tagBDSMPain & Ecstasy

Pain & Ecstasy


It was rather late when I finally got to my hotel. I was completely drained from the evening's activities, and looked forward to a little sleep. I told Michelle and Brigette that we had to get together again soon; they agreed and we made plans for the next night.

So many thoughts clouded my mind as I tossed and turned... getting to sleep was going to be hard. There was the omnipresent vision of Michelle, along with something else. Something darker.

I awoke 6 hours later, bathed in sweat. I found that I was breathing heavily, and my whole body tingled... it was the dream. I quickly recalled the essence of the dream, but very few details... I only knew that it was different somehow, something that only came from the dark recesses of one's soul. Yet, it was pleasurable, comforting...

I struggled to get cleaned up and dressed. That done, I stumbled down to the local cafe for coffee and something to eat. I noticed the time, and realized that I had to get moving; I had a meeting in less than an hour.

The rest of the day passed quickly for me, but the dream kept making an appearance. Each time, it brought some more details... but it was still too damned vague. It was like an apple just out of reach; no matter how hard you tried to grab it, it was just too far away.

I got back to my room, and quickly showered and changed. I was getting excited about seeing Michelle again, and kissing those wonderfully sexy lips. She really had a hold on me, and I just hope she never lets go. We've shared an incredible experience so far, and I eagerly looked forward to what the future had in store for us.

I picked her up at her place, and we set off for Brigette's. It was about a 30 minute drive, but I didn't care. The evening was perfect; a clear sky that was just now showing the marvelous colors of sunset, and a delicately cool breeze. I felt myself relax as we pulled out onto the highway and merged into traffic. What would tonight be like?

Acting as if she heard me, Michelle scooted down in her seat and undid my shorts. I moved the seat back to give her more room, and she quickly freed my now-hard cock from my briefs. I felt my eyes roll back into my head as she took me into her sweet, warm mouth... I could barely concentrate on driving as she worked me expertly; her soft tongue teasing the head, then taking my whole cock deep down her throat. I knew I'd have to pull off the road soon... she was just too damned good. She stopped for a minute, then looked up at me and smiled. In a split second, my cock was once again deep down her throat, and then she really began to suck on me. No time to pull off; I was going to cum right there... I tried to keep the car straight as my legs tensed up and my cock exploded with cum... I couldn't believe I was driving while coming! Michelle finished me off and quietly got back up into her seat. The people in the car next to us were quite surprised to suddenly see two people in the front seat...

I reached over, grabbed her leg and spread her thighs apart. Then I moved my hand into her drenched crotch. I slowly probed and stroked her pussy as we blissfully finished our trip to Brigette's. I pulled into the address that Brigette gave us and turned off the car. I looked over at Michelle, who was by now really into my fingers. She grabbed my wrist and kept my hand right where it was, her hands helping me to work her pussy. I firmly pulled my hand away, much to her disappointment. But I wasn't done... yet. I pulled her close to me as I dropped down to the floorboard, and stuck my head in between her thighs. I heard her sigh and moan as my tongue entered her cunt. I ate her out fast and hard, slipping my fingers up her ass and into her pussy... I probed her faster and faster, fucking both her holes with my fingers as I sucked hard on her clit... In a few seconds, I could feel her orgasm wrack her body; her back arching way up and her hands squishing my face hard into her crotch...

I got up from the floorboard and began kissing Michelle's now-exposed stomach and chest. I worked up to her neck and soon found her inviting mouth once more.

Unknown to us at the time, but Brigette happened to see my car pull up from a front window, and watched as my head disappeared from view. Then all she could see was Michelle's top half, writing and arching. She knew what I was doing to her.

We eventually got out and walked up to the door and knocked. After a second or two, Brigette opened the door. She looked even more stunning than the last time we saw her. Michelle even let out a little gasp... she wore nothing but a black, cup-less push-up bra and leather stiletto-heeled boots. There was something about her eyes; they seemed different to me somehow. They were more piercing this time, and they seemed bigger... and more full of life. A chill came over me as I experienced a feeling of deja-vu... only it wasn't a feeling. It was the dream... I was here before in the dream...

Brigette spoke softly to us. She told us that she couldn't wait to see us again, and moved closer to Michelle. She took her finger and traced an invisible line across Michelle's cheek and then along her bottom lip. Michelle grabbed Brigette's hand and slowly began to devour her fingers, one-by-one. They locked eyes as Brigette reached down with her other hand and found Michelle's still-wet mound.

Brigette suddenly broke away from her and started talking quickly. She mentioned that she had some interesting things in her basement that we might like to see, and that she'd like to show us. The look and smile that she gave us told us that we'd be in for a very pleasant surprise...

We followed Brigette down the spiral staircase and right into a world where only the darkest, most forbidden pleasures could be explored. There were posts with shackles, racks... hard, metal chairs with restraints... large metal hooks in the ceiling, ropes and chains everywhere. On one wall whips of various types stood displayed with pride. There was a bench with all manner of dildos, probes, strap-ons, and vibrators.

Brigette moved over to the metal chair and took a seat. She told us that she was really a bad girl. She wanted, indeed needed to be punished. Would we help?

My legs began to tremble and my heart began pumping harder... this was the essence of the dream, I realized! This moment in time, right here with Michelle and Brigette, I was going to live out my darkest fantasies... I looked over at Michelle and saw that same look in her eyes... she was going to realize her fantasies as well.

Michelle moved to Brigette and told her to lie down face-first on the cold, concrete floor. She told her to put her hands behind her back and to lie there perfectly still. I took some lengths of the rope and quickly tied Brigette's wrists together. I took another length of rope and tied it to her right elbow, then I looped it under and around her left one. I slowly drew on the rope so that Brigette's elbows slowly came together. I stopped pulling when her elbows touched, then I tied off the rope.

Michelle had tied Brigette's ankles to her thighs in the meantime, and we finished the hog-tie with a length of rope from Brigette's bound elbows to her ankles. I found a ball gag and placed it over Brigette's mouth, effectively muffling her moans.

We took a leather body harness off of a bench, and worked it on Brigette's body. When we finally got it secured, I took a chain from the wall and attached it to the hooks on the harness. With Michelle's help, we lifted Brigette off of the floor and suspended her about waist-high in the air.

Both Michelle and I admired our handiwork. Brigette was slowly spinning helplessly from the chain, moaning and writhing the whole time.

We decided to have some fun with Brigette. We took off our clothes and stood right in front of her. Michelle backed up so that her ass was pushing into Brigette's face. I got down on Michelle, and began to lick her crotch. From my position, I could reach back far enough to lick Brigette's throat, then follow the path right up through Michelle's ass and pussy. I did this over and over. Brigette's moaning got louder and more urgent. I realized that with most of her body throbbing in low-grade pain, my tongue on her throat must have felt like heaven...

I kept licking both of them until Michelle was about to cum. She quickly turned around to face Brigette's head, then grabbed her hair, rubbing her clit all over her face as she did so. In a moment, Michelle came all over Brigette's face...

I got up and went around to the back of Brigette. I worked her legs apart with my hips, and found her dripping cunt. I stuck my cock all the way inside and moved it around a bit. I couldn't get over how tight and wet she was... I reluctantly pulled out and repositioned my cock. When the head was right over her puckered asshole, I drove it in all the way. I grabbed the harness and began to fuck her hard and fast... her moaning undertook a new tone; it was deeper, more animistic. I kept fucking her faster and faster; she was completely helpless to stop what I was doing... she could only endure. Michelle found some nipple clamps, and attached them to Brigette's large, erect nipples. The sudden shot of pain seemed to partially revive her senses, and she moaned even louder than before...

I came with such force and passion; my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I was only aware of the intense feeling in my loins. My senses were filled with only Brigette's scent... the delicious way her body and juices smelled...

I opened my eyes at last. I saw Michelle over by the bench with the probes, and she picked up a large strap-on. She walked over to Brigette, who by now was barely coherent. Her arms were turning a deep red by now, her breaths coming in short, shallow gasps. Michelle grabbed Brigette's hair and showed her the large cock on the strap-on. She told her she was going to fuck her with it... hard and fast.

Brigette eyed the strap-on with a bit of fear, and vainly tried to struggle. The ropes bit even deeper, but her numbed flesh hardly noticed. Michelle put on the strap-on and walked behind Brigette. I had to lower her a bit so that Michelle had the perfect position. I watched as Michelle grabbed the same spots on the harness that I did and thrust the large cock deep inside Brigette's dripping pussy. She gasped in pain and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. As Michelle thrust harder and harder, she yelled at Brigette. She called her a fucking slut, a cock-eating whore, and told her to cum. With each thrust, Michelle shouted out "fucking slut" as she slammed her hips into Brigette's raw crotch...

A few moments later, Brigette turned rigid, and a deep, guttural noise emitted from her very soul... her body twitched with her orgasm, then became completely limp. We carefully lowered her to the floor and gently untied her. Michelle got a blanket and we helped her over to a large mattress that was in a corner of the basement. We all laid together, naked under the blanket.

Michelle and I moved close to Brigette... she was shivering from the chill. As she calmed into a light sleep, my mind wondered what we could do next...

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