The white hot pain races through my body as the belt lashes across my cheeks. Never hitting the same spot, leaving a trail of fire across my tender skin. My hips writhe as He beats me. We have gone beyond spanking, beyond anything I ever dreamed of. I used to see the word "painslut" and shudder. Now I know that I am one, the feelings released from the deepest, darkest recesses of my mind.

Only He has been able to draw them out. Making me express them, facing them, owning them, making them my own. And His.

My body is bent in half, my waist at the edge of a high table. My arms are up over my head, securely fastened with thick leather cuffs. My feet are spread as far apart as they will go, a spreader bar between them. My ass cheeks are exposed, naked, and burning.

He started with slow strokes, light touches of the belt. He moves from my calves to my thighs, to the spot just under my cheeks, to my rounded bottom, to my back, my shoulders, and down again. Each round becoming more harsh, the snap of the leather the only sound except for my screams.

He stops briefly, his hand thrusting between my legs. I groan as thick fingers enter me. My cheeks flush at how slick and wet I am. There is no hiding from this Man.

As my hips buck against those fingers, he pulls them out and makes me lick them clean. He begins again to beat my surrendered body. I can feel the sweat running off my forehead, between my breasts and thighs. He promised to take me further this time. I can feel my mind slipping away as I become only a physical creature, feeling the blows deep in my soul.

He stops again, and unties my hands only to have me climb on the table on my back, the spreader bar still in place. He again ties my wrists to the table high over my head. My back arches, offering my breasts, because I know that is what he intends.

He starts. The belt whistling softly as the soft blows strike. My breasts, tummy, hips, pussy, inner thighs, calves, then back up again. Again, each round becoming harder. My nipples are like rocks, and the exquisite sting as the belt lashes across them is unbelievable. My body writhes and squirms and my mind becomes lost again. Feeling only the blows of His belt. I feel tears welling up in my eyes as he continues. I take short panting breaths as the belts rains down on me again and again.

He concentrates the belt on my cunt now. That's what I have become. A living, breathing cunt, every sense focused on that part of my body as he beats it. The belt wraps around me, from the top of my pussy to the cheeks of my ass. My knees try to lift up more, opening myself up for Him. Alternating between my open thighs to my pussy, I scream as he works on me.

Again, he stops, his hand cupping my sex. Long fingers insinuate themselves between my lips, caressing my throbbing clit. He stops.

I whimper and shudder on His table. My hips thrust up obscenely, wanting more. He leans down and whispers, "I am going to beat your cunt until you cum for Me, pet." I can only nod.

He returns to my side and begins again. He lifts my knees up more, opening up my cunt lips. The slutty feeling is so wicked and I adore it.

My hips surge up towards His belt. I can feel the orgasm building from deep inside me. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK he keeps beating. My pussy is red and throbbing and my muscles are locked and rigid as I strain at the bonds. It's so close I can taste it, feel it along my spine. My legs shake as I try to stretch them wider.

He leans down and whispers, "Now."

Faster and faster the belt strikes, and I explode, my body jerking violently. A harsh guttural scream is ripped from me as it overtakes my whole body. As I convulse over and over, he slows the blows, gentling them as I quiver.

"Very good, My sweet," he murmurs. His hand smooths over my pussy lips, petting me almost. My heart is thundering and I can't breath right yet. I feel little aftershocks rippling through my abdomen, and my pussy clenches.

He pushes my ankles up, moving the spreader bar up out of His way. Guiding his cock with one hand, he thrusts into me completely. He fucks me. Hard, rough, deep; again and again. My body responds, lifting up to meet his thrusts as he pounds into me.

It's a wild, animalistic fucking. The endorphins are still surging through my blood. Savagely he takes me, knowing it's what I want, what I crave. His rough pubic hair rubs across my throbbing clit. He keeps fucking me until I cum, and cum again, and again. Time has no meaning, only His body taking mine. Giving me so much at the same time.

Finally his iron control snaps, and he bellows as he finds his own release. I feel every ripple of his powerful cock as it pumps his seed into me. Slowing his thrusts, we both shake and quiver and tremble in the aftermath of the violent storm.

He removes the bindings, massaging the tender skin from the leather cuffs. My body is limp and in pain. I know there will be marks on me for days to come. Marks to admire, and cherish, and remember.

I am His slut.

Pain by Cathy O'Niel copyright 2006

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Time !! That feeling in your stomach when you know that what's coming up is not to be liked , like waiting outside the headmaster's office knowing his cane will wield pain on your bottom, you look at themore...

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