tagBDSMPain and Passion

Pain and Passion


My Dom walked into the room, and I looked up startled to see him. Without a thought, I slipped off my clothes and walked over to him. Standing inches from his tall frame, I lifted my chin and kissed his mouth. My lips wrapped around his, and I sucked him into me. The bristles from his new beard tickled my chin as he kissed me deeply. I had been craving him for so long, and touching him finally had soothed me.

He told me to remove his shirt. As I continued to kiss him, I unbuttoned his shirt from the top down, keeping my focus on teasing his delicious mouth with my tongue. I pulled his shirt off and slid my hands under his undershirt, and pulled up and over his head. I pressed my bare chest against his and pressed my mouth even deeper into him. I opened my eyes slightly to look at his handsome face to make sure that this moment was real, that I was truly in my Dom's arms.

I was led into my bedroom and was told to kneel before my Dom as he sat in a large chair in front of me. He placed his hands delicately on my face as he kissed me tenderly. I felt his hand move from my face down my arm and clasp my wrist. He led my arm around my back and held it there; my wrist resting against my lower back. He continued to kiss me sweetly as he released my wrist, and slapped my breast hard. My warm, bare breast bounced against his hand as he slapped it again. I could feel my cunt juices flow between my lips as he kissed me tenderly and slapped me roughly. I only hoped that he would slap me more, harder, faster, and stimulate my flesh under his hand as he caressed my lips. I felt his hand on my other arm as be pinned it behind my back, so my back was straight with my breasts on display for him. He continued to slap my breasts. The sound of flesh against flesh filled the room and made my heart race with excitement.

My Dom lifted my face in his hands and looked into my eyes. He told me to sit still and close my eyes. I lowered my head and closed my eyes. He left me and returned sitting in front of me again. He told me to open my eyes. I opened them to see a black leather collar in his hands. A soft smile formed across my face and I could feel tears form in my eyes. I had wished for a collar since the day my Dom took me as his sub. I had spent months trying to earn it, with genuine devotion, and flawless service to him; indulging his every fantasy to please him and to show him how thankful I was to be owned by him. He slipped it around my neck and I began to cry tears of joy and gratitude.

He lowered his briefs and allowed me to suck him, which is one of my favorite things and was such a gift. I opened my mouth wide and took him deep into my mouth. His cock slid so smooth against my tongue and when his head pressed deep down my throat, I moaned with pleasure. I held his cock in my throat and swallowed. I lifted my head slightly off of him and took him deep in my mouth again, and again. I held my lips firm around the base of his cock. My Dom lifted my head off of him and a string of precum connected from the tip of his head to my mouth as I sat up. I licked my lips breaking it and he tasted salty and sweet at the same time. He asked if I loved sucking his cock. I exclaimed, yes. He allowed me to continue to suck him. I hungrily stuffed my face with his cock, licking him and sucking him devotedly. I felt at home and aroused at the same time on my knees with his cock in my mouth. He let his head fall back and moaned loudly as my mouth serviced him.

He stood up and pulled me up with him. He commanded that I lay my body over my cage. I pressed my hips against the cold metal of the cage and rested my chest down and stretched my arms forward. I could feel my chest quiver with anticipation. As the moments passed, I could feel my heart rate escalate. The second I began to relax, I felt a powerful whip of my Dom's belt across the back of my thighs. I grabbed the bars of the cage in front of me and closed my eyes tight. I felt another snap of the belt on the same spot and thought my thigh was melting with heat. The sound of the belt smacking my flesh echoed in the room as he whipped me on the other leg, again and again. I could feel my knees begin to buckle under the pain and my hips ached from the metal clasps pinching my skin as I pressed my body against it to keep myself still.

I felt relief when the belt moved from my legs to my back. It was not pain I felt, but warmth and intense pressure which soothed my flesh. I then felt his powerful fingers dig into my flesh and drag down my back. Nothing aroused me more than being scratched by my Dom. I felt my back become warm and I rested my cheek against the cage as I felt dizzy from pleasure. I could feel my back being painted with beautiful red streaks and hoped that this pleasure would last.

My legs throbbed with welts from the kiss of his belt and I felt myself becoming weak from holding still and enduring this consuming pain. I reminded myself, as the leather snapped on my skin, that I loved him and would do anything to please him, so although the pain was overwhelming, I stood there, quiet and still surrendering my power over to him to abuse my body for his pleasure, and I loved it.

I watched as he dropped the belt through the cage and felt his hard cock between my ass cheeks. I inhaled quickly as he teased me. I could feel my cunt juices dripping between my legs as I begged for my Dom's cock inside me. I lowered my head, raised my hips and spread my legs preparing for him and desperately wanting him. I could feel myself begin to cry my body craved him so much. As the tears reached my cheeks, I felt him thrust his hard cock into my eager pussy. I inhaled with his entry and stretched my arms out in front of me. I pressed my hands against the wall on the other side of the cage as my Dom began pumping his cock into me. He felt so fucking amazing in me. I was his slut, his kitten, his devoted submissive, only existing to please him.

He pulled me off of the cage and had me lay on the bed. He climbed on top of me and restrained my wrists to either side of my head as he continued thrusting his cock into me. I felt overwhelmed with pleasure and I could feel my heart race beneath him. He owned me. My body belonged to him. The cunt that he was ruthlessly fucking belonged to him. I yearned for him to use me and abuse me without abandon. My only need and want is to please and serve him. As he pumped his passion into me, I heard him moan and whimper and closed my eyes as he came in me. I felt weak under his thrusts and soothed by his release.

We only had a few more precious moments together, and my Dom desired for me to also be satisfied. I watched as he slipped on a latex glove and a smile came across my face in the hopes that I would soon be consumed by his fist inside me. He told me to crawl off the bed and over to my cage. I crawled in and was tied to the top of the cage with ropes tied to my collar restraining my body, and choking me if I moved. I sat back on my knees with my wrists in front of me with my leather cuffs around them. I looked like an obedient kitten bound in my cage, and I smiled at my Dom as he sat back and admired me. He reached for his belt again, and desired to watch my facial reactions as he whipped me. I straighten my arms in front of me and kept my eyes locked on his. He withdrew the belt and it came down hard against my arms.

The snap was quick and hard, but I kept my eyes on him and my face was relaxed and pleasant. He whipped me again, and again rising his hand higher to come down harder onto my flesh. I continued to look at him calmly and lovingly. It was only after a number of whips smacked my flesh that I winced under the pain, and closed my eyes tight to endure it. When I opened my eyes, My Dom's chin was lowered as he looked up at me. He had a devious, intense expression on his face and I knew that my painful and pure reaction had pleased him. I loved enduring pain for him and never hold back my emotions. I truly allowed myself to be vulnerable and exposed emotionally and physically to him, knowing that he loved me and I could trust that although he would punish me, he would also take care of me.

He told me to sit and spread my legs in front of him. I bent my knees in and let them rest out to the sides as I exposed my wet cunt to him. I felt him insert two fingers into my eager pussy and I began rocking my hips forward against him. He began rubbing my clit with his generous thumb and I let my head fall back as rush of heat flowed through my body. My senses were overwhelmed. I was being choked from above unable to seek solace in resting my body back. My clit felt as though it was going to explode from the pressure under my Dom's thumb. My insides were consumed by heat as I felt four of my Dom's fingers fucking me. My breath began to quicken as my Dom lowered his body and began sinking his teeth into my flesh. My inner thighs were seized by my Dom's mouth.

More bites than I could comprehend inflicted my skin. I felt a hot white pain as he pinched my flesh between his teeth and pulled up snapping his sharp teeth over the pulled skin. I had begged him to use me as he wished without restraint, and he did exactly that. His bites were quick and sharp and he was ravenous biting every inch of my inner thighs and waist. The intensity from his vicious bites, his powerful hands and the suffocating collar pulling against my throat was too much to bear. Tears began to run down my face and I started to sob and cry out. For the first time, I called out my safe word and held his hand still against me clit.

My chest rose and fell fast and I laid my head back as far as the rope would allow and cried. The pain was too much to comprehend and I had truly been used and broken. My Dom immediately untied me from the cage and I felt faint being released. He climbed on the bed and begged me to lie beside him. I stood up, and my body shook unsteadily as I lay down next to him. He wrapped me in his arms and held me as I sobbed. I felt safe and loved in his arms. He held me tight against his chest and I was instantly soothed. My body felt limp against him. And I closed my eyes and allowed myself to rest. I felt so lucky to be owned by him, and filled with pleasure in knowing that he let himself go and indulge in his most vicious desires with me. My Dom and I have such a powerful connection. He holds my heart and cherishes me and I adore him for his love and painful pleasure. I would do anything for him, and am truly grateful to be his to serve him as his slave, as his slut, as his kitten and especially as his devoted and obedient submissive.

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