tagIncest/TabooPaige Ch. 07

Paige Ch. 07


I'm going to fast forward a little at this point. The next logical chapter in the story of Paige and me took a sad and tragic turn that Sunday afternoon. I'll try to sum it up briefly.

We'd cleaned up the house, preparing for Sarah's and Tom's return. We were cuddled on the couch, watching a movie on TV. I wasn't really watching the movie. My brain was churning. I was trying to figure out just what would become of Paige and me. I had fallen in love with my beautiful niece and I couldn't just walk away after all we'd done and said, but how could we go on. Some how we had to. I had to have her. She had to be mine. But how?

That sunny Sunday afternoon we got the news. The plane carrying Sarah and Tom home had crashed, everyone aboard were presumed dead. I was stunned and Paige devastated. She slipped into a deep depression and fell silent. She disappeared for a while, but I found her at her friend Megan's.


Paige's best friend Megan had just turned eighteen and had her own apartment. It was just a little one bed room place above her neighbor's garage but it seemed quaint and comfy.

I had met Megan once or twice before, but never noticed just how good looking she was. She was tall and dark with long black hair and deep brown eyes. She was quite lovely, with her rather large young breasts straining her short little t-shirt and her cut-off jean shorts, Daisy Duke style, showing off her long tanned legs and very shapely ass. In my mind there was no woman more beautiful than my Paige. I was biased, I had known Paige her whole life and she had always been special to me. Paige was the precise replica of what, in my opinion, was the perfect woman, Sarah. Now, with Sarah's passing, Paige was the ideal woman. Megan was drop-dead-gorgeous. She was Hollywood, movie-star-beautiful. How I had missed it before, I do not know.

Megan and I stood in her small, tidy living room, as she told me that Paige had been drinking a lot and crying off and on, but otherwise she was OK. She said that Paige didn't want to talk to anyone. I said I understood. Megan stood still for a few seconds, apparently reflecting on Paige and Sarah, when her beautiful, brown eyes began to well with tears. Without a seconds hesitation, I took Megan into my arms and held her close. She buried her head into my shoulder and sobbed.

She pressed her firm young body against me as she soaked my shirt with her hot tears. I felt her breasts pushed hard against my chest as she squeezed me. There was something in the warmth of her tears and her hot breath on my shoulder and her firm round breasts, pressed to my chest that I found extremely arousing. I felt my manhood begin to stir as I stroked Megan's long dark hair, telling her, "Everythings going to be alright."

I ran my hand down her long, silky tresses and down along her back until I reached her waist. I stopped myself from going any further.

I placed a hand on each of Megan's shoulders and took a step back. She looked up at me, her face still wet with tears and sobbed, "I'm sorry. I got your shirt all wet." She managed a little smile and wiped her face with the bottom of her t-shirt which exposed her taught, tanned stomach. She had a little ring in her navel, similar to Paige's piercing. I found that so hot.

I stood there with my hands on Megan's shoulders staring into her deep, brown eyes. I looked her over, top to bottom and back again. My gaze traveled up her long, beautiful legs, across the wrinkles in her shorts, where her legs met, then to her belly, exposed because she held the bottom, still bunched in her hand. As my eyes reached her breasts, she heaved a sigh which caused them to rise and fall. The shape of her nipples was obvious through the fabric of her shirt. I raised my eyes to her face. She was biting her lower lip and she had such a demure look on her face. She was acting as if she was shy about my checking her out, but I could see that she was enjoying it. Our eyes locked as we stared into one another's eyes for several seconds before she said, "You don't have to go right now, do ya?"

I drew a deep breath and asked Megan to call me when Paige was ready to come home. "I'll bring her home if you want me to." she said. "Or you can come over, anytime you want." There was something flirtatious in her voice.

"Thanks Megan," I said, "Paige is lucky to have such a good friend." I was trying to get things back into their proper perspective. Megan's demeanor changed slightly as her thoughts shifted back to Paige.

"I'll call ya," she said.

I gently kissed her fore head and said, "Take care of our girl," and added, "I'll see ya later."

"Yeah, later," she echoed. She clung to the open door and watched me as I descended the stairs to the alley.

I got into my car and tried to sort out what had just happened. My heart was pounding, my face was hot and probably flushed and my cock was still as rigid as case-hardened steel. I had to slip my hand into my pants and stroke my member for a minute as I recalled the gorgeous young woman that I had just left. I could still feel her body pressed against mine. I could still smell her. God only knows what might have happened if circumstances had been different. What might have happened if Paige hadn't been in the next room? I remembered Paige telling me that her friends thought I was hot. Was it Megan that she was talking about?

"What is wrong with you?" I remember asking myself. It was almost as if it was Paige's voice in my head. Sarah had just died, Paige was a basket case and here I was coming on to Paige's teen-aged girl friend. I felt my dick shrink in my grasp as reality and guilt crept in. I started the car and drove off. I didn't see Megan as she watched me drive away.

I tried to rationalize the events of the past few minutes. I didn't come on to Megan. She didn't really come on to me either. Nothing had happened, although much was implied. My guilt could not be abated. I knew how I had wanted Megan. I had to purge her from my mind. None of that had happened, I told myself.

My thoughts embraced Paige and Sarah and I let them fill my head. I found myself remembering the day that Paige was born. I remembered how proud I was of Sarah that day. What a brave, strong woman she was. There's a Polaroid snapshot burned into my mind, it's a shot of Sarah holding a newly born Paige, still wet behind the ears. Sarah was sweaty, exhausted and ecstatic. She looked like she had just won the Boston Marathon and baby Paige was the trophy. Sarah had never looked more beautiful to me.

As hard as I had worked to put my infatuation with Sarah aside, it all fell apart that day. I fell in love with her all over again. I knew that she was my brother's wife and that she would never mean more to me than sister-in-law, but as a woman she was the standard. She was the yardstick that I held my women up to. They all fell short. No woman ever measured up until Paige became a woman. I had never thought of Paige in those terms until that weekend. That was when she became a woman in my eyes. She was going to be my woman.

I thought back to memories of Sarah before Paige was born, to the time before she'd met Carl. I saw Sarah reading and Sarah knitting. I saw Sarah dancing in the sunshine and laughing. Sarah's face got younger and younger until it was Paige that I saw, wearing Sarah's clothes and playing the part of Sarah, in my memory. I wanted to let them become one in my mind, but I knew I had to keep them separate. And Megan could be no part of it. I was angry at myself for letting Megan creep back into my thoughts.

Suddenly, Megan was back on my mind. I could smell her again. I could remember the temperature that rose between our bodies. I recalled how it felt to hold her close to me. I remember wishing I had kissed her and scolding myself for thinking such a thing.

I struggled to keep Megan off my mind, mostly by concentrating on Sarah. I got so wrapped up in thoughts of Sarah, that the tears began to flow, and there was no stopping them. I wept all the way back and sat in my car for several minutes to compose myself.

As I was fighting to push Megan from my mind, she was letting thoughts of me fill her head. Paige told me, much later, what went on there, after I left.

Paige had known I was there. He heard Megan and me talking but couldn't understand what we were saying. She heard me leave and peeked out to see Megan standing at the door.

Paige had barely pulled back the curtain that separated Megan's tiny bedroom from her little living/dining area. She watched her best friend as Megan clung to the door watching me descending her stairs, with her left hand inside her t-shirt, gently caressing her right breast. As Megan watched me slip my hand into my pants, her right hand slid up her thigh and came to rest on the tight, wet, wrinkled denim between her legs.

Paige edged back and watched Megan through a tiny gap at the edge of the curtain, as Megan closed the door slowly and leaned back against it. Megan pulled her t-shirt up and exposed both of her perfect, beautiful breasts with their brown, hard nipples. Paige looked at Megan's flat tanned stomach and noticed the gold ring in Megan's navel. She had been with Megan when she got her navel pierced. Paige got her navel pierced then also. Paige had picked out the ring that Megan wore in her navel and Megan had chosen the diamond stud that Paige wore in hers.

Paige had always been jealous of Megan's beauty, especially her body. Megan was tall, five feet- ten and a half inches tall and just slightly over a hundred and twenty five pounds. Megan's breasts were a "C" cup and perfectly shaped with small brown aureoles and thick nipples that almost always seemed to be hard. She had a slender waist and a round shapely ass, positioned atop her long, tanned, muscular legs.

Paige never liked being petite. When she stood next to Megan, she looked like a child. Megan got most of the attention from the boys, all through school. As Paige gazed upon her friend's body that afternoon, it was a different jealousy. Paige watched as Megan took her gorgeous breasts in her hands and massaged them. She stared as Megan's hands slid down across her hard stomach to the waist of her Daisy Dukes. She watched with fascination, as Megan unsnapped her shorts and lowered the zipper. Paige's eyes followed Megan's long, slender fingers into those Daisy Dukes. She was jealous at that moment because she knew what Megan was thinking. Paige knew that Megan was thinking of me as she touched herself.

I remember how Paige's voice sounded as she described the things that went on at Megan's that day. She was breathy and dreamy, tempered with passion. She was on the brink of anger as she spoke of her friend's designs on me. Her anger melted into desire as she described Megan's body and how she touched herself.

Paige told me her that her heart was about to explode, as she watched Megan's hands caress her own beautiful body. That was how she described Megan's body, as beautiful. Paige especially appreciated Megan's breasts. She had often complained to Megan that she'd felt her own breasts were too small. Megan would lift up Paige's top and examine Paige's little titties, often cupping them in her hands and twisting her nipples gently and telling her she thought Paige had 'pretty titties' and that she thought they were cute. I could hear in Paige's voice that these were fond memories.

Although she was jealous of Megan and she knew that she was fantasizing about me, she said she felt gratified to know that whatever pleasures Megan dreamed of at that moment, Paige already knew. If Megan dreamed of what it would feel like to have my hard cock deep in her pussy, Paige knew. If Megan tried to imagine wrapping her lips around the head of my dick, Paige had done it and Megan never would. She was afraid, though, that if Megan ever got me alone, she would surely steal me away. She was determined not to let that happen.

Her voice got dreamy again as she described how Megan made her way to her little sofa. Megan seemed to glide across the floor, grabbing a pillow from a chair and tossing it on the couch. She climbed on the couch, slid the Daisy Dukes and g-string down past her knees and she rested her ass on the pillow. Her shirt was pulled up to her armpits. Paige watched as Megan ran her fingertips from her inner thighs, across her flat little tummy, to her breasts. She circled both nipples with her finger tips. Her left hand lingered to caress her breasts as her right hand found its way back across her stomach to her wet and waiting snatch. Paige could tell Megan's pussy was wet by the sound. She heard the slurping sound as Megan began to finger fuck herself. The sound of Megan's fingers, working at her twat and the sound of her heavy panting had a hypnotic effect. It was then that Paige discovered that her own little pussy was getting hot and wet. She didn't realize just how wet she was till she put her hand under her t-shirt, which was one that I had worn the day before, and pressed her hand against her cotton panties, now dripping wet and hot-to-the-touch.

Paige felt her heart pounding beneath her 'pretty little titties'. She was beginning to tremble and her knees were getting weak. She wanted to lie down, but she couldn't pull herself away from the spectacle before her. She had never looked at Megan that way before. She knew that Megan was a sexual creature, just as she was, herself. Neither of them had much experience in such matters, but they were such passionate lovers, that they tried to pour their souls into the few sexual encounters that they'd had.

Paige said she was so close to Megan that she could see goose-bumps form and beads of sweat rise on her skin. Megan's fingers played her own body like a musical instrument and Paige's body picked up on the rhythm and the silent melody. She felt it, in her skin, and her organs. She wanted to accompany Megan and harmonize, somehow. She wanted to touch Megan and smell Megan and taste Megan and sense Megan in every way.

Paige wanted to please herself, to play a counter melody in Megan's 'Symphony of Sex', so she found Megan's rhythm and began to stroke her pussy to the beat. Paige used one finger when Megan used one finger, and two fingers when Megan used two. Paige said she didn't even try three fingers, she liked two fingers. She struggled , all the while, to stay on her feet. Her knees were so weak.

She watched Megan's 'Horizontal Ballet' as she writhed and twisted on her couch, all sweaty and muscular. Then Megan began to arch her back, and buck against her hand. She was fucking herself so well. She raised her ass off her pillow and achieved a position that was worthy of the Khama Sutra.

Megan began to twitch and shudder as her orgasm took hold of her. Paige froze and watched as Megan twisted and shook. Paige's eyes traveled up and down Megan's body, drinking in her beauty. When Paige's eyes reached Megan's face, she was enraptured. She said Megan had never looked more gorgeous. She had a look of pure pleasure. Paige wanted to kiss her just then. She wanted to wrap her arms around Megan and hold her.

Paige stood very still and tried to calm her own heavy breathing. She watched as Megan pulled her wet fingers from her dripping pussy and brought them to her face. Megan held her fingers near her face and drew a deep breath. Paige was wishing she could smell Megan's pussy. She thought she was going to die when Megan touched her fingers to her lips. Paige watched as slid her middle finger into her mouth and started to suck it.

Paige tip-toed back to Megan's bed and slipped between the sheet. She touched her own pretty little titties and slid her hand into wet, hot cotton panties. Her middle finger easily slid into her dripping little snatch. She began to finger her sopping little flower, thinking of her gorgeous girlfriend, as her girlfriend thought of me. That image of Megan was burned into her mind.

After only a couple of minutes, Paige froze again, as she heard Megan's bare feet padding across the floor to her little bedroom.

"Paige, you awake?" she heard Megan ask. "Man, you've had way too much to drink. You should probably sober up and go home soon. You can stay as long as you want, you know that.

"Your uncle was here, he just left. I told him you were fine and I would bring you home later. He is in great shape, you know that. I would love get into his pants. I always knew he had a big ol' cock and now I know. I gave him a hard-on. He let me cry on his shoulder and I guess I kinda brushed my boobs against him and he got hard. He needs someone to take care of him. I wanted to reach down into his pants and take hold of the snake of his."

Paige remembered thinking, "He has someone to take care of him and that snake of his." Paige began to think of the last time we had fucked and slowly moved her finger inside her hot little box. Megan knelt on her bed, hovered over Paige and bent down to kiss Paige's neck. She buried Paige's head and face with her long black hair. The hot breath of both girls mingled in the close little space and Paige thought she might suffocate. She smell of Megan's breath filled Paige's nostrils. Megan had the smell of her own pussy on her lips. Paige told me that she wanted to kiss Megan and share the flavor of her twat.

"I love you, Paige," Megan whispered, and kissed Paige's earlobe. She raised up, and they each drew a deep breath of fresh air. Paige kept her finger slowly moving inside her twat. "I think I love your uncle too. I want him so much," Megan went on. "I'm gonna fuck him, Paige. I'm gonna suck that big ol' cock of his!" Paige was furious and turned on at the same time. She pictured Megan on her knees in front of me with my dick in Megan's mouth. She said she was jealous, but she wanted to watch me cum in Megan's mouth. Paige's finger began to move a little faster and she pushed it deeper into her pussy. The bed began to shake a little and Paige figured out the Megan was finger banging herself again. The musk of Megan's pussy filled Paige's nostrils once more and she heard the slurping sound as Megan's fingers slid in and out of her hot little box.

Just knowing that her gorgeous girlfriend was just inches away, stroking her pretty little pussy was driving Paige crazy. She wanted to roll over and wrestle Megan to the bed and make mad passionate love to her. She had never thought of Megan, or any other girl, in that way before, but at that moment she wanted nothing more. She wished that she could at least finger herself the way that Megan was. She could not bring herself to do anything at all. She was petrified. Paige was afraid to show any feelings to Megan. She was afraid to show Megan her jealousy or her lust. She continued to feign sleep, but she found her clit with her fingertip and gently massaged it as she listened to Megan's fingers slipping and sliding in and out of her own gorgeous little gash only inches away.

Paige lay there, frustrated and confused as Megan finished her business. She got off pretty quick. Paige could feel the bed move as Megan trembled and shook. She was jealous of Megan once more, this time because Megan had reached orgasm twice and Paige was too scared to bring herself to one.

Once Megan's orgasm had subsided, she immediately collapsed beside Paige and cuddled up behind her. She threw her arm over Paige and pulled herself close. She cupped Paige's small breast in her hand and nestled her wet crotch against Paige's ass.

After a few minutes, Paige was sure that Megan had fallen asleep and picked up the pace of her clitoris massage. She spread her legs a little farther and plunged in deeper. Paige tuned everyone out at that moment. She blocked out all thoughts of me or Megan or anything other than her own body. She worked her little box softly but with deep passion. Soon she reached a feverish crescendo. She shivered and shook as Megan writhed against her. They moved in concert, Megan grinding her pussy on Paige's ass, with Paige pushing back. Megan pressed her beautiful boobs against Megan's back and Megan gently massaged Paige's pretty, right titty.

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