tagNonConsent/ReluctancePaging Dr. Marcus - Second Episode

Paging Dr. Marcus - Second Episode



The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature - do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * * *

Every man has the fantasy at least once in his life of being a doctor, and getting to examine a young woman. To have her think of him as an authority figure, someone whose orders are to be obeyed. Harvey harbors just such a fantasy, and has been able to experience it twice, so far.

This is the second such episode, after Annie has started college, her friends have scattered across the country, and his built-in linkage to young woman in the community has fizzled. In other words, it's time for circumstances to work in Harvey's favor, and fulfill this latent fantasy. Open wide and say "aaahhhhhhh!"

* * * * * * * * *

With Annie's tits seeming to grow bigger with every passing day, I was both aroused and worried. I decided to stop after work at a storefront office of a breast reduction surgeon for a consultation. The specialist, Dr. Fleischmann, escorted me into his combination office/examination room with a paper-covered flat table on the side.

"I'm worried about my daughter Annie. Her, uh, breasts seem to be growing. Continuously!"

"How old is she?" he asked.

"Eighteen and a half. Why?"

"That's a bit late for development, but these things don't happen on a schedule. Every woman's body is different. Does she complain about pain or backaches?"

I hadn't thought about the effect of weight. "No. They just seem larger every time I see them."

"And how often do you see them?"

Shit! "I didn't mean naked. They're pretty evident under her t-tops and stuff." Did he believe me?

"I see. Well, if they continue to grow, have her see her normal physician, to determine the cause before you bring her to see me. Surgery is a radical choice. It almost always deadens the sensitivity of the nipples, and there's always the possibility of infection. Perhaps the problem is hormones or -"

The doctor's pager rattle on his belt. He lifted the device to read the screen. His eyes bugged out and his jaw dropped. "I'm sorry, but I have an emergency." He rushed into the front hall, and then returned. "I've set the door to lock behind you." He grabbed a black bag and bolted the other way, out the back door.

I stood to leave, but noticed the lab coat he'd thrown onto the floor in his haste. I picked it up and slipped it on. A full length mirror showed a reasonable fit. Doctor Marcus. I wonder what it's like, examining naked breasts all day?

A timid voice echoed in the waiting area. "Hi? Is anybody here?"

I peeked out. A yound lady in a fashionable black dress with high collar and higher hemline stood, pigeontoed.

"Hello." Damn, I'd been caught in the doctor's labcoat. I started to slip my arm from one sleeve.

"You're not closing are you? I don't have an appointment, but can I come in and talk?"

It was only talk, and Dr. Fleischmann had provided a few questions for me. Why not? It wasn't like this girl would be disrobing or anything.

"Sure. Come on into my, uh, office."I pointed to the chair I'd used and sat in the doctor's leather swivel. "How can I help you?"

"I saw your sign and the light was on -"

This young lady was in no need of Dr. F's services. Her breasts made nice lumps under her dress, Not enough to reduce, for sure.

"I want breast implants!" She straightened up, whatever tit flesh she had pushing forward. They weren't large, but she wasn't flat either.

"That's a serious step, uh, I didn't get your name."


"From what I can tell, you're fine."

"These?" She grabbed her breasts through the dress. "They're not mine. Falsies. Here, I'll show yu." With no hesitation, she reached behind and unzipped her dress, pulling the front to her waist. Before I could react, she handed her padded bra to me. Sure enough, thick soft padding was sewed into both cups. A raised spot simulating an erect nipple poked from the front surface. I slowly raised my head to look at her.

"See?" She thrust out her chest. "Too small, right?"

My mouth was watering and my tongue was thick. They were small but delectible. I wanted to jump across the desk and suck them. "They're a bit smaller than average, but fine in shape and size. I'd advise against."

"How can you tell? Don't you have to touch them or something?"

She was inviting me to get physical. Of course, she thought I was a doctor. Could I do this, in good conscience? Oh well, it was only tit fondling. I'd done much worse with Annie's friends.

"Why don't you get up on - " She held her dress at her waist as she shuffled to the exam table and hopped up. In the process, her skirt slid up on her thighs. Her legs were a better asset.

I placed one hand gently on a breast. Her nipple was already warm and firm, but I'd only touched her. Something else had gotten her excited.

"Are your nipples always so hard?" I asked.

"Derek, he's my boyfriend, and I were, uh, like messing around before. See, we were going to do it tonight."

I pulled my hand back. Shit! Felicity was a virgin on the verge of deflowering, and I'm standing here cupping her tit. "Why don't you zipup? You need to think long and hard about something this serious." My dick was long and hard, thinking about an exited woman bare from the waist up.

"I don't need to think. They're out of proportion. Derek said so. See?"

She stood. Without support, her dress dropped to the floor. She was buck naked.

I wanted to ask why there were no panties.

"Oops, I forgot. Derek stuffed my panties in his pocket. You know, when we were in getting ready to do it. Look at my profile and you'll see."

She was right. Her ass was shapely, curved but not too big. However, her breasts were small lumps. "You have a very nice body," I said. Maybe she'd get dressed and leave before things went any further.

She jumped back up on the table, now naked.

"Not nice enough for Derek. When I took my bra off, he zipped up and started to drive me home."

If this went on much longer, I was going to drive my dick home, between her legs. Why did she have to walk into my office? Shit, it's not mine, is it?

I rubbed my wrist, the one that had been badly cut in an industrial accident. It always itched, and the feeling never completely returned. Perhaps I could convince her with facts. "If you have surgery, nerves will be cut. Your breasts won't be as sensitive."

"Can you show me?"

God have mercy. I put my hands on her breasts. I couldn't help but squeeze them, but professionally like a doctor would. I guessed. "See how that feels?"

"Ooh, that feels good. Derek Wouldn't even touch them. I jumped out at a stoplight." Her face was raised, her eyes and mouth half-open. She threw her arms around my neck and pressed her lips to mine. "Mmmm."

I opened my mouth to speak and her tongue slipped in. I tried to avoid contact, but she was determined and there are only so many places you can try to hide your tongue. I pressed her breasts harder, and thumbed her nipples, already stiff.

She released me from her grasp. "Wow! That was so much better than Derek!" her face turned red. "Do many of your patients get all turned on when you examine them, doc?"

I made up an answer. "Not usually."

"Have many kissed you?"

"No, I have to admit, you're my first."

Her hand slid down between my legs, tracing the outline of my erection. "And do your patients usually get you excited, like now?"

I pulled her hand from my genitals. "No. I'm a professional." A professional cherrybuster.

She tilted to one side. "Oh god, I'm leaking all over your table." A damp spot on the paper was exposed when she spread her legs. "Maybe my breasts are sensitive."

I hadn't removed one of my hands.

"Does this happen often?" I asked.

"Yeah, every time Derek and I make out. Sometimes, even when I just think about sex. Maybe you could take a look and see if something is wrong?"

Examine her dripping pussy? "I'm not that kind of doctor."

"But you went to school, right? Just take a peek. Maybe its obvious." She pulled my lingering hand from her breast. "Sorry."

Me too. I enjoyed tweaking her nipples between my fingers. Was I the source for her dampness?

She spread her legs, but there were no stirrups to support their weight. Before I knew it, her legs straddled my shoulders, as I moved my face closer to her moist cunt. "See anything?"

I could see everything - the inflated cunt lips that opened and closed like a fish under water, a protruding clitoris. "Everything seems to be in order."

"You have to do more than look, right? You know, check around?"

I placed a finger at the opening and slid a cunt lip aside. Liquid seeped from the broadened opening. "You certainly do generate a large amount of bodily fluids."

"That's' cause I'm all horny. I was so ready to do it with Derek."

I used two fingers to separate the flesh petals. She was juicy and pink and hot to trot. She was planning on her first fuck tonight. But with her boyfriend, not me.

"I try to get off with my finger, but it never works. See?" She slipped her middle finger in between the folds of moist flesh, our hands touching. Rapid movement in and out had her hips humping. "It's - I feel - I mean, oh God -" The humping stopped. "I get so close, but then it just fizzles." She placed her hand on mine. "You try."

She guided my finger into her pussy. Hell, it was just a finger. I probed gently, making sure to stroke her clit occasionally for added excitement. Her bouncing and moaning resumed. Then, she stopped. "There! I need more than a finger. I need Derek's dick."

"Or mine." Shit! Did I say that out loud?

"Oh, doctor! Would you? I mean, that probably violates some oath or something."

I hadn't taken any oaths. "You'd consider -"

"Drop your pants," she ordered as she sat up.

I unbuckled and unzipped. My erection poked out from the waist of my skivvies.

"You're huge!" she cried. 'Derek's dick is only half as big."

So she and Derek had played with each other below the waist. I dropped my shorts so she could see the whole thing. Maybe that would change her mind.

"Will it fit? I mean, it's so big!"

"Women's vaginas are very elastic. They can accommodate a penis of any size." I didn't tell her that sometimes, that meant that the prick would extend all the way up past the cervix into the womb.

She laid back, legs apart. "Try a little."

That's what they all say. They want a little, and before I know it, they're grinding their groins against mine, my full eight inches buried in their pussies. As requested, I wiggled the head between her cunt lips and pressed forward.

"Oh god, it is too big. Leave it there for a minute." Her pussy throbbed against the sensitive area just behind the tip. I couldn't help but move back and forth a bit.

"Not so deep," she whimpered.

Deep? I was barely in. "Okay. Squeeze, then relax."

She tightened and then loosened her groin muscles. I slid another inch deeper.

"No! No more!"

She'd only taken two inches. Hell, at this rate, we'd still be there when the doctor arrived the next morning. "I thought you wanted to fuck," I said. Young teeses! "Well, this is fucking." I gave her another inch, maybe two.

"Stop! Shit, it hurts!"

What in the world is she talking about? Her cunt is practically a fountain. Maybe she just needs to stretch a bit. I pulled out to her entrance and then back in, no further than before. Once. Twice. I could feel her tightness giving way. The feeling was excruciating. I wanted to bury my prick all the way in and then fuck her until she got the release she was demanding.

"That's better," she sighed.

I pressed on.

"Hold on! That's too much!"

I was in about five or six inches, by my guess.

"What was that?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" I listened for the sound of a door or footsteps. In the distance, I heard a series of notes.

"La Cucaracha!" she cried. "That's Derek's car! He's looking for me!"

Derek was old news. It was me between her legs, me with five inches buried in her pussy, me pinching her nipples, me preparing to deliver the exstacy she deserved, not some four inch prick who badmouthed her breasts. I slid my prick up and back the same five inches. Okay, maybe six.

"He's looking for me!" she cried. "Let me up!"

I slid my hands from her nipples to her shoulders. "You asked me to fuck you, didn't you?"

"Yes, but -"

"Then that's what I'm going to do."

The sound got louder. What a stupid car horn! I thrust in and out, over and over.

"No! God no! It's too big! Take it out!"

I pulled almost all the way out, then leaned in and gave her my entire length.

"Noooo!" Her hands, which had been pushing at my chest, slapped at my face. The horn was much closer, within the block. I stood straight, my penis slurping out from her pussy. She swung off the table and stepped into her dress. With her feet partially in her shoes, she wobbled out through the waiting room and out to the street. The car's horn blasted into the storefront through the open door.

I slumped into the patient's chair. What had I done? I practically raped that girl! Why would I do such a thing? They always ask, don't they? They want to be fucked. And, I oblige.

Fists pounded on the locked front door. Someone - Derek? - shouted nasty words. Then tires screeched.

Had any of Annie's friends ever changed their minds? Not before Felicity, unless my memory is foggy. How many had said "no" and I didn't notice? My dick hung half erect, unused. I needed to cum, and I wasn't going anywhere before I shot my wad. There must be something, maybe a medical text with sketches of nude women, or an anatomy chart. Something!

Dr. Fleischmann's file cabinet in the corner of his office was unlocked. I scooted over on Dr. F's rolling chair, pants and skivvies still at my ankles. Bingo! In carefully labeled folders were patient records, including photographs. No names on the folder tabs, just a letter followed by a eight digit number - looked like a birth date - and then a three digit sequence number. I took out a wad of folders and rolled back to Dr. F's desk. The pictures were torso shots between the neck and waist, before and after. Yum! I worked my way through the "As" and my erection returned. As I examined each photo in the "B" files, I stroked myself harder, precum leaking.

Halfway through the "Cs" I found a patient file with only one photo, but what a photo! I drooled over a patient with a perfect pair of tits. Only one photo, no surgery. Who'd want to modify these beauties? I pounded my prick into submission, grabbed Felicity's padded bra from the desk, and spurted into one of the cups.

I dropped the soiled bra in Dr. F's wastebasket. I couldn't exactly take it home, could I? Still naked, I put the folders back carefully and plopped down in Dr. F's chair to catch my breath. I poked around his middle desk drawer - nothing special there. Then, I tried the left drawer. Locked. Hmm, but there was a set of keys in the middle. After half a dozen tries, one turned. Installed in the drawer was a flip up LCD video screen, a mini DV tape player and a set of knobs and switches. I toggled all the switches on, and the LCD screen lit up, showing Dr, F's examination table just across the room. I stood up, and the edge of my back showed on screen. A camera! I turned and examined the painting hanging on the wall behind his desk. Sure enough, at the center of a wildflower, the camera lens. Why that old perv - videotaping his patients while he examined them.

Two thoughts hit me. Felicity and I could have been captured on video. Thank god we weren't. I wasn't at all proud of my behavior. Second, where was the good doctor storing his tapes? Bottom drawer, that's where I'd put them. Locked. Another key? Ah-ha! The motherlode! Stacks of video tapes, all labeled with the letter/birthday/sequence numbers. The thought of watching Dr. F examine all those young ladies renewed my erection. No, not all of them. Just C-19871114-002, Miss Perfect Tits. I fumbled through the stacks until I found the object of my search. I slid the tape into position and pressed play.

The scene played out before me:

The camera catches Dr. F rising from his chair, approaching a young woman sitting demurely on the examination table. Blonde hair keeps falling in front of her face, her hand comes up to push it behind her ears. White blouse, modest skirt that only shows her knees, both of them tight together. No sign of a mother or father in the room. Curious. The sound is muffled, but who needs sound? Dr. F stands in profile talking. After a bit of hesitation, Miss Perfect begins to unbutton her blouse. Dr. F keeps a straight face, although one eyebrow rises as her bra comes into view.

It is flesh colored, and if I squint, she looks naked. My dick bucks, demanding attention. I ignore the thickening brute.

On screen:

Dr. F continues to talk, leaning on the table next to her. This forces her to turn slightly, and the camera captures a three-quarters view of her bust. Outstanding, a technique Dr. F probably perfected after many tapings. Now she blushes, a deepening pink that flows from her face down onto her neck and chest. In dramatic fashion, in slow motion, Miss Perfect reaches behind her back and unsnaps her bra. Her arms keep the item in place even when her hands return to her lap, folded. Dr. F continues to talk, more rapidly perhaps, certainly more animated. His hands are moving wildly, and for a moment I expect him to grab the bra from her chest. Instead, he turns from her and walks towards the desk, blocking the camera view.

Show over? My prick heaves a heavy sigh.

The performance continued:

Dr. F turns around and moves back towards the exam table. He takes his place on the far side of the patient, who, miracle of miracles, has shed her bra and sits naked from the waist up, shoulder back, thrusting those firm round beauties for all to see. Well, not all, just the doctor and his closest friends. Like me. His hand shakes as he cups one of her tits. Her eyes close, as if she doesn't want to believe this is happening. His thumb moves, subtly, across her nipple. Her eyes flash open and she raises her arms to cover, effectively knocking Dr. F's hand away. Dr. F walks back towards the camera and reaches into his left drawer. What is he doing? Zooming in! I catch phrases like "test for sensitivity" and "determine the density." He blocks the camera for a long time. Suddenly, the screen is filled with her tits. Glorious. She is no longer sitting straight. Her shoulder droop, as if defeated. Dr. F takes one breast in each hand. He hefts them, caresses them around the top and sides, and returns his thumbs to active duty, flicking across her nipples. At this magnification, her breasts fill the screen, her nipples red and pointy. She's turned on, probably leaking in those demure panties of hers. Dr. F kneads her tits, pressing fingers into the flesh.

I need her, too, but she'd only on tape. I grab my dick and rub up and down, pretending Dr. F's hands are mine, and I'm feeling up the most perfect pair I've ever seen. It doesn't take long, and the other cup of Felicity's bra is stained by semen.

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