tagBDSMPain and Ecstacy

Pain and Ecstacy


From the day we met, I have liked how naturally submissive you are. Your willingness to do whatever it takes to please me makes me very happy. However, right now I am upset with you. See, even though I have encouraged your independence, lately I feel you have been ignoring me. For several days now, you have been meeting your friends after work, and I have come home to find my house empty, and my pots cold. Therefore, I have decided some punishment is in order. Without taking off my coat, I leave the apartment, and head over to Panera Breads for a sandwich. While I am waiting for my food, I send you a text telling you I will not be home when you get there, and for you to call me when you arrive home. It is not long before my phone rings. I answer abruptly.

"What's wrong, Baby," you ask.

"I think you know," I reply.

"Keith, I know I haven't been home much lately like you want me, but I'm having such a good time with my new girlfriends," you answer. "I will do better. What can I do to make it up to you?"

I answer matter-of-factly: "Get your shower, but when you're done, stay completely naked. Get the ropes and the blindfold from the nightstand, and get your vibrator. Then go to the entranceway, and kneel down on the floor, with those things in your lap. Wait for me there until I get home."

I intentionally eat my dinner slowly, thinking about what I am going to do to you and with you when I get home. After about an hour I settle my bill and head home. I walk through the door, and I am excited to see you have followed my instructions. I stop and look at you a while. You look so sexy and beautiful there, kneeling before me, naked. Your nipples are hard, and there is a look of anticipation and apprehension on your face. My cock twitches at the sight, and I cannot help but grin a little.

"Very nice," I say.

You smile at my approval. I approach you, and slowly walk around you, inspecting you. I notice you have shaved your pussy for me, which makes me happy. You smell fresh and clean, with the slight scent of bath gel lingering on your skin. I stand behind you and caress your hair, brushing your cheek with the back of my hand. You sigh softly as I touch you. I know how you adore the slightest contact. You reach up to take my hand, but I pull it away, denying you the satisfaction of touching me. I can see the disappointment in your eyes as I step away from you, and take a seat on the couch.

"My Love," I say.

"Yes, Keith?"

"I want you to stand up, and walk to the chair across from me," I demand.

"Yes, Keith," you reply.

"Kneel down in the chair, knees in the seat, and lean over the back," I command as I stand and walk toward you. You hesitate, so I smack your bare ass. You jump from the sting, but do as I have instructed. Once you are in the chair, I take the ropes you were holding. I tie your ankles to the front legs of the chair, spreading your legs slightly, and tie your thighs to the arms of the chair. Then I tie your wrists to the back legs of the chair, so you are leaning over the back. Finally, I place a blindfold over your eyes. Now you are helpless, with your ass and pussy exposed for me to do as I wish. For me, the view is exciting, and my cock is beginning to get hard.

"Now, my Love, you are not to speak unless I ask you a question," I say. "Do you understand?"

"Yes," you answer.

I walk up behind you, and begin caressing your ass. I lightly run my fingers over it, up to the small of you back. Then I slowly slide my fingers down the outside of your hips, down your thighs, to the back of your legs. My hands move up the back of your legs, up to your ass again, where I gently massage your cheeks. I let my fingers brush your pussy, and you inhale as I do. Without warning, I slap your right ass cheek. You jump from the surprise and the sting of my hand. Then I smack the left one. Again, you jump, and this time I hear a little whimper.

"Shhh," I say as I lean over and kiss your face. "It's alright." I go back to caressing your lovely ass. This time I allow my fingers to slip further down between your legs, and rub the outside of your pussy. I can feel your heat. I slide a finger into your slit as my other hand continues to massage your ass. You moan as my finger touches your clit. You push back toward me. Suddenly, I stop, and once again smack your ass. You jump, but instead of a whimper, I detect a slight moan. I smack you again, harder. Then again. And again. Your ass is turning pink, so I stop. Again, I kiss your cheek.

I decide to leave you there a few minutes, and go get myself a drink. I sit on the couch as I drink it, admiring your naked body. It is so sexy, soft and voluptuous. I love how your ample curves feel against me when we make love. However, I am distracting myself from the punishment you need, and realize I have been stroking my cock through my pants as I look at you.

I rise from the couch and walk back over to you, walking around you, touching your shoulder, your back, and once again smoothing my hand over your ass. Continuing my walk around you, I reach under you and play with your hard nipples, pinching and pulling them. You moan, and they respond by getting harder, which I find arousing. Then I move back behind you, kneel down, and begin to kiss your ass cheeks, first one, and then the other. While I rub and knead your cheeks with my hands, I begin licking the crease between them. I lick slowly, moving my tongue down toward the opening of your asshole. You sigh and push back toward me as my tongue touches your opening. I probe your anus with my tongue, flicking it, licking it with the flat of my tongue, and pushing the tip into your opening.

"Mmmm," you begin to moan softly. I spread your ass cheeks, and begin licking harder, pushing my tongue deeper into your asshole. "Ohhh, Keith!" you cry.

I know you are ready for what I have in store for you. I stand, and pull from my pocket a tube of lube I have been hiding there. Flipping open the top, I squeeze some onto your asshole, and rub it in with my finger. More sighs of pleasure emanate from you as I push a finger into your relaxing hole. I feel your asshole tighten around my finger, as if you are drawing it in. So, I begin to work my finger in and out of your hole. As you relax, and become more accustomed to my finger, I push a second one into you. You rise up slightly from the surprise. Next, I begin to work my two fingers in and out, getting your anus a little looser. Once I feel it is nice and relaxed, I remove my fingers, and begin to insert a butt plug I was hiding in my other pocket. Adding more lube, I push it slowly but firmly, and watch as it expands your asshole to its limit. You gasp from the slight pain as the widest part pushes past your opening, and then exhale with a sigh as it slips in all the way. I stand back to admire my work.

"How's that feel, Baby?" I ask

"Umm, kind of good, but a little painful," you reply. "I feel rather filled"

"Damn, Baby, you look fucking HOT!" I say as I begin rubbing my cock through my pants.

I walk back to you. This time I reach between your legs and begin to play with your pussy. It is very wet, and my finger slips right in with no resistance. Again, you gasp. I slide in a second finger, and begin to push them in and out, feeling your wetness. With my fingers nice and wet, I start to tease your clit. You move your hips, pressing your pussy into my hand, and moaning loudly. I continue to rub and pinch your clit, and feel your pussy begin to release more of your juices, telling me you are close to an orgasm. However, I do not want you to come yet, so I stop.

"Oh, Keith, don't stop!" you cry. "That felt sooo good!"

"I thought I said no talking," I answer sternly. "I guess I need to remind you that I mean what I say."

With that, I unbuckle and remove my belt. I know by your reaction that you heard me remove it as I pulled it from my pants. I could see you tense up when it flapped out of the loops.

"There are repercussions for disobeying me, Baby," I say as I walk up behind you. "You need to know I mean what I say."

With that, I drape my belt over the small of your back, so you can feel the supple leather. I see you shiver as I pull it toward me, and let it slide across your ass. I take the buckle in my hand, and double the end back to it, folding it in half to make a loop. Then, without warning, I raise my arm, and let it fall onto your ass with a snap. You jump from the sting. I raise my arm again, this time letting it fall a little faster, and harder. Again, you jump. I smile as I see your ass redden. I smack the other cheek. I continue several more blows, each time you jump, and cry out from the sting. However, I also see from the look on your face that you may be enjoying this.

Your ass is red now, so I stop, and throw my belt onto the couch. I approach you again, and lovingly rub your ass, to try to ease the stinging you feel. It feels hot, and I can see your pussy has become even wetter than it was. I am very aroused now, so I finally undress. I walk around and stand in front of you. I run my fingers through your hair, then grab a handful and lift your face toward mine. I lean over and kiss you passionately, then let go of your hair. As I stand next to you so you can hear, I unzip and unbutton my pants. I pull my cock out, and move back in front of you, my hard cock inches from your face.

"Suck my cock!" I demand as I press it to your lips.

You part your lips and eagerly take in the head of my cock. You swirl your tongue around the head as you immediately begin to suck it. I push my cock toward you, and you open your mouth wider to take me in deeper. It feels so good!

"Oh, Baby, that feels wonderful!" I say. "You like sucking my cock, don't you?"

"Mmmm hmm," you answer without missing a beat.

You begin sucking harder. I take your head in my hands and begin fucking your mouth. I get carried away, and you gag on my cock as it hits the back of your throat. I pull my cock out to let you catch your breath. Once I realize you are ok, I push my cock back into your mouth and begin thrusting again. You are sucking enthusiastically, and I am getting close to coming. Reluctantly, I pull out of your mouth.

"Uhnn Uhnn," You whine as my cock leaves your mouth.

"Did you say something, Baby?" I ask. You shake your head no. "Good, because I'd hate to get the belt after your ass again."

With that, I walk behind you, slip a finger into your pussy, and find it dripping wet. Next, I tease begin to tease you with the head of my cock, rubbing it along your hot slit, and over your clit. You moan loudly.

"What do you want, Baby?' I ask. You hesitate, so I continue, "You can answer me."

"Oh, Keith, I want you to fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Immediately I shove my cock into you, grab your hips, and start fucking you fast and hard. You cry out, and I know it will not be long before you orgasm. Your pussy clenches my cock, and I feel it getting harder and thicker. My balls begin to tighten, and I know I too will come soon. As I fuck you, I start to push and pull on the butt plug in your ass. This sends you over the edge.

"Ohhh, god, Keith, I'm coming!" You cry out

Your pussy begins to spasm, squeezing my cock; your juices almost squirt out of you, soaking my balls. You moan loudly, crying out, almost screaming. The sound of your moans ignites my orgasm, and I come hard as I thrust deep into your pussy.

"Oh FUCK, Baby" I shout out as I unload spurt after spurt into you. My knees start to buckle I come so hard. We are both moaning as our orgasms subside, and I fall forward onto your back, exhausted.

I lay there on your back a while, stroking your hair. I reach up and remove your blindfold, then slowly stand. I walk around you, untying your restraints. Then I take your hand and help you stand, pull you to me, embrace you and kiss you passionately once again. Finally, I lead you to our bedroom, so we can rest, and get ready for another round.

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