tagBDSMPain and Pleasure

Pain and Pleasure


It was strange, he had had her wear underwear today, usually she wasn’t allowed to wear any. This time he had even told her which set to wear. She didn’t mind, the thought that she was wearing something because she had been told to aroused her. She found she often wondered at herself, and this submissive part of her. Her musings were winding down as she got ot his house. She knocked on the door and only waited a moment before he answered it. He opened the door

“Hello, come on in” he said with a smile.

She walked in took a few steps forward and then turned around facing him and knelt down, her palms face up on her thighs and her back straight. This was a position she knew well. She looked up at him with a small smile on her face. As he caught her eye, he spoke.

“today you are not to meet my eye. I want your head up so I can see your face, but keep your eyes down. Do you understand?”

she quickly lowered her eyes before responding, “yes sir”.

“Good, then we can continue. Go into the other room and strip”

she began to stand up but he stopped her

“no, the other room is not far at all, I want you to crawl.”

She visibly balked at this, never having been told to crawl before. She had to think for moment, and he saw she was debating. She finally decided that it wasn’t that far and that she didn’t really want to annoy him on something this trivial so she began to crawl into the other room. He enjoyed watching her ass wiggle as she made her way across the floor.

Once she got to the other room, she finally stood up and stripped down to her underwear.

“Leave your heels on” he told her as he entered the room.

She finished getting her skirt and shirt off, standing there in only a bra, panties, and her heels. He always made her feel like more naked than she really was, she wants sure how he did that. It was a bit chilly in the room, and she felt her nipples harden from a combination of the chill and her arousal. He walked around so that he was standing behind her. He didn’t touch her yet, just stood there. She felt his presence there and wished he would just touch her already. He finally reached up, ran his hands over her breasts, down her stomach, over her pussy, and then back up. Then he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, turning it as he brought his mouth down kissing her fiercely. His other hand went to her breast and reached inside her bra, squeezing her nipple until she moaned into his mouth. He let go of her nipple and her hair, placing his hands on her hips.

“I imagine your pussy is dripping by now. Is it?”

She didn’t respond, she hated answering this. He didn’t bother asking her again he simply brought one of his hands back and slapped her ass hard.

“now, I will not repeat myself. A good slut should answer questions and do as asked the first time. Anytime I have to repeat myself, there will be consequences. Do you understand?”

“yes sir” she knew he was being serious.

“Now, answer my question”

“yes sir, my pussy is very wet”

He reached down and slide a finger under her panties, and then suddenly thrust it inside her saying “who’s pussy is this slut?”

“ugh, yours, sir” she replied, breathing harder now.

“Good” he withdrew his finger and brought it up to her mouth.

She hesitated a moment before opening her mouth and cleaning his finger off. He removed his finger and placed a kiss on her temple

“good girl. Now, finish stripping, leaving your heels on”

She removed her bra and panties, and was standing naked except for her 4-inch heels.

“Good, now go into the bedroom”

she walked to the bedroom, with him following closely. He enjoyed watching her walk around naked, partly for the view and partly because he knew she was slightly uncomfortable walking around that way.

“Alright, kneel down again”

once she was on the floor again, she forgot momentarily his rule about eye contact and looked up at him. He caught her eye

“that’s one, I’m keeping count”.

She didn’t need him to explain what that meant; late, she there would be consequences. She quickly looked back down, grumbling slightly to herself.

“what was that slut?”

“nothing sir”

he didn’t respond, instead he simply started to get undressed. She knelt there, waiting, she hated waiting. Once he was undressed he he finally broke the silence.

“Come here”

she was only a little bit away, so she just scooted over to him, kneeling in fron of him.

“Would you like to suck my cock?”

at this she finally grumbled loudly “you know very well that I….”

he slapped her face before she could finish her sentence.

“I asked you a question, all it needed was a yes or no. I will not tolerate you attitude. Do you understand?”

she sighed before answering “yes sir”

“Now, then, answer my question”

“yes I would like to suck your cock sir”

she always got stuck on words like cock, etc. but knew he would get her to use them whether she wanted to or not.

“Ask permission”

she hesitated, considering a smartass reply, but decided that wouldn’t be smart.

“please let me suck your cock sir”she said quietly through clenched teeth.

”Very well, you may, however you must keep your hands behind your back, you may not use them”

Putting her hands behind her back she reached forward and took him into her mouth. After getting it very wet, she worked on it for a few minutes, alternating what she was doing so no pattern really developed. He wanted to just take her face in his hands and fuck her face, but he also didn’t want to come just yet. He pulled away from her and she sat back on her heels again. He stepped away and picked up a dildo, handing it to her.

“Get up on the bed, I want you to masturbate, using this to fuck yourself”

she hadn’t done that before, but she took the dildo and started to get up on the bed. She made the mistake of looking up again

“that’s two” he said

She climbed up on the bed and lay back, getting comfortable.

“Oh, also, the rule on eye contact still is there, however you may not close you eyes while you do this”

He knew she would wind up closing her eyes, but he liked to watch her struggle. She started to play with her pussy and her nipples a bit, she didn’t need to wait very long though, as she was dripping wet. She slide the dildo inside her, feeling it fill her up. She kept wanting to close her eyes, but was doing fairly well not closing them so far. She kept playing with herself, fucking herself with the dildo until she got close to coming, and she started closing her eyes. He didn’t bother reminding her to keep them open, since he knew she’d close them anyway. That was alright he figured, she’d pay for it later. As she got close he reminded her

“don’t forget, I expect you to ask permission to come”

she almost immediately asked him “please sir, let me come”

he didn’t say anything for a moment, just enjoyed watching her efforts not to come. He let her get even closer to coming before he responded

“no, stop what you are doing and take out the dildo”

she whimpered and hesitated for a moment, before disobeying him and finishing herself off. She came hard, and as she came down, she knew she had really messed up.

He was looking at her intently when she finished.

“Was I not clear that you were to stop. I did not give you permission to come, slut. You purposely disobeyed me. You do not get to come again today, do you understand?”

she didn’t reply just lay there looking a bit remorseful

“do you understand me slut!” he alsmot yelled.

“yes sir. I’m sorry sir” came the meek reply.

“I’m pretty certain you will be. Get up”

as she got up off the bed, he went to the closet and pulled out a few things.

“turn around”

she turned to face him and he quickly placed a clothespin on each of her nipples. She gasped loudly at the pain, but her pussy just got wetter. He had pulled out four things: a crop, flogger, wooden paddle, and the cane.

“you made eye contact twice, and you closed your eyes when I told you not to. You get to pick your punishment, in a way. You may pick what I use to punish you with, however, be forewarned that the gentler the thing is you choose, the more hits I am likely to give. Once you pick, you must then ask me to punish you”

She looked wide eyed for a moment, unable to believe he was asking her to do this. She swallowed heavily before deciding.

“the crop sir”

she figured it was harsh enough that he wouldn’t give her too many hits, but it wasn’t so harsh that it would be too hard to deal with.

“now, ask me to punish you”

“please, sir, don’t make me ask for that”

“I said ask for it slut.”

She sighed “please punish me sir” she said almost in a whisper

“what? I didn’t hear you.”

“please punish me sir” she said more audibly this time.

“very well. Get in postion at the edge of the bed”

As he turned around facing the bed, he stopped her and kissed her briefly, before letting her continue. She bent over, putting her hands on the bed.

She didn’t have to wait long until he started, and the blows came quickly, not letting her recover inbetween them. Once he finished, her ass was sore and she was sure it was red. It hurt, but she figured it was over, and she couldn’t complain that much, he pussy was dripping again. He put the crop down and reached between her legs, feeling how wet she was. He briefly played with her clit, feeling her arousal build, and then stopped.

“You also came without permission. I am feeling lenient, so I will give you a choice. You may either take the rest of your punishment, whatever I choose, and I will let you come again, or you may skip the rest of the punishment but not come again today. Which do you want?”

she didn’t think hard before deciding.

“I’ll take the rest of the punishment sir”

“alright. You get 4 hits with the cane, and then I expect you to thank me”

she wasn’t sure she could deal with the cane now that her ass was the way it was, but she wanted to be able to come again. He got the cane and stepped back behind her, not wasting time before he brought it down on her. She yelped and jumped a bit with each blow, but it was over quickly. Her ass felt like it was on fire, but all she was thinking about was how badly she wanted him to fuck her now. She then remembered she was supposed to thank him. She stood back up and took a deep breath before she said anything

“thank you sir for punishing me” she said.

He could hear the attitude in her voice, but he didn’t care at the moment, he wanted to fuck her. He reached up and took of the clothespins quickly, massaging her nipples. She yelled when they came off, and moaned a bit as he massaged her now very sensitive nipples.

Instead of asking her to get on the bed, he simply pushed her backwards onto the bed. She hissed when her ass hit the sheets, and quickly got on her knees. He got on the bed and pushed her forward so she was on her hands and knees. He didn’t waste much time before he thurst into her roughly and started pumping. Occasionally he reached and toyed with her nipples, or reached under and played with her clit. A few times he swatted her as lightly, making her gasp, and clench her pussy around him. As he got close, he reached under her again and played with her clit more, as she got close. She was barely even thinking when she spoke

“please let me come” she begged.

He groaned “yes, come for me slut” as she began to come.

As he felt her spasm around his cock, he came also. Once they both finished, he pulled put and cleaned up, as she lay down on her stomach relaxing. He came back to the bed and ran his hand over her ass, hearing her reaction to his touching the sensitive flesh. She turned her head to the side and when he lay down, she pulled up next to him and kissed him, smiling.

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