tagGroup SexPaige's Initiation

Paige's Initiation


Sydney was a beautiful, curvaceous blonde. In fact, she was the beautiful, curvaceous blonde. She stood at 5'6", firm C-cup breasts, and lightly tanned skin. She glanced around the apartment. "Just enough time to shower before Paige comes home," she said out loud to nobody. Although standing in the living room, she began to remove her clothes, dancing around and singing to herself. Paige and Sydney were both 19, in their second year of college. After removing her pink satin thong panties, Sydney stepped into the shower and felt the warm water run down her back.

"Syd, are you home?" The call came from the living room. It was Cole, her boyfriend of a year. "In the shower, honey," she called. She saw the bathroom door open and Cole walked into the steamy room.

"Getting ready for tonight, baby?" he asked her. "By the way, did you talk Paige into coming?"

"Yes, and yes," Syd replied, laughing. "It's about time that girl gets some action… can you believe she's still a virgin?"

"I couldn't have guessed otherwise. She's so shy, baby, it's hard for guys to approach her. Hopefully tonight that will change." Cole glanced at the garments scattered over the floor. "Care for anyone to join you in there?"

"If 'anyone' means you, I'd love it," Sydney purred.

Cole started undressing and slid the curtain back enough to step into the slick shower. "What have you been doing in here, bad girl?" he asked her, after seeing the flushed look on her face and the wetness on her thighs that no water can create.

"Mmm, just getting ready for you," Sydney answered.

Cole let his fingers slide up the softness of her inner thighs and slid a finger deep into her wet pussy. "Mmm baby, looks like you're more than ready," he whispered. He let his thumb rest heavily on her hard clit and bent down to lick her nipples.

"Oh, honey, fuck me," Sydney whispered. "I've been thinking about this all day."

Cole stroked his hard member till it was engorged, and then slipped it between her legs, teasing her clit. He then turned Sydney around and bent her over, sliding his thick cock into her wet hole. "Oh yeah, baby girl, you're so fucking wet…." He whispered.

Sydney moaned softly. "Come on, lover, harder," she said. "Give it to me harder, fuck me, damn it."

Cole rammed his cock deeper into her until both of them collapsed in orgasm. "Baby, you're incredible," he said, smiling softly at her.

Just then, the door opened. "Oh my God, I didn't know you two were in here!" Paige stammered, turning to close the door again.

Sydney leaned out of the curtain, exposing her breasts and with the obvious flush on her face. "Honey, don't run away, it's nothing to be ashamed about. Can you pass me that towel?"

Paige, with her dark blue eyes covered with her hand, passed the towel to Sydney, who stepped out of the shower naked, patting her body dry. She left her boyfriend in the bathroom to get dressed and followed Paige into the living room. "Are you ready for tonight, sweetheart?" she asked Paige. "I'm going to get you all dressed up to have some fun."

"I don't know, Sydney…" Paige replied, still keeping her eyes away from Sydney's gorgeous naked body, although feeling her pussy getting wet.

"Oh honey of course you're coming out. You're so beautiful, it will just take a touch here and there. You've got the sexiest figure."

It was true. Paige was 5'4" with a tiny, lithe figure, tanned skin, and breasts that were just on the verge of being too big for her body. Sydney walked over to her and ran her hands through Paige's long chocolate brown hair. "Come with me to my room, honey. We'll fix you right up."

With a shout to the bathroom to let Cole know that they'd be in the bedroom, Sydney led Paige into her room, discarding her useless towel on the way. "First, honey, you have to get naked, so that I can see what I'm working with more clearly."

Paige reluctantly took off her skirt and top and sat down on the bed. But Sydney shook her head. "No way – take off your bra and panties, love. You won't be needing them tonight anyway."

Paige, although alarmed, removed her bra and panties. Sydney brought some cream over to the bed and ordered Paige to lie down and relax. "I'm just going to give you a little massage, sweetheart. Nothing to worry about."

Sydney's hands moved over Paige's tight stomach and massaged her shoulders and thighs. She could see that Paige was getting incredibly wet. "Just relax, baby, I'll give you a bit of a warm-up for tonight," she whispered to Paige. She slipped her fingers between Paige's hot thighs and towards the wet shaved pussy. Leaning over Paige, she bent down and kissed her, their tongues working together, their bodies getting warmer with each other's touches. Paige timidly reached out and touched Sydney's hard nipples before lifting her head and licking them. The two women kissed each other a little harder.

Sydney slid a finger into Paige's tight pussy and felt it go in with ease. Paige was so wet. Her hot pussy lips ached and burned, and her clit was so hard she thought it would burst. Sydney slid down and touched her tongue gently to the hard little nub, and heard Paige moan. "There you go, baby, I'll treat you right, just relax," she said. She licked a little harder and soon her whole mouth was working on Paige's tiny little pussy. Paige moaned loudly and writhed on the bed underneath.

"What the fuck is going on here," said a voice from behind Sydney. She spun around to see Cole.

"I'm just getting her ready for tonight, baby," she said softly. "But I think it's your turn now, love. I want Paige's first time to be special. I'll be your helper… but I want you to fuck her."

Cole wasn't going to argue. He looked down and saw Paige's dark blue eyes glazed over with lust and took off his clothes. "It'll be done my way, then, baby girl," he said sternly to Sydney. "Now suck me off, get me hard for this pretty little thing."

Sydney obediently got to her knees and licked his hard rod. "Not enough, sweetheart," he growled. "Suck me deep and hard."

Sydney obeyed, taking all of his thick cock into her mouth, fondling his balls. "Alright, baby girl," Cole said. "That's enough, now. Let me get to this pretty little virgin."

Sydney stepped back and guided Cole's stiff member into the tight, wet hole of her friend. "Paige, honey, it'll only hurt a minute," she whispered, licking Paige's erect nipples and kissing her softly.

Cole slid deeper into Paige's hot cunt until he felt the resistance to her opening. With one swift thrust, he broke the thin membrane. Paige cried out in pain, shuddering under the thickness of the cock. Cole began to slide in and out of her, at first slowly, and then picking up speed, until Paige was crying out for more. "Fuck me, Cole," she whispered. "Please fuck me harder." Cole, happy to oblige, began to thrust into her cunt even harder than he had. "Sydney, baby girl, make her lick your pussy. You've been a good girl and you deserve it."

Sydney lowered her dripping pussy to Paige's mouth. Paige began to suck on her clit, using her fingers inside Sydney's hole. "Mmmm, Paige, honey, that's great…. Oh God, make me come baby… Make me come for you." Sydney moaned, reaching down to pinch Paige's nipples. "Oh yeah, that's it love, fuck that feels good, lick me…. Mmmm, I'm going to come, I'm going to come, baby!" Sydney screamed out her orgasm, covering Paige's mouth with her creamy juice. At the same time, Cole exploded inside Paige, his come dripping out of her aching pussy.

"Oh my God, baby girl, you're a good fuck," Cole grinned. "But I don't think you've experienced everything yet. Sydney, be a good girl, and lick Paige's pussy. Make her come, too."

Sydney bent to her knees and licked her roommate's hot hole, tasting the mixture of semen and pussy juices. She used her fingers on Paige's swollen clit until Paige screamed. "Ohhh, oh my God, fuck, I'm going to come, a little harder baby, ohhh yeah!!" Paige writhed on the bed, her pussy exploding with juices.

Sydney grinned. "I think we'll all need a shower now," she smiled.

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