It's strange what some people get from sex. For me its always been the best way to get what I want while still having fun. It is the one thing in the world that everyone wants no matter what age or sex you are.

Like one time when I was 18 I got pulled over after leaving a party. Now I'm sort of cute. At 5' 2'' with red hair and a nice figure, I guess. I wasn't a virgin but didn't have much experience. My mom always told me the best way to get out of a ticket was to flirt your ass off.

Well just my luck the officer was a really cute guy so it wasn't going to be hard. When he walked up I gave him my sweetest smile and asked him what the problem was. He told me that I had a taillight out. Then he asked me to get out because I was acting strange and he wanted to give me a sobriety test. He could give me anything he wanted and I told him as much.

This of course was when his partner walked up, who was a woman. I knew I was sunk now. She looked me up and down, with my little black dress on that was way to short and tight. Then she asked me if I was trying to bribe an officer and seeing as I was already in trouble I didn't care. So I told her only if it would work.

This got a smile out of the both of them and she walked closer to me. Knowing she was going to arrest me I went for broke and fell up against her and the car, thus grinding me into her crotch. She kind of moaned, looked at her partner and said this little slut really wants out of going to jail.

This obviously offended me and I started to pull away and tell them to fucking arrest me when she grabbed my hair and pulled my head back at an awkward angle and told me I wasn't going anywhere. This scared me but I couldn't do anything but whimper because it kind of hurt my throat.

She suddenly turned and slammed into the side of the car bending me over the hood pressing her up against me. Oddly this felt good because something on her belt was grinding into my practically expose ass. I had on an already short skirt so when she bent me over the car it gave a partial view of my bare pussy because I wasn't wearing any underwear.

The woman cop started to frisk me but in a very sexual and suggestive manner. I could see her partner just to the side watching and smiling apparently enjoying the show. She started at my wrist and felt her way down to my armpits that kind of tickled but she didn't stop there. She slowly felt to the sides of my breast and paused just kind of massaging them. Then she felt lower down my rib cage to my waist and down on my hips. She kind ground herself into my harder which pulled a moan from deep in my throat that I just couldn't help. Then she slowly felt her way down my legs to my ankles, which seemed kind of pointless because all I had on was a pair of stiletto, heals.

Then she slowly ran her hands up the inside of my legs, across my inner thighs and brushed my moistening pussy lips. She pushed higher rubbing her hand against my pussy separating my legs even more. She had on leather gloves, which were getting slick with my juices as she continued to rub up and down, and in between my pussy lips. I started to breathe a little harder as little moans and whimpers came out of me. I started pushing into her hand really feeling it start to build from deep inside of me.

I came in a rush feeling my juices run down my inner thighs when she pulled away from me. That's when her partner came over and they handcuffed me and walked me over the police car.

This was just great try to flirt your way out of a ticket and get molested and still go to jail. They opened the door and he put his hand on my head to sit me down in the seat facing them. Without saying a word he started undoing his pants and his partner got down in front of him between us. She pushed between my legs and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth. I had never kissed a woman before and it was incredible. She was so soft yet so forceful all at the same time. I couldn't touch her do to the fact that I was handcuffed behind my back but I wanted more.

I was kissing her back and pushing my tongue back into her mouth that she seemed to like because she was moaning into my mouth. She started kissing down my neck to my shoulder and collarbone. She was running her hands all over me down my back over my breast when she started pulling my dress down exposing my breast. She instantly went for my breast sucking and lightly chewing on my nipples.

She started going lower running her tongue down my rib cage to my belly button. She reached behind me and undid my handcuffs and I instantly grabbed her and started kissing her running my hands over her body that was very nice by the way. She worked her way back down my body forcing my legs apart and my skirt up so high there was nothing left to the imagination. She instantly went at my hot dripping sex box and doing a damn good job of it.

I heard a footstep and looked up at her partner standing over her and very near my face with his hard cock staring me in the face. He just smiled at me but I got the hint of what he wanted. So I reached out and grabbed it and started licking and sucking on him while she continued to eat me out. I could feel and orgasm start to build inside of me again and I pulled off of him screaming with and orgasm. I fell back in the seat breathing hard when I heard clothes coming off. I looked up to her in nothing but a sexy little black bra and panties.

She crawled into the car with me running her tongue up my body in deep wet licks like she was trying drink down with just her tongue. We started kissing very deeply as I took off her bra and started pulling on her panties because I wanted her naked up against me. Her partner helped her out of her panties and I pulled her up till I was staring directly at her neatly shaven and dripping wet pussy.

I started licking her running my tongue up and down in between her lips, flicking fast across her clit. I pulled her clit in between my lips sucking on it hard and fast pulling more and more skin into my mouth. Suddenly I felt her partner between my legs and it wasn't his finger he was rubbing up and down me wet sex box. He thrust into me fast and deep ripping my mouth away from her pussy with a scream of pleasure. He pulled himself out slowly till just his head was in me then he slammed back into me. Then he started fucking me deep and slow.

I started back at her pussy, ferociously licking and sucking on her, moaning into her as he fucked me faster and faster. He started losing his rhythm until he suddenly thrust into me shooting load after load deep into my pussy while she came hard all over my face.

After we could all breathe again her and me gave him a double blowjob getting his cum all over our faces so we licked it off of each other while he watched and enjoyed.

I didn't get arrested in fact they gave me their numbers and told me to give them a call if I ever needed anything again. Well you know what I did to but that is another story.

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