. He got upstairs just as she was exiting the restroom.

Next Brenda had to go. Once again he made it to the storeroom and up the ladder just as her stream was cascading into the toilet. He got a little better view as Brenda pulled her pants and panties all the way down. She had a small landing strip of hairy, black stubble maybe an inch wide and two inches long just above her pussy. She turned around before she pulled her pants up to flush the toilet and he got a great view of her perfect ass.

Tom was so aroused he couldn’t wait to get home and pleasure himself. He drove home after the bar closed and whipped out his cock as soon as he was inside his house. Sitting on the couch, it only took a replay in his head of the images he had seen earlier and a few seconds of stroking to make his big, hard cock explode all over his chest and stomach. He slept like a baby that night.

Tom continued to slip down to the storeroom every chance he got to watch Julie and Brenda. This particular night was kind of slow. Julie had a few customers at the other end of the bar and only one couple was sitting at a table. Tom saw Brenda enter the ladies room and he quietly went down the basement stairs to the storeroom. He climbed the ladder and slid the panel aside. He didn’t see Brenda. She must be over by the sink.

Brenda then came into view. She had her pants off and was wearing a white thong. What the hell is she doing he thought. Facing her ass toward him, she bent over and removed the thong, spreading her ass cheeks as she did. He could see her puckered little asshole. She then removed her shirt and bra and was completely naked. She sat down on the toilet and spread her legs as wide as she could. Tom’s hand went to his pants and released his cock.

Brenda began to play with her pussy. She used two fingers to rub gently around her clit. She would occasionally shove a few fingers up her cunt and take them out and lick them. Then she became a wild woman. She was moaning loudly and bucking up and down as she furiously frigged herself. Finally as her orgasm approached, she rose up a few inches and spread her pussy lips as wide as she could. What happened next was unbelievable.

As she started to cum her pee hole opened and a forceful stream of urine shot straight out. It traveled through the vent and hit Tom right in the face. He was so startled he fell back off the ladder and landed on his ass with a thud. He sat there dazed for a few minutes. Did she hear him? He went back up the ladder and peeked. She was gone. His hair and shirt were soaked.

Tom crept up the stairs and peeked in the bar. Julie was still at the other end. Luckily someone had left a spare shirt hanging at the top of the stairs. He grabbed the shirt and a handful of bar towels and went in the bathroom to clean himself off.

When he came out Julie was looking at him. “So where have you been?’ she asked coyly

“I had to do a beer inventory in the store room,” he replied.

“Hmmm, seems like you’ve been doing a lot of that lately.” With that she returned to the other end of the bar. He didn’t even want to look at Brenda at this point. He kept himself busy until it was closing time. After everyone had left it was just he and Julie in the bar.

“I am going to the kitchen to make a sandwich to take home,” she informed him. “Do you want one?”

“No thanks, I ‘m not hungry.” He had gotten a taste of Brenda’s pee in his mouth and didn’t feel like eating just yet.

He went to check the restrooms as he always did before locking up. When he opened the ladies room door, Brenda was standing at the sink applying lipstick. She had changed out of her waitress uniform and was wearing a micro-mini skirt and a wife beater tee shirt with no bra. She looked over at him with that big smile of hers.

“Oh I’m sorry Brenda I thought everyone was gone,” Tom stammered.

“That’s OK Mr. Murphy. So how did you like your surprise tonight?"

“What surprise,” he tried to bluff his way out of this.

“I know you have been watching Julie and me peeing and I wanted to give you something special tonight. I hope you didn’t hurt that cute ass when you fell on it. Come here and let me rub it for you.”

He moved over next to her and she caressed his ass through his pants. He started to get hard. “You know Mr. Murphy, it isn’t fair that you’ve seen my pussy and I haven’t seen your dick.” Brenda reached down and unzipped him. She reached in and pulled out his hard cock. “I’ve been dying to see how this tastes, may I?”

She didn’t wait for an answer. She started slurping her tongue up and down his cock like it was an ice cream cone. He looked over at the door and saw that Julie was watching them. Her wide eyes were glued on his erect penis. Brenda saw her also. “Hey Jules, Want some of this? Did you know this bad boy has been watching us peeing through that vent?’

Julie nodded. Shit Tom thought, so she knew too. Julie walked over to them. She took Tom’s cock in her hand. “Oh yeah I knew what he was doing. I find it kind of sexy peeing in front of a man. My ex husband was a prude. He always made me close the bathroom door. And as far as wanting a taste of Tom’s dick, I have been waiting for this for a long time.”

Clothes went flying everywhere. They led Tom to the toilet and sat him down. Brenda lifted her leg over Tom’s shoulder and rested it on the back of the toilet so his tongue would have free access to her pussy. Julie knelt in front of Tom and took his dick all the way in her mouth in one gulp. He had died and went to heaven. After sucking him for a few minutes, Julie decided she wanted to fuck. She got up and straddled him sliding her wet pussy slowly down over his shaft until she was balls deep.

Julie’s face ended up in Brenda’s ass. She thought why not, and stuck her tongue in Brenda’s tight asshole. Brenda was squirming from the double eating she was receiving. Just then Julie stopped. “Time out guys I really have to pee.”

Brenda laughed and stood back on the floor. “You’re already sitting on the toilet baby, just go ahead and pee. Here I’ll help you.” With one hand she caressed Julie’s big tits and the other she rubbed her clit. Julie continued to bounce up and down on Tom’s cock. All of a sudden Julie reared straight back and closed her eyed and screamed. As her orgasm ripped through her, she lost control of her bladder and flooded Tom’s cock and balls with hot, golden pee.

Tom couldn’t take it anymore and shot his hot load in Julie’s soaking pussy. Julie collapsed forward on him hugging him tightly. “That was incredible,” he whispered in her ear. She kissed him softly on the lips.

Brenda went out to the bar and came back with three beers and some towels. Julie was cleaning up at the sink. She handed Tom and Julie a beer and a towel. Brenda looked at Tom drying off his cock and balls. “I hope you don’t think we are finished yet Mr. Murphy. You still owe me a good fucking. You like my big black ass don’t you? How’d you like to fuck it?” Tom’s cock answered for him. It went from limp to hard in record time.

Julie came over to Tom and started to stroke his dick. Brenda turned around with her ass facing him and gyrated her cheeks in his face. As Julie held his cock straight, Brenda lowered her ass and pussy down close to it. Julie took his dick and rubbed it up and down Brenda’s pussy lips. Brenda lowered her pussy down on his cock a few times to get it lubed up.

Julie spit on the head of Tom’s cock and guided it towards Brenda’s hot asshole. She lowered her ass onto the head. It slipped in an inch or so. She moved his cock in and out slowly to get used to it. When her anus relaxed she sat all the way down on his hard cock. Julie was sucking Tom’s balls as his cock reamed in and out of Brenda’s asshole. Brenda’s clit was sticking out like a small penis and Julie started to lick it. It only took a minute for Brenda to start to buck out of control.

As Brenda’s orgasm started she cried out she was going to pee. Julie kept sucking her clit as the hot pee shot out, hit off her chin, and dribbled down Tom’s balls. Tom could not believe the sensations he was feeling. When Brenda settled down Julie said “my turn, I want that big dick up my ass too.”

Brenda slipped her ass off Tom’s cock. Julie got down on all fours with her ass in the air. “Come on Tom, stick that big dick up my ass right now. I need it.” Tom got on the floor behind her. He stuck his tongue in Julie’s ass and she screamed. “Give it to me Tom, fuck my little asshole.”

Tom placed the head of his cock on her wet asshole. Her saw Brenda move behind him with something in her hand. Then he heard a buzzing sound and felt something sliding up and down his ass cheeks. Brenda had a small vibrator and was playing with his balls and ass. He slid the head of his dick slowly into Julie’s ass. It was tight but he gradually worked his cock all the way in. Julie was going crazy. She was screaming at him to fuck her harder. Then he felt his own ass cheeks part as Brenda shoved the small vibe into his butt.

As he pulled his dick almost all the way out of Julie’s ass, Brenda would ram the vibrator in his ass forcing his cock to slam all the way back up Julie’s ass. He was going to last long and neither was Julie. She let out a loud moan and her ass gripped his cock like a vice. That caused Tom to shoot his hot cum deep inside her ass. They both collapsed forward on the floor. He didn’t even feel Brenda slide the vibrator out of him.

Brenda got dressed and said. “I am sorry I have to run. I have a hot date tonight and I’m late. I’m sure you guys can figure something out to do without me.” She blew them a kiss and left.

Tom looked and Julie and said “Your place or mine?”

“Yours,” Julie replied, “the night has just begun.”

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