tagNonHumanPain and Pleasure

Pain and Pleasure


As she walked into her house, her eyes drooping with every tired step she took, Bay couldn't have been happier that she was finally away from that hell-hole of an office. With the phone ringing constantly, allowing her no time to breathe, her computer constantly flashing the alert of an email and her fellow work colleagues constantly asking favours of her, it seemed like there was no way she would have survived the day. But she did, and now she was safe at home. Or so she thought.

'Hey, babe,' Bay's boyfriend, Kyoh, greeted her, pulling her in close and pressing his lips up against hers. His tanned fingers snaked around her back as Bay's lips separated, allowing her beaux entry. Her relatively curly, brunette hair was covered by Kyoh's own orange mop. She'd always admired the colour of his hair – it wasn't flaring kind of red, but more like a sexy and subtle mix between orange, brunette and blonde.

'Hey sexy...' she responded against his lips, pulling away a little as she tried to open her green eyes wider. Kyoh's deep, dark eyes stared into her, a smile slapped onto his face as he gripped her hand and led her to the bedroom, knowing just how tired she really was.

'Uh, are you too tired for...' Kyoh started, before whispering seductively into Bay's ear, who couldn't help but shiver at the delightful feeling of his breath against her skin.

'A little... What about tomorrow? Hopefully the day will be less productive than today...'

As disappointed as he was, Kyoh didn't push and the pair headed straight to the bedroom, only sleep on their minds. Kyoh, as usual, slept only in his boxers, his toned physique on display to anyone who saw. But Bay on the other hand, she always wore a loose shirt that just showed some midriff and a pair of shorts. She never bothered with wearing anything underneath – it was always more comfortable wearing onto the outer layer of clothing.

When the pair was finally tucked into bed, Kyoh with his arms wrapped around his girlfriend's stomach, Bay could have sworn she felt something move under the sheets, but thought it must have just been the man behind her. Suddenly, something made its way onto her ankle, but she kicked it off absentmindedly, not thinking anything more of it.

A strange tickling sensation ran up her legs, and she began twitching as she tried to get rid of the feeling, but it didn't leave. If anything, it increased its intensity.

'Are you alright?' Kyoh inquired, stroking Bay's stomach when he noticed that she wasn't comfortable.

'I will be, if you stopped trying to stroke my leg.' Bay turned slightly, burying her face in the pillow and not noticing the look of confusion on her boyfriend's face.

'Uh, I'm not...'

'Whatever... Just go to sleep...'

As she was just about to drift off, another tickling sensation ran over her again, except this time, it was down her back. Within a few seconds, a third feeling started running over her, making its way up the back of her thighs and into the back of her shorts.

'Kyoh, I told you! Not tonight!' Bay exclaimed weakly, too tired to argue. But her eyes shot open when she heard his voice – from the other side of the room.

'What are you talking about? I'm over here.'

Bay sat up immediately and felt her shorts being pulled down her thighs, before they came off of her legs entirely and made their way to the floor. Something had started to get her wet, and she wasn't entirely sure what it was. She was just scared that it wasn't her boyfriend.

The next thing she knew, her hands were somehow tied behind her back by something very strong, allowing no movement on her behalf. Her man could only watch in confusion and slight fear at the expression on his girlfriend's face.

Suddenly, Bay could feel something slithering up her stomach, like a snake, hungry for its prey. Then she saw the outline of it – it definitely was a snake-like creature and it was wriggling its way up her shirt, between her breasts, half of its body hidden away by the blanket that covered her legs.

'What's happening?' she moaned, her chin kept low as she struggled to keep the lustful feeling that was coming over her at bay. Just then, she saw the head of what was caressing her poke out of the top of her shirt – it was a large, purple tentacle, shaped exactly like a penis and pulsating nonetheless. Within a second, whatever had bound her arms together behind her back had released her limbs, momentarily, before holding them up above her head, making it easier to remove her shirt and expose her soft and supple breasts.

A soft grunt of confusion betrayed her as the

beast pulled back the blankets with another tentacle, exposing the rest of her naked body and putting her on display for her boyfriend, who wasn't sure whether or not to enjoy the fine sight. It was apparently another set of tentacles that bound her arms together, and in a split second, there were at least six in the air around her, a pair binding her arms to the bed, another pair grabbing her knees, one holding her down on a slight angle and another around her neck, so she'd be forced to look up.

Another set of tentacles protruded from under the bed, wriggling their way up to Bay's ankles, followed by yet another, squirming their way up to her chest and grabbing a hold of her breasts. She felt so high, yet so low, as the tentacles tightened and loosened all on their own account. And just when she thought things were bad enough already...

With her arms pulled back, her breasts being caressed, her neck wrapped in a solid position, her stomach held back and her legs in the air and spread apart, she saw a large tentacle move its head toward her cunt. She didn't know what to do at first, so she did only what she could do – she looked away. In the time it had taken for her to be 'adjusted', her boyfriend had also been captured by the tentacles, his boxers pulled away, exposing his large member. However, it was nothing compared to this.

The tentacle that had been near her entry was joined by two other smaller tentacles, which soon made their way to her rear, spreading her back lips apart, before the largest popped only the tip of its head into her, soon followed by the other two gaining entry at the sides. The different sized members probed back and forth slightly, doing nothing more than tease Bay, who was trying to refrain from making sounds of any kind.

Soon, the tentacles with drew, but not entirely. The smaller ones went out of sight, and the other one began stroking her clit in long, slimy strides. Soft moans escaped her lips as the tentacle rubbed down repeatedly. The feeling of an orgasm was starting to overcome her, but there was nothing she could do. She was struck with the delightful feeling of the member moving along her soaking clit.

Before she realised it, the tentacle had made its way to her mouth, dangling in front of her and waiting for her. Bay only just realised what she wanted it to do, when she heard Kyoh's voice from further back.

'Bay, you don't have to do – arh!' She saw, only just, a long member pressing deep into Kyoh, and the look of pain on his face from the unexpected entrance.

She stayed that way, feeling her juices begin to flow down her lips, before the tentacle finally decided to pull away. But before long, a small manhood was at her entry, followed by two larger ones. The bigger tentacles grabbed her lips, separating them as the smaller jerked its way inside her, feeling her shudder each time it pressed inside. The pleasure and pain was too intense to bear, and her cheeks had become red from having to endure it all.

Soon, it pulled away. A soft moan of excitement and disappointment left her lips as she realised she was stuck there, even after it had all finished.

'I-I'm done now... C-c-can you r-release m-me?' Bay asked, trying to breathe. Then she realised – they weren't done. She caught a quick look at Kyoh, who was in tears, trying not to feel the member that was probing around inside of him, but it was no use. And soon, another smaller joined the first, making him scream out in pain. To deafen the screams, yet another tentacle appeared and pressed into his mouth, pounding back and forth.

As Bay wasn't paying attention, a tentacle entered her mouth, just like it had Kyoh, her saliva evident as it pressed the back of her throat, slowly at first before gaining speed. She struggled to breath a few times and, luckily, it soon withdrew. But before long, it was inside of her main entry, pressing deep and probing back and forth, bringing Bay to an orgasm. She screamed, clenching onto the edge of the bed, not realising that it was actually quite slow. And then, it started. It gained speed, pressing deeper into her and bringing forth more groans of pain and pleasure. Soon, it was almost out of control.

Then, the second joined, entering her rear and probing back and forth inside of her as well. The two pulled back and re-entered at times opposite of each other, driving her desire to a whole new level. By now, the pain was really starting to set in. She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry. She wanted Kyoh to be there to comfort her, but she knew he couldn't.

Bay watched, seeing the tentacles move. She loved it; she never wanted the feeling to end. The liquid noise she could hear, which could have only been her juices splashing around, drove her crazy, but it soon had to end, her moans growing slightly louder.

In a second, the first two were joined by a third, pressing again into her mouth. They were all slow, before they stopped, and gained speed, making her body convulse, her breasts bouncing back and forth as she endure everything they were throwing at her.

With only a seconds rest as the tentacles all drew away, she let in a deep breath, looking over at Kyoh, who had a tentacle wrapped gently around his erect member, stroking it lovingly, bringing its slimy head over the edge of his own.

And then, it happened. The three that had just left re-entered, the one at her lips joined by another, which were spilling into her like crazy. The ones at her ends were also joined. There were now two large members filling up her cunt, with another tiny one, and two filled up her ass, pressing deep into her. She orgasmed multiple times, unable to help it. Her body shuddered from the excitement of it all, and she saw Kyoh suffering from the same thing. And finally, it all ended.

The tentacles went full-speed, pressing as deep as they could into her, and came, their juices spilling out of her and covering her entire body. The ones in her mouth choked the cum down her throat, giving her no other choice but to swallow it. It was all over, but Bay could still feel a head rubbing at her soaking pussy. Her legs still spread, she saw Kyoh being forced over to her, the tentacle removed from his mouth. Before he had time to speak, his head was pressed forward into Bay's womanhood. They'd never done anything like that, in the two years that they had been together and admittedly, Bay actually liked it. Kyoh's tongued was exploring the inside of her, licking up the juices over her pussy and on the inside of her lips.

Bay's eyes widened as she felt a final burst of pleasure before she was released from its grip, her boyfriend thrown on top of her. They were finally free from the beast.

'Th-thank God that's over... Are you alright?' Kyoh asked, stroking Bay's neck and kissing her gently, hoping everything was okay. She took a moment to answer, thinking back to all she had experienced.

'Yeah, I'm fine... But we need to try that again sometime.'

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