tagBDSMPain and Pleasure

Pain and Pleasure


Terri was as helpless and vulnerable as she was naked and beautiful. Her raven hair hung down over her eyes, hiding the fear and masking her excitement. She was a feast to my eyes. I caressed her skin with a gentle hand, savoring the moment with heightened expectation. She quivered with anticipation in my delay. Terri was exquisite to look at. Her naked body was taut, firm and utterly desirable.

I slowly raised my hand and brought it down softly on her beautiful buttocks with a gentle spank. I stroked her bottom and massaged her supple skin, enjoying the magnificent feel of her gorgeous body. I again raised my hand, only this time I brought it down in full sweeping arch that landed on her buttocks with a sharp crack. I watched as the red outline of my hand appeared like a tattoo on her naked bottom.

Terri gasped in response to the sharp sting of the blow. The lingering feeling of the spank was stimulating every nerve in her body. The contrast of pain and pleasure was both confusing and intriguing. She struggled with the feelings as my hand came down again on her soft flesh. She responded with a muffled cry, reacting to the sensation. I massaged her stinging bottom with soft gentle strokes letting the pain ebb like the retreating wave on a deserted beach.

Sexual spanking is an art. Pain and pleasure closely related. Terri felt a mixture of helplessness and stimulation that she had never experienced before. Her body was awake, with desire. I probed and massaged her moist vagina with my free hand, multiplying the pleasure and causing her to moan with delight.

Again my hand came down. The pain of the spank contrasting with the pleasure of my manipulations. Twice more, until her bottom was burning with sensation. The passion built up inside her, as I probed deep with skillful fingers. It was almost more than she could bear, my manipulations bringing her to the brink of glorious orgasm. With my other hand I massaged her tortured buttocks. Soft kisses cooled and tempered the sting of the spanking. Her bottom glowed red from the treatment. She groaned and squirmed in response to my expert touch. The pleasure of the sensation made her forget the sting of my hand. I manipulated my fingers deep inside her and brought her again to the height of sexual pleasure.

Before Terri could recover I brought my hand down sharply on her left cheek and quickly again on her right. She stifled a cry. Every nerve in her body was aroused; every fiber of her desire was heightened. Her body quivered with the feeling. Her bottom was on fire, only serving to intensify her sexual passion.

Again I probed inside her, contributing to the frenzy of her feelings with my skillful fingers. She released herself to the sensation. The sting of the spankings heightened the pleasure of my touch. I thrust my fingers in deeper, matching her excitement. I concentrated on her pleasure and could feel her body tense. Her gyrations and moans of pleasure a testament to my actions.

I removed my fingers and began to massage her stinging bottom. Her body responded to my kneading and she began to move her hips in response to my actions. She knew what was about to come and tightened her muscles in preparation. I patted her buttocks with a series of soft slaps, manipulating her softness with my fingers. I rested my hand on her roundness, slowly squeezing her bottom and enjoying the pleasure of her skin. Terri relaxed her body and began moving to my touch. I withdrew my hand and brought it down hard on her bottom. She gasped in response. Twice more I spanked her. Her sexual excitement, increasing with each blow.

Again and again my hand fell. Terri's buttocks glowed red but she was lost to the feeling, her entire body gyrating in response to the spankings. Just as the pain built to almost unbearable proportions, I bent over and began to kiss her burning bottom; my tongue caressed her tortured flesh, cooling the sting of the spanking. Terri gyrated her buttocks in response. I continued to kiss her tortured flesh, increasing her pleasure and contributing to her desire. I probed deep into her vagina with my tongue. The feeling of pleasure a sharp contrast to the sting of the spanking. She gave herself to the pleasure of my kisses. Her moans were a tribute to the intensity of her feelings.

Terri's bottom still stung, but the sting only contributed to her passion. Her pleasure mounted as I continued to probe inside her. Her body was alive with sexual energy and she needed to release it. She reached over a grabbed my erection. I felt a surge of sexual intensity at her touch. Her fingers magnified the excitement that had built up inside of me. Terri ran her hand over the length of my shaft. My body responded to the feeling and caused me to moan with anticipation.

She bent down and engulfed my cock with her mouth. Her breath was hot and magnified the intensity of my pleasure. Her lips moved up and down on my cock. Her tongue massaged me into a frenzy of passion. She held my balls gently with her other hand and slowly kneaded them with her fingers. She used her fingernails to tease the underside of my buttocks. I surrendered to the feeling as she made my erection the focus of her passion.

I watched her in her intensity, her hair framing her beautiful face, her tongue caressing every curve of my erection as she concentrated on my pleasure. The intensity of my passion was fueled by the memory of the recent spanking. With her expert mouth still intent on my cock, I moved into position to return the pleasure. I slowly stroked her supple skin and massaged her still stinging bottom. My hot breath on her vagina sent a shiver of pleasure through her body. The intensity of her passion was focused on my erection. My tongue probed deep inside her. I grabbed her burning bottom and buried my head deep into her vagina.

We both concentrated on giving the other pleasure, stimulating each other to new sexual heights. She intent on drawing the sexual lifeblood from my cock, I determined to explore every inch of her womanhood. The sexual excitement that had been building up inside of us was reflected in the fury of our concentration.

I pulled her from my cock, my mouth seeking hers. The energy of our arousal exploded when we met. My tongue probed deep into her mouth, dancing in a ritual movement all its own. In the kiss was a connection. Our minds were focused, our bodies intertwined. The excitement of our sexual activities expressed itself in our kisses.

With my hand I explored the exquisite feel of her naked body. Her firm breasts molding to the curve of my hand. Terri tilted her head back as my lips sought the softness of her exposed neck. I kissed and nibbled her gently as she availed herself to the pleasure of my actions. She stroked my hair allowing herself to enjoy the sensation. I worked my way slowly down, my lips resting on her erect nipple. I flicked my tongue over her breast. She gasped as my hand found the slippery smoothness of her vagina. My tongue and fingers worked in tandem, as I concentrated on her pleasure. I held her hips softly as my kisses explored her flat stomach. My mouth savoring the feel of' her exquisite body.

I moved my head down to her vagina. The aroma of her arousal igniting in my mind. With my open mouth I engulfed her. My tongue exploring the folds of her skin. Her body reacted to the tongue lashing as she pushed her body up to meet mine. I savored her as my tongue probed in and out of her vagina. I started at the bottom and licked her fully. Again and again my tongue stroked her wetness. Her body tensed as the intensity of her passion overwhelmed her. The violence of the sensation expressed itself in every muscle of her body.

With a skillful tongue I worked my way up her body. Her legs opened involuntarily as I positioned myself above her. She reached down for my erection and guided it into place. She needed to feel me inside her. The tip of my cock penetrated her vagina. I paused at entry, teasing her with my deliberate actions. Her hips gyrated upward, seeking to draw me deeper inside of tier. I drew back, pausing at the apex. With a firm smooth stroke I thrust the full length of my erection deep into her. Her gasp was one of necessity as I drilled my hips into hers. I retracted the full length of my cock and just before I would have withdrawn, I again thrust deep inside her. Twice more I retracted and penetrated, as she lost herself to the rhythm of my actions. With my arms I enclosed her body and held her tightly against me and buried my face into the softness of her neck. I circled my hips and sent waves of sexual satisfaction throughout her body. The movements of nature took over. Our bodies moved in tandem. The excitement that had been created by our foreplay was being satiated by the coupling.

My hands slid down her taut body and rested on her still stinging bottom. The reminder of my treatment increased the pace of our movements. With both hands I held onto her buttocks. I pulled her body up to meet the downward thrust of my cock and held her there -- a prisoner of my lovemaking. Her body went limp with the feelings She lost herself to the sensation. I was in control of her pleasure and held her motionless as I again drew my cock back. I pushed myself deep into her body and pulled back immediately. Again and again I thrust, the sensation magnified by her immobility. She clutched at my back as the explosion of her orgasm overwhelmed her.

I released her body and slowed the pace of my actions as she recovered from the intensity of her orgasm. Her breasts heaved from the exertion. My lips sought hers, coming together in a passionate kiss as I drank in her sweetness, my body still connected to hers. Our hips moved in rhythm, increasing in intensity as our excitement mounted. I parted from her lips and moved down to her delectable neck. I withdrew my cock as I worked my way down to her breasts. I continued to kiss her delightful body as I gently turned her over.

I brushed her long thick hair to one side and began to kiss the back of her neck. With my tongue I traced the gentle curve of her sexy back from the top of her reddened bottom to the nape of her neck. I followed the curve of her spine with one continuous stroke of my tongue, sending a shiver throughout her body. With soft kisses I worked my way back down her body mesmerized by the silky feel of her skin. I stopped when I reached her buttocks, pausing to reflect on its beauty. The redness of the spanking contrasting with the soft white hue of her perfection. I bent down and kissed her still burning bottom. I kissed, nibbled and massaged her buttocks slowly, enjoying the feel of her softness on my lips.

With both hands I grasped her hips and pulled her upward until she rested on her hands and knees. I positioned myself behind her and guided my erection into place. The tip of my cock sought her opening. I paused as I entered and reflected on the beauty of her magnificent body. Her long hair swept down over her back with wild abandon. Her muscles of her back accentuated the pleasure of my gaze. Her reddened bottom was beautifully proportioned and intensely inviting. With a smooth full motion I penetrated deep inside her. She moaned in response and pushed back to meet my actions. I pulled the full length of my shaft back and watched as I again drove deep inside of her. I circled my hips to magnify her pleasure. Again I withdrew and entered. In and out I thrust with smooth rhythmic motions. The pace of my motion steadily increased. Her head fell forward as she gave way to the pleasure of my actions.

I could feel the intensity of my own orgasm begin to mount. In and out, faster and faster, the pace of my lovemaking mounted. My abdomen slapped against her buttocks as she matched the pace of my thrusts. My body moved on instinct as the intensity of my sexual passion built up inside of me. I had reached the point of no return. The sensation of sexual pleasure mounted as if called forth from the depths of my soul. Every fibre of my body was focused on the completion of my actions. The feeling of sexual nirvana rose toward its apex as wave after wave of pleasure flowed throughout my body -- and for one incredible moment I was overwhelmed by the sustained intensity of orgasmic pleasure.

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Fucking A!

Yowza! Fuck mmme, man, that is Hott with a capital fucking H & double T.
I mean this is romantic in its kink . I luv the lexicon: nirvana, apex, a prisioner of my lovemaking, our bodies moved inmore...

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